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Wildfire is Completed and Fully Ablaze

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Finished up the mixing and mastering during the week. Cd’s will be printed up shortly and shipped out to the stores. Downloads will be up on iTunes and my store and many more digital stores soon as well. Read here about the album artwork done by brilliant artist┬áMary Ouimette-Kinney

In the meantime Listen now to Wildfire

Coffee Just an Innocent Cup Or Something Sinister?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Another non-musical posting today. I’m putting this coffee post out there, simpley because I can’t find anybody out there talking about this. So, I’ll start off the topic and I’ll guess I’ll wait and see if anyone else has noticed this?

COFFEE! What is the reason for it and how did it become so prevelant in society the world over?

This next part, may seem bizarre to some people, and to many others I’m sure it won’t. If you believe the Illuminati exists? (btw, I may┬ábe waaaaaay off track here, it’s just a thought ok) And if they (the Illuminati) are to view the rest of us as slaves???? (We at the bottom section of the pyramid, kept in the dark, holding up the top section of the pyramid, the masons, Illuminati, keeping all the knowlege to themselves). You are probably guessing where I’m heading with this.

See, being a coffee drinker for years and no doubt, abused the hell out of it. Eventually I had to give it up full time, although it still gave me energy, it was making me feel very spaced out and even to the point of putting my balance out.

Then after stopping for awhile, I’d eventually forget how crap it made me feel and then have a cup again. I’d feel the energy hit which was always welcomed, but not long after, get that spaced out feeling again. So naturally I would go “bugger this” and stop again.

So it turned into this stop and start cycle. So because of the big gaps between not drinking any, I was able to clearly notice the dramatic affects it was having on me. Also what I’d notice as well, was this really wild rage would build up not long after drinking a cup, within hours… I’d feel like shouting and punching things, almost uncontrollable (road rage anyone?). Also, the coffee somehow made me think differently, couldn’t put my finger on it exactly but looked and thought about things differently.

WORKER ANTS: So now we get to the worker ant part. As you’ve no doubt heard many, many, people exclaim “I can’t get going without my coffee in the morning”.

It made me feel like just keeping my head down and just getting right into my work. If there were lots of odd jobs around at home to do, I’D DO THEM ALL EASILY, GET THINGS DONE. Which then got me thinking, I’m really behaving exactly like a worker ant when I drink this stuff! Just keep the head down, following the line of focus to the next task and the next task.

I’m well aware that not all people drink it and there are many who don’t like it. Yet for the rest of the millions all over the planet that do? I want to know if you’ve ever wondered any of these questions yourself?

- Did coffee just innocently work it’s way into society through the ages? Or is there a much more sinister reason for its prevelance?

- If through the secret societies eyes, we are considered to be no more than slaves? Then what better way to have people voluntarily work (be slaves) by drinking coffee, tea, energy drinks…..??

If you’re someone who has never looked into or really noticed secret societies before. A good place to start is just look at maps of most major cities around the world (video Washington DC layout). You’ll see owls, pyramids in the city layouts, obelisks, masonic symbols all over the bank notes, all things egyptian, you name it. Also all through hollywood, movies, the music industry ie: video clips, corporate logo’s, everywhere really.

See, I can’t really think of any reason why we really need to be drugged up on caffine to go to work each day?

Anybody else out there had similar thoughts on this matter?

Melbourne Storms – City Street Into River

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Alway’s wanted to surf past a tram or kayak down a city street.