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New Westfield Plenty Valley and River Red Gum Trees

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

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I knew there were some trees taken out but not this many. According to the Naturally Victoria Alliance. Around 24 river red gum trees that were between 200 – 400 years old were chopped down to make way for the new Westfield Shopping center in Mill Park. Thankfully there is still an area close by to the Westfield with some of these trees still living on the land. Yet apparently Westfield has just bought this land too. So let’s do our best to help and make sure they don’t cut these remaining ones down too. What are we thinking people? White man has only been in Australia 200 years. Some of these trees were here 200 years before we even arrived.

Happy Birthday Kylie and John

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

A bit of music news. It’s Aussie pop singer Kylie Minouges 40th birthday today. Happy Birthday Kylie! Also American rocker John Fogerty’s (Creedence Clearwater) birthday as well.


Birthday Cake

Featured Artist of the Week

Monday, May 26th, 2008

When I turned on the computer this morning, there was a nice surprise of a couple of messages telling me that my song ‘You’re A Star’ was the featured song for this week on DTR (downunda thunda radio).

This here is the Victorian myspace of DTR (they have a few myspaces) looked after by Patrica

This is Nana Mex’s myspace with ‘Youre A star’ on her player.

This is their website
Downunda Thunda Radio

You’re A Star

Hear more music

Let’s not waste one more minute coz
I believe that everybody has
A chance to be whatever it is they want
Just find your switch and turn the light on

Sparkle like Marilyn Monroe
Dance like Madonna if you dare
Follow your dreams Elvis did
Kylie you’re an inspiration

And the moon always looks good when its full
Without a doubt you’re a star
In the night
So bright
Shine on
You’re a star

Thanks Patricia and Nana Mex and everyone at DTR!

Cold Morning

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Woke up to some freezing weather this morning. Coldest Melbourne day for years. Anyone for a ski down the hand rail……?
Ice on hand rail

Airplanes – Long White Streams – Chemtrails?

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Driving home from a trip a few years back down the Hume Hwy, in Melbourne, Aus. Could have only been as far back as 2000, not sure, don’t really hold onto dates too much? Anyway, I remember what I saw very clearly however.

I vividly remember being very startled at the sight of seeing, in my rearvision mirror, a very strong and long white stream moving across the sky. My initial thought was a huge comet was entering the sky and this was kind of scary, little hairs standing up on the back of your neck, type scary. Then when I kept glancing, I noticed an airplane in front of the white stream. Yet the stream did not seem to disappear it just stayed there long and strong. Usually I’ll always take notice of planes, why hadn’t I noticed this before?

Since then up until present day, I’ve noticed lots and lots of what look like just standard passenger jumbo jets? All of them, leaving these big long white streams behind them. They stretch right across the whole sky. These streams stay in the sky for ages, way after the planes have gone off into the distance and then they start to spread out wider, forming sort of a cloud.

You may remember also too, depending on your age. When I was a kid, I remember always watching planes fly over the neighborhood and if they left a trail it was only very short and vanished quickly? So why are they different today?

Also just found some related stuff, which is very, very, interesting….so let’s just leave it at that.

Here are plenty of interesting youtube links to watch, take your pick:

Update: For some unknown reason? Youtube have taken down some of these vids for the links below. So I have posted 4 more interesting vids talking about Swine/bird flu and the Vaccine (bio warfare) mixup oops!!!!

Watch (rather listen, interview) Baxter vaccine mixup. Swine/bird flu
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Also, these 3 interesting vids

The headline for this vid states: News – “Flu Vaccine is Killing People” This one, is a story on the US solders being given flu shots, now they are getting very sick (kidney failure sick).

This vid shows a former CIA being interviewed and listing some frightening revelations about the plans of the world leaders. He mentions ( economic collapse, population reduction, georgian guidestones, fema, enemy POW camps, underground bases, bio warfare) See Google Maps FEMA Camp Locations

Watch this video 500,000 Plastic Coffins in the middle of Georgia?

This video “FEMA Camp Coffins” is the same subject as Plastic Coffins above, except this one has narraration. Note it was posted in 2008 (it hints at a nuclear attack rather the current swine flu). Although, the info gets a little mixed up on it, as the title reads FEMA Camp coffins but in it, it mentions the CDC are leasing the land to store all their black coffins on it? If it is the CDC, interestingly CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Watch video RFID Chips! Have you heard of them?
Their (nwo) goal is to implant them into every human on the planet.

Latest Vid of Chemtrails Over Foodbowl, Mildura, Vic, Australia. Thanks to Kell for sharing this vid.

 ~Submitting Chem pics~

If you wanna submit pics, FIRST reduce the size of your photo’s. To or somewhere between 450×338 – 450×320 pixles, somewhere close to these sizes, before emailing them to me. Once you’ve done that, send them to my email via the contact tab above.

There’s no guarantee, that I’ll put everything sent my way up. And may not even put photo’s up straight away. Maybe day’s, or even a week to put em up. Bottom line, music/work comes first ;)  


GLOWING Clouds – Jim sent in some more photos on Tues July 20th 2010, excellent ones at that I might add. Great work Jim! This time, Jim saw chemtrails first and then after, all these colours appeared in the clouds.

(These 2 pics are Jims property, so if you want some copies, you”ll need to check if it’s ok with Jim first)
Jims GLOWING Clouds 1

Jims words => “Remember, the usual rainbow is back lit, with the sun shining from behind you, onto tiny water rain droplets falling from clouds, with these coloured clouds the sun is shining in front of you, through the cloud, there is no water droplets”. (Read the rest of Jims descripton below in the comments section)

Jims GLOWING Clouds 2

Brand New Mass Chemtrails Photo – Snapped May 2010 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Just came back to Aus from a trip to Los Angeles. This photo was taken in the afternoon, somewhere around 3-4pm May 2010. Although a hazey city, the day really did start out as a nice totally clear blue sky. I’ve seen chemtrails before in California on youtube, as I’m sure you have as well. And they were getting far more trails than we do over here. So when I first arrived there on the 8th may 2010, I noticed at most maybe 1 or 2 a day and thought it’s not really that bad here chemtrail wise. Then by about the 5th day, when this photo was taken. There are plenty of trails as you can see and that’s only 1 part of the sky, there were plenty more in the other directions as well, basically all over the sky. Sounds cliche now but yes the sky really did end up totally covered in white/grey milky slurge.

Also when taking the photo. I noticed a black line in front of some of the trails and didn’t think it would show up in the photo. Yet as you can see it did show up. I’ve heard others talk about the strange black line before but had never seen it myself, until now. I don’t know what the black lines mean?

Click to enlarge Huge Ass image
Chemtrails in May 2010 -Over Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Mass Chemtrails over Los Angeles California

3 NEW Chemtrail pics taken over Melbournes Northern skies. On Tues Jan 5th 2010

Only noticed this one, when went outside at 4:pm
Jan 5th 2010 4:pm Chemtrail

4:30pm Still there and spreading out as you can see
Jan 5th 2010 4:30pm Chemtrail still there spreading out

5:pm still there (last time I went and looked at it, it was 7:pm and it was still there 3hrs later)
Jan 5th 2010 5:pm Chemtrail still there and hazing out now

These two were taken Mon 18th May 2009. Melbourne, Aus.
chemtrails over our house

15 mins later, it’s still there and spreading out
chemtrails over our house 15 mins later

Kates Chemtrails over Canberra (sent in 7th July 2010)
Kates Chemtrails

Chemweb Image – July 1st 2010 – This is a new pic sent in from Jim, a fellow Aussie and commenter on this page. He managed to take this photo of what he saw come down into his backyard. There are talks of chemwebs around the internet, so possibley the same thing here? (scroll right down to June 30th post for Jim’s full story) Anyway, I’ll leave you with Jim’s words.

Jim’s words >> “Here is the photo I took of the chemtrail web, it was the only one left on my clothes line, I took a brand new CD outside and managed to attatch it to the burn side, then used the microscope to take a snap shot of it. The background is black the poison cobweb is a straight line with globbs and stuff. “ Jim D

Could this be a ‘Chemweb’ in Australia? (click for close up)
Jims Chemweb

Jims Cobbweb

Jims DYN-O-Gel

Mich’s latest Chem sighting

This pic is from Mich, a regular commenter on this page This one sent in by Mich

Sent in by Mich Sent in by Mich

Mich’s lastest Chemtrail pic

Chemtrails – What’s wrong with our skies? (1 of eight)

Chemtrails – Your eyes don’t decieve you

CHEMTRAILS – Austin, Texas

Chem Trails by the ton – Bakersfield, USA

Aerosol Attack

Chemtrails = Aerosol spraying for environmental modification

chemtrails – Mystery lines in the sky part 3 (watch the end)

Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide

Chemtrails over – Benalla Victoria Australia

Sunday skies n/e victoria, Australia

Chemtrails (Aerial Spraying) Over Esperance, W.A. Australia plus mentions, sudden mass bird falling from sky deaths

Massive Chemtrails above – Germany, Düsseldorf 13.01.2008

Chemtrails continue in – southern New York state

Chemtrails Over – Burbank California 25 March 2008

Chemtrails and Bees

Update: Leaked document:
EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide

Tawain bees vanish and Hawaii bees dying

Einstein and the Bees (a comedy edge to the situation)

Bees Disappearing – Germany – Situation Critical

The Disappearing Honey Bees: Beekeepers on What’s Happening

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon

Youtube – 30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

Youtube -10 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

More About HAARP~