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Victoria Here It Is Again

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Seeing as there were a few tech probs with the previous post of the song ‘Victoria’ (lyric refs to The Great Ocean Road, bush fires, etc. Visit the lyric page). Here it is again then for those who missed out.


River Red Gums Need Your Help

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

(No you haven’t surfed to the wrong site. This is definatley still a music site first. Once in awhile I have to listen to my heart instead of my head and stand up and post other things that I feel are worth holding up to the light)

~~ What? Rapid housing development. Where? City of Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia. Who? Humankind. When? Right now, already begun. Why? Perhaps greed, perhaps short sight, perhaps we’ve forgotton our connection to the earth? ~~

Online petition – Save the River Red Gums in the City of Whittlesea

Although trees do have limbs and usually far more than we have. Trees do not have mouths or arms to defend themselves with. They can not say whether or not they’d like to be choped down. I know most of you who are reading this, live overseas and the removal and or destruction of these trees will not directly affect you, perhaps this minute anyway.

Yet these actions, backyard, by suburb, by town, by city, by state, by country, do put things out of balance which in turn are affecting our entire planet.

Here is an image of what a River Red Gum looks like. Keep in mind, this example image is not from the area that this post is about, however. They are usually a couple of hundred years old already, sometimes a lot older. If you would like to help these trees, what’s left of them, to continue on enjoying their life and providing you with more air so you can continue on enjoying your life. Then click the link and add your name to the petition.

New Myspace Pages

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Got a couple of new myspace pages in the works to assist in some new projects.  Will give more details later this year. Hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of your weekend :)

btw also now I’ve just noticed that the mysterious double, sometimes tripple play button plauge has now decided to turn itself into a single play button??? As you’ll notice on the previous Australia Day post for the song Victoria. (technology is fun for all the family)

It’s Australia Day

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Aussie Flag
Aussie Vacation

Yes that’s right! 26th of Jan has come around again and that translates to Australia Day. Country music star Lee Kernaghan has won Australian of the year, way to go Lee. To fit in with these celebrations this is track five off the Cruze album titled ‘Victoria’. Which is the name of our state.

( ed.. Hmmm the mysterious double sometimes tripple, play button plague.. can assure you though they all play Victoria lol.) (Fast forward a few days down the track and now the play button has removed itself entirely and is giving the old ‘page done with errors’ routine. I really love this technology even more now.. NOT!! Well if you wanna scroll to the bottom and flip back to the previous entries at least ‘Cut Short’ and ‘Pound Bend’ have decided to keep their little blue play buttons for you, enjoy those songs while you can. )


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Heath Leger Sorry Mate

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Gregor Jordan
(click to view larger pic)

Why is this post here? Well I, like you, have now heard the news of Heaths passing. A few years back when the Ned Kelly film starring Heath came out. We went along to the red carpet premier (as on lookers). I had written and recorded a song about Ned Kelly titled Alexandrite (according to the book ‘A Short Life’. Ned Kelly had a rare type of eyes that glowed a certain colour when he became excited. Like the gem stone with the same name.) I had brought a couple of CD’s along, in the hope of giving a copy to the films producer Gregor Jordan. When Gregor walked past us on the red carpet we called out to him and he was nice enough to accept a CD.

Yet what we wern’t expecting to happen next, was having Heath Leger walk right next to us and sign the remaining CD. Very fortunate for us indeed, thanks Heath! Only to have a few moments later a Sydney Nova FM radio DJ Bianca Dye spot us through the crowd. Bianca yelled out to me (as she was over on the other side of the ropes) to throw the CD over to her as she would play it on air. That was the last I saw of our only autographed copy to us of Alexandrite, from Heath Leger. Heath, sorry mate. R.I.P