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Eat Party Rock Radio

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Yeah, alright, 2 songs got selected for Eat Party Rock Radio
You can listen to EAT party rock anytime @ Eat Party Rock Radio

Songs were You’re A Star and You Could Have You Should Have

Call GRM Radio Network Request Line
to request my songs 1-888-795-8481 ext 104
Please say the station and/or genre

Well Well A New Store

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Rat Race – Live

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Billy Idol “Rat Race”

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Still listening to this album ‘Devils Playground’ and still loving it. The album recording of ‘Rat Race’, is such great production! Anyway here is an acoustic performance. Gives me little tingles up the body, Billy is still so inspiring. Here’s some more music vids

Coffee Makes Me Feel Really Angry

Friday, May 6th, 2011

I really try not to drink coffee much these days, purely because of these reason’s. Coffee really makes me fly off the handle angry. Also, it makes my mind think differently, lose your train of thought often. Anxious and a little paranoid I guess too. No, it’s not about blaming the coffee for the anger either. As with normal anger, it is my issue and and I take responsibility for that. Yet on the other hand, anger is a well known side effect of taking drugs too, or not getting your fix etc… So coffee, drugs = same thing to me.

Sometimes it takes 1/2 an hour or a few hours for the aggression to come on, after drinking a cup. Yet this morning, it was almost instantanious?? Felt perfectly fine, placid mood, except was feeling tired from waking up so early. So, ok, let’s have a small cup. Just a couple¬†of sips and then Bang! That was it, total mood change. Deep down rage though, not just usual basic annoyance. My mind started feeling hazy too.

Especially usually the next day, first thing in the morning, after drinking coffee the day before. My brain can feel spinning and hard to focus on anything, can’t really take in what other people are saying. Also, can still be feeling really angry.

Also the glow that you normally have on your skin, gets reduced really quickley. Like the same day, it’s like the coffee just sucks all the moisture out of your face. The glow seems to take about 2 days to come back again, after you’ve stopped drinking coffee again.

Then about the 2nd day after I’ve stopped drinking coffee, all the anger has gone away and my skin feels great and my normal feeling fine mood comes back again, thank god.

There has to be more people out there that notice this? Share your story if you like?

Here’s a couple of links to other people feeling the same effects after drinking coffee.

Coffee Forums
Answers Yahoo

(Personaly I believe that coffee¬†should be correctly labled as a drug and should come with warning lable of side effects) Update: June 21 – Just saw this news article “High caffeine use linked to psychotic symptoms

(but it dosen’t, so I made my own list)
List of some of the side effects I have noticed after drinking coffee

- Anger
- Anxiety
- Dulls Complexion
- Feeling tense in shoulders
- Having to clear throat a lot
- Black floaters in front of eyes
- Makes urination thin and weak and take longer to come out. But causes far more frequent trips to bathroom.
- Dry itchy skin over most of body
- Dry lips
- Forgetfullness
- Makes mind think differently
- Harder to comprehend what others are saying
- Blurry vision

Luckily within a day or 2 after stopping drinking coffee, symptoms all go away.