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6 Week Music Mixing Course

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Starting April,  I am attending a 6 week music mixing course. This will further help to get the best home recording results , so i can give you guy’s the best sounding songs as possible. So stay tuned more music coming your way!

Reminder – Don’t forget Earth Hour on again tonight 8:30pm – Also, now I am seeing the numbers 55 everywhere, anyone else seeing this?

Russ Aimz Acoustica Cd Launch Show Softbelly

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

That was great fun!! It had been awhile between shows, so this gig at Softbelly on March 14th was a real reminder of how much fun it can be to perform. This show was put together by Jess from the City Library, to launch the Acoustica Cd. The Cd is titled “Music in a quiet  place” and has various local artists on it. I think it can be borrowed from the libraries. But of course if you’re not going to a library? “I have a few spare copies to be given away to some lucky readers”. So if you would like your own personal copy, send me a message of an address you’d like me to send it to, and I’ll post you out one :)  

By the way, just before on the TV show Getaway“, they did a story on the ‘acoustica series’ at the city library. They also mentioned a few other great new places such as Pure Pop Records in St Kilda to see live acoustic music. So if you get a chance, get on down to these venues and try something different other than viewing the walls of the inside of your own home. You might just have a great time out!

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Earth Hour Is On Again Soon

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Just a reminder that, soon once again, Earth Hour (details here) will be on our doorsteps, on Saturday March 28th 2009

Here is a song on this subject matter (scroll down for lyrics)

Introducing The Song “Melt”


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Swiss snow capped mountains
The photo is © 1996-2008 Carsten Clasohm and has been kindly made available with Creative Commons Liscense

by Russ Aimz

And it melts
High on the peaks
Of the frozen ocean
And it melts
High on the mountains
But it looks so nice beautiful
As it melts, drips
Meter by meter year after year
another piece breaks
And falls to the sea splashing

We sing sha la low la la
We cry every day
We bring hope

So beautiful at peace
The same as a flower petal
Wandering along a stream
Down a cool stream
Meter by meter year after year
another piece breaks
And falls to the sea splashing

APRIL UPDATE: ~Ice Shelf News Articles ~
Wilkins ice shelf Shattered (April 7 2009)

Youtube Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse

News video of Wilkins Shelf

Antarctic ice shelf near final collapse (April 6 2009)

Larsen Ice Shelf A, B and C
(Larsen A disintegrated 1995 and Larsen B disintegrated 2002)

Watch “On Thin Ice” on Friday, April 17, 2009

Show Time Update For Softbelly

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Show time update: My set tomorrow at “Softbelly”, now begins at 6:20pm. Full details here with map etc…

Ferntree Gully Fundraiser & Upcoming Show Reminder

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Wow!! Time flew past since last posting. Quick reminder about upcoming show Sat 14th March at Softbelly, as usual full details here.

This is for a friend of mine who has passed on some info about her friend that passed away. They are having a fundraiser (GUTHRIE FAMILY FUNDRAISER) in Fertree Gully on Sat April 4th, with music, hot rods and all sorts of family fun. It looks like 1 hell of a huge day, so if you can make it there, details are here on FACEBOOK. Just really reminds us all to live the life we want and live it right now, not wait for tomorrow, love everyone, live, and don’t die with the music still within us.