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Airplanes – Long White Streams – Chemtrails?

Driving home from a trip a few years back down the Hume Hwy, in Melbourne, Aus. Could have only been as far back as 2000, not sure, don’t really hold onto dates too much? Anyway, I remember what I saw very clearly however.

I vividly remember being very startled at the sight of seeing, in my rearvision mirror, a very strong and long white stream moving across the sky. My initial thought was a huge comet was entering the sky and this was kind of scary, little hairs standing up on the back of your neck, type scary. Then when I kept glancing, I noticed an airplane in front of the white stream. Yet the stream did not seem to disappear it just stayed there long and strong. Usually I’ll always take notice of planes, why hadn’t I noticed this before?

Since then up until present day, I’ve noticed lots and lots of what look like just standard passenger jumbo jets? All of them, leaving these big long white streams behind them. They stretch right across the whole sky. These streams stay in the sky for ages, way after the planes have gone off into the distance and then they start to spread out wider, forming sort of a cloud.

You may remember also too, depending on your age. When I was a kid, I remember always watching planes fly over the neighborhood and if they left a trail it was only very short and vanished quickly? So why are they different today?

Also just found some related stuff, which is very, very, interesting….so let’s just leave it at that.

Here are plenty of interesting youtube links to watch, take your pick:

Update: For some unknown reason? Youtube have taken down some of these vids for the links below. So I have posted 4 more interesting vids talking about Swine/bird flu and the Vaccine (bio warfare) mixup oops!!!!

Watch (rather listen, interview) Baxter vaccine mixup. Swine/bird flu
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Also, these 3 interesting vids

The headline for this vid states: News – “Flu Vaccine is Killing People” This one, is a story on the US solders being given flu shots, now they are getting very sick (kidney failure sick).

This vid shows a former CIA being interviewed and listing some frightening revelations about the plans of the world leaders. He mentions ( economic collapse, population reduction, georgian guidestones, fema, enemy POW camps, underground bases, bio warfare) See Google Maps FEMA Camp Locations

Watch this video 500,000 Plastic Coffins in the middle of Georgia?

This video “FEMA Camp Coffins” is the same subject as Plastic Coffins above, except this one has narraration. Note it was posted in 2008 (it hints at a nuclear attack rather the current swine flu). Although, the info gets a little mixed up on it, as the title reads FEMA Camp coffins but in it, it mentions the CDC are leasing the land to store all their black coffins on it? If it is the CDC, interestingly CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Watch video RFID Chips! Have you heard of them?
Their (nwo) goal is to implant them into every human on the planet.

Latest Vid of Chemtrails Over Foodbowl, Mildura, Vic, Australia. Thanks to Kell for sharing this vid.

 ~Submitting Chem pics~

If you wanna submit pics, FIRST reduce the size of your photo’s. To or somewhere between 450×338 – 450×320 pixles, somewhere close to these sizes, before emailing them to me. Once you’ve done that, send them to my email via the contact tab above.

There’s no guarantee, that I’ll put everything sent my way up. And may not even put photo’s up straight away. Maybe day’s, or even a week to put em up. Bottom line, music/work comes first ;)  


GLOWING Clouds – Jim sent in some more photos on Tues July 20th 2010, excellent ones at that I might add. Great work Jim! This time, Jim saw chemtrails first and then after, all these colours appeared in the clouds.

(These 2 pics are Jims property, so if you want some copies, you”ll need to check if it’s ok with Jim first)
Jims GLOWING Clouds 1

Jims words => “Remember, the usual rainbow is back lit, with the sun shining from behind you, onto tiny water rain droplets falling from clouds, with these coloured clouds the sun is shining in front of you, through the cloud, there is no water droplets”. (Read the rest of Jims descripton below in the comments section)

Jims GLOWING Clouds 2

Brand New Mass Chemtrails Photo – Snapped May 2010 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Just came back to Aus from a trip to Los Angeles. This photo was taken in the afternoon, somewhere around 3-4pm May 2010. Although a hazey city, the day really did start out as a nice totally clear blue sky. I’ve seen chemtrails before in California on youtube, as I’m sure you have as well. And they were getting far more trails than we do over here. So when I first arrived there on the 8th may 2010, I noticed at most maybe 1 or 2 a day and thought it’s not really that bad here chemtrail wise. Then by about the 5th day, when this photo was taken. There are plenty of trails as you can see and that’s only 1 part of the sky, there were plenty more in the other directions as well, basically all over the sky. Sounds cliche now but yes the sky really did end up totally covered in white/grey milky slurge.

Also when taking the photo. I noticed a black line in front of some of the trails and didn’t think it would show up in the photo. Yet as you can see it did show up. I’ve heard others talk about the strange black line before but had never seen it myself, until now. I don’t know what the black lines mean?

Click to enlarge Huge Ass image
Chemtrails in May 2010 -Over Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Mass Chemtrails over Los Angeles California

3 NEW Chemtrail pics taken over Melbournes Northern skies. On Tues Jan 5th 2010

Only noticed this one, when went outside at 4:pm
Jan 5th 2010 4:pm Chemtrail

4:30pm Still there and spreading out as you can see
Jan 5th 2010 4:30pm Chemtrail still there spreading out

5:pm still there (last time I went and looked at it, it was 7:pm and it was still there 3hrs later)
Jan 5th 2010 5:pm Chemtrail still there and hazing out now

These two were taken Mon 18th May 2009. Melbourne, Aus.
chemtrails over our house

15 mins later, it’s still there and spreading out
chemtrails over our house 15 mins later

Kates Chemtrails over Canberra (sent in 7th July 2010)
Kates Chemtrails

Chemweb Image – July 1st 2010 – This is a new pic sent in from Jim, a fellow Aussie and commenter on this page. He managed to take this photo of what he saw come down into his backyard. There are talks of chemwebs around the internet, so possibley the same thing here? (scroll right down to June 30th post for Jim’s full story) Anyway, I’ll leave you with Jim’s words.

Jim’s words >> “Here is the photo I took of the chemtrail web, it was the only one left on my clothes line, I took a brand new CD outside and managed to attatch it to the burn side, then used the microscope to take a snap shot of it. The background is black the poison cobweb is a straight line with globbs and stuff. “ Jim D

Could this be a ‘Chemweb’ in Australia? (click for close up)
Jims Chemweb

Jims Cobbweb

Jims DYN-O-Gel

Mich’s latest Chem sighting

This pic is from Mich, a regular commenter on this page This one sent in by Mich

Sent in by Mich Sent in by Mich

Mich’s lastest Chemtrail pic

Chemtrails – What’s wrong with our skies? (1 of eight)

Chemtrails – Your eyes don’t decieve you

CHEMTRAILS – Austin, Texas

Chem Trails by the ton – Bakersfield, USA

Aerosol Attack

Chemtrails = Aerosol spraying for environmental modification

chemtrails – Mystery lines in the sky part 3 (watch the end)

Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide

Chemtrails over – Benalla Victoria Australia

Sunday skies n/e victoria, Australia

Chemtrails (Aerial Spraying) Over Esperance, W.A. Australia plus mentions, sudden mass bird falling from sky deaths

Massive Chemtrails above – Germany, Düsseldorf 13.01.2008

Chemtrails continue in – southern New York state

Chemtrails Over – Burbank California 25 March 2008

Chemtrails and Bees

Update: Leaked document:
EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide

Tawain bees vanish and Hawaii bees dying

Einstein and the Bees (a comedy edge to the situation)

Bees Disappearing – Germany – Situation Critical

The Disappearing Honey Bees: Beekeepers on What’s Happening

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon

Youtube – 30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

Youtube -10 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

More About HAARP~

1,098 Responses to “Airplanes – Long White Streams – Chemtrails?”

  1. Faye Says:

    Hi Russ…good to see someone else looking up. We are being bombarded with chemtrails, since Saturday. Monday the three of us saw 2 white elongated planes, spewing the filth, back and forth all day.Today the sky is a dirty yellow, and they are still spraying us. Bundaberg is a food bowl…and rain was forecast…everytime the rainclouds build up on the horizon you can bet the planes will appear and cover the sky. Result…no rain.

  2. Russ Says:

    Hi Faye..thanks for stopping in. So you are getting them in Bundaberg too. Btw, just because I put this post up, dosen’t mean I believe that they are a chemical trail and that they are sprayed on purpose. It’s just that they do really catch my attention and probably other people too if they bothered to look up. Also it seems to have a lot of other people wondering about them too, now that I searched on the internet about it. But if it’s true that you notice that they (whoever they are?) are somehow messing with the weather, then that would be a real concern. I honestly don’t know what they are or make up my mind what it could be.

    Interesting..I wonder if other people have a had no rain after these streams have gone in the sky?

  3. icee Says:

    Thank you for your post… I too have seen so many lines from planes on the beautiful south coast of n.s.w. my intro to this was observing wht I thought was a plane on fire while fishing from my boat (freak out)…the trail went to the southern horizon.. no plane problem in news report so I I looked up contrail when I got home and ran into chemtrails….exactly what I had seen…. staying all day in the sky and spreading a thin white cover ..I rang epa and got the your paranoid treatment .. No I am not I just want to know What it is…and boy is there some shocking reports on least I know I;m not alone with my questions….read up on Weather modification…. they are doing that

  4. .:Cube:. Says:

    I wanted to let you all know that I live in the CBD Melbourne and regularly see chemtrails left in the sky. I was most disturbed earlier in the year to find that on the few occasions I was starting work very early (5:30am), I would awake to a beautiful sunrise and most times I was up would see a line of cloud (becoming fatter) in the sky that had been left before sunrise. I have an awful feeling that this is happening very very regularly over the CBD.

    My parent’s friends who lived up in the Dandenongs many years ago started an action group of people who were witnessing it happening and were calling the flight authorities asking what and who was leaving these trails from planes. No one could give them an answer, so they had a group of concerned residents attempting to find out what it was all about. Further research into it uncovered ugly international (“conspiracy theories”) of chemical dumping and mass poisoning. Mind control was also mentioned, but I don’t know how far to go with that.

    I have to say, I have lived in the CBD for over a year now and our amount of rain is very very very low! In the 18 months or so we have lived here, we have not experienced one thunder/lightning storm. Potentially very scary.

  5. .:Cube:. Says:

    (Just leaving another comment and ticking the Notification via email box this time..)

  6. Russ Says:

    Hi Cube, thanks for stopping by. Looks like more and more people are questioning these white sky trails. Hopefully we can all get to the bottom of exactly what these things are.

  7. Russ Says:

    BTW Cube, did you see the big one on Saturday morning. It’ was over South Morang way. Even though there were big chunky clouds everywhere in the sky, you could see a long thick white line in the gaps of blue sky.

  8. jo Says:

    Hi There,
    My boyfriend and I drove from Melbourne out to Warburton on Saturday morning. When we were going through Burwood we noticed a huge chemtrail in the sky. These are pretty scary and I wish we knew exactly what there purpose is and where they originate from? Jo

  9. Russ Says:

    Hi Jo, the strange thing is, we are near a flight path and there are planes flying over constantly, same day, same temperature, yet none of them are leaving any lasting trail in the sky. And as you’ve noticed too, it’s only the odd plane that is leaving a long trail, on exactly the same day and temp….something is up? But what exactly is it? None of us seem to know yet. But we all seem to know something is not right.

  10. Russ Says:

    Check this out! The USA Congress H.R. 2977 Bill actually mentions the word “Chemtrail” in it. Read it here, you’ll need to scroll right down near bottom of Bill

  11. Leo Says:

    I live in Lithgow NSW, 40 minutes west of the blue mountains, and today 5th July 09 I awoke to the most pleasant day so far this winter. A short time after waking, I ventured outside to see criss cross patterns all across the sky. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped several photos. During the period of the day, these patterns reappeared over several sections of the sky, and I even once noticed a jet, which was silver, no visible markings, coming from Richmond air force base, or so I assumed. These jets fly through the sky in silence, which is unusual. I grabbed my camera to see if I could photograph the plane on high zoom, but it was heading west into the sunset, and the sun blocked my vision.
    During the day, every time my son or I left the house we ended up sneezing uncontrollably and had both nose and throat irritations.
    Why is our own government trying to poison us?

    Should either my son or myself become ill after this, I’m taking the photos to a lawyer and will be expecting compensation. If the planes were leaving from an air base, someone knows about what’s going on.

  12. Boz Says:

    Hey evryone, I live in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I am digusted by the amount of chemtrails we are being exposed to. I also start work very early in the morning (4.30 a.m), and often notice trails in the sky at sunrise. The biggest thing I have noticed is that these trails are sprayed pretty much every day over what looks to be the Pearcedale,Somerville,Tooradin area,once again starting thin and the forming thin bands of cloud. I am pretty convinced that we are being hit by softkill weapons here. You have to ask yourself why the rates of cancer and infertility and other diseases are increaseing at such a rapid rate. I sugest ringing your local council or M.P every time you see these trails being sprayed and demand that they find out what is being sprayed all over us. Finally I would recommend researching a subject called Eugenics. These people are pure evil and need to be stoped A.S.A.P!,and quite possibly this might be what these people are trying to do to us.

    Also I would strongly think about taking any kind of vaccines or flu shots.
    Please do some research guys!

  13. Joe Says:

    Poeple it is very ovious that the goverment is releasing chemicals that are killing us. How long before people decide to do something?

  14. icee Says:

    Hi: It is with concern that I am witnessing this afternoon . Sumday 5th December, 2009…from Vincentia, many long white spreading trails in the Western sky..the afternoon sunlight is dulled and I don’t know where to turn to find out what is going on… but this is blatantly visible yet I seem to be the only one seeing… I point it out and am told…. it’s just contrails… rubbish… I know a contrails when I see one and often do… Malcolm Turnbull gave a large sum of money to weather modification studies in Russia…. could he be the one to pull the rabbit out of the hat???? ask a politician to solve it …. I doubt it….

  15. Ben Says:

    Hi folks.

    Just witnessed large plane crossing sky in Melbourne, Australia, leaving long thick white trail.

    Trail stretches horizon to horizon and is slowly spreading out. Does not look anything like vapour trail to my fairly untrained eye.

    Second day in a row.

    Disturbing. What is it? Who’s doing it? Why? I would like to know but don’t know who to ask.


  16. open m Says:

    Ben, I saw this yesterday & another right now in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

  17. Jono Says:

    hi all,
    I witnessed a high altitude plane leaving a chemtrail across Melbourne Aus today at about 3:30pm
    it stretches from horizon to horizon.
    Is someone releasing chemicals into the atmosphere?
    I think we need some answers…

  18. admin Says:

    G’day Jono, open m and Ben, the 3 new chemtrail pics I just posted I bet, will be the same one you guys just saw earlier today. Thanks for speaking out about seeing it.

    Russ ~

  19. skywitness Says:

    Chemtrail spraying is a continuing worldwide criminal act; in which many if not most of the governments throughout the world are involved. There appear to be various reasons for the spraying however one of the more troubling aspects of chemtrails is its connection to Morgellons. Clifford Carnicom has a lot of good information about chemtrails and Morgellons at his website

  20. Jono Says:

    I saw another chemtrail yesterday 10th feb 2010 on my way to work as i drove through greensborough vic with the same silvery coloured plane (a very hi tech crop duster i’m guessing lol) thought i’d let ya’s know.

  21. Brett Says:

    On the 3rd or 4th of feb 2010,i witnessed a chemtrail over the south west of western australia.
    I am 30+ yrs old and have NEVER EVER seen a chemtrail here before.
    What is even stranger is the large silver plane just visible at aprox 10/15,000 feet flying due north straight from the southern ocean!!!!
    This is definatly NOT a typical flight path of commercial jetliners!
    The chemtrail was thick and white and persisted for quite some time before slowly forming a long white cloud.
    The next few days i was working in the same area and started to feel flushed and red faced,tired and stomach problems[diarhoea].
    Lets get some answers people!

  22. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day from Bayside, Melbourne. Been tracking chemtrails since I found out about them early this year and don’t go anywbere without my digi cam to take pics. They are getting more brazen with their chemtrails and we need to wake the public up to what is happening above us. I have photos of jets leaving the trails and scattering any rain clouds that are visible within an hour. I have smelt pesticide in the air or whatever they are spraying and come home with burning throat and mouth and left with a lingering headache. I reported chemtrails mid January with photos to the Environmental Health at our local council who has passed it on to the EPA and Human Services. I also reported it to the Head Scientist of Air studies in Melbourne and so far nothing has been acknowledged by any department so this makes it more suspect than ever. I also rang Bureau of Meteorology but they fobbed me off like a crackpot and said ring your local airport. Airport staff are clueless and don’t bother replying to questions either. Who is going to inform us what they are up to with this aerosol crime? Any ideas? We must stand up and demand answers!

  23. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Just a footnote: I forgot to mention we are getting chemtrails here in Chelsea every day this February and most of January too. They gave us a break from it over the long weekend with Australia Day holiday as too many would have witnessed it. They are gaining momemtum and it’s not just one or two chemtrails anymore, they are covering our skies as they did today. I can’t believe people don’t notice the BS clouds up in the sky or how they can just fob it off as jet vapors or contrails. We have to WAKE UP THE SHEEPLE!

  24. Jono Says:

    i’m just having a guess here but i bet thats whats going on they’re spraying this shit up there to disperse the rain so they can say ‘hey look climate change we don’t have enough water’ so now they’re building this de-sal plant and the price of water is gonna skyrocket all because of this bogus climate change scandal and their interference with the weather so they can line there pockets and get rich and powerful while we all get poor and become slaves. meanwhile mr rudd the dudd wants to bring in this carbon tax which basicly taxes the air we breath. i know i sound totally crazy but i wouldn’t put it past these greedy communist scum fucks….if they could i know they would

  25. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I am in total agreement with you Jono! Climate change is a furphy and they are definitely modifying and manipulating our weather to justify the desalination plant. I fell into a huge rabbit hole when I researched via the internet and you-tube and there is some scary shit about to befall on the human race. New World Order is connected with chemtrails and micro-chipping is around the corner for us all if we allow this to continue. Maybe we need to start a movement with concerned citizens but is that enough? Maybe protest but with tje new patriot act they are liable to lock us up as terrorists. Scary times eh?

  26. Marie Says:


    I live in Alberta, Canada.
    I am very curious and concerned about the large white lines criss-crossing our city skies.
    I have read a few articles online that this is normal, and some that say it is not.
    If this is what they call “chemtrails”, why would the Canadian government allow harmful substances to be put into our air? Why would someone ( who obviously is very wealthy) pay pilots, buy huge amounts of aircraft fuel, rent or own hundreds of planes to fly across most cities and pollute the air? It is possibly very evil and I know it makes people very anxious, and possibly contributes to sickness and disease. We take vitamins and exercise and eat right to be healthy and then breathe harmful air (that was put there on purpose?) Help..we need answers, and right now!!

  27. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    It’s all there for you to see what they are spraying into our air and altho I can’t vouch for same thing here in Melbourne Austraila but all the chemtrails I’ve tracked with a camera have dispersed our rain clouds exacerbating our drought. It’s weather warefare and there are many sites for you to see. Here are some very good ones you can view or watch vids on. – weatherman and meteorologist come clean about chemtrails.
    Prison Planet and end game are also good viewing along with many websites waking up the masses about chemtrails and weather modification. Be prepared to fall into a huge rabbit hole and good luck!

  28. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I created a forum re chemtrails at the above website for all to post latest pics of this insidious spraying of our sky. All are welcome to post your pics here and comment if you want to keep updated. Here is the link: has much to see for the ‘unplugged’ and ‘awake’ truthers out there. People also need to bookmark and share with friends/family for regular contact so we know we are reaching the masses. Keep up the good work!

  29. Kerri Says:

    I understand the weather modification theory but today I was driving to work and saw the long white cloud from horizon to horizon but it’s a perfectly clear day? If it were weather modification wouldn’t they do it on days where rain was likely? This scares the crap out of me. What I saw this morning was NOT contrail or vapour or anything else. I was so freaked I took photos on my iphone!! I am more inclined to believe big pharma is somehow linked to this and this stuff is some sort of poison to keep us all chronically ill and dependent on their toxic crap. It sounds so out there to even say that but there is DEFINITELY something going on here and it aint good.

    What I find hard to comprehend is how they (whoever “they” are) can do this and not get “found out” or not be exposed by a whistle blower or undercover person. It would be a massive, ongoing operation; how could this happen and they not be exposed?

    And like the posters above asked – who the hell do you get answers from?

  30. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    re above message. Need to rectify that web address to

  31. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I saw the same thing last Friday.. a cloud formation that stretched from East to West across our sky in Port Phillip Bay. I also took photos of 2 individual planes spraying chemtrails that day and although we contacted Air Traffic Control to ask why, all we got was arguments and scepticism. I have contacted EPA, Environmental Health and Dept of Human Services. No response from any of them and they don’t want to take my calls anymore either. It is a big conspiracy and why they don’t tell us is because they don’t have to. Yes the pharma co’s rake it in when we get sick so it’s in their interest to keep us ill eh? So many sheeple are still fast asleep and the government relies on these sceptics to keep us from spreading the truth.

  32. Kerrie Says:

    But then if that’s the case, these people who are not wanting to return calls, being cagey and acting VERY much like they’re part of a conspiracy, are breathing the same air as us?? I don’t get that. I also don’t get why they don’t just do it at night under the cover of darkness? If it is a conspiracy thing, why are they so brazen??

    I don’t doubt for a minute that something’s dodgy, but there’s so many things I don’t understand about it.

  33. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Kerrie,

    I agree with your questions and I often ask the same ones.. Yes the same people who are cagey and secretive are breathing the same tainted air but they only believe what they are told to believe and anything outside that square of thinking is just another conspiracy theory.

    I have an ongoing forum on chemtrails that you can post pics or vids at or ask questions. and there is much more information to find out about here at: I urge you all to join in the forums and get some answers to your questions.

    If you are sick, or have any ailment you need to heal, avoid your doctor. Doctors never use the “c” word – that’s cure. Every drug is designed to “manage”. You will be put on some drug for life, which is very profitable for someone else and very bad for you. This is a quote taken from Mike Adams and I have always believed this to be true. I myself have Multiple Sclerosis and was told I’d be in a wheelchair by 2000. I lead a healthy life and I am fit as a fiddle due to the Homeopathy I take daily. If I took their pharma meds I’d probably be in that wheelchair!!

    Btw. beware of falling into a deep rabbit hole when you start to research chemtrails. The conspiracy leads in all directions yet they are all somehow connected.. inform yourself and wake up!

  34. Kerrie Says:

    Thanks Mich Skywatcher, I will post my iphone photos that I took yesterday. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing and it’s amazing I didn’t crash my car, I was so transfixed by these, long, puffy trails from one end of the horizon to the other. I took photos from my office window about 45 min later and it was STILL there, just more spread out. I’ve got goosebumps now just thinking about it!! About two hours later the whole sky looked smoggy although it wasn’t a smoggy or foggy day. This is in Australia, in Sydney/Blue Mountains. I would laugh in the face of anyone who tried to tell me this is just “plane exhaust” or some other crap.

    And I agree about doctors – they are well paid drug pushers at the beck and call of their pimps who look after them very well – big pharma. I am the first to call the doctor in an acute emergency situation, who wouldn’t, but in terms of treating chronic illness or disease, doctors have NO IDEA and have a band aid approach. I am a great believer that there’s nothing that naturopathy or homeopathy can’t cure, and probably better and with less side effects than the toxic crap doctors will prescribe. I love Mike Adams too :) I have learnt so much from him. What is scary is people are happy to live with their heads buried in the sand and believe everything they read and are told and not bother to actually RESEARCH. SO frustrating. I have to zip it sometimes but I am so passionate about this stuff!!

    Off soapbox now….off to visit your link! Thanks again :)

  35. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Kerrie,

    If you want details re my Homeopath, I am happy to refer you or any others who are sick of doctors using band aid cures! He has a cured many patients with cancer and other illnesses without chemo, radiation or steroids. He has a degree in medicine, botany, homeopathy and pharmacology so he is very clued up on modern medicine. He prescribes age old therapies using plants and flowers. No extreme change of diet or lifestyle either. He is the GURU of all Homeopaths!

    Anyway, I digress.. re posting chemtrail pics at my forum, don’t forget to join first as without subscription, nothing will post. Btw, I think ‘ZIP IT’ has become my mantra too coz most people DON’T want to know about chemtrails and say ‘if it doesn’t affect me, why should I worry?’ I continue to take pics daily and formulate who to get answers from next. The list is running short now as nobody in authority will explain!

  36. PureAngel Says:

    Chemtrails 3 planes flying around Springvale VICTORIA told by friend noticed 3 planes they said they creating clouds now, (don’t know how to spell VIC names) and see one in braybrook now, it at night the skies are covered with the cloud saw last night too. Who the f*ck are flying these planes? 22:00pm 23 Mar 2010.

  37. PureAngel Says:

    Oh I have been feeling dizzy of late too, and feel throat sore and nose congested usually don’t get any these kind of symptoms, just only read about them and noticed chemtrails in last week. VICTORIA, Australia. How we escape this, the others don’t care? All my friends are too busy, everybody just too busy working.

  38. PureAngel Says:

    We can go to the police with all our proof of criminal acts, show them your research so they can investigate the matter. Or sign affidavit-whatever the hell that is? I was thinking of calling 000. No one has permission to poison us.

  39. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Welcome PureAngel!

    I suggest that you download the relevant info or video clips, burn them to disc and hand them out to people. Print fliers, do letterbox drops, go to community meetings, council meetings, whatever it takes. Every thing on is freely available for all to use. I myself have tried to notify many authorities by phone yet they are all argumentative & skeptical just like our friends and family. Nobody wants to even think about our governments poisoning us with the very air we breath as that would disrupt their cushy & oblivious lives wouldn’t it?

    My friend is getting the very same symptoms as you and he is convinced it’s either the chemtrails or HARRP releasing ULF radio waves via the phone towers that are popping up everywhere. Good luck ringing the police, I don’t know what they would say? I know ringing Bureau of Meteorology and Air Traffic Control was a complete waste of time. EPA will not respond to report I left with local council and even Environmental Health won’t take my calls anymore. What are they hiding is what we should be asking??
    peace and love

  40. Jono Says:

    hi mich thanx for putting up all those url’s it’s really interesting stuff. i’ve been doing alot of searching and from what i’ve read it seems that these chemtrails are barium and aluminium. now from what i’ve read online chemtrails are related to the HAARP weather weapon and it all has something to do with the depletion of the ionosphere which starts at 50,000 feet now the planes i’ve seen spraying this shit are all very high altitude possibly above 50,000 feet. of course there is no hard evidence for any of this but thats mainly because there isn’t many of us paying attention.
    check out

  41. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks Jono for referring me to

    What an eye opening website that has everything in there that I’ve been researching this year. I was gobsmacked to read about the Port Arthur Massacre and find that everything my co-conspiracy buddy has been telling me is true. Many Australians need to read this and maybe now they will see why John Howard jumped at the chance to go to war with USA against Iraq and Afghanistan. The rabbit hole gets deeper as I’m finding Australia is just as much in danger as the rest of world is.

    Yesterday started off as clear blue sky and by mid morning the chemtrails appeared yet again. They bombarded us to the point it was hazy and very murky in both horizons at the same time. I must of taken about 100 pictures capturing every chemtrail laid and then as they dispersed covering our beautiful sky. It was an amazing sunset but the clouds were mostly fake. Funny how we’re getting another taste of summer at the end of March. It is predicted to be 31C (94F) in Melbourne on Sunday 28th although it’s half way through Autumn!

  42. admin Says:

    *Rock n Roll news*

    On a different note peeps. Good news is: Finished the 2nd album “WILDFIRE” this week, listen to samples here ==>

  43. caren Says:

    I have just learnt about chemtrails to day and am in shock – what is going on in the world today!? Who are these people who want to harm the mankind. Is money and power all they are interested in – world domination!

  44. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Open your eyes and watch the sky
    It starts to look very surreal.
    You watch and see that chemtrails exist
    but it’s hard to know what is fake or real!

    Research this topic and you will see,
    you will fall down a rabbit hole and have an epiphany.

    HAARP is involved and New World Order is the thug.
    Humans are doomed unless we all become UNPLUGGED!

    Mankind are sheeple and follow with blind faith
    Nobody wants to shake up their cozy little lives but we will experience the wraith!

    Wraith is an omen of many ugly things to come
    The changes will be forced upon us and still we act dumb.

    Let our governments enslave us with their laws and tyranny
    We are all but sheeple in this big world of insanity.

    What can we do I hear you ask loud and clear?
    Tell as many as you can but in the end,
    nobody will want to believe I fear..

  45. admin Says:

    - Australian Internet Censorship, Alex Jones – watch video

  46. James Says:

    I have been aware of chemtrails up here in Mildura since early 03′ and it became almost an everday event to see at least two to as many as a dozen trails over our skys. As I am writing this, I am looking out the back window and can see an X and a T trail which were deposited in the early hours of the day.
    Whenever I saw a jet coming from or going to Sth.Aust.(Pine Gap could be there base), I was certain we would have a the next day and we most certainly did. They normaly would spray up here for three to four days in a row then it was so nice to have clear blue skys again and I just prayed they maybe had a change of heart and no more spraying

  47. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Damn, Mildura too? Gee colour me surprised! Chemtrails being sprayed over the food bowl in Victoria and other states in Australia have become a regular occurrence. I have reports from Bendigo that has been chemtrail sprayed for a long time too. I live by Port Phillip Bay in Chelsea and they spray at least 5 out of 7 days a week here. No authority will answer my questions let alone discuss chemtrails in detail.

    You mentioned Pine Gap.. Pine Gap is a well known supposedly-former military base in Australia. It is also formerly considered to be an Australian/American version of Nevada’s Area 51. Yet Pine Gap is missing from the map database on Google Earth. This base is actually located about 12 miles from Alice Springs, but you would never know it. There is much talk about a new HAARP being built in Pine Gap and being that both chemtrails and HAARP go hand in hand, it doesn’t surprise me. What we are going to do about it is the major issue here.

  48. James Says:

    Mitch, thanks for your comments. Yeah it has been pretty full-on up here, but the last 3 weeks it has been beyond a joke. Like a perfect rehearsed script the jets leave their trails daily. On the thursday arvo before Easter there were jets everywhere, just going back and forth across the town. I saw four trails one behind the other directly over the airport and a fifth went across those four and then in came the Virgin and the Qantas flights from Melb. Yesday two all black jets side by side started the spraying around 7.30am and 20mins later it was totally bizare, trails everywhere. Flu season is coming.

  49. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya James,
    Sorry for the delay in replying..April 20th I was attacked and bitten by a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross roaming our street and I was in hospital for 4 days. Been recovering at home with the leg up and heavily bandaged due to deep wounds and countless sutures. All I can do is watch helplessly from my bedroom window as all the chemtrails spread across the sky and can’t take pictures outside as yet..time will heal me but in the meantime I have to lay low with leg up. You really are copping it sweet up in Mildura ain’t ya? How are you spreading the word about this and are you being stonewalled like us down south?

    Been setting up forums at along, register and introduce yourself as this is a fantastic forum for like minded people who have something to say and we all listen and respond. There are many subjects which we all know about but don’t know who to talk to about it and this is the definite sounding board to do it from. I myself started a page on chemtrails there so by all means, come along and post pics, vids or just get it out there so many around the world & other Aussies can see they are not alone and isolated with their awakening. Peace and love

  50. tina Says:

    I live just outside of Greensborough, Melbourne. The first time i seen a chem trail was while i was sitting on the train (Hurstbridge line)at about 10am and i admit i freaked out. I continue to see chem trails overhead almost weekly. the little research Ive done has concerned me but with all the 2012 conspiracies (which personally i do not believe)it makes it hard to believe this is anything more then another myth. what I will say is I love the sky, space. I’m always looking up, up until last year Ive never seen anything like this.

  51. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Tina,

    Yes I freaked out the 1st time I saw a chemtrail being laid by a plane for myself and have been snapping photos of them ever since. I’ve researched them over the internet and watched many youtube videos with all the evidence you need to see that they are very real and not just here in Australia. I’ve tried to contact authorities like the Bureau of Meteorology, local Airports, EPA, Human Services and Environmental health dept at local Council but I get stonewalled every time with no response to my emails or return of calls after messages are left. That in itself only confirms the conspiracy of Chemtrails. I begged Hungry Beast ABC to investigate and report on Chemtrails on numerous occassions yet they refuse to even touch the subject. Don’t be scared when you plunge deeper into the rabbit hole as you are led from chemtrails to many other conspiracies. You have already been awakened by acknowledging Chemtrails so just remember there is 2 sides to every story and both need to be given credit till they are debunked.

  52. James Says:

    Mitch.sorry to hear you were crook after a severe bite from a Ridgeback. The chem. agenda was full-on for about a month, it seemed to just stop after 2 days of freakish spraying. Monday may3 was beyond a joke with H’s,T’s,II,s and over the airport five parallel trails. One jet spraying as it was met by a jet coming the other way that was not spraying. I saw all this and more as I was playing golf and not one person even seemed to notice or make a comment. Have you heard of Morgellons disease? A young guy was in intensive care – could hardly breathe, found were fibres in his mouth. He is now on Colloidal Silver daily. I remember being down melb. last xmas and all the way down the calder they were laying trails. Over Ouyen – little ouyen, there were a half dozen jets leaving trails, just going back and forth and I was in amazement. I stayed at Craigieburn and the forecast was for storms and rain over the xmas period, but after going for an early morning walk with my dog and seeing several jets coming into tullamarine and leaving massive trails, I was not suprised when the x.mas/new year was dry as a bone as they were probably putting barium in the skies which breaks down the moisture levels and your immune system. And then the fires of feb. were possibly intensified by the lack of rain thanks to the basterds putting their poisons in the skies. The flu season is coming and reports are they are making a stronger flu-mix for us this year and will be spraying us with that as they have to get rid of the vaccines some-how. Cheers.

  53. Kerrie Says:

    What I don’t understand is that the people that are DOING this, are the same people BREATHING the same air as us? I know they’re doing it, hell I have several photos of chemtrails over the Blue Mountains (Australia) right now, and it scares the crap out of me, but I just don’t understand what they have to gain by slowly killing themselves, and us??

  54. Mike Says:

    I read with interest, your recent aerial observations in the south coast area .I live at the Basin nearby ,and would like to discuss this with you .
    Cheers mike.

  55. Mike Says:

    If you are all as serious as you appear , may I suggest A) That those of you with telescopes that can be fitted to a camera ,get to 30,000 feet and record these dispersions , any identafying rego marks or military insignia . B)Investigate through F.O.I the departure and arrival of said aircraft . C)Make a point , to observe tanker trucks at all airports ,unusual pumping operations on aircraft and covert facilities eg sewerage repair facilities or somesuch , way over the other side ,away from prying eyes .STUFF LIKE THAT !

  56. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for the concern Jono.. all mending fine now thanks and stitches finally come out 13th May. FYI, when I got home after dog bit me, the first thing I did was spray Colloidal Silver on my wounds before the ambulance came. I keep a bottle of this handy at all times. The doctors and ambo’s said I did well so there ya go, good advice and I thank you for showing me the 2012 site where I saw it first. Yes Morgellans is a nasty one and for years the doctors refused to even name it let alone consider it a real disease directly caused by aerial spraying of chemtrails. This guy you speak of is he here in Australia? I’ve seen vids re morgellans affecting ppl in UK & USA but not here as yet.

    On another note: Hobbled outside y/day first time since I got out of hospital because it was a gorgeous sunny day. While I was sipping my cuppa I looked to the North West horizon to see a chemtrail being laid ever so brazenly below and across the sun. I showed my visitor who had never seen or heard of chemtrails before so we both started taking pics as they slowly dispersed and clouded up our clear sky. I asked her if she saw those clouds prior, would she assume they were real or fake and she said definitely FAKE.. however, if not for me telling her she said she wouldn’t of even noticed them in the sky as most don’t. Tick, that’s another human soul unplugged!! Yes I hear ya with the vaccine push they have going and it’s same here in Melbourne. Get it while you can coz stocks are running out fast…as if it’s a sale on tv’s or such pfft. cheers back at ya!

    Hiya to Kerri, I’m sure those that are privy to the aerial spraying are paid a lot of money or have a vaccine in place to protect them from chemtrails. The others that are affected knowingly must be expendable or lied to is all I can say on that.

    If we get sick who benefits? Of course the Pharmaceutical companies do, who else? If you are sick, or have any ailment you need to heal, avoid your doctor. Doctors never use the “c” word – that’s cure. Every drug is designed to “manage”. You will be put on some drug for life, which is very profitable for someone else and very bad for you. Good money for the shareholders on the backs of people getting sick or dying.

    Check out what they’ve got prepared for the Americans when you research FEMA coffins. The company making these coffins are making a killing in more ways than one…I’m sure they are doing the same the world over.. In UK, I hear the government contracted the manufacture of refrigerated trucks/lorries by the hundreds to carry the dead or those quarantined. At least Greece grew some big ones to get out there and say ENOUGH ECONOMIC TERRORISM – WE DON’T WANT IT!


  57. James Says:

    kerrie, it is good to see that a few more people are noticing these unnatural long white trails in the skys. A natural jet contrail is a rarity these days it seems. I use to enjoy looking upwards and seeing high altitude jets, above about 33,000ft., leaving a pencil thin trail that extend no more than say 5 or 6 jet lengths behind the tail of the plane. A contrail supposedly will only occur around 33k ft. and at a certain temp., but these jets that are dumping their toxins on us are flying so low at times I can just about see the pilots moustache and at such a low height their is no way a contrail can form let alone for the length and duration which they seem to endure. What is so anoying is when I mention to people that these trails are not normal there is either deadly silence or “I have seen them before – they are just normal jet trails so get over it”.
    Something big is brewing as the spraying has intensified beyond a joke, but just what is going to happen could be summed up by mitch’s comment that FEMA have got millions of cheap coffins in the ready.

  58. Kerrie Says:

    I actually did see a contrail a few weeks ago and for me that was a real light globe moment – in that I realised how COMPLETELY different they are from chemtrails, and that anyone that thinks they are one and the same thing is completely deluded. As you said, contrails are short, and the one I saw started to dissipate and have gaps within 2 minutes or so, unlike the horizon-to-horizon filth we are seeing.

    This really scares the hell out of me and makes me think, to hell with paying off the mortgage and worrying about super etc…maybe it’s morbid but it makes you wonder what the future holds doesn’t it? Well it does me anyway. I feel like there’s nothing any of us can do because no one will answer questions and the media wont touch this subject with a ten foot pole – telling in itself really.

    At least more and more of us are becoming aware.

  59. Jessica Says:

    I’ve been seeing these chemtrails for a few years now. I hadnt seen a plane actually physically go across the sky as yet just bizar trails up until today. It really spun me out it was as others have said horizon to horizon of a thick line of god knows what that stayed there for over 20mins before moving into more of a cloud like trail. I watched it slowly evaporate for hours thinking what is the reason for them doing this? I have heard it was to counteract the environmental damage to the ozone layer but I figure if it was it wouldnt be kept from us and they would be honest about such things. This is what concerns me as I’m sure with many others that if it was good for us we’d know about it. So why is it there are many of us seeing this and not knowing what the hell is going on? Maybe we should get together and demand some answers.

  60. Russ Says:

    Just posted new mass chemtrails photo for you all, taken over Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, May 2010. This is my own personal photo, so what you see here is exactly what I saw while taking pic. Click photo to enlarge, so you can see the black lines in front of some of the chemtrails.

  61. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ, long time no see, welcome back! Where do I view your latest pics of CT’s?

    Also wonder if Jessica is speaking of the horizon to horizon chemtrails sprayed over Melbourne, Victoria Wednesday May 19th? I posted pics at my forum at if you want to take a look.. here is the direct link.

    For those of you who want answers I do suggest you visit thecrowhouse and support Max Igan in his efforts for a peaceful rebellion and a transparency of truth.

    “Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.”
    - Cheri Huber (quote of the day!)

  62. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Doh, never mind Russ! I scrolled to top of this page and found your new post + the pic too. Crikey, I can see that black line and I too wonder what the hell it is too. Apart keeping your eye on CT”S,
    I hope you had a pleasant trip to LA.

    After seeing your pic it doesn’t surprise me as it’s been chemtrail city here in Melbourne for the last month or more. Since I started guarding the sky early Jan 2010 I noticed how brazen they are with the CT spraying during the day. Earlier this year they would spray early hours of morning or mid morning only on week days. Now they are spraying all day everyday including weekends/public holidays and what starts off as a clear sunny day ends up overcast with wispy CT vapours.

    Apparently lots of concerned citizens rang 3AW to report the CT stretching from horizon to horizon and to report lots of people getting sick. The radio station were quick to bring out the ‘spin doctors’ to confuse the masses yet again and still we’re left with NO ANSWERS!

    ‘This is a wonderful fairy tale they have going here, but it’s not for me’ – George Carlin.

  63. Russ Says:

    Ah you found it Mich, good. For everyone else, just scroll back up top to (1st photo) HOLLYWOOD LOS ANGELES CHEMTRAILS (click to enlarge photo)

  64. James Says:

    Mildura is forecast to receive three days of rain in a row starting this evening, sunday the 23rd of may. Everyone was excited with some of the comments along the lines of “its gonna bucket down” or “this will be great news for the farmers, just what they need”. I held my breath and didnt say much at all as I expected chemtrails to be layed at some time before the expected rain in order to destroy the rain and as I played golf one jet went across the town coming from Sth.Aust. and did a U-turn and then left the biggest and most ugly trail I have seen to date and headed back to Sth.Aust.
    I mentioned to a couple of the golfers that the above trail was not a normal contrail and just like most people their reaction was ” oh….at that height they would last a long time as its very cold up there” It pissed me off that much I forgot to sign my card and got disqualified after having a net 66 and would have won the comp.
    This morning they are trailing again starting about 7.30a.m., but are leaving long trails that do dissapear after about a minute so I dont expect much rain at all over the next few days but I have the makings of a severe flu brewing inside of me at this stage. Colloidal silver, garlic, olive leaf extract are by my side. Stay healthy.

  65. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Yep I found the pic Russ and I also saved it to file so I could send on to all my other ‘awakened’ friends and some that still don’t believe in chemtrails.

    I have an apology for James in Mildura.. After reading most of the posts again, I realised I called you Jono and not James on May 11th post. It was an honest mistake and I really do appreciate your concern and very informative responses too. Like you I lots of skepticism am thought of as PARANOID or a CONSPIRACY THEORIST by my entire family, plenty of apathetic friends online and 80% in real life. I don’t doubt anything you say James as we are experiencing the same thing here almost daily and we’ve had very little rain since our last storms in March. That was harsh re the golf game btw.. next time eh? Your buddies are fast asleep and by sound of it, want to stay that way. I had a visit by a g/f and we sat outside for a cuppa in the sunshine. I pointed out the huge chemtrail crossing over the sun and hobbled inside to grab my camera. She is now a believer but I bet she does either 2 things; take note of sky more often or not give it a second thought. She has a baby and a busy lifestyle.. I bet it’s the latter!

    Good for you re the colloidal silver and olive leaf extract. I’ve had my colloidal silver for a while now and when I bought it, the pharmacist was hesitant to prescribe a dose just saying no more than a teaspoon full. Due to my multiple sclerosis and homeopathic therapy that keeps me well, I am concerned to ingest it and would love it if you could tell me how you take it? I spray it on my face like a toner and use it as a deodorant too. Since all bandages are off my wounds, I spray with colloidal silver before I spread on ‘scar reducing’ cream. I have gargled with it too but really not sure if I should swallow it or how much per dose? Appreciate if you have the answers!

  66. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    PS: To James, hope that flu don’t get a grip and your immune system will fight it off. Another good thing for sore throats and colds is a very old Chinese herbal remedy called ‘Watermelon Frost’. You just spray a little down your throat or in your mouth and it works wonders with any virus or bacteria trying to wear you down. It also works for ulcers in the mouth as well as any skin abrasions or wounds. It is a deep green powder in a little bottle that is like puff spray. I would highly recommend that too if the other alternative meds aren’t shifting those symptoms. Good Luck!

  67. James Says:

    Mitch…its good to take note that you are into alternative/natural medicines. The doctors or pharmaceutical people would rather you kept of em. as its their industry that will suffer if to many people get on-board the alternate medicine bandwagaon. With regards the Coll.Silver, 5mm in a glass of spring water (not flurodated) and leave for a couple of minutes and then drink the water or drink it straight.
    I played golf today and before I ventured out into the toxic overcast skies, Vit.C satchets, C.Silver, Oxygenated water drops, fish oil,and a few other products to keep healthy. One of the guys was getting a sore throat and his wife was also getting flu symptoms. The basterds are putting some virus in the air, will be interesting to see just what happens in the winter months and they will push the vaccine, big-time. Stay healthy and try educating the blind people of which their are many.

  68. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey James, thanks for the advice on dosage re colloidal silver. Sounds like you are taking all the right defenses against any virus or bacteria that is airborne. Something else I been using for a while now that my best buddy bought for me to gain more good health; it’s called Zapet Device and it works wonders. Here is the URL: If you get sore shoulders after a round of golf or feeling sickly or have a headache. Give yourself a zap x 3 lots of 10mins with this device and I promise it works like a miracle. You will also gain better sleep and restful nights if you zap 3 time before you go to bed. I am very Ms Alternative and my body thanks me for it. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or flu. If I feel the sniffles coming on, I zap with device and double up on my homeopathy before bed and the next day I’m as good as new!

    After being diagnosed with MS in 1998, Neurologist said it’s a not a matter of IF BUT WHEN I am in a wheelchair by the year 2000… I was already using a cane to get around when I started homeopathy in Feb ’99. I no longer needed my cane within a few months and by Sept ’99 I was working full time again after being on disability pension for 18mths. I know it’s a life long therapy for me and I continue to take it daily. How much is your health worth? I don’t have private health cover because my homeopathy is my health cover. It costs me a hell of a lot less than Medibank or HBA that’s for sure! I take health over wealth any day!

    Btw, lots of sick people here in Melbourne and the doctor’s waiting rooms are fully booked. My friends child got a spider bite and it swelled like a balloon so she rang for an emergency appt. She was told NO CAN DO but when she explained emergency, they said come in and we’ll fit you in. She mentioned the waiting room was full with people sitting and standing; everyone was coughing, sneezing or just plain sick. They still had to wait an hour to see the doctor.

    Also, I met a male nurse a week or so before dog attack and he said that PANCH (hospital)in Preston was packed to the rafters with sick people and he’s never seen it like this before, even in flu season. Most of my neighbours here are elderly and most of them have had virus or flu like symptoms for months now and they can’t seem to shift it they tell me.

    Maybe we need to start a new trend and like the Japanese, start going out with a surgical MASK on!

  69. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    PS: I don’t do FLUORIDE and haven’t now since early this year.. I use a reverse osmosis filter with a 4 barrel filter chamber that removes ALL impurities and heavy metals. I only use organic Tea Tree oil toothpaste and my next purchase will be a new fitting with filter for my shower and taps so I don’t have to wash in fluoridated water.

    I am more than happy to spread the word on alternative medicine. Been trying to do this with the MS Society for years but gave up because they refused to publish my letters let alone respond to my emails. They only cared about me when I was sick and they could get kick backs from referrals and medication I was given. In a nutshell, they are no different to any other BIG BUSINESS or corporation.

  70. Russ Says:

    They have written Chemtrails into a CSI episode. As an obvious attempt to sway the TV watching (sheeple) Masses, to think what they call ‘conspiracy theorists’ as odd people!!?

    Watch the video (Fastforward the vid, the dialogue begins at around 24:40)

  71. Russ Says:

    Found a short version on youtube in the meantime

  72. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, thanks for the information you posted re CSI. I watched it and I wasn’t at all surprised to hear the BS spin re Chemtrails. Geez the chemtrail footage in BC Canada is a shocker. I have a friend in Ontario who flatly refuses to believe and because he hasn’t seen a CT 1st hand, it can’t be true!

    Saw an episode of ‘Who do you think you are’ with Brooke Shields recently. There were ‘BLATANT’ criss cross chemtrails in the sky shown in Paris, Italy and London. Even I was taken aback and I can bet that most viewers who saw CT’s stopped and thought ‘what the heck are those strange shapes in the sky?’ I’m sure a family member/friend said ‘they’re just jet trails’ so 5 minutes after the ad break, they would have forgotten all about them. I’m hoping some people would have gone straight to their pc to research but most don’t know Chemtrails exist let alone knowing what to call them.

    ‘IGNORANCE IS BLISS’ for most of mankind, unfortunately.

  73. Russ Says:

    ## These guys Truthmediaproduction are actually making a documentary woohoo! It sounds promising too. (read below) This is what what they are asking to help make it happen ##

    WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING! is scheduled for release in October, provided we can obtain $24,000 to complete the job. That goal can be met if only 120 Zone Dwellers become Funding Angels by donating $200 each. That sounds like a realistic goal to us. I hope you agree. If you are looking for something meaningful to do in this battle against collectivism but are unable to spend time in organizational work, here is a way to make a huge difference. Thank you.

    Checkout their youtube trailer here

  74. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hi Russ, I sent your last posted pic to my buddy in Ontario to see if he recognized the same chemtrails. This was his response ‘I see stuff like that all the time as city is below a flight path. All by jets.’ hmm see I told ya’s that most sheeple think exactly that and this is why we cannot convince them otherwise. I met a friend of a friend who just came back from LA too and when I was showing my other friend your picture, Chris says ‘oh geez, that’s what I saw all over the sky in LA when I was there but never knew wtf they were?’ Tick, another human unplugged!

    To admin, thanks for posting that youtube vid on What in the World are they Spraying! I would highly recommend this to be watched and forwarded on by all those trying to convince their friends and family about CT’s!

    If you want to share your chemtrail pics come visit my CT forum at:

    Register and join at to get the word out there about chemtrails and more!

  75. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich, sorry for the confusion. Myself and Admin are the same person. It automatically puts ‘Admin’ when I reply unless I edit it. So lately have just been editing it and making it more personal using my name. Looks like I forgot to do it with that last reply. Also, glad to know your friend on his California trip noticed these trails. As for that documentary, also glad that you thought it was good. Can’t wait to see that when it’s completed.

  76. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich, this film here (47 mins) “The Unexplained Mysteries: Hidden History of The Human Race” although not Chemtrail related. Is pretty fascintaing to watch. If you’ve ever looked closely at the American 1 dollar bill, you would have noticed the pyramid with the all seeing eye. Well amazingly this film shows an ancient artifact that makes a connection with that. Also the film goes into, let’s just say, some strange looking sculls they found.

    Also in the animated kids film “Over The Hedge” They constantly have shots of the sky with chemtrails. Trying to normalise them in the childrens minds.

  77. Russ Says:

    Another part to that vid on Chemtrails – What Are They Spraying?

  78. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ, I viewed all the vids and URLS you posted and have forwarded them on to everybody on my email list.

    I wanted to share this video called The Story Of Stuff. View at:
    or visit It’s a must see for every person including children of all ages!

  79. Russ Says:

    Thanks for that Mitch. I’ve seen that one, it’s good isn’t it, so true.

  80. Russ Says:

    Hi everybody check this link out. There is a GOLDMINE of great vids to keep you going for MONTHS

    There is an excellent one there about money done in an animation. So perfect for kids to understand but actually adults will find this great to watch too It’s Called “MONEY AS DEBT”

  81. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Wow Russ, what a fantastic find! This is a conspiracy buff’s dream and I hope those that have questions as to what the hell is going on behind the smoke and mirrors, spend the time informing themselves.

    Thanks so much

  82. Russ Says:

    I was being greedy and keeping that one to myself for a couple of years. As it wasn’t so easy to find. You have been sharing your links Mich. So it can only benefit all, if shared around and more people know about it and wake up, so the better for us all. You’re more than welcome to it Mich. And thanks to the guy that did all the true work and compiled them all, nice job he did, lot of work.

  83. Russ Says:

    Coast to Coast – Webot Predictions

  84. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ

    I hope you don’t mind but I posted some of your URL’s on my forum at:

    I gave your site a plug and linked it to increase the hits and to gain maximum awareness. I think this is an awesome website and we need to spread the word as time is racing away. It’s June already.. where did this year go?

  85. Russ Says:

    G’day Mich,

    In regards to the links, I don”t mind at all. Go right ahead and share them around.

    Because I’m a musician and give most of my time to that. I don’t really have the time it takes to give full attention and run a website totally devoted to Chemtrails and the rest. So this is still first and formost a MUSIC website. Hence, I’ve only really posted this post with chem photos and links etc.. and another post on repetitive number seeing .

    So it is better in the hands of someone like yourself who is obviousley passionate about this subject. To have as many links and as much information as possible to spread around to inform others. So hopefully traffic will start to increase to your forum. I’ll do whatever I can and with what time allows to help get traffic your way, if you like that is.

    and as always thanks for the plug and extra traffic as well.

    And seeing as you’re mentioning “It’s June already”. It may have something to do with the ‘Quickening’. As we get closer to 2012, time is supposed to feel like it’s speeding up (and it does, I can feel it and you are too). Time will compress and get faster and the last few weeks will just be like a flash.

    I saw an amazing vid where the guy explained it all. The image he showed, was time was like the Nautilus shell eg Where it just spirals in on itself getting smaller and tighter. Interesting, as galaxys can look like that shape too. (just can’t remember what the title of vid was right at the min?)

  86. Jessica Says:

    Here is a link that may explain the phenomenon of chemtrails:

    Another link to have a look at is an article on Bill Gates’s contribution to geoengineering:

    Lastly an article that states Chemtrails Are “Small Reflecting Particles” In The Upper Atmosphere:

    There is also a website called Bluebird on the ABC site that has an interactive game based on real time events regarding geoengineering. Apparently there are actually millionaires out there that are taking action on climate change into thier own hands bypassing any government officals. This could be true and the reason why nobody knows what the hell is going on.

    With these links I dont claim to know much about geoengineering or even if that is where the chemtrails stem from. Just thought I’d post these to give people another possibility into the theory of chemtrails, this one more hopeful than it being the end of the world.

  87. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the Links Jess

  88. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for those informative links Jessica. It’s not the end of the world as such, just end of the world as we know it.

    I think we all need to go back to basics and be more self sustaining that’s for sure. After watching Food Inc. I’m never eating Frankenfoods like McDonald’s or franchised fast food ever again! Warning this video will change your lifetime eating habits forever! What an eye opener & it is and highly recommended to those that are addicted to these chemical/hormone filled burgers we call fast food. You will never look at KFC the same way again either.

    Hey Russ, I am happy to help you out here with whatever you require to keep things moving along and spreading the word on CT’s & other important issues we need to get out there. I used to be married to a musician so yeah I can understand how much time your band/music takes up and takes out of you. Thanks for entrusting me to the job and I’m more than happy to help. I work from home on a small business myself but have the time to do what is required re my forums too.

    I put it out there re the ‘quickening’ of time and many feel the same as we do. Here is what our kindred spirit guide says:

    “There is a great, wondrous awakening now present in the earth. Those who are participating as part of it are experiencing the quickening that has been promised; the quickening of joy, of a lightness in your step, and of your awareness, senses, and feeling. Another way of seeing and creating is beginning to root deep within that does not hold you or bind you in any way, shape, or form. No definitions, no “institutions” or structures that have limited you can any longer bind you energetically or experimentally, unless you choose to let them.”

  89. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    Thanks for the good read about the quickening and the Frankenfoods link. I’m gonna watch one now and the rest tonight. Thanks!

  90. Russ Says:

    Are Others Out There Feeling The Universe Changes Too?

  91. Russ Says:

    Alex Jones Calling All Activists to Send “Chemtrail Clips” for New Documentary Film

  92. James Says:

    Up here in Mildura we have had a week of no “persistent contrails’ being sprayed over the populace. I thought they would resume spraying soon and this morning they have begun dumping their garbage in perfectly blue skies. They started early, probably before dawn, and left just little short squirts which most people would not even take notice of. But straight parallel clouds just don’t exist. I heard that Melbourne was hit pretty hard a week or so ago and a nurse at PANCH said he had never seen so many crook people, just flooding all the doctors and hospitals with severe flu-like symptoms. Keep your immune system firing on all cylinders.

  93. James Says:

    SPRAY UP-DATE: As i finished my earlier comment, I looked outside and directly over my house was a dirty big, thick c.t. I looked further and they had gone beserk and in less than 30mins. the whole city and surrounding areas were covered in long, white, ugly plumbs of goo and no one seemed to notice. 3 parralel trails directly over the city-mall but the kids kept eating their McDonalds (un)healthy meals. All up in the space of about an hour I counted 12 trails and then to top it all of I saw two jets that almost collided but were leaving normal contrails. They had probably run out of supplies and were heading back to base for refill. They will be back later on in the day I have no doubt.

  94. Russ Says:

    HALIBURTON SABOTAGED THE RIG? – Interesting times we are living in – Could this be true?

  95. Jim Says:

    I just stumbled headlong into this forum after googling Chemtrails and what a nice surprise to see it is made by a fellow Aussie.

    For several years I have been aware of CT spraying and like most people here I was horrified what I learn’t after falling in to the rabbit hole and the deeper I dug the darker and horribal it became. Trying to “educate” those people around me is almost impossible, but my family knows about what I see and they also take an interest.

    I came across Project Blue Beam, which ties Chemtrails, HARRP and all the other nasties together, yes the Iniquity of Conspiricity is going at full steem, headed by the top echelon in europe who worship money and power, what a royal deception it is.

    Have you seen the sprials? the official story is it is made by spinning space junk, huhhh not at all, it is a a test pattern created by a laser beam from satellites using the reflective properties of Barium and aluminium in the high atmosphere, yes both these metals are poisonous and they have multiple purposes.

    Chem trails have been sprayed once again, I live in a farming belt in the Queensland area, a few days ago I saw green, red yellow and blue colours from the same chemcloud, they were very fine particles, as the CC passed through the suns rays so the colours kept pace with the sun.

    One type of cloud which is sprayed I call a upside down cloud, why? because with a normal cloud, the darker shadow is within the cloud but always under the whiter cloud as the sunlight is above the clouds, so the cloud is slightly darker with the lower extremities.
    But with “upside down clouds”, there is a dark to black shadow resting on the top of the cloud, this speaks of “unknown horribal stuff” that is not propper, there are a lot of different CTC.

    If you google for “invisible chemtrail sprayer” or “cube sprayer” you will see another rabbit hole.
    There are people out there who do know exactly and why and where CT “stuff” is but have probably been leaned on to say nuttin or else.

    Lots of people take natural remidies, here is another to add to the list of remedies, I have developed a taste for Ginger, and I use MMS put out by Jim Humble (No not I) it is claimed to cure cancer and can help Morgellons disease and other nasties. I bought a starter pack, best thing I ever did, but I havent tried MMS2 yet :) MMS can purify drinking water.

  96. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day Russ and Co!

    Welcome Jim. I’m one of many Aussies here. I live by Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne and we have been bombarded with CT’s since I awakened to them at start of this year.

    I have been plunging down a rabbit hole ever since I became ‘unplugged’ and it just keeps getting deeper. Thanks for the referral to MMS. I have recently purchased a 4 barrel reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride, chlorine and other nasty particulates from my tap water. I also use a bio disc for wellness & to re-enliven my drinking water.

    I have MS and my daily therapy since 1999 is homeopathics which keeps my immunity strong as well as keeping me out of the wheelchair Neurologists said I’d be in by the year 2000. Just as James said ‘keep your immune systems firing on all cylinders’ and these CT’s will not affect you.

    I’ve also mentioned that I may start making a statement by wearing a mask outdoors like the Japanese do due to the toxic air they have to breath daily. Maybe then people will begin to ask questions and perhaps start demanding answers.

    Hey James ;) just wondering if you’re having any luck spreading the word on CT’s in Mildura considering how much they are spraying up there. Surely you are not the only one who notices them or is this the case? My co-conspiracy buddy and I seem to be the only ones who keep vigil on CT’s and those we’ve awakened to them just move on and forget. It’s all too depressing they say ;/

    While walking my dog slowly down the park with my daughter yesterday, we were discussing the rain clouds closing in on us and thinking we were going to get drenched any time soon. As I was looking at the rain clouds building to our North, I spotted a plane laying a new chemtrail straight into the big cloud and pointed it out to my daughter. She had never seen this done before but mentioned how obvious they are if people actually looked up to see them. She used to humour me regarding chemtrails because her fiance doesn’t believe in them and she found it hard to believe in herself until now. She also believes that they do effect the weather because by the time we walked back around the park, the clouds had been chased off and it didn’t rain like it originally threatened.

    On another topic: Gulf Oil spill Media Blackout
    click on 80.1 & 80.2 to hear some very interesting facts with radio interviews regarding media blackouts and secrecy surrounding this disaster. 80.2 is the scariest interview I’ve ever listened to and if this isn’t just speculation then it’s CHECKMATE for the human race. It’s much bigger than they are telling us via the media and as you would have noticed by now, the media just gloss over it for 60 seconds and move onto fluff & bubble news that is of no relevance or importance.

    FYI for the NON believers: mute your televisions and research real uncensored news on the internet (while you still can) and if you really want to be informed and follow the rest of us down the rabbit hole, start reading the posts from the top of this page and click on the informative links Russ has here. Come visit or and see how many have already woken up to this manipulated reality we call life.

    Don’t be scared, be aware there are two sides to every story and the ‘OFFICIAL STORY’ isn’t always fact. Make up your own mind but shake off the conditioning of the lies before you do. Maybe it isn’t true but maybe it is. What if?

    Never Stop Questioning Everything and Retain an Open Mind Always.

  97. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim and Mich, thanks for sharing your posts. Hey Mich thanks for those links. I just listened to the oil radio interviews and then emailed links and also tweeted link as well. Some interesting stuff they were talking about.


  98. Jim Says:

    Thanks Russ, and Mitch,

    Here are some links to Project Blue Beam and Chemtrail stuff, I mentioned in my above post,

    Here is another link about the same topic

    MMS and MMS2 can be found here

    Invisible cube sprayers here so what does a invisible sprayer look like? It looks like a giant ring flying through the sky, with a chemtrail exiting from it, the body of the object flying is invisable to our eyes, very weird this.

    Can the invisable be made visable? google for Royal Raymond Rife, look for his Microscope and what method he used to illuminate viruses and you could be getting close, it’s called phase shifting. Those who understand it will understand its operation, you will also read about the suppression of an amazeing invention able to cure diseases.


  99. Russ Says:

    Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and other toxic gases coming out with #Oil . Video via Prison Planet

  100. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks Russ & Jim for the very informative posts and I’ll be passing them on.

    Update on Oil Spill June 13th:
    Just listened to Alex Jones interview and it’s getting scarier by the day!

  101. Russ Says:

    Thanks for that Mich, just listened to the radio update now and already passed it on.

  102. Russ Says:

    On a different subject for a minute. Just watched the movie Sherlock Holmes. Anybody else watched it?

    It’s covered in masonic symbols. Although the storyline is sort of about that subject anyway. It still seems erriely close to what’s going on today with the NWO. Especially when say’s the line ‘Order Out of Chaos” when he’s looking at the flies in the glass bottle, as if referring to humans? And also talking about ‘The Order’ controlling the police. And then saying the New Wold Order has now begun.

    The media lately, seems to be awash with this stuff. Just really blatant now. These symbols are in plenty of music clips, hip hop, rock, pop, whatever. As if to work there way into peoples subconcious or something?

    (ps.. not saying that ALL OF the artists themselves responsible for it, doubt they’re are even aware, or what it all means? It’s most likely other people behind the scenes)

    Illuminati, pyramids, all seeing eyes, chequered floors (masonic floors),

    (interesting to note that the police force have that chequer pattern on cars and their hats etc..)

    -PUMA commercial- ILLUMINATI TV Advert (note the All Seeing Eye, in the ‘A’ of PUMA (pyramid) )

    Chemtrails O2 Advert (Chemtrails in your face, really bizzar advert)

    Gabriella Cilmi – On a Mission (Official Video)

    Glastonbury festival (photo of pyramid stage, complete with illuminated capstone)

    Illuminati – The Music Industry – Freemasonry – Symbolism

  103. Russ Says:

    also note.. if you google around you’ll find, there are some ley lines near that Glastonbury festival area. Possibley using the crowds energy for something, I dunno what’s going on with that?

  104. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day and thanks for all those interesting links. I don’t watch tv much at all these days and music videos are something I grew out of long ago. I was fascinated to see how much symbolism and subliminal messages are all over mainstream tv and videos. If you listened to the latest radio interview on The Veritas show, I think we’ve got more to worry about. Checkmate sooner than later!
    Now spraying the toxic dispersant Correxic over arable land and populated areas??? What the hell?

    Worth a read about oil spill here:

    Russ posted this one in earlier blog..
    did anybody else notice the ‘all seeing eye’ appear in the bottom right corner? Creeped me out!
    What a disaster and we all know it was manipulated. This is our new 9/11 it seems with a domino effect that will affect each and everyone of us. Good to see 60 Minutes reporting on it Sunday and it will be interesting if they continue to follow up on it next weekend. Apart from a couple of emails they probably won’t give it more air time.

    For those of you that didn’t know about the recent oil spill in Denmark, here is the link.
    Take note how NO DISPERSANTS were used to clear oil as they found it to disperse on it’s own.

    Any ideas how we can get our voices heard? I’m sick of facing constant skepticism and ridicule by my family and peers. I’m sick of being stonewalled by authorities and treated with disdain. It’s all here to see as plain as day. It seems only us ‘truthers’ can see it yet we are labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’. On a brighter note, at least we won’t be surprised when shit hits the fan.

    The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.(Morpheus)

    I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here; why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill? (Cypher)

  105. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    PS: I haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes the movie as yet but will try to get hold of it. After viewing all those links you posted I don’t doubt your word on the subliminals and symbolism shown blatantly on music video’s and ‘lamestream’ tv.

    Cast aside the religious stuff at end of video and see this guy has an important message for us all. Henning Kemner seems to be very switched on.

  106. Russ Says:

    Thanks Mich! Will be watching that link you put up a little later tonight.

    I don’t know if anyone here has ever seen inside a masonic hall? Came across this vid awhile back. FREEMASONS “CHIP” KIDS AT LOCAL FAIR

    About 3/4 way through vid you’ll see inside a hall, cheuqer floor the whole lot etc.. (personally the guy in vid goes off in too much of a tagent near the end for my liking, but you’ll get the picture, in the other parts). Then you’ll remember you’ve see that floor in buckingham palace and many other places. I don’t play video games but the kids who do, show you the floors in these games on youtube as well.

  107. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, thanks for sharing that vid on Freemasons chipping kids at fair in Missouri. Did you notice the date of the vid? December 25th 2007 and the last comment was posted in December 2008. It dumbfounds me how so few are awake to this? 78,402 hits.. are you kidding me?

    Btw, I have black and white chequer floors in my kitchen and never realised that they were Masonic till recently. I do regret getting them as they are a bitch to keep clean lol

    I came across a few vids in Poland and one that caught my attention was this one:–B9LqtoM or this: Trying to work out name of the song it’s nice. Any clues? You gotta feel for the Polish people and many others throughout Europe if this is how they are sprayed daily.

    Here we are bitching about CT’s down-under when we see only a few but ours are nothing on what is happening overseas including USA. I have noticed of late that they are just spraying in spurts instead of horizon to horizon chemtrails in last couple of weeks. Last time there was a long CT stretching across the sky, the radio stations were jammed with callers wanting answers. When sky is clear and blue, the next thing it’s full of surreal looking vapours dripping down on the populace.. a mask anyone??

    Russ, last night we were studying your pic of chemtrails you took while in LA. My partner is a pilot and explained the black line alongside the chemtrail in the pic. He said the plane had run out of whatever chems it was spraying and the black is just fuel vapors cutting thru the CT behind it. You can see which direction it is going as the CT has dispersed at right side of pic. Maybe somebody else has another explanation but it does sound feasible.

  108. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich, just watched your vid, thanks for posting link. The name of that song is just “Chemtrails” artist is “Beck”. You might have missed the little pop up iTunes ad with song details on it.

    Thanks for showing photo to your partner. That could be a reason, it does sound possible with the black line. And no, I didn’t notice the date this time round for the Freemasons chipping kids vid. Prob noticed it first time around. Yeah some of these important vids need to get more views.

    Alex Jones – CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL Pt1

  109. James Says:

    Mitch and Russ, thanks for some very interesting info. Looking on Google earth on the 14th of june I stumbled upon a couple of airfields out in the middle of no-where. The airfields are in the usa. The first is approx. 30kms. at a bearing of 130deg from houston and has some wierd jets on the tarmac. The second is about 50kms from houston and a similar bearing. this base is called Evergreen and is loaded with ChemT. jets. Look up Evergreeen Base/airfield on google and some top secret info. from an insider will greet you.
    Up here in Victoria’s N/W, spraying has slowed down since last tuesdays Dresden bombing run by the basterds. Trails where everywhere and people did not even notice and no comments where made. Just little short trails have been laid since, but directly over the city. Cheers.

  110. Russ Says:

    I’ll give it a look, thanks James.

  111. James Says:

    Russ…sorry, but you will not get much info. by typing in evergreen base/airfield, my mistake. Try typing in “Evergreen Chemtrail Base” and you should have plenty to investigate.

    On Google Earth:
    The Airfields: Base 1 – Lat32o24′.79″N Long 111o12’53.97″W
    Base 2 _ Lat 32o30’20.51″N Long 111o19’37.12″W

  112. Russ Says:

    Not a prob James and thanks.

    Here’s something friends, sure it’s not Australia, yet we’re all connected, so it has to affect us somewhere down the line. Coast to Coast AM – 1 of 15 Global Fashpoints & Apocalypse

    What do you make of this one friends? (btw no one is mentioning the symbols at the start of this vid in the youtube comments. Pyramids, all seeing eye.)
    ‘Knowing’ Movie Knew About Oil Rig Explosion

  113. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, James n Co!

    Just to let you know I’m taking a break from all this till the end of June on Psychologists orders.

    I fell to the very depths of the rabbit hole and couldn’t find my way out. Not only I was depressing myself & all my friends but it’s been consuming my life and this is not good.

    I’m still rehabilitating from this dog bite I got in April so I don’t have much else to do but research and the more I see the more helpless I feel. I will be back that’s for sure; I have not turned my back to ignore what’s happening, I’m just taking a step away so I can get clarity again and not feel so overwhelmed by it all. Let’s just say Michie is on PAUSE for the time being.

    Be well everyone

  114. Russ Says:

    Hope you get to feel better Mich, take care

  115. James Says:

    the audacity of these basterds laying their “contrails” is simply getting out of hand. They began this morning around 7.00 I was busy on my comp. and overhead I could hear a low flying jet. I know from years of chemtrails that when I hear a jet I am sure it will be a chem-jet and that it was. Only 2 jets were busy as hell at turning a blue sky into a misty haze.
    A classic case was when 1 jet was laying a massive trail coming from n/w (darwin?) and it was heading s/w(melb.?), but it was accompanied by his mate who was at a considerably higher altitude and leaving what looked like a normal contrail. You do not have to be a road scholar to know that a low flying jet(20 -25,000ft) does not leave or form a contrail that goes for 50km’s and a jet much higher(30 -33,000ft.), has a contrail that lasts only a few seconds. A contail should only form around 33,000ft. I checked out the flight paths for jets across oz. and only 1 flight comes close to my home town of Mildura. We had jets screeching across the city all day as I golfed and strangely no trails were being layed. Strange days, strange skies.

  116. Frank Says:

    There is a ‘DENY AT ALL COST POLICY’ in place within the Australian and world governments,,anyone with the audacity to attempt to wake up the other sheeple about this spray crime will be dealt with accordingly (by the use of labels of course),,, such as, ‘conspiracy nuts’, ‘past or current drug users’, or maybe even ‘potential terrorist’s’ ,,,,,things are getting crazzzzzy folks

  117. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiyas just popping by. I know I’m not supposed to be here but still checking up on news from my boys and to see you’re all ok.

    We’ve been bombarded last couple of days in Chelsea and beyond with massive CT’s and our sky is covered in line after line of chem clouds. I been snapping pics while I’m out and about with my wheely frame taking my dog for slow walks.

    Normally I don’t watch tv during the day but Tuesday I decided to sit and have lunch in front of tv to find the midday movie was called ‘Toxic Skies’ about chemtrails. Coincidence? Has anybody here seen it? All the people affected had ‘Morgellon’s Disease’ and were dying like flies. Air force/Navy and pharmaceutical company involved in conspiracy.. so accurate it was scary although the part about contaminated jet fuel is a furphy. I’m told by a good source that it’s impossible to put those chems direct into jet fuel. Chemicals are sprayed through separate attachments at back of plane via drums inside that hold the chemicals. That website at Evergreen shows those very jets.

    I was taking pic after pic in front of my house of a chemtrail being freshly laid. That particular chemtrail stayed in the sky for over an hour while others were laid in spurts and short lines all around and behind it. By time I returned home from walk, our blue sky was covered in chemtrails and was a blanket of goop above us.

    Poor James, they really are attacking your skies in Mildura and I’m wondering if perhaps your local radio station may take it on. Surely you are not the only person in Mildura who is concerned about chemtrails? Strange skies indeed. Btw, we have a theory.. perhaps with all the solar energy we are using in new homes and electricity users getting off the grid with solar, perhaps they are blanketing our sky so we continue to rely on their power not solar energy.. any thoughts?

    Cheers to all and sundry.

  118. Jim Says:

    Hello Mitch, sorry to hear you got trouble in the top paddock, get well soon.

    Don’t worry, one of my nephews is a shrink, (he got a certificate in BS cause hes been tought BS, an unless the examiner and them both believe BS then you cant get a cirtificate in BS, Doctors are a bit the same :) ), any ways, him and his daddy (my youngest brother were visiting me) and I tried to explain to this “shrink” about chemtrails, he just sat there and looked funny at me.

    Got a phone call from the brother that night, saying, what ever you do don’t talk about that chemtrail rubbish, my son said to me on the way home “I got a few people like that in hospital as patients”.

    Just goes to show the “shrink” thinks he knows, but he really hasn’t a single clue what is going on above his head, like 99.999% of the population.
    So what makes him dangerious? he passes judgement on something when he hasent studied the topic, poors scorn and scoffing at it and has no idea about it as being truthful at all.


  119. Frank Says:

    Hello Mitch,,saw Toxic sky’s about 5mths ago, total BS,,just another hollywood scam to get in early on the people not fully aware on CT’s (to push them away from whats really going on) remember it was classified fiction for the audience.
    You are correctamoondo, the heavy metals in CT’s cannot be put in plane fuel without engine malfunction, it would be similar to putting sugar in your car fuel tank, so the movie was a farce..

    Glad i found this site (James put me on it,,met him at an anti fluoride meeting) but i must admit most of my free time is spent listening to the Jones boy (Alex Jones Show,,im hooked)

    Also if your interested in the connection between HAARP and CT’s check out (google) one of Jesse Ventura’s latest episode’s
    ‘Conspiracy Theory” very revealing……

    Just one more thing on CT’s, has anyone else noticed nearly always after a heavy CT attack, around dusk, a light aircraft (maybe two seater) is regularly seen circling over the affected area (city) for up to 45 min,,just curious, but i sense they are monitoring something.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and yes James is right they bombard this place 24/7 and at night.

    Just one more thing (promise)
    a new political party has just formed/registered in Australia,,,The Australian Sovereignty Party. It mentions the illegal Chemtrails under its enviroment policy statement.
    check it out.. They NEED members.

  120. Russ Says:

    Hi all, good to hear from you again Mitch.

    Wow so this is how the Fluoride ‘it’s good for your teeth” lie began ==> Part 3 video

    So this was known in the 1940′s, yet they’re still adding it to drinking water today.

    Sorry didn’t start with part 1 link, just that this lie mention in part 3 had to be exposed

  121. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, James, Frank and Jim, thanks for all the well wishes for my recovery, I’m getting there..

    1. Russ, quick question.. Why have the panels on either side of this forum turned black? Unless I highlight the text I cannot read it. Anyone else having this problem?

    2. Nice to make your acquaintance Frank! I love the fact you mentioned that you and James met at an anti fluoride meeting and became mates! Thank you for posting the link of Australian Sovereignty Party. I’ve been reading up on ASP and I am very impressed. It’s fantastic that finally there are professional politicians who have honesty and integrity and are FOR THE PEOPLE. This very political party has been our pipe dream for years and we want to be part of it. I just hope if we all supported them that they can get into power because it’s a win/win for all Aussies if they can achieve their goals. I was most impressed they spoke of everything each and everyone of us have discussed at some point including chemtrails. A very switched on political party is exactly what we need. My fingers and toes are crossed for them to get into mainstream politics and I just hope the establishment don’t stop them ‘dead’ in their tracks. I for one am going to spread the word big time in hope that many others will join up as members.

    I have to agree with you re Toxic Skies Frank and thanks for concurring with me re the contaminated jet fuel. I don’t mind Alex Jones but these days he makes his interview more about him than the issue at hand. I’m sick of him drowning people out and talking over them when they are still answering his previous question.

    I watched the part 3 of the great lie about Fluoride Russ. I’ve known about this for a long while now and have removed all fluoride from my drinking water with a reverse osmosis water filter. I don’t even use tap water for cooking anymore and use organic tea tree oil toothpaste. Had another vid to show you all called The Fluoride Deception that I had bookmarked a while back but it’s been removed dammit! Oh btw, thanks for naming the artist Beck re the chemtrail song. I tend to disconnect the pop up before actually reading so that’s probably how I missed it lol

    3. Jim, don’t waste your breath or time trying to inform your brother and nephew on chemtrails. It’s not worth flogging a dead horse especially with family or intellectual F-wits like a shrink. Yes like Dentists they believe with blind faith all the BS they were taught as part of their trade and like most sheeple, they don’t think outside the box. My family would fight me on stuff that is so in your face and say ‘if they don’t show it in the newspapers or on tv, then it mustn’t be true’ pfft how do you argue with that?

    I see a psychologist for the reason that they don’t give you Lithium or anti-depressants because of a vivid imagination or if you speak of conspiracies. Believe it or not, when I mentioned chemtrails and falling down a rabbit hole she was very interested and then responded with her knowledge of GMO foods and Monsanto. She wanted me to put a pause on conspiracies till end of June because I have too many issues to deal with at the moment. Shhh don’t tell her I was here hehe

  122. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,
    Just felt like a change, might go back to red some other time? For now it’ll stay black. Keep in mind it’s a music website firstly. sorry you’re having trouble viewing it. Is it working better now?

    It should only be the background (side panels) that are black. The area this text is on should be white still. On Explorer it still looks fine anyway.

  123. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I use Mozilla Firefox and it’s almost impossible to read unless you highlight text. That’s kewl mate, I’m just blind as a bat and black side panels make for impossible reading is all. Do what you gotta do that suits you. cheers

  124. Russ Says:

    I changed it back Mich. Wanna make sure other browsers can at least read it. Built this site myself modeled off another guys site (with his permission). So am far from an expert with computers, at making it all work properly on all browsers. Music is what I know best.

    Mich, can you please let me know if you can at least read the text on this page again, that’d be helpful? I hope you can read it :) Thanks

  125. Frank Says:

    Likewise Mitch (your acquaintance)

    I do agree with you on Alex, I shake my head at times as well when he loses it, talks over others, can be intimidating and at times down right rude to callers/guest’s,, I don’t condone that behaviour but I weigh all those negative faults up against all the positives he gives, and to me he is way out in front.
    I put it down to he’s only human like the rest of us and can only take so much.
    He has dedicated his whole life (since age 16) to exposing so so much crime/hidden Gov agenda’s, he’s on the ball 24/7, he employs world staff reporters, gets 10 million hits, has ongoing death threats, and could have been a millionaire several times over but chooses to put all his revenue back into the next project to expose, all at no cost to the viewer.
    He’s next Doc is partly on Chemtrails world wide and has indicated he may use footage/photo’s sent from our area (Mildura) and is asking for anyone else to send in documented (dates, area, time laspe ect) preferably film on trails puffing out to a long cloud like formation.
    All the best and thanks for your comments.

  126. James Says:

    CT’s over Mildura yesterday arvo near the old aerodrome ovals, which is a regular dumping ground for the bass-turds. We are getting some rain today, but the low flying jets were screeching across the city and you could tell they were not passenger jets. I could not see if they were leaving any trails because of the cloud cover, but not long after they had gone, the rain which was coming down quite nicely all of a sudden just seemed to back right-off and became no more than a drizzle.
    Frank, how good it would be if you can get some of your videos of the chem.jets over little Mildura onto Alex’s documentary – awesome. It could be a good boost to the tourism industry. “Come to Mildura and take a ride on the paddlesteamer Melbourne and watch the lovely chemtrail artwork in the skies above.
    I have got to tell you of my experience about two months ago at Robinvale. We hired a bus and headed to Robinvale, which is about an hours drive along the murray towards Swan-Hill. Got to the golf club and as I got out of the bus I could not believe my eyes. Two jets coming over from Euston laying parrallel trails and I coped a ribbing from the guys -”Oh!!..jimmy….Chemtrails…conspracy”. I then turned and low and behold on the other side were three jets laying chemtrails. Two in front and side by side and the third about 1/2km behind the first jets. I knew then that I was in for a big “spray day”.
    The jets were busy all arvo till about 4pm just going back and forth. At times I got so angry at the audacity of the spraying. A perfect blue sky was turned into an ugly, dirty, brown haze and my golf suffered as did my health. On one occassion with only about four holes to go. This jet was so low and I mean low – 10 -15,000ft., directly above me turned on this despicable ugly blob of a trail and went for about 5kms then it turned around and came back over me again but this time their was zilch coming out of its sprayers. My throat was aching with flu like symptoms and my eyes were red as a beetroot from the ‘soot’.
    Melb has been getting a belting and on last nights news a farmer said the ground is dry as and they need inches of rain not a few mm’s.
    Maybe “Dr. Who” can save us, I will try and contact him. Ollah

  127. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day again,

    Just wanted to let ya’s know I posted more chemtrail pics on my topic page at the crowhouse. Here is the link for those that want to see how we’ve been bombarded in last week.

    Maybe James and Frank can relate to this. We too like Mildura are being assaulted by CT’s in a big way. I’m not surprised that James felt symptoms making him feel sick, he is not the first to present these symptoms when there is heavy CT spraying. Wearing a mask outdoors is sounding more and more sensible now hey? I can see the trails being made but never see the jet. I can hear it but it’s just so high up I can’t make out what is making those lines in the sky. I’m at sea level here so this is why you get a better view where you are of those jets spraying.

    Yes Russ, thank you so much for taking off the black panels. Much better for me to see. :)

  128. Frank Says:

    Hey James,, yes it would be good to get the Mildura CT’s on his Doc, but only so the word would get out locally to at least raise some more interest in looking further then im sure more people will eventually look at it more seriously, at this stage its like milking a bull,, the only one thing thats more scarier then CT’s is the fact you cant wake up the majority to the existence of them.

    Mitch saw your CT pic’s, pretty much the same here, but on most days here you can get 5-6 in the same frame,,from 4months and onwards ago we could see the planes clearly (no markings, sometimes red tails), but now they seem to spray from much higher up.
    Just remember guys, Rule No1 dont panic.
    Rule no2 , if you do happen to panic, refer to Rule no1

  129. Russ Says:

    Hey Mich, did you end up watching ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie? The NWO symbols and messages stand out like dogs balls, to those who are onto what they’re up to anyway.

  130. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Good Morning all,

    Good advice Russ and no, still haven’t seen Sherlock yet but I’m working on it. Nobody I know has the dvd so I may have to resort to hiring it. I promise I will get to it. I’m noticing lots of Masonic/NWO/Illuminati symbols everywhere on advertising and movies these days. CT’s are becoming more and more normal on advertising and promos but most don’t notice or just assume clouds are real. It seems once u know what to look for, it’s in your face and everywhere. Just watch most Amercian cop shows these days and it’s almost like they want us to know but laugh at general viewing audience because they are clueless.

    Thanks for viewing my pics of CT’s. This is the only site I can upload to at this stage and feel safe doing it.
    Enjoy your weekend

  131. Mich Skywatcher Says: IT ALL GOES BACK IN THE BOX
    Bill Hicks RIP 1961-1994

    Thought you may enjoy this short vid. He made much sense; life is like the game of Monopoly but the establishment want to put us back in the box sooner than later. :O

  132. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Doh, sorry Frank, I did it again! I thanked Russ for the good advice you gave re don’t panic rule. I’m so blonde sometimes lol Now I can read everything clearly I decided to scroll up a little and re-read topics and that’s how I stumbled upon my mistake. Ask James I fkd up doing same before.. please don’t hang me lol

    To James, dunno about Dr Who saving us but where the hell is Jack Harkness and Torchwood? They seem to be well aware of what is happening and when I watched all the series from beginning I was not only hooked but totally mesmerized by it especially ‘Children of the Earth’ series. Anybody else seen this? So in your face stuff and so scary it was almost chilling in some parts.

    Anyways just stopping by to say I got out between showers this morning as it’s been raining on and off since yesterday when we had a good dumping. As I walked out the sun was beaming in all it’s glory with a clear blue sky. As I looked to the Southern sky I noticed chemtrails dissipating and some freshly laid ones in the North. The clouds were closing in by time I was almost home and within half an hour, it poured down rain. 15 minutes later it stopped like there was an OFF switch pulled and the clouds are all moving off again. Damn them CT’s. No wonder the poor farmers in the food bowl are saying they need inches not millimetres. It’s just another part of their evil plan.

  133. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I think chemtrails are the least of our worries after viewing and reading this:

    The next link I’m posting is somehow connected:
    On Wednesday Obama Took the First Major Step in a Plan to Ban All Firearms in the United States.

    Crikey, it’s all happening and the masses are too busy being polarized by the World Cup Soccer and Wimbledon!

    My partner and I are seriously considering moving to a remote region of Australia and creating our own self sustaining life however, if there is a nuclear exchange then we might be better off going underground. I think I’ve just tumbled as far down the rabbit hole as I want to go.

    Hope I haven’t ruined your day but at least we are now aware of why all these distractions are going on around us. Most don’t have a clue and that’s how the establishment want it.

  134. Jim Says:

    Eh James should take a “special” golf ball along with him to the green and when that pesky chemtrail laying jet comes too close, play golf with it by testing a “new” club iron and let loose with a titanium GB, see it it can diagest that ha ha.

    Seriously now, three days ago I was outside admiring a resonable blue sky a few small clouds were about, then I saw a small thin wide cloud glowing with every colour in the rainbow (sun was behind it).

    I was in the front yard mid afternoon, the sun was just behind the ridge capping of the roof, but the suns glare was particually bad, it was then I noticed these cobwebs floating gently down all around me.
    There was some cought up in the main power line from the power pole.
    You carn’t see them unless you are in the right position, moving a few degresse and they dissappear, I also seen some tiny bits of dust floating about to.

    I went into the back yard and seen these same “streamers” floating around, some got cought up in the washing line, stone the crows, whats going one here?
    Some had white blobby stuff midway alond the stream floater.

    I went inside and did some google searching and low and behold, got scared out of my wits.
    Seems these things are used to carry down to us mortals some stuff designed to make us all sick. (I noticed I have been sneezing lately).

    Some of these cobwebs are anything from 6 inches to 30 feet long.
    Reading further, there are short cobweb filliaments, 1/3 of the thickness of a human hair, about 1/2 inch long and even smaller, almost invisable and also designed to make life uncomfortable.
    All I can say is GRRRRR and Grrrrr.

    Here is where I found it all, try here I was there for hours yesterday, they got it well made out and lots of links to other stuff like Morgellons.
    It seems a strong ultraviolet lamp can make them glow, so tonight I’m going to see if I can make em glow, if they are still there.
    I also got one of those USB microscope thingies (from Jaycar) and if I can I’ll take a bopeep at it.

    Mitch, if you are thinking of moving out west, then move to an area where chemtrails don’t follow the wind streams parth towards the big towns and cities. I’m halfway between Chinchilla and Dalby, the winds blow directly over me towards Brisbane. I’m guessing they spray further west of Roma, the winds blow from there towards Miles Chinchilla, Dalby, Toowoomba, down into the Goldcoast and up to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, the chemtrails are sprayed way further west of me, they then blow right over me onto the coast to all those poor sods there.

    If I ever get the chance to move, it’s going to be way up north, midway between any two biggish towns or cities.
    I been saving vegie seeds etc for a rainy day, might take up golf :)

    Keep well all

  135. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim, about 2 years back, we were having a look around a town called seymore (Vic). It was a cold dewy morning and we saw hundreds of the same webs you are talking about.

    About 6 inches – foot long. They were all hanging off bushes and trees and cars driving past. We were like..what are these things?? We put it down to some sort of unsual spider that maybe drops some kind of seasonal webs or something? Anyway, we forgot all about them.

    Months later when looking CT’s on youtube, we saw people in USA talking about exact same chemwebs and mentioning what you’re talking about.

  136. Jim Says:

    Gidday Rus,

    I managed to USB microscope a single frame of this chemtrail cobweb before it got away from me, funny stuff this, it seems to behave like a nylon line but under tension and it seems to want to attatch itself to things.
    It was very difficult to find under the scope, even though the 4 white LEDS were on as it is translutent.

    I was thinking of attatching it here but if you want me to send it to you to take a look at, then I will leave it with you to pop it in here if you think it is worth it.

    On the Ultraviolet test, I hooked up my UV lamp to a extension lead and went on walkabout outside, oooooh it’s cold, shiver, we had rain here last night and during the day, so no luck, anything left got washed away.

  137. Russ Says:

    G’day Jim, yeah email your pic over, I’ll put it up here if you like.

  138. Russ Says:

    Hi everybody Jim’s ‘New’ Chemweb pic (scroll up to just under last chemtrail photo)

  139. Russ Says:

    Oil Has Reached Florida’s Pristine Beaches

  140. Jim Says:

    Very nasty business this oil dissaster, I actually feel quite sorry for the people in the gulf of Mexico, but not for those who alowed it to occur by ignoring safety devices.

    All I see is a panick knee jurk reactions from oil company officials and government officials which has allowed this disaster to continue to unfold.

    It’s obvious to me the situation has gone beyond turning off the flow of oil from the gusher, instead of trying to stop the flow, they should be trying to direct the flow in a manner where they can regain some sort of control of it, to buy time and give everyone breathing space to begin to think properly.

    If it was me, I would make 2 items, a direction control and a floating container.
    The first would be a giantic funnel, and a steel tank 100 meters wide.
    Plonk the funnel upside down over the gusher and allow the oil to flow up through a very long and wide pipe, then collect the oil into a huge floating tank, which is placed upside down (bottom of tank is open to the sea, the top is sealed. (a bit loke a gassometer)
    The oil rises upward, is collected inside the giant tank (Oil floats) where it can be pumped out into waiting tankers.

    After that is working, then start thinking of ways to seal off this oil well.

  141. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    OMG I can’t believe the pic that Jim got of the webby things floating down from chemtrails. Good find but what do you do with evidence like this? Where could you possibly take it to get analyzed?

    A while back, I was taking down some creepers from trestles in garden when I was covered in this prickly stuff like fiberglass. My clothes, hair and body were covered in this fine needle like substance and I had to strip off and shower to get rid of it. Nik and I always wondered what the hell it was but when I went out to investigate again, it was all but gone. Was there any prickly stuff in that batch Jim? We still can’t explain it and it’s never happened again since.

    Thanks for the video post Russ. It’ heartbreaking to see pristine beaches covered in this goop.

    Good thinking re oil spill Jim and it seems so obvious what will fix this catastrophe yet they are doing very little that makes sense.

    I found this youtube vid: and lots are saying it’s a volcano not an oil spill. Either way, it’s tragic. What you all think?

  142. Kate Says:

    Hi guys,
    I cannot believe, that, until yesterday, I had never heard of chemtrails. I stumbled across the term quite by accident when researching other things, related to Big Pharma, and their antics…

    I believe that they have also been spraying over Canberra, too. I am thinking back, to a couple of weeks ago, it was about 8:30 in the morning, walking my son to school, and we were both talking about a jet trail, that was curving backwards and forwards. I thought it was strange, as I’d never seen a jet do that before.

    I will be trying to get some photos, now that I know what I’m looking out for.

    Does anyone know for sure, when chemtrails first started being sprayed?

    I recall very clearly, it must have been about 1996, in rural western NSW, a number of times late at night, there were planes came over flying very low to the ground. It was terrifying, because the noise was deafening, and it sounded like they were going to crash through the side of the house. We just assumed it was some kind of military exercise (even though, there is no military base anywhere in the region – at least, not that I know of…), and it stopped after a few times. Puzzling…

  143. Russ Says:

    Hi Kate, welcome. According to David Ike and I think Alex Jones say’s it too? They say if you look at anybodies photo albums before 95/96 you won’t see them.

  144. Kate Says:

    Okay. They definately are spraying over Canberra. I’ve managed to get some pics this morning. I have a crappy el-cheapo camera, but you can clearly see at least 2 of the trails. Heppy to email them, if you’d like. They follow the basic direction of sydney to melbourne flights, so thats probably why no-one takes any notice.

    I noticed on another forum, someone mentioned figure-8′s over canberra. This is exactly what I noticed a few weeks ago with my son.

    Just while I was typing I noticed another one, and ran out to grab a pic, but this one is a normal contrail, and the difference is completely obvious. It hardly even shows up in the photo, the line is so thin, and disappears so quickly.

    Just wanted to thank the person above who mentioned the new Australian Sovereign Party. I went and looked through their website and policies. I really like what I’m reading. I’m going to ask some more questions, first, but I’m thinking about joining up.

  145. Frank Says:

    Kate,,that would be me,,,,,,,,,,,,hi Kate no probs, glad you liked what you read, (so did i),,membership for ASP is now free as they need the numbers to officially register/launch,just hope more people get the word out about them………………..

  146. James Says:

    Watching Austar last night around 11 on one of the sports channels. Came across a One day international game btwn. England and Bangladesh. I thought I’ll watch this and see how the “Deshies” go against the poms…well before a ball was bowled the camera took a shot from behind the bowler from the back of the stands and their were at least 5 chemtrails in an mess of lines across the sky. I was “jawstruck” . The camera even zoomed in on the trails for about 10secs. as if to say this is normal, just watch the cricket and get over it. Then I swithced to the golf in France and their were the trails again and one was being layed as a golfer was about to have a shot. Man….they are conditioning people to accept these disgusting lumpy lines in the sky as normal. Up here in Mildura we had a fair to mild few days of trails. I noticed one jet laying a trail in the light artifical haze and then a minute later another trail is being layed across the first. I would say it was the same jet as they can accelarte at hyperspeed when they are not trailing.

  147. Jim Says:

    Frank, thanks for posting that ASP item, dosent it make interresting reading, I should be on their mailing list by now :)

    James, last night I was watching the Tour le France and just after the start the camera panned upward into the sky, the commentator mentioned what a lovely day it was, huh, I saw some chemtrails there freshly layed.
    It was obvious he had no idea about what was being sent all over the world at that moment.

    This morning I awoke to a nice clear blue sky, (it’s rare these days now) but by 11am clouds were beginning to form from the north, soon I saw overhead a thin cloud with a tinge of green and light yellow on the edges of it, a chem cloud, HARRP is at it again, the fish gills patterns are appearing overhead.

    Wont be long before light dimming occurs, the clouds are coming in on a easterly brease, and the temp is lowering, and the clouds are changing from white to a light brown.


  148. Frank Says:

    No worries Jim,,,ASP are now joining forces with other political groups, they were on “Truth News Radio Australia” last night,,you can hear a replay of the show below if u like..

  149. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Good Morning everybody! Welcome Kate and yes I saw lots of chemtrails in Canberra especially when Today Tonight were there doing an expose on the Church of Scientology. The camera took quite a few shots of the chemtrails right over parliament house. Just woke up to a sky full of chemtrails myself today. Was planning to go to Chelsea beach but rethinking it now they have blanketed our skies in this goop. I was chilling out at home last night in front of tv and happened to watch The Wild and Open Season both animated films for kids. I noticed many chemtrails in the sky in these movies so that the kids see these cloud formations as normal. It’s just wrong!

    Anyways just to put it out there that Nik and I have a meeting with Australian Sovereignty Party today as we are joining as members. Thank you to Frank for informing us about the ASP and we are looking forward to spreading the word around to gain the 500 members they need to get into the mainstream arena of politics. Anybody here interested in joining as members? You do not have to donate to be a member of the ASP because at this stage they are looking for proactive citizens who will spread the word and get members on board.

    Footnote: anybody else suss on the oil spill being plugged up by BP? They said it would take till the end of the year to fix the problem and the video footage they showed us of the plugged oil pipe could have been one of hundreds they have around the world. The water just looked too pristine for me and straight away the hackles on my neck were up from being suspicious! I’m at the point where I don’t believe anything the media tell us. Your views?

  150. Jim Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have been haveing a ball at home in the back yard late this afternoon, I went outside to take a look at the sky, and got an eyeful of the most enormious chemtrail you could ever imagine. It was extreamly thin, very high, and very wide and it was about as white as white can be.

    However, soon it was over showed by another event, a chemcloud but what a chemcloud, wow, this was full of colours as the sun shone through it.

    I have never seen a cloud where the cloud actually glowed with colour.

    Yes I took several photos of this for almost half an hour, anyway I will submit it to Russ to see if he might like to put it up here for all to see and comment on.


  151. Andrew Says:

    Hi there, Does anyone know of a website where anyone can report chemtrail sightings? I saw (and took photos of) chemtrails in the Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia) today (21st July 2010), and really would like to share the info. Thanks and peaceful regards, Andrew

  152. Jim Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the Australian forum on chemtrails, well it’s a pritty good one in my book anyway, the folks are nice and polite.

    If you need to post some picks, just look for Russ’s email addy and give him a burl, but he is snowed under right now, that’s why my picks havent popped up above :)

    That being said, there are several on the net worldwide.


  153. Russ Says:

    Take a look, scroll up near top for Jims Excellent Chem cloud pics! Was really impressed when he showed/sent them to me. Some of the best I’ve seen to date on the web. Jim assures me there is no photoshop, filters, or anything of that nature. He saw the same thing with his naked eye.

  154. Jim Says:

    Hello All,

    This is the method I used to capture these amaseing photos of what I call GLOWING Clouds, they are a different type of chem cloud, certainly they are not a rain cloud, these clouds are so whispy white there is no posibility of holding any moisture.

    I would love to know if it would be possible to pass the light through a spectrim analiser to see what we have here.

    Remember, the usual rainbow is back lit, with the sun shining from behind you, onto tiny water rain droplets falling from clouds, with these coloured clouds the sun is shining in front of you, through the cloud, there is no water droplets.

    Take your CCD camera a chair, and be prepared to wait a fair time.
    Try and pick a distant object that will almost block out just the sun itself, a tall tree, building etc leaving just the bright glair, take some sunglasses.

    Try and pick the right time of day, which is between 4.00pm and 5.30pm, as the sun is about tall tree height and you have a better chance of capturing these glowing chem rainbow clouds.

    First you have to look for very thin chem clouds, they will look very thin and flat and very whispy, they should be glowing very brightly, almost too bright to look at directly.
    This will be just about right, next you need the sun just a few degrease away from these whispy clouds.
    Next look for any indications of any colours, in some situations they will begin to show colours around the edges, the light greens and blues and the darker reds begin to show up first.
    If you are very lucky, you will see the normal cloud white colours change to the photos I sent to Russ.



  155. Russ Says:

    Not a problem Jim, fixed the name up for you.

  156. James Says:

    Up here in Mildura we have had a good 10-14 day break from spraying. Sunday, 25 of July, was a beautiful day and I noticed how the sky was a lovely deep blue colour which is how the sky use to look before the “bass-turds” started sprayin up here on an almost daily basis, which resulted in a hazy sky.
    I thought they would probably start spraying again and that they did. Monday morning they resumed their agenda, spraying commenced early in the morning and went all day-long and into the evening. By mid-arvo I felt the flu coming on and out came the Colloidal Silver, Garlic drops, Olive Leaf Extract,Vit.C. I seem to be on top of it, but several friends I know have picked up very severe cases of the flu – almost overnight.
    This morning they returned at about 7am. Some massive trails, two jets appeared to almost colliode(I wish they had of), + X T II signs, directly over the city. We are fighting the fluoride, which they have put in our water as of Monday and when we get the govt. to end the toxic waste being put in our water, we shall try and educate the people about planes that are dumping chemicals on the populace.

  157. Kate Says:

    After a couple of weeks of beautiful clear skies, they’re at it again, over Canberra today. There are chemtrails going in all directions. I feel so furious, I find myself wishing I had a missile launcher…:-(

    I haven’t had a chance to read all the links that Russ put in his original post, so apologies if this is doubling up. Found this fairly recent article, which would explain the “cobwebby” stuff that Jim managed to photograph. Apparently someone has managed to analyse the chemtrail particles, and it’s scary.

    It’s a shame that the ASP didn’t get up and running in time to contest the upcoming elections, but according to their newsletter, they may get someone into the state elections. Here’s hoping.

    I was reading another article by a chemtrail sceptic, who can explain it all away by differing atmospheric conditions, blah, blah, blah. I’m not buying it. On a normal day, we see only a couple of contrails in the sky. On the days when chemtrails are being sprayed, there is a huge increase in air traffic. Instead of the occasional contrail in the distance, there are planes coming and going in all directions, sometimes you can see 5 in the sky at the one time. How do you explain that?

    And how do you explain the big silver jet that flew over earlier, at low ultitude, spewing a chemtrail out the back, which suddenly stopped, and then started again shortly after? I have never seen a normal contrail stop and start at will…

    Just wondering what would be the legalities of demonstrating against chemtrails, right now while all the pollies are trying to round up votes? I was thinking about going to a location where a pollie is campaigning and holding up a big sign that says something like: “Chemtrails: Who is trying to poison us, and WHY?” Obviously there would be a media blackout on it, but at least the people there might start to question, and you could hand out brochures to all the people there. What do you guys think? I refuse to sit back and do nothing.

    James, your comment about fluoride in the water made me think of something. The other day I was pondering over all this, and wondering why on earth would they spray the skies? I mean, wouldn’t there be other cheaper, more effective, more covert ways? Such as poisoning water supplies. But then I remembered…they’re already doing that, with fluoride. And poisoning our food with chemicals, and MSG and aspartame.

  158. James Says:

    Kate…. we are living in very scary times at present. At least it is for those who can see what is really going on around them on a daily basis. It is a real tug-of-war between the “goodies” and the “baddies”.
    The fluoride poison has been dumped across the whole of country Victoria by the New World Orders gopher health minister Dr. John Carnie, who is Sri-Lankan.
    Up here in Mildura we had a referendum and 96% oppossed fluoride in the drinking water, we asked Dr. Carnie for an open-air debate but not a word was heard other than “It is safe and efffective….safe and effective” The govt. is obviously under orders from higher grounds – possibly the United nations, to put this mind-controlling sedative into our water. Well it is in our water as of yesterday and yuk!!!!. I am drinking Pureau 10lt. cask water at this stage, which even states their is no Fluoride or Chlorine etc: It tastes pretty good.
    Back to the “persistent contrails” as the Chief Meterologist on the weather channel (Austar), Dick Whittaker(maybe he should be called Dick Whit.), calls them as he trys to explain people’s videos and photo’s that they have sent in to him and are asking him to explain. What is an obvious chemtrail being layed or laid he says is a strange weather condition called Saturated Air Space and contrails can last for hours, another photo he described the “contrail” as a man made cloud – yeah right!!!
    I love watching The Chemtrail Phenomena on Youtube and the guy says “They must be shitting themselves as more and more people are waking up and with the net and youtube, it is getting to hard to hide the “elephant in the living room”.

  159. Kate Says:

    James, I also have started drinking the Pureau 10L casks. I would never go back to tap water now.

    Re: the fluoride. I was told in good authority, that in American prisons, they put double the amount of fluoride in the water supplies, to help keep prisoners under control, so just goes to show what a mind-numbing substance it is. No wonder society is so apathetic. Nobody’s got the energy to fight.

    Apparently bromide in our bread is also commonplace, but not common knowledge.

    Society seems to have lost the ability to think for themselves. They blindly follow everything the media shoves in their face. If it’s in the media, you can be sure that it’s being pushed by their corporate sponsors, and we all know whose interests THEY have at heart. It sure aint ours!!

    I’m highly sceptical about this current crusade against Mel Gibson. It’s highly possible he’s being set up, because he spoke out against the Rhodes Scholarship. Same goes with Charlie Sheen who spoke out about a possible 9/11 conspiracy. He’s supposedly a drunken wife-beater too. It could be coincidence, but…

  160. James Says:

    Kate…thats interesting that they fluoridate the prisoners, as the Nazi’s and the Soviets did the same thing to the prisoners during ww2… keep them docile and dumb em’ down.
    Did you know that Sodium Fluoride, the toxic waste from the Alcoa Aluminium Industry is used as Pesticide – cockroach killer. Is used in Sarin Nerve gas and Prozac. If you were to spill Hydrofluorosilicic acid (thats the artifical fl. from the Phosphate fertilizer industry) onto concrete it would eat a hole in it and if you spill some on your body – heaven help!!! The Engineers that put this crap in our water have to wear complete body suits for protection. But….some good news……it’s good for your teeth. Y

  161. Jim Says:

    Over the last several months I became aware of spiderwebs falling out of the sky, last night I was browsing through Clifford Carnicon’s web site and read up on spider webs again. To my surprise a writer had discovered if he took his binboculars outside he could see them.
    BUT, it was what he saw which got my attention, hundreds of spiderwebs and barium floating around as far as he could see.

    So this afternoon, I decided to replicate his discovery, and I did.
    I also saw hundreds of cobwebs, twisting and turning as they floated downwards, to my horror I saw cobwebs at least 40 feet long, all the way down to tiny ones.

    Now this is the best part, this is a sky with no clouds or chemtrails seen, we have had clear skies for 3 days now with temps at below 0 to 3 deg overnight.
    I took my eyes away from the binoculars, and could hardly see anything, look back through the binocs and there they were.
    Talk about hidden pollution.

  162. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that Jim,,,,,I have sometimes noticed (after chemtrails) tiny particals drifting down slowly but only visible in the suns rays,,,,,,, will be getting out the binoculars over the weekend now.

    Have you noticed how nearly everyone you know is coming down with strong flu like symptoms, i have no doubt this stuff is causing this…

  163. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I just posted a significant blog and for some reason didn’t submit. ;/

  164. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    hmm seems it does work?? ok here we go again but before I do, I wanted to say thanks to all for posting new pics and posts. All very interesting viewing and reading. I’ve been passing stuff on to the Australian Sovereignty Party Association which Nik and I are now active members.

    I wanted to post some interesting stuff that I’ve been researching. I came across the terms of Nutricide and Codex Ailementarius. This youtube video is worth a watch:

    Also, those of you who cook with canola oil, please stop now. Read this and see why:

    If you or family or friends are getting flu like symptoms, check this out and see how you can remedy this:

    It’s a crazy world when the establishment are making us sick on purpose.
    Hope you are all well.

  165. Jim Says:

    Frank, Be very careful looking for the spiderwebs and the bright flakes falling downwards, please block the sun itself BEHIND the house roof, only allow the suns “glare” to illuminate this sky junk.

    I suggest you mount your binocks on a video trypod, better yet in a small telescope mount with worm gear drives attatched, you will have much better control of it.

    At all, I just stumbled into this beaut video for everyone to watch, you can see it here

    I suggest you all download and keep this one

    A pilot flying above and behind a chemtrail spraying plane has put his video on you tube, listen to his comentary, the pilots and aircrew really do know what they are spraying over the populace, they cannot hide behind ignorance of not knowing anymore, BUSTED.

    This will blow you mind folks, looks like the people of evil controlling the spraying have come up with a new system, looks like the “stuff” is being released from the leading front edge of the wings now, you can see for your selves.

    Hi Mitch, nice blog mate :)
    Its been cold as charity all week here, below 0 some nights, I will be glad when summer arrives.


  166. Frank Says:

    Roger that

  167. Jay Says:

    Hey guys, I’ve also been following them for a while, have taken some photos.

    I also met a pilot recently who has video tape of it being disbursed from a Qantas plane.

    Does anyone know who I can call? I want answers

  168. Frank Says:

    Hi Jay (if its the same jay i know from Mildura)

    No one you can really tell in authority as many have tried and failed,,,, but you can just keep trying to wake people up through
    dvd’s,photo’s reports ect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I have noticed THEY NOW chemtrail from way way up high over the clouds, night and day, you dont often see the trails at all but only hear the planes , in the morning or evening you will see the effects on the real clouds (milky and stringy),, these servants to a higher evil have become more covert due to the growing mass awareness of the people,,,they are gutless weak desperate scum working in the shadows ,,,,,,but they will be exposed in the end……….

  169. Kerrie Says:

    I’ve also noticed less obvious chemtrailing during the day and more at night. I’ve looked at the sky a few times in the morning over the last few weeks and there are those “old” looking trails that have fluffed up and just look kind of like normal clouds (I now know the difference between real “normal” clouds and chemtrail clouds!!) I haven’t seen a plane trailing during the day for a few weeks now – and I was seeing it at least once a week up until maybe June. Yes – I think they’re catching on that WE’RE catching on.

    I often look at people’s photos on facebook, and on THREE separate occasions in the last month or so, people have posted holiday photos with with the sky in the background, and you can see chemtrails in the sky plain as day…and no one says anything….one friend of a friend had a picture of Big Ben in London…people were ooohing and ahhing about the clock and the other buildings in the foreground…I felt like writing a comment WHAT IS THAT CRISS CROSS SH*T IN THE SKY PEOPLE?????!!! It’s happening everywhere and they’re so blatant and 90% of the breathing population have no idea what is happening right above their heads!

  170. Frank Says:

    fully concur,,,,,,,,,,,crazy thing is i feel more sorry for the sheeple than i do for the awakened

  171. Kate Says:

    They are still spraying during daytime over Canberra, but recently I’ve noticed a number of times where they’ve been spraying during the night, too. I’ve been outside and noticed them plainly in the moonlight.

    It seems to be before rain is expected. I think this has been mentioned elsewhere, about spraying before rain.

    A recent comment about who to ring has got me thinking….What if we got the phone number for the Minister for Environment, or Minister for Health (whoever they may be after the coming election) and then we put the word out and get as many people as possible to bombard that same person with phone calls and complaints and letters??? There HAS to be some way we can make a difference. These so-called “public servants” are there to serve US. Not the other way around!!

    I’ve signed up as a member of Australian Sovereignty Party. It sounds like they may be getting close to registering, so hopefully we can start gaining some momentum then.

  172. Jim Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Nice to have you along with us all, I suspected all along Quantas might be involved, best thing to do about that video your pilot mate took is to ask him to put that on youtube as it will get more coverage.
    Then provide the link to it here.

    If he fronts up at a political or met office they will crititise him then want to have the original and all copies.
    I have been ducking in here reading, but soon I will be going on a well earned tropical holiday, doing nothing, well I’ll be keeping my eyes open looking at the “lovely blue skies” camera in hand.

    If anyone wants to playcard then make very sure you make your sign to council regs as they will measure it for oversize, handing out leafflets in some areas you would need permission.
    Keep the back of your car dirty/dusty and write on that.

    Woundering if I should take Lathans advice and cast a vote for tinkerbell, none of the preferred parties are good enough in my book.

  173. Kerrie Says:

    Has anyone ever thought about going to A Current Affair or Today Tonight? Or will they not touch this either? Normally they like something with a bit of “out there” quality…so they might like this??? Or 4 Corners? Sixty Minutes? Anyone??? lol

  174. Frank Says:

    I dont think any of the main media would touch it, as im sure most at the top already know about it and have made policy on it ,,but u never know ,,,,,,

    I think that when the Alex Jones chemtrail Doc comes out (chemtrails worldwide, pretty soon now) the best we could do is make heaps of copies and hand them out,,,until then try and stay healthy and take things to help expel the heavy metals we are breathing…….

  175. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Cold and wet here in Melbourne and finally just before Spring arrives we get good Winter rains. Been watching Farmer wants a wife on tv and every single rural place they visit is full of chemtrails in the sky bar one place called Walcha in NSW; haven’t spied any there since show started. It seems Hopetoun Vic is always covered in them and so is Monkey Mia in WA, so much so I wonder if these contestants even notice. Now why would they chemspray in the outback unless it’s about killing the bees or maybe other insidious reasons?? Any ideas?

    Thanks for the fliby vid Jim, I have passed that on.

    Kate: I have to agree with you re Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. Both spoke up about the establishment and this is their way of pay back for trying to ‘OUT’ them. Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they bad mouthed GW Bush? It seems our own Ernie Dingo is in trouble here and I wonder what he’s said or done to deserve the slapping by the media?

    James: Sorry to hear about them dumping fluoride into the waters in Mildura even after 96% said NO to it. If the dental association as well as the masses believe fluoride is a medicine that’s healthy for our teeth then in fact they are medicating our drinking water aren’t they? What right do they have to medicate us without consent? I’m loving my 4 barrel reverse osmosis water and use it for drinking and all cooking. I refuse to buy bottled or cask water on principal as I’ve been chasing that conspiracy since the year 2000 and got nowhere as to how we are on restrictions yet billions of plastic bottles are filled with our water? I got as far with that as I have with trying to report chemtrails.

  176. Kerrie Says:

    Mich I’m glad you’re loving your RO filter, good to hear as I’m having mine installed this weekend (funny what floats my boat these days!). Is yours a re-alkalaniser/mineraliser as well? My only regret is I’ve waited this long to get it and have been ingesting this flouride crap my whole life (and my kids’ lives).

    I’ve been noticing the trails on TV too and wondering how they’re not noticed by the people on the ground. Every TV show I watch these days, whether it’s filmed in the US or here, there’s the trails in the background! Then you go on facebook and look at people’s photos, there they are again. You’re right about the randomness of their location…. why in the outback??? Maybe to get full effectiveness in what ever the hell it is they’re doing, it needs to be global…with no “gaps” if you know what I mean. Kind of like if you’re going to paper mache a balloon, you wouldn’t leave holes anywhere you know?

  177. Jim Says:

    Mich and Kerrie

    It’s been raining here, almost a constant 6-8 hours, nice to hear it on the iron roof, heard some rumbling about also.

    The reasons they “appear” to spray in the outback is to allow the plumes to spread wider before it arrives on the coasts.

    One only has to study the evening satellite photos SBS puts out to see that most of the winds across Australia blow in from the west direction.
    It’s just a little matter of flying the tankers in the correct position west of any large city or towns so by the time the chemtrails spread wide and cover the sky, they appear over the towns looking like a “normal” cloud.

    Sometimes they spray and the muck ends up somewhere else if the winds change direction.

    Why don’t people on the ground know or understand whats going on right over their heads? some simply dont care, some refuse to believe a fellow human being could dream up something so evil, some are ignorant because they havent been told yet, very very few actully do know, and I feel sorry for those.
    At least we know, and can be prepared, BTW, get your MMS or MMS2 because I read that it is to be banned soon in the usa, which will make it more difficult to get here.

    Me, I pray that God will round up all the filth floating in the air and tip it down the throats of all those putting it up there in the first place.

    Maybe I should vote for tinkerbell in the morning lol.

    Lastly, where can I get one of those RO filters? and how much do they cost?

  178. Kerrie Says:

    Yeah well that makes sense about the spreading out. You’re right – some people don’t care, which I find absolutely amazing. There’s “laid back” and then there’s “apathetic”. Then again….maybe ignorance really is bliss. Sometimes I wish I was one of the sheeple who don’t give a rat’s about all the crap in our food supply, our environment etc. It would be easier to be ignorant probably!!

    Does MMS really work? I’ve read a few times that it’s a scam. Where do you get it?

    I still don’t get how the people who are in on this whole thing, are still breathing the same air as us when they come down out of those planes. That part doesn’t make sense.

    I got my filter from PSI filters in Prospect, tasmania. It was $635 for the undersink filter and another $65 for the shower filter (which doesn’t filter flouride, only chlorine and all the other crap). Very expensive but worth it for peace of mind :)

  179. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Kerry, thanks for your interesting posts and I’m glad somebody else is noticing how much chemtrails are in our face now. I am gobsmacked at how many shows on television now have chemtrails so obvious in the background and I’m guessing most people are definitely clueless to them along with many other conspiracies that are in your face. For some reason we can see them clearly yet most just look ahead and rarely look up. When I went to vote for Tinkerbell this morning, the sky was full of chemtrails and although I kept looking up at them, nobody else noticed or bothered to see what I was looking at. They just looked ahead as if fast asleep wanting to get in and out asap. I had a good laugh as they guided us like sheep up the ramp into separate stalls inside school hall and not one person dared to step out of line awaiting full instructions as what to do next. I wanted to split from the line and run across the room yelling ‘I’m free, I’m free at last!’ but they had barriers up so you couldn’t budge from the queue. What to do eh? ;)

    Jim: Re the reverse osmosis filter. I purchased mine here it’s a purestream water filter and the cost of 4 barrel reverse osmosis filter including spares is about $450+ and worth every cent. Kerry had hers installed under sink which is a good idea but I have mine sitting above cupboard in laundry and it works very well there. I do want a shower filter too but until I find one that removes fluoride as well as chlorine I must wait.

    Also seeing we are all on a health kick and want to stay healthy, we may as well vote with our wallets and stop ingesting the chemical laden meat from butchers and supermarkets. I recently purchased a hamper of meat including organic chicken from SpringHill Beef which is grass fed and hormone free organic black Angus. Since eating that I will never eat meat from supermarket or butcher which is reared in a feed lot. These poor cows are force fed corn all day and pumped full of hormones as well as anti-biotics. Btw, I saw a doco on mad cows disease and what they’re not telling us is that the reason they are going mad is because they are stuck in a stall with only their heads hanging out to eat corn all day like battery hens. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Monsanto corn which is a scary thought. It is so sad for a creature who deserves to roam freely and eat grass as they are meant to before they end up on our plate. Check out and make up your own mind. The organic aged beef and organic chicken is the most delicious I’ve ever had and believe it or not, once you work out how much beef you get for the cost, it’s cheaper than what you pay at Woolies or Coles!

  180. Kate Says:

    Just read a fascinating article here about the military and their covert “experiments”. Everyone needs to read this!! Wake up people, before there is no earth left, for our children!!

    The amount of chemicals in our environment is just sickening, and I wish they’d shut up about “global warming” for a while, and attack this subject, because the amount of chemical/nuclear pollution in our world is far more of a threat to human life, than any global warming…They are just trying to distract us all from the REAL issue.

    Re: MMS….Hurrah! The good old FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) strikes again! They are so reliable, aren’t they?!?!

    Jim, my naturopath also says that iodine is getting harder and harder to get hold of, here in Oz. Iodine, by the way, is destroyed by fluoride, so much of the population is deficient. Guess the powers that be like it that way…A population that are deficient in iodine is fatigued and sluggish.

    Mich, I also wonder if the media’s attacks on Scientology have anything to do with the fact that Scientology are very publicly anti-prescription medication. Guess the pharmaceutical giants wouldn’t like that very much. Better make them out to be a bunch of loonies before people start listening to them…:-)

  181. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Now that was an eye opening article Kate and very worthy of passing on. Thanks for that.

    I also wanted to let you know that I take iodine daily as part of my homeopathy. It is called Sepia and it’s made with pure cuttlefish ink which has the highest and purest iodine levels known to mankind. If you have a Homeopath in your area, he may just have it. My homeopath and I call it my happy juice as I used it through menopause successfully and I still take it to keep happy, healthy and balanced. It works wonders with my MS because I don’t get mood swings or hot flushes with that either. I also take herbal HRT which is made from powdered wild yam in liquid form for drops being the purest natural Progesterone.

    Most of these minerals are available through a good Homeopath as they have a purer and stronger potency available that Naturopaths can’t match. Most minerals not available on the market are available at Homeopath in form of drops or tiny pills. It’s about what works and homeopathy has kept me out of a wheelchair for over 10yrs now so I will continue to take it for as long as I live. I just hope the powers that be don’t put bans on herbal remedies or worse shut them down. Btw, my homeopath has a degree in medicine, pharmacology, botany and homeopathy so he is very qualified and not a quack as mainstream medicine might have you think.

    Yes you could be right about Scientology but then again, Seventh Day Adventists and the Amish are also anti-pharma too but don’t get the bad rap Scientology gets. I think the church knows something we don’t and the establishment do as they’ve done for years with awakened people and that’s to ridicule and stomp on their ideals making them look like crackpots. For further evidence read the book ‘Suppressed Inventions and other Discoveries’ to see how many inventors and idealists have been shelved or shut down or even killed over the years. Most younger people today don’t even know who Nikola Tesla was because all his ideas were stolen by Edison along with JP Morgan and Co. Watch this vid called Nikola Tesla Forgotten wizard:-

    I’ve been spreading the word on colloidal silver and those taking it are feeling the benefits. I found the best on on the market is Allan Sutton’s Colloidal Silver at

    I hope everyone is well and keeping fighting fit.

  182. Frank Says:

    Good info thanks for all that Mich.

    Please everyone check out out our youtube clip we put up a week ago and make a constructive comment the views are growing, but the more the better

  183. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Fantastic video footage Frank. I’ve been trying to comment on it but it won’t let me. I haven’t exceeded the characters and made a constructive comment but it still won’t allow me to post message. I will definitely post this video at on my chemtrail topic page.

  184. Frank Says:

    Thanks Mich

    glad u liked it,,the views are growing, and needs to as there are so many unaware people in this area…

    Also picked up some web like substance on my back lawn after a chemtrail day yesterday,,,looks & feels like web but is not, long sticky skinny bright white very light, have given it to a few chemtrail friends to look into,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,has anyone else seen this substance?

  185. James Says:

    Hey all you chem-busters, I saw this on youtube. An alleged Chemtrail base in Arizona.

  186. Jim Says:

    Hi all,

    About 3 months ago I sent Russ an email letting him know I would be travelling to a tropical country for a holiday, one of the things I was going to do, besides relaxing and walking in the black sand was to keep an eye out for chemtrail stuff on the way.

    I took a plane ride up to New Guinea, I spent a few weeks there, took my binoculars and a camera. On the way up the coast of queensland, looking out the window, and as far as I could see was a light but thick brown substance which resembled a lot like bushfire smoke, but it was a layer of chemtrails.
    After exiting this as we turned directly for New Guinea, it began to thinn out, about an hour and a half later the plane landed at Jacksons Airport in Port Moresby.
    As we landed, huhhhh there were TWO white painted planes sitting on the airport aprin next to each other with NO markings, but they were in their own fenced off area, away from all the other aircraft.

    Later that day I flew over the owen stanley range, the backbone of New Guinea, yep, I saw thick black chemtrails and also upside down clouds too.

    Where I was in New Guinea, most days were nice and clear, the sun had a distinct clear round disk shape to it, there were no glowing flar or glare to the sun or the clouds, after the rain, there was nice clear blue skies, the air was noticably cleaner and easier to breath.
    I didn’t see any bright spots of light floating downward or any spider webs.

    But I did see acres of trees glowing with fireflies from the back of a PMV.

    Then the departure day arrived and I saw chemtrails over the owen stanley ranges, once upon a time, one could look out the window and see the beautiful mountains passing by, now all you see is filth passing by.

    I left Moresby, the white planes were still there.
    Closeing towards the queensland coast the thick brown chemtrail cover appeared until in places it simply blotted out the ground below us.
    No, the queensland coast wasn’t on fire.

    I have made this trip between New Guinea and Australia several times between the mid to late 60s and 2010, I even have real 8mm movie kodak film of my travels taken 30 to 50 years ago this last time was in stark contrast to all of the other trips I had made in the past.

    Did I enjoy myself there? you bet, and would do the trip again if I could. The people are still great, especially those in remote areas, it’s a great pity they don’t know what a super giant is doing to their enviroment.

    May God gather the filth the arrigant super giant is spraying out all over the earth and force it back down and into the throats of the people who dreamed up this most evil plan.


  187. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Sheeple signs – we may all be part of the herd!

    I agree with you Jim, everyone around me is full of a chest infections or have ongoing flu like symptoms. Nice to see they gave us a break from chemtrails for part 1 & 2 of AFL grand final but every other day in the last few weeks have been clouded by those toxic plumes. I’d like to force it back down their throats too!

  188. Frank Says:

    Hi all ,the new Alex Jones chemtrail doc is now out, here is the shorts,,

  189. James Says:

    Mitch…how ya feeling? Up here in Mildura we had a good break from the CT’s of maybe 2 weeks and the sky was getting that lovely deep blue colour again.
    On the sunday after the tied Grand Final, “Operation Toxic Skies” began in earnest. I got a call to go outside and have a look at the trails being laid. Jets from every direction where pumping out their garbage and turning a clear blue sky into a hazy, overcast, artifical cloud-cover. They just went back and forth all arvo and resumed again in the evening and sprayed at night as well. I and many other people all became crook, coughing up green goo, sore throat and ear, blurry vision, headaches etc.
    Their was a break from the full-on spraying for a week. Just little sprayings which most people would not even spot unless you pointed it out to them. I look forward to their spring/summer offensive on the eastern front. Maybe they are just spraying the locusts and we are just collateral damage. I don’t think so.

  190. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey James, I’m feeling fit as a Malley bull these days.. any fitter and I’d be dangerous hehe My dog attack injuries are healing up nicely and I’m back on my feet 99.9% now. OMG your symptoms are just like my daughters and many others I’ve spoken to. This is crazy!! I really hope you get well soon. I still think that if you go out to see the toxic sky, wear a mask and that will bring attention to yourself while perhaps protecting you from the crap you may inhale.

    How do you fight this?? If you guys said NO to fluoride in your water just like they did in Warnambool and it made NO difference, what chance do we have of stopping chemtrail spraying?? I have almost run out of resources to bitch at about them and so has my man Nik. We both still track them and talk about them trying to inform people but most don’t care or look at us like we’re crazy. Last try is that I’m going to approach my local MP and give her a disc of my best chemtrail pics to view and see what she says or does about it. I have to go see her to petition to change the victims of crime law to add dog attack victims so I will give her the dvd with pics of chemtrails and other websites and youtube footage of evidence to show her while I’m there..

    Spraying locust would be a logical theory if you live with the threat in rural areas but what’s their excuse down here in the burbs of Melbourne or over Port Phillip Bay? Our warmish spring weather is back to overcast and gloomy but they say it’s going to warm up for the weekend. I listen to the hum of something flying high altitude in the middle of the night and when I wake in the morning there is residue of chemtrails spreading out in the sky and by mid morning it’s clouded over again. Btw, we are all collateral damage with their insidious experimentation of the human population through vaccines, pharmaceuticals and most processed foods. Sad innit?

  191. James Says:

    Mich…good to hear that your back to 100% health.
    Up hear in Mildura we have a small group of people whom are aware of what is going in our skies and what they are trying to put in our water etc.
    I drove to Ballarat on the 8th of Oct. and saw nice skies all the way (no CT’s). Just before Bendigo I spotted a jet leaving about 4 trails in the clears blue sky and I naturally yelled obscenities at the plane – I hope the pilot heard me.
    I purchased a Breville Juicer the other day and enjoy nice organic juice mixes as a healthy “pick me-up”. One of my favourites is 6 carrots, 4 peaches, bunch of red table grapes, 2 apples, gooseberries (yum),2 cloves of garlic and a good chunk of ginger. Smashingly good stuff!!!!
    Rather than go to the doctor after a chemtrail – toxic sky attack, I take heeps of garlic – 25 cloves and 5 lemon. Put em through the juicer and presto!!!

  192. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey James thanks for the well wishes. Sounds to me like you found the formula to keep you healthy. It may cost a few friends but hey to each their own lol.. joke.. garlic is very good with or without the fruit in the mix. What I’ve noticed is that you cannot get local Australian grown garlic unless you order in bulk on the net. Neither the local fruit market, IGA or Woolies keep Aussie garlic in stock and it seems local garlic is way too expensive to grow, so they import shitloads of garlic bulbs cheaper from China or Mexico.

    I found out some bad news this morning.. There is a petition to prevent thousands of natural products being banned and taken off the market in 2011. We were warned of this happening in Nexis magazine years ago but didn’t think it would ever happen. That’s me buggered if I can’t take my regular Homeopathy. Anyway, here is the website to add your voice to the petition.

    Spread the word guys and gals, we can’t let this happen!

  193. Frank Says:

    Hi Mich,
    The Alex Jones Show is a great way to keep up on the NWO agenda..(this evil plan is called CODEX)

  194. Kate Says:

    Thanks Mich. I will be adding my name to the petition.

    We’ve had quite a few chemtrails here in Canberra over the last few weeks, and I’ve been coughing up a lot of green gunk. Gosh, if we aren’t safe here during parliamentary sitting time, then no-one is safe anywhere…

    I’ve been reading some more about iodine, and how it helps clear heavy metals from the body, and that iodine is the best household defence against nuclear attack (taken in much higher doses than the recommended daily allowance.). I wonder if it also works for chemtrail fallout?

    See, I’ve got a bit of a beef about the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins and minerals. I reckon the RDA for most of them is set at levels that are way lower than what we need for optimum health. For instance, Japanese eat iodine in levels that are way above the RDA, and it’s believed this is why they have such longevity and low cancer rates.

    Maybe the RDA is another way they like to lull us all into an unhealthy stupor where we question nothing, and go with the flow because we don’t have the energy to do anything else… That, and the ridiculous “food pyramid” they teach in school, that says we should eat more grains and dairy, than we eat fruit and vegetables. Absolutely wrong!!!

    Anyway, enough of the soapbox for today…!! I read an earlier comment of yours, Mich, about sepia being iodine. I happen to have a homeopathy kit with sepia in it, but had never made the connection!!

    If anyone is interested, I’m in the process of building a website, about all the stuff put into our food, water supply, cosmetics etc. It’s not much to look at yet, but I eventually plan to include all kinds stuff, like vaccine ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, pet food ingredients etc. It’s called

    I’ve also just begun studying kinesiology, and when I’m qualified I plan to continue with homeopathy and naturopathy. NWO might have it all sewn up, but I, for one, won’t be going down without a fight :-)

  195. Jim Says:

    Hi Mitch,

    I went and signed that petition, nice going finding that one, well done.

    Hey Kate, you deserve a pat on the back for making your web site, sock it to em, atta girl, go get em.

    The more people that go there and get informed on whats hapenning over their heads the better, but most people are dummer than dumb, and never give a thought about what causes the weather, where the wind blows or what.

    People complain because it’s raining or there’s too much sunshine, if only they would take a good hard look at the clouds and say to themselves, HMMMMM I havent seen that before, whats going on here?

    To you the person reading this, if you don’t understand what I’m on about, havent have you ever questioned why the weather has changed? Done your own research like all of us here?

    Don’t believe the speel the polies say about global warming, huh, them are the ones that are causing it. The media are right in worl Gov pockets, the WGov has tole the media to never allow any mention about chemtrails, thiats why you havent heard about it before, see it’s not your fault because you don’t know abou it.

    If you think we are wrong, OK, get your rain water tested, then ask your self, what the heck is Barium and Aluminium and various chemicals doing in my rain water tanks?

    Rain water should be just H2O, well it was that when I went to school, and thats what the test and science books told me..

    So how do you find out? simple, google “chemtrails vaccinations project bluebeam” that should keep you in shock for a month or so. :) :)

  196. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thank you for adding your names to petition and I hope you are all over your nasty virus. Thanks for the link Frank, I have seen that video a few months back but today I decided to go a little further in my investigations.

    I had a good read about Codex Alimentarius at Wikipedia and of course they fluff it up a little to make it sound viable. What worries me is WHO is behind it?? World Health Organization (WHO) along with United Nations are not who I’d trust. Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as well as WHO. They go on about how it was reported that in 1996 the German delegation put forward a proposal that no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that all supplements should be reclassified as drugs.
    German delegation? ex Nazis?? Makes you wonder eh?

    The text does not seek to ban supplements, but subjects them to labeling and packaging requirements, sets criteria for the setting of maximum and minimum dosage levels, and requires that safety and efficacy are considered when determining ingredient sources. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that the guidelines are “to stop consumers overdosing on vitamin and mineral food supplements.” That’s a laugh eh? Makes me wonder then if they are so damn concerned about our health then why are they recommending we take much less than we actually require.

    My natural meds include Blackmores Celloidal Magnesium which for Multiple Sclerosis is a wonderful neuro muscular relaxant and my tremors stopped completely once I took them regularly and still do. The dose I take is 260mg per day and if I’m stressed or traumatised I can take more to settle my nerves. If I compare them to regular magnesium at the health food shop or supermarket, the doses they recommend are much lower as well as potency so just wouldn’t work. There has been much talk on and off about how we as a nation have very expensive wizz because we overdose on vitamins and minerals. Again I question this.

    Kate, I wanted to congratulate you on the Ingredient Detective website and also about your further studies into Kinesiology and Homeopathy. I look forward to you adding the rest of your ideas to your web and will keep popping back to see what you’ve updated. You go girl! Yes I totally agree with you about Iodine and why the asians live longer and healthier. Sepia is the purest iodine you will find and I continue to take it daily for good health. I call them my happy drops because without it I can be a moody bitch lol I started taking this at the start of my menopause and what a difference it’s made. My homeopath told me it’s not necessary for me to continue taking it as part of my therapy anymore but I cannot live without it now and as long as I can buy it, I will. I also agree that the food pyramid is incorrect and I think veg should be at the very top. I just had organic soil delivered and as of next week my organic veg seeds arrive to plant. I just hope the chemtrail fallout doesn’t kill them.

    Getting back to asians. Have you noticed that the asians in their own countries don’t have dairy in their diet? They don’t eat cheese or drink milk. They drink hot tea with their meals and that’s another thing.. most of the western world drink cold drinks with their meals and it’s this reason the arteries get clogged up and people get heart attacks. I found the website where it explains it all.. worth adopting this method..

    A big g’day to all the others not mentioned here and just a footnote re chemtrails. It’s been crazy here with chemtrails in the last week and I’ve been taking many pics. Anyone else noticed how much more they are spraying now?

    Stay well friends.

  197. James Says:

    The “bassturds” had heeps of jets flying around Mildura on wednesday the 27/10/10, but they did not appear to be leaving trails. What made me suspicious of all the activity was the air-safety rules were being thrown out the door, as you don’t let jets fly so damn close to each other and circle and zig-zag for some other sinister reason. I knew something was brewing as of all the jets I spotted, only one gave itself away by leaving a strange “contrail”, which stayed visible for a good minute.
    Sure enough on the following morning they began their spraying in the early hours. I counted 4 trails being dumped at the one time and that was just in my area. A beautiful blue sky became a disgusting brown haze that covered the sky in an artifical cloud cover. I tried to stay indoors as I get sick after only a few mintes on their “spraydays”. A friend rang me and said he was about 20km’s from the city and he could not believe the “brown-haze” that just hung above the area, like an upside down mushroom cloud.
    We have a ‘major rain-event’ coming this weekend as the weather channel calls it. Are they spraying to minimize the amount of rain we receive after allowing most of the state to get a good drink just recently or to make more people sick so as Big-Pharma can get some more money. Colloidal Silver is my life-line. Cheers.

  198. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Ok to those out there who still don’t believe in chemtrails.. watch this youtube video named
    ‘UN bans Chemtrails Except USA. Aerosol Crimes Weather Modification GeoEngineering HD’!

    For those that have been tracking my pics at I have updated the page and added new pictures. For those who are interested but can’t get into the forum, you must sign in to register at There are very informative topics as well as forums and you can make your own topics to get the message out there just as I have.

    Stay well

  199. Kate Says:

    There were some strange chemtrails to the north of Canberra last week. I took a photo of them, and then forgot about it.

    Just looking at the photos today, and the chemtrail clearly spells out the number “XIC”. I looked this up on Wikipedia, and it says it is the “number of the beast”….

    I have this very clearly on photo, and I’m happy to email to anyone if you want to use in your forums or vids.

  200. Frank Says:


    I wouldnt mind takeing a look at the CT pics, have u got a web site or something…

  201. Kerrie Says:

    Hi Kate,

    I would like to see the photo too, just to scare myself to death a bit more :(

    We had a totally blue sky here today…something I haven’t seen for weeks. No haze, no weird looking clouds, nothing. That just never seems to happen any more.

    Does anyone else feel a sense of helplessness here? I have two young kids and wonder what, if any, their future holds. Is there any point in looking too far ahead? My theory is that we’re all being prepped and weakened for something down the track (god forbid what) – is there any point trying to fight??? Sorry to be so negative but this is really getting to me lately. We take supplements and I do my best to build my kids’ immune systems but I do wonder…will it be enough????

  202. Frank Says:

    Hi Kerrie,,

    Yep it was chemtrail free day here today as well (Mildura),,,you can not believe they give a sh*t about pilot’s RDO’s,,so id say they are up to some sort of monitored synchronised program Australia wide,,i think your instincts are close to the mark but you should never assume or imagine the worst as that can be worse than reality , hope you dont let it get to you too much as i used to,,,, tip: instead of counting sheep at night , start counting bazooka’s…………..

  203. Kate Says:

    I’ve uploaded the photo onto photobucket. You should be able to see it here:

    I hope it works. I’m new to photobucket and still feeling my way around. Am I imagining things or does that clearly spell out “XIC”???

  204. Kerrie Says:

    That is creepy. The C could possibly be an L? Probably not though. Are they getting that brazen that they’re writing provocative things in the sky now?? What the hell????

    Did you happen to notice how long it stayed there?? Could this possibly have been just some skywriter dude advertising his business or something? Sometimes I think I’m too paranoid about things so just trying to think about other possibilities here…..

  205. Kate Says:

    The window pane cut out the top curve of the “C” so I think more likely a “C” than an “L”. For some reason I didn’t take any notice when I took the actual photo. I thought it was strange to see chemtrails curving, and in an obvious “X”. It wasn’t until I actually reviewed the photo in my camera that I realised it wrote out a number.

    I don’t know how long it stayed there exactly, but I remember that it ended up being a hazy cloud over the next couple of hours, like the usual chemtrails do.

    It seems to be a favourite spot for weird chemtrails, just to the north of canberra. I saw my very first chemtrail in the same spot, and it was some weird figure 8′s. I’ve heard another canberran talk about these “figure 8″ chemtrails on another forum.

  206. Kate Says:

    Forgot to say it was fairly early in the morning. The photo was taken at 7:30am.

  207. Kerrie Says:

    Okay, officially freaked out here. Skywriting stuff disappears pretty quickly so obviously this is the more sinister kind.

    Thanks for posting. I think :(

  208. Kate Says:


    Maybe they just have a really weird sense of humour?!?!

    In the beginning, I was scared about what was going on in the world. Scared for my children and what their future held. But I’m not anymore. I’m a Christian, and I believe that ultimately, God is in control of history, and the day will come when evildoers will get their just desserts.
    I can do whatever is in my power to make a difference, but things that are beyond my control…I leave that to God.
    But without my faith, I would probably be a nervous wreck…

  209. Kerrie Says:

    Kate I believe that too, but I wonder how much good any faith will do when our immune systems are whittled away to nothing and then some “scientist” in some “lab” somewhere “accidentally” spills a dish of some very horrible, very incurable virus (very simplistic scenario there, but you get the idea)…..I get this is a spiritual war of sorts but….yeah….I’m scared.

    I’m very skeptical about a lot of aspects of religion, but I do believe in God and I think you’re right here. We HAVE to believe that good will conquer evil I guess. What else have we got??!!

    I wonder how others are dealing with this? How do you rationalise it? This has changed the way I look at things completely. I used to look at old people and not feel sorry for them as such, but think, aw, you’re at the end of your life, that’s kind of sad. Now I look at them and think – lucky you, you’ll probably never see what’s likely coming, you’ll miss all this and you had your best years before anyone knew that this evil was happening. And I hear of people getting pregnant and think…is there any point? What are you bringing that baby into? Not to mention what i think and feel when I look at my own small children.

    Sorry to waffle but this is doing my head in at the moment. Every time I hear a plane above (which is a lot, lately), I feel angry, which is silly because they’re not all chemtrailing obviously but many of them are…and it sucks and there’s apparently diddly squat we can do about it.

  210. James Says:

    Kate/Kerrie/Frank, that photo is very scary. A lot is happening world-wide. You can soughta sense that something BIG is about to occur. The currency crisis in the EU and in America is like a big bubble and it has to burst at some stage. Obama is just printing money rather than borrowing it.
    When I hear a jet outside I think to myself is it a friendly or a foe.The planes over Mildura area are able to stop or create rain, so it seems and on the weekend I saw several jets (all within 5 miles of each other) laying not a chemtrail, but what appeared as a jet on its own in the sky, they then just turned on a contrail and then turned it of several seconds later. The “vapour trail” dissapeared within 5-10 seconds. But the jet was far too low for a contrail to even form. A contrail should form between 30-35,000 ft. and these jets were half that height.
    You may have heard about what is likely to happen in 2012. Not only is this planet coming in for a “grease and oil change”, but also a “reconditioned motor”, with all the positive cosmic energies that are making their way to a “milk bar near you”.
    So the ‘evil ones are trying to cause as much fear and panic as possible in the years leading up to 2012. According to David Icke (check out his website) we are in for some staggering shifts in consciousness. You ever notice how the time seems to be getting faster and faster. We are a bit like water in a sink and when you pull the plug out it creates a whirlpool effect that seems to be getting quicker and quicker as the water goes down the sink. The only difference according to Icke is on the other side of the sink we will be in another dimension. Exciting is a word that comes to my mind.
    Have you heard of the “Indigo Children”. They are the high level spirits. Some very wise kids. that are incarnating on earth to help guide us through these times. The govts. know this and are placing a lot of the smart, rebellious types on prozac and ritalin to “dumb em’ down and along with aspartame, fluoride, GM foods and chemtrails they have us under lock and key. Type in “indigo children or “crystal children” on youtube and brings you some joy at the beauty in the kids eyes, faces etc.

  211. Kerrie Says:

    Thanks James :) I too feel like we’re on the brink of “something”, don’t know what though, obviously.

    I’ve been reading all about what’s going to happen in 2012 although there seems to be so many different theories because obviously no one really knows. What I don’t get is how the good changes (if they are good) correlate with all the bad stuff….chemtrails….fema camps/coffin stockpiles….NWO/martial law….all that really uplifting, heartwarming stuff, lol! I’ve heard the *plan* to reduce the world’s population by a few bajillion, but why/how does this correlate with the whole 2012/mayan calendar thing? As you can see, I am completely confused.

    James you almost sound positive in some ways….are you looking at this in a positive light? I just can’t see any positivity to it at the moment, I’m just plain terrified :( And after seeing Kate’s photo last night….wow.

    I have heard of indigo children…I’ll have to do some research on that rather than all the doom and gloom stuff…it’s not good for one’s headspace!!!

  212. ARJ Says:




  213. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Girls and Guys,

    Kate well done with that Chemtrail pic it’s got me totally freaked out too. OMG that is so scary but what I want to know is how many in Canberra saw it and reported it? Was it even mentioned on news or radio? I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of saving that picture to file and if I have your permission I will post it at my ‘chemtrail’ topic at to show the members what is going on in Canberra. XIC is the number of the beast eh? Crikey!

    Was wondering if any of you have heard of Orgonite? It’s been used to chase off chemtrails and energize everything around you. Check out this web where you can learn to make an orgonite buster or have it gifted: It’s worth checking out as the word is spreading about orgonite busters and they are proven to work. If I can get the materials needed, I am going to give it a try.

    Was researching the other day when I came across a video (which I can’t find at moment) that shows NASA have brought out a new book on cloud formations that have included chemtrails of different varieties and named them to make us think they are normal clouds. Has anyone else seen that?

    Maybe it’s got to do with this:
    US Military plan to own the weather by 2025
    In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and
    focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications.

    Weather warfare is already happening and 2010 has had more disasters in the form of earthquakes, floods, tsunami and volcanic eruptions than we’ve had through history. People are tracking them now and seeing a pattern forming. All roads keep leading back to HAARP.

    This is scary stuff Kate and I feel for ya re your kids. My daughter gets married next March and wants to start a family asap but she is cautious and wonders if it’s worth bringing them into the horrors that lay ahead in the future. Seems history is just repeating itself.. instead of watching them throw christians to the lions, they’ve got people glued to their newest plasma or LCD tv watching reality shows or sports being the main distractions. They are stealing our money in the form of taxes and allowing price gouging of the banksters, utility companies, petrol and food sellers.

    Cost of living is a joke and yes I agree the bubble is about to burst. I worry for what’s left of my superannuation. They will not allow me to take out my own money till I turn 56 and 6mths so I have to sit and watch it dwindle with administration fees. Each time the stock market crashes and it’s going to happen again real soon, GFC insider traders take their share of my money as well. I feel for those that now have to wait till they turn 65 before tapping their hard earned super.

    We’re all being screwed by our governments yet we don’t get as much as a free dinner or a thank you for that matter. That’s gratitude eh? ;D

  214. Frank Says:

    Hi Mich,
    Yes Kates pic was weird, but nothing surprises me anymore, all these “pilots” will one day answer for there crimes against humanity, pleading ignorance or following orders is no option.

    Tried to get a few full on CT believers onto the “orgone CT buster” ages ago after watching how they are made and work on utube. (they werent keen,, but i still would like to try it one day)

    If i can remember i think it was a Nicoli Tessler Doc i watched (of Tessler’s coil fame) who discovered that certain energies directed towards clouds would make them disappear, this was back in the 30′s i think, in the doc/report in goes on to say all his work/books were confiscated by the US Gov and he declared a crackpot

    Have seen that NASA crap, also if you notice they are placing chemtrails in movies, tv ad’s and even in the background of advertisement billboards to make people think they are normal .

    Dont know if you have seen any of the Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy shows, but he does a real good one on HARRP (try google).

    Also know your frustration on retirement age (could never understand how there was no uproar in Australia when retirement went from age 55 to 60 then 60 to 65 in a matter of years). But hey they are so nice, they introduced a sliding scale, (i think i get mine at 92)
    And THEIR Super structure?? lets not go there..

    Getting screwed by the Gov,,nothing new,,,,i just wish they would at least use some sort on contraceptive.

    Ciao for now

  215. Kate Says:

    I don’t know if it was on the news. I don’t take much notice of mainstream media. I highly doubt anyone else even noticed…

    Apparently XIC is the number 616. Although it’s always been thought that 666 was the mark of the beast, apparently they unearthed some new (old) documents in the last hundred years or so, and now they think the number might be 616. (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

    I’ve heard of organite, and I’d be interested in using it. i believe it was indeed nicola tesla. I think he was also thrown into jail for his troubles, and was found dead just before release (they said it was “suicide”) if I remember correctly. We cant have free thinkers running around like that, now, can we?!?!

    I just came across this product today ( that is designed specifically for detoxing chemtrail fallout. I don’t know how good it is.

    Also I think i read somewhere that himalayan salt lamps help against chemtrails. I’m not sure how, exactly, I think it’s to do with the energy, similar to organite.

    I do wonder about the world my children will have to face, but I mostly look at it from the other perspective. I can’t control the world, but I do have some control over what values I teach my children. i can do my little part in bringing up a new generation who will stand up for right, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

    My five year old already knows the difference between normal planes, and planes that leave a mark right across the sky. He also knows that “MSG is no good for you” and that’s why Mummy only lets him eat plain chips.

    In the meantime, I keep us all as healthy as possible so that we have the best chance of fighting off whatever gunk they throw at us. I’ve been sugar-free for over 4 months now, and I’ve just come through this last winter without a sniffle.

  216. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I found it!! This is where they are saying chemtrails are now banned by the UN.

    Also asking anyone if they believe in Sylphs? I was told by someone who claims to be an expert on chemtrail busters and sylphs that a few of my chemtrail pics at are in fact sylphs not chemtrails at all.. I have done some reading up on Sylphs and even though I believe in many things, I’m finding it hard to believe that they are what conspiracy buffs consider them to be.. a little too mythical to me but hey, anything could be possible. Wikkipedia says: Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air. There is no known substantial mythos associated with them. What’s your views on them?

    I applaud you Kate for teaching your children that saying no to MSG isn’t so bad.. they are aware that eating this crap is a death sentence amongst other chemicals and artificial flavours they add to most processed foods to make them tastier and moreso appealing to the eye.


  217. Kate Says:

    Interesting vid. I hope it is in fact true, but where could we go to find out? See the actual legislation in writing?

    I’m a bit doubtful about the sylphs idea. It sounds comforting to have ethereal beings in the sky, fighting chemtrails, but their pictures look (to me) exactly the same as floating bits of chemtrail fallout, drifting on the air currents…

    I saw an amazing sight this afternoon when out walking, and i wish I had my camera with me. We’ve had spraying all day today, and the sky this afternoon was hazy with chemtrail “stuff”.
    I noticed a jet flying at fairly high altitude, and out in front of it, there for all the world to see was the black line I’ve heard others talk about. You could see the black line very clearly showing against the backdrop of chemtrail haze. I was trying to figure out where it could come from. IN the beginning I though maybe it was some kind of laser beam pointing out the front of the plane, but then I noticed that the plane was slightly off-course from the black mark across the sky.

    Now my mind is completely boggled over what technology could achieve such feats? I guess it’s some kind of mapping or trekking thing that points out the course for the jet to follow. I’m just flabbergasted over how they could manage this from a remote location???

    Also this morning, a jet came over at low altitude, so low that I could see it had a white body and red tail (like Qantas, but can’t be sure), spewing a huge chemtrail out the back. Now there is NO way possible that a jet at such low altitude on a warm day, has condensation turning into ice crystals. It’s simply not possible!! I don’t care what anyone says, chemtrails surely do exist, and you don’t need to be an expert or scientist to figure it out, you just have to use your common sense (sadly, it’s not so common these days, it seems…)

  218. Frank Says:

    Kate, saw the same black line today over Mildura and thought the same thing as you (some sort of guiding beam),,but then i noticed the maggot pilot arch away from the black line leaving his/her vile chemtrail to mingle in Gods pure white healthy natural cloud thus turning the cloud into a contaminated mess,,,,,man im getting so p$%$ed off,,,,ssso just imagine how God will react in time.

    Rule no1: dont panic
    Rule no 2: If u happen to panic,,refer to rule No1

  219. Jim Says:

    Hi Frank, Kate Mich and others,

    I like your Rules Frank, that’s a good one, I had a chuckle.

    Sorry to hear you people seem to be on the receiving end of heaving spraying, I had devil snott dropped around my neck of the woods a while back, real weird stuff, it looked like bright yellow turds which slowly turned brown, they were everywhere all over town, we havent got enough dogies around here to lay so much in just a couple of hours.
    They were attatched to the grass in several cases 3 inches above the ground level, a week later I accidently mowed over one and there was a biggest cloud of pooooof you ever did see.

    I have noticeing how each month by month the glare surrounding the sun is getting wider and wider, its a growing thing and my assumption is the stuff being sprayed over us is having a magnifying effect on the glare which is creating the artificial heating being reported.
    It is more noticible early morning and late evening.

    Last night I noticed how much brighter the sky was last night at twilight, how the sky seemed to be glowing when it should be dark, hmmmm anyone else noticed these things?

    People around here have a weird flu like symptons, stringy clear snott, any way I’m into the mega vitamins and Vit C

  220. stephen sopko Says:

    my brothers and sisters down under a lot of you are waking up check out “chemtrails an introduction”it will open up a whole world of what is taking place here on planet earth im serious here the script has been written its called the book of “revelation” WHY DID YOU GIVE UP YOUR GUNS?

  221. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Kate I don’t know if the legislation is in writing as we’ve seen nothing come to light from the G20 summit held recently in Nagoya Japan. Last I heard on an interview re the summit was that bio diversity and environment were the key issues up for discussion. Apparently Australia refused to send a representative of our government so that maybe explains why they are still chem spraying us here. I really don’t know much more about it but if somebody does, please illuminate us on the issue.

    Yes dunno bout these Sylphs. I have some shots on page 9 of my chemtrail forum at which shows real strange clouds which look like a big face in the sky. I have original and pic in negative to show it up. I’d love to post it here but not sure how, any ideas? Strangest cloud I ever seen but it’s defo a chemcloud.

    What you’re all saying re these webs are strange because I have noticed lots of webbing around my garden but not the spider web variety you normally get this time of year. Just fine lines laying here and there willy nilly and when you try to pick them up they fall apart and disappear. What’s with that? I tried to take pics but they don’t show up.

    Jim, my man Nik left here at 12.30am last night and we both noticed how bright the sky was for that time of night. We couldn’t see the moon as it was very overcast but the sky somehow seemed to glow regardless. It was trippy to say the least but I often see chemtrails at night that almost glow in the dark against the backdrop of the sky so I assumed it was just that.

    Also wanted to ask if anybody here watches our moon regularly? It seems to move from east to north east to north west and sometimes shows up in the south.. what’s with that? There is a website at that says our moon is no moon but in fact a extraterrestrial spacecraft.. crikey! Talk is they live on the dark side of the moon and that chemtrails are their doing. The conspiracies about chemtrails are heating up and going right off the tangent however, since falling down this never ending rabbit hole I have to retain an open mind and question everything always.


  222. Jim Says:


    You have my Yes vote to your comment “I have a plan”

    You have my permission to use any photo I have here at home and I got lots, just let me know via my em.

    Its a wonderful plan.

  223. Frank Says:

    have you seen the documentary “What in the world are they spraying”, I’m in the process of burning heaps of copies to hand out to people i know or get to know (have handed out a few already), great doc to wake people up.

    Kate, i like your idea,,but ive noticed the word “Chemtrail” has a mental conspiracy attachment to it and can be easily attacked by NWO shills to put people off track, how about something like “Aussies Against Illigal Aerial Spraying” (just a thought)

    Dont want to put you off (im not) but was told by an full on anti fluoride campaigner in QLD that one of her best friends was heavily into exposing the chemtrails in QLD and was making a lot of waves before being anoniynously threatened to keep quiet on the subject.

    I only mention this because we are all up against a very evil giant that acts like a dangerous animal when cornered and confronted .
    We need to be cautious and discreet in getting the message out.

    Its ok to have these web page discussions (at the moment) but when it comes to clicking in the next gear on exposure the “beast” gets alarmed.

    Having said all that,,send me an application on the “I’ve got a plan” campaign, its the only choice we got,,,,great idea!

  224. James Says:

    Kate…you have my vote too!!. The number of people that I have spoken to about C.T.s and their reaction was like – a shake of the head and “oh…I’ve seen them trails heeps of times, their normal”, or a low jet leaving a big thick, lumpy trail. “Na….thats a vapour trail….what are ya worried about”. I am just blown-away with their sense of: WE ARE IN OZ. OUR GOVERNMENT LOVES US WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO US.
    Doing letterbox-flyers is a great way to start. Some people actually read their “junk-mail” and if they opened a double sided flyer that had in big red letters something like – STOP SPRAYING US, or GOOGLE: Chemtrails, that would get them reading.
    We had a small platoon of antifluoride people doing something similar. Let the govt. know that we are aware of the poison that they are putting in our water.
    The young kids are pretty well brainwashed and think a jet trail that stays in the air for hours is normal. So getting the kids educated and then they could tell their mates and on and on it goes and then they tell their parents or maybe the other way round- Educating the parents first.
    As Frank said we are dealing with some very sick people here and understanding how these “psycho sicko’s” think is very hard to understand as their heart chakra is dead and they show know love for others only for themselves and their best interests. They have the technology that is beyond our wildest dreams and we must stop them from closing and locking all the doors and windows or we will become trapped. Educating the people is a way of keeping a door slightly open. CHEERS.

  225. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Count me in on that plan too Kate! I think that’s a great idea although as Frank says, the evil giants don’t like people like us stirring the pot so we’ve got to tread carefully. I know of other truthers who have been threatened to keep quiet and I’ve heard the ‘men in black’ do pay visits to those who make too much noise about conspiracies especially in USA.

    I found myself being quite paranoid after trying to alert different authorities about chemtrails when they still stay quiet on the subject after many prompts to respond. Getting a website together for us Aussies to fight is great way to get it out there but the worry is that the anti fluoride movement didn’t get too far and fluoridating our waterways still continues.

    I am still working on to get it out there but still finding it difficult to go further including adding an online petition. I noticed you have added more content on your the-ingredient-detective web page Kate, it’s looking real good. I tried to build a web on the cheap and used but it’s still a static web page as html is way over my head for the time being otherwise I would help there too but I’m blond when it comes to puter talk. I did what I could but until I get IT help it’s not doing much.

    Anyways, I digress, you can count on me for help on this and can get others involved here too. I have thousands of picture evidence since January 2010 as well as other research files and documents if you need them. Most of them we all post here anyway so you can tap this forum to grab as many links to chemtrail sites as possible.

    I have a disc full of chemtrail pics + mp4 youtube vids of chemtrail spraying as proof to take to our local MP but today is the big vote in Victoria for local government so once that has been resolved, I will go see her.

    keep up the good fight and count me in too!

  226. Kerrie Says:

    Hi All,

    I am a member of a couple of chemtrail groups on facebook and a while back (early November) they posted this letter that could be used as a letter box drop: (I hope this works, you may have to paste into your browser and go to it that way)

    As much as I would like to be involved in this fight, something tells me we are pushing you know what up a hill, when you think about where this is coming from. Much much higher than our government or the government’s government, if you know what I mean. But yes, awareness is key I guess and I too get so frustrated when I get the eye roll or the “you’re a nutter” look when this subject comes up. I could scream – some people are just so brainwashed and sheep-like!!!

    Anyway, have a look at that notice, I think it’s pretty cool and the owner of that group said it’s okay to copy and distribute anywhere.

  227. Kate Says:

    Please don’t send any emails to the address I posted earlier this morning. I can no longer log into it.

  228. Russ Says:

    Unbelievable stories, this has got to stop (Article via Prison Planet) =>. Passengers’ Stories of Recent Travel

  229. Frank Says:

    Russ, this has been going on for years in the US, but full on in the last 6 months due to the underwear bomber (a drugged up CIA patsy, who boarded a plane accompanied by a well dressed handler then tried to detonate a device). If you opt out of the body scanners (high radiation device that records images of total nudity,(total nudity meaning you can determine a mans religion) ,,but if you do opt out you get the full body grope, not a great choice.

    Have a listen to this guy,,he’s great

    I like that flyer kerrie,,James put those golf clubs away,,,we got work 2 do.

  230. Kate Says:

    Gosh. That’s just disgusting. This “anti-terrorism” is turning into a rather convenient excuse isn’t it? I wonder how long before these measures come to Australia???

    I’d like to apologise to anyone who emailed me this morning to the new email address. It appears to have been compromised, already.

    Cogratulations Big Brother. You just proved us right – that you are vile, have no morals, and chemtrails are meant for our harm, and not for some benign purpose of cooling the planet, otherwise you would be busy blowing your own trumpets and beating your chests over what heroes you are. Instead you are busy trying to hide your evil deeds

    Not only that, but you have just proved that you are afraid of us. Because you know that if it came down to a fair fight, you would lose..

    Unfortunately for you, God is (and always will be) infinitely more powerful than any technology than you can dream up. You touch one hair on our heads, and you have God to answer to, if not in this life, then most certainly in the next, you rotten sods.

    PS. I don’t know how the technology works, but anyone who did send an email may want to think about changing your email address. I can no longer log in to the hotmail account. It appears as if someone has hacked into the account.

  231. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, welcome back. I checked out the web you posted. That’s nasty stuff indeed and I was revolted. I had planned to go o/seas next year to celebrate my 50th birthday however, I’m thinking now I might give it a miss if that’s what we have to go through to travel.

    I just joined a new forum on chemtrails and found a NASA school video on clouds formations. I’m sure you will see the chemtrails as clearly as I can see them but they want to get in and brainwash the children before they wise up.

    check it out here:

    I’ve seen the paper version of this on a new weather journal they are handing out at schools across USA but not in video format like this. I agree, if they were doing something good for us, they would be beating their chests about it but instead they are secretive with their evil plans and make us look like we’re crazy.

    Thanks to Kerri for posting that awesome letter about Chemtrails to letterbox drop or hand out. I have just joined facebook myself and still finding my way around the place (not too well I might add) I will defo check out the chemtrail crew and join as a friend.

    It’s very wet here in Melbourne yet so far I still hear those planes way up high droning on and spraying above the clouds. I am totally convinced our government are no different to most sheeple and it’s not them that are doing it but some very evil elites who have the money to dump so much chemical waste up in the sky to rain down on us. Who or even ‘what’ those elites are is more the worry??

  232. Frank Says:

    Hi Russ,
    I posted a comment with some info links here on Nov 27th 5.32pm.
    I see my post that states “your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Whats the go?

  233. Jim Says:

    Hi Russ,
    I went to that above web site, what a terribal thing is hapenning there, people (mostly women) are being abused in the name of a law, I bet it’s not hapenning to older ones, just the yunger people.

    Someone should send that link to a few of the TV investigators like T T and by exposeing it bring these filthy people to justice.

  234. Yoda Says:

    Are they making it rain?

  235. Frank Says:

    i’d bet my ex’s money on it..

  236. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank. Yeah, I dunno why it didn’t automaticaly approve your comment. Unless you used a diff email? If so, then that would not approve it straight away.

    Also for some reason, that comment went straight to my junk mail box. So I only noticed it by accident while clearing out that box.

  237. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim, yes, it’s outrageous what those people went through. Although they are doing it to older people too, if you call 65 old, that is. There was at least one 65 year old woman had her bits touched.

  238. Russ Says:

    Hiya Mich too, good to see your comments there.

  239. Russ Says:

    Here’s a WTF twit pic. Not sure what the story was with this one, wether this guy was asked to do this? Or just did it? This photo also came via Prison Planet. Check it out anyway

  240. Yoda Says:

    Destroy the Wheat it will

  241. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ & Frank & welcome to Yoda or should I say ‘Yoda to welcome’ ;)

    .. re are they making it rain? Funny about that eh? They dry out the food bowl with years of forced drought; then when the farmers are ready for bumper crops, they seed the clouds to make it dump flooding rains to drive up prices of agricultural goods and squeeze the farmers that little bit more.

    On Ireland’s manipulated economic crash. If we don’t learn by this the same thing will happen here. Please share with everyone you know and help this go viral.

    The world is being corporatized right under our noses. Ireland is not going to be the first to be purchased, all Commonwealth Countries have been targeted. I watched the video, this is some scary shit but we’ll be ok as some of the vulnerable countries will revolt. I hope this man succeeds in convincing the Irish to revolt. If they don’t, they are doomed.

  242. Frank Says:

    Hey Mich,
    Its not only the wheat farmers, around here, our grape growers are panicking because they cant get the chemical spray to stop disease that comes from a heavy rain and then hot/warm conditions, the suppliers told a grower i know that are supplied by Monsanto that they have no or low supplies this year.

    I liked the Jim Corr clip, he has also spoke out about 911 being an inside job (loved “The Corr’s” music)

    Mich, dont know if you saw this clip i posted earlier as it was logged on after many other post’s, but have a listen to this guy.

  243. Frank Says:

    Sorry Mich, that of course was your clip, this is the clip.

  244. James Says:

    Fellow Freedom Fighters( the FFF), the rain that is soaking the eastern states is a big welcome for the dams and rivers and the Murray Darling Basin, which the “experts” claimed was stuffed and would take a mammoth amount of rain to repair it.
    All this rain was looking like a godsend for the wheat farmers. I figured several months ago that this was not in the “elite-sicko’s” best interest’s to let the growers have a huge reaping harvest and get out of financial debt and fill up the worlds supply of grain significantly, as Russias wheat harvest was hit by drought and 38% was lost.
    About the end of Oct. the laying of Chemtrails was full-on during the day and even at night time. I knew that rain or storms were being manufactured when I saw a rainbow of colours in the artifical clouds. This display of colours is probably from the use of their evil Haarp technology. I saw a similar trial about a year ago in the Mildura area. Ton’s of trails and colours in the clouds was followed several days later by a massive storm, right on harvest time for the dried fruit, but thankfully the storm missed most of Mildura. The elite would of been pissed right of and heads would of rolled.
    But the forecast over the next week is bizarre to say the least, with 7 days of thunderstorms and rain. It is far worse up in Qld. and NSW. This will devastate many of the wheat and fruit growers and many will probably take the govts. offer to “get of the land”. During the drought the govt. was offering the grape/citrus growers a measily $150,000 to get of their land and remove all their irrigation, pipes, tubes etc. It is like someone burns down your house but out of their kindness the offer you a free 6 by 4 caravan to shut you up.
    And now they are producing the rain, that I have no doubt. As the storm clouds were gathering last week I would hear several jet going over-head and sure enought it was laying trails. They are different types of trails than the ones which stay in the air all day. The rain trails are higher and very crispy finish. Soughta hollow and laking any real body, with most of the garbage being pumped out of the jets dissapearing quickly, but some remains stationery for some time. But they are not water vapour trails.
    I saw that video that Jim Corrs gave about the Irish bail out. I’m of Irish heritage, being a Murphy and it hurts to see what these bastards are doing to such lovely people. Julia/Rudd have done a top job at putting Oz into a huge debt and I have heard julia is borrowing 1.5 billion every week and our debt is around the 150B. How can we pay that of as all our mines are foreign owned and not being taxed much if anything, “but we are giving you aussies a job so shut the f…. up”. We could be close behind the Irish.

  245. Kate Says:

    It crossed my mind, too, that they might be making it rain. Perfectly timed, too.
    Until this rain started, my parents were harvesting record barley crops of 26 bags per acre…
    Guess we can’t have that, when we’re trying to manufacture a global food shortage…

    All those who were interested in the plan I spoke about last week, can you please contact me via my website

  246. Frank Says:

    I remember watching one of many Doc’s on CT’s a while back,,i think it was in the 50′s or 60′s (sure it was black&white footage) where one of there early experiments was spraying a counrty town in England, anyway a portion of the town was washed away from massive flood rains many people were swept to there deaths, later witnesses spoke of planes leaving long trails before the rains came.

  247. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I watched that link Frank. Good for Nigel Farage telling the EU bankers and politicians that the JIG IS UP! I just hope he gets somewhere with it and that the Irish stand up for their rights. I just knew this Euro BS was going to bite them in the bums.. Has anybody noticed that with the recent FIFA cup bid they called us OCEANIA? A little too 1984 for my liking! ;O

    I’m not surprised to hear you all agree with me on this dumping of spring rains which are now forecast right through first week of summer and probably beyond. Yes Frank I know of that town in England that they tested during the 50s where they flooded it so bad many died and most of the town was washed away. Found this page where they explain that ‘Millions were in germ war testing & much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials from 1940s’ it goes on to say:
    ‘The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any ‘inquisitive inquirer’ the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution. The tests, carried out by government scientists at Porton Down, were designed to help the MoD assess Britain’s vulnerability if the Russians were to have released clouds of deadly germs over the country.’ Seems history is repeating itself with their lame explanations of chemtrails..anyways, here is the link for those that want to read more :

    I’m hearing you all re the farmers whether be for fruit, wheat or barley. They don’t want the farmers getting ahead with debts or getting bumper crops. The want to starve them all so they give up and sell their land to the overseas corporations. It’s just another part of their evil scheme being Codex Alimentarius.

    be well

  248. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I forgot to mention re James post about Aussie debt: found out that Sydney harbour bridge was started in 1912 and opened March 1932 to the public. It cost 4,217,721, 11 shillings and 10 pence yet we are still paying off that debt to this day due to compound interest. Even after all the tolls it still isn’t paid off wtf? Imagine how long it will take to pay off this Myki ticketing farce that has blown out from 400K to over 1.3 billion dollars, how long before we pay that one off? If Ms Gillard & co are spending 1.5 billion per week how the hell can we sustain that? They boast that Australia’s economy is the envy of the world yet it seems they are trying ever so hard to drive us to bankruptcy.
    ok I’m done griping now ;)

  249. Yoda Says:

    Just come past the Anabranch river – been dry for 20 years – broken its banks it has!

  250. Yoda Says:

    Yes Winston, Oceania is at War with East Asia – Now do what Big Sister demands of you!

    From Wikipedia – “Speculation about Orwell’s choice of title includes perhaps an allusion to the 1884 founding centenary of the socialist Fabian Society”

    Dont you just love it when a plan comes together – then again.

  251. Frank Says:

    Hey Russ, Mich, Kate James,Jim,Joda & others,,there are many chemtrail discussions going on all over Australia today, and im sure we have all heard about how (Shadow) Government trolls and shills operate and are paid to disrupt the awakening,,,but you gotta listen to this on on this Aussie site

  252. Yoda Says:

    Im not a Troll.

    Im a Jedi Master!

    Use the force Frank!

  253. Yoda Says:


  254. Frank Says:

    continued…… (sorry accidentally hit submit early)

    anyway if you want to see a pro at work go to that site

    and read his rubbish and what we are up against, this guy (Laurie) is real smooth,,i suggest you make a genuine fair comment that puts him back where he belongs and stops misleading people that are getting curious,,,,,,,,,,together we stand, united we fall

  255. Kate Says:

    I agree. That Laurie is a smooth talker…

    We’ve just had a full week of torrential rains, and Sunday was the first day in a week that we got to see the sun, and what do you know…?!!! Big fat chemtrails all over the sky! They were probably up there all along, above the rainclouds, spraying their evil stuff…

    Latest figures say $500 million worth of crops now destroyed by rain. After 10 years of waiting for rain! I fear this will be the last straw for many…

  256. Yoda Says:

    Im wondering if I should put in a few acres of Coconuts and Mangoes – rather interesting conditions lately.

  257. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Frank, James, Russ, Jim, Kate, Kerrie & Yoda,

    I did read some of Laurie’s BS and I was livid to see he comments under the banner of Truth News..what a crock! I didn’t want to waste anymore time there to leave a message because I’m too much of a lady to say what I wanted to say so I said nothing. What in the world are they spraying? Been watching this and everything we’ve been talking about is in this worthy video. This is for those of us that already know about chemtrails, not sure how a skeptic would accept this one from the get go.
    I did however find this link to use an educational video for those that still don’t believe in the existence of chemtrails called ‘Chemtrail conspiracy’:

    As I was scrolling up I found this message which seems to have been missed by all and sundry.
    # stephen sopko Says:November 26th, 2010 at 9:13 am
    ‘my brothers and sisters down under a lot of you are waking up check out “chemtrails an introduction”it will open up a whole world of what is taking place here on planet earth im serious here the script has been written its called the book of “revelation” WHY DID YOU GIVE UP YOUR GUNS?’

    G’day and welcome stephen, your message must have taken a little while to submit and by then we’d blogged all over you.. soz bout that but welcome and thanks for your post. I did watch some of ‘chemtrails: an introduction’ and being it’s the discovery channel means it’s owned by the illuminati. It’s totally incorrect from the word go.. jets do not spew out chemtrails via their engines, there are separate spray attachments on either side of it. Here is a youtube video on chem planes so as you can educate yourself rather than be fed BS on discovery channel. (chem planes)

    Also contrails do not sometimes change into chemtrails. With contrails, you could almost watch it chase the tail of the plane/jet disappearing behind it, whereas chemtrails are sprayed purposefully and not always in a direct line from horizon to horizon but in small bursts to make the vapors look like normal clouds.

  258. Jim Says:

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Thanks Russ, I hear you.

    Today I was pegging out the washing and heard a jet flying by at low level, there behind it was what I thought was a normal contrail as it was dissappearing directly behind the jet at the same speed of it. BUT what cought my attention was the contrail was so blindingly white and this was at a much lower altitude where normal contrails form naturally.

    Here we have three important keys, to keep an eye out for.
    1 this contrail (because I carnt prove otherwise) was blindly glaring white
    A normal contrail is NEVER so blindingly glaring.

    2 It formed behind this jet, yet it dissappearred at the same speed, but it formed in an altutude way below where it should of formed.

    3 It left way back little bits of whispy strings of dot like floters, these took longer to dissappear but eventually did so.

    What am I thinking? and it is scary stuff, have the people who have dreamed up chemtrails found another way to disguise their spraying by immertateing normal contrails so they can say to all the sceptics like us, it is a contrail not a chemtrail? Be prepared for a full spin onslought soon.

    We need to keep our eyes open, ha, I took a short video of this hapenning, it’s only a few seconds.


  259. Yoda Says:

    How high was it do you think?

  260. Frank Says:

    Mich, thats one of the best CT clips to send around, especially for beginners
    ( )

    Yep that Laurie guy was a real pro, id say there are heaps of paid plants consigned to this very subject, i know its frustrating taking these guys on, but there are so many people reading these comments that get hoodwinked after reading his/her crafted deceptive crap, so for me hitting back with truth and proof every time seems the only answer for now., not only that but it also starts off a chain reaction.

    Alex Jones could not have said it any better “There Is a War on for Your Mind”


    p.s ..i wonder what country Stephen is from

  261. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Yes I thought so too Frank. I’d like to see any skeptic debunk that video proof of chemtrails.

    Not sure what country Stephen is from.. poor dude must of thought we ignored him and didn’t bother to come back. Oh well, ya get that!

    Alex Jones is right! There is a war on for your mind and this war on terror is never going to stop. War is a money making machine and the soldiers are just fodder. Until they realise that, then there will never be peace.

    Just putting it out there.. does anybody else smell a rat re the BS propaganda about the Wikileaks boss Julian Assange? Seems to be very 1984 Orwellian propaganda used to smear his name and bring him up under terrorism charges. What in the hell are they hiding is the question that should be asked and Wikileaks feels it has every right to put the truth out there. I doubt for much longer if the powers that be get their way.

    Vale John Lennon.. All we are saying, is give PEACE a chance! I still believe to this day he was assassinated by the CIA who used a programmed psychotic loner called Mark David Chapman to kill him.
    John was more of a threat than I’ve ever imagined and he was gunned down because he was touching too many people with his campaign for peace. No person or band has polarized the world like John Lennon did with his words and music since and now the Illuminati owns the record industry, I doubt there ever will be again.

  262. Yoda Says:

    Have a look at these links regarding Assange.

    They propose Assange is a Zionist psy war agent.

    Notice very little “Israeli” stuff gets leaked, ill leave it up to you to make up your own mind, however any even partial truth is better than no truth.

    It seems one faction of the NWO is playing off against another.

  263. Frank Says:


    A drop or cyanide mixed with a litre of pure water is always a deadly mix,,,,,there is no such thing as ‘partial truth’

    Thanks for the links,,interesting stuff
    (Use da force Yode :)


  264. Kate Says:


    I read somewhere that they are experimenting with using blue-coloured dye in chemtrails, so that when sprayed against a blue sky, they are invisible. Don’t know how true this is?!? Me thinks that such a trick would not fool observant folks like us :-) What happens when they fly under a bit of cloud?!?!

    But it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t experimenting with different ingredients to cover their tracks more, now that more and more people are waking up…

    Found this interesting site after looking at a link that was left on the Truth News Radio forum, have a look: It may be that I’m just an eternal optimist…but I do believe that there is hope. People ARE starting to fight back!

    Re: Julian Assange. I’m in two minds about Wikileaks. It’s getting harder to tell who are the “good” guys and who are the “bad” guys!! If he is indeed, a “good” guy trying to expose the truth, then I would think it’s almost certain the rape charges are a set-up.

    I certainly agree with the sentiments on the Wikileaks site, that governments and media should be transparent and accountable. AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  265. Kate Says:

    Forgot to say…why is it that governments always seem to opt for the “Plan B”, the supposed quick fix, instead of making the hard choices to fix things, instead of sticking a band-aid over them?!?!?

    If, for instance, chemtrails are indeed being used to “cool the globe”, then why not make the tough choices that will result in LONG TERM change, such as curbing the consumption of “stuff”, forcing manufacturers to clean up their act, etc etc….

    (I don’t even know if I believe in global warming…but if it does exist, why “fix” it by spraying in the air. That’s not going to provide any kind of long-term solution…are they just going to keep spraying indefinately???)

    Everywhere you look, there is evidence that governments are using band-aid solutions instead of getting to the root of the problem…and we are paying for it.

    For example: instead of forcing manufacturers to have very high standards for hygiene, health and manufacturing practices to stop the spread of disease or bacteria…they would prefer to simply pasteurise and irradiate all our food.

    Instead of forcing those like battery-hen factories, and cattle feed-lots to provide better conditions for their animals to stop them getting sick, they would prefer to simply vaccinate them all, and dose them on antibiotics.

    Instead of getting tough with junk-food manufacturers about the amount of sugar in food, governments would prefer to simply put fluoride in our water, to try and cover up the problem (Ha!! We shall not go into THAT!!)

    Instead of taking measures to make the population healthy, we simply vaccinate everyone for every little sniffle..

    Everywhere you look, the government is busy, busy, busy….Sticking bandaids on everything!

  266. Yoda Says:

    Global warming doesn’t exist – its a set up by the bankers.

    Another derivative – carbon credits – follow the money and you will find the culprit every time.

    The only two companies licensed to trade carbon in Australia are Rothschild International and Occidental Petroleum (Al Gores company)!

    Same old bastards every time!

  267. Frank Says:


    I went for a walk this evening just before sunset through a large grass park here in town,,,,as i turned around to look behind me i noticed hundreds of thousands if not millions of what looked like very very thin spider webs laying on the tops of nearly each blade of grass throughout every part of this huge park,,you could only see this substance at exactly the right angle in conjunction with the sun set, when you touched it it would like disintegrate and disappear,, it was so thin,, well before and after the sunset stage this stuff was totally invisible,,,, if next time you are out at that time and near a park have a look as im sure we are all copping the same stuff……take care,,

  268. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide:! Here’s a good vid with footage taken in every state around the country

    Milky white clouds glowing in the night sky at 11pm last night after a good dumping of rain. I could see the glowing white chem clouds lighting our night sky but the moon was nowhere to be seen under all the cloud cover. Strange days indeed!

    Yes Yoda, everything insidious today leads back to a money trail left by the banksters. Have you all watched ‘Money is Debt’? That will explain it all how the banks make lots of real money lending out invisible money and digits are just transferring between banks that are owned by the same mob being Rothschild Inc. at the very top of the pyramid. Here is a little history about them:

    The Rothschild family (known as The House of Rothschild, or more simply as the Rothschilds) is a European family of German Jewish origin (oxymoron?) that established European banking and finance houses from the late eighteenth century. Five lines of the Austrian branch of the family (his 5 sons) were elevated into the Austrian nobility, being given hereditary baronies of the Habsburg Empire by Emperor Francis II in 1816. The British branch of the family was elevated into the British nobility by Queen Victoria. It has been argued that during the 19th century, the family possessed by far the largest private fortune in the world, and by far the largest fortune in modern history.

    Their fortune is still the largest in modern history and being that they own the World Bank says it all. You would have to be a rich so & so to have a giraffe named after you eh? They want to rule the world and are behind most of the wars we’ve seen in the last 2 centuries. They are also behind every stock market crash and derivative bubble. The doco called the Godfathers is about the birth of the Rothschild family and how they established modern banking. It has been removed from the internet and no longer available for download. I have it on file so if anyone wants a dvd of it, I’m happy to send one in the mail. contact me at

  269. Kate Says:

    Some of you might find this article interesting: Department of Death-Toxic Chemtrails. It speaks of experiments with stuff that resembles dog poo (I think Jim mentioned this a while ago), also synthetic cobweb type stuff (that Frank just wrote about), and also different materials used for their glowing properties (what Mich just wrote about), because it allows the material to be tracked…

  270. Russ Says:

    Thanks Mich, for your Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide link. I just added it to the above links, good to have more Aussie chem vids.

  271. Yoda Says:

    Mich – I noticed glowing clouds at 2am last night as well, me and a mate “A full on Chemtrailerite” were looking at the Western skyline and saw a distinct sky glow, the lights of the town we were near was to our right but the sky glow extended for a considerable distance to our left and out to the horizon, almost like a twilight type effect.

    I thought this may have been some type of Aural phenomenon like an Aurora, but my mate insisted it was from Chemtrails – how strange you should also mention it.

    Oh P.S Id love a copy of that film, I haven’t seen that one yet and cant locate it in the Torrent universe.

  272. Kerrie Says:

    It’s funny you should mention that Yoda. I got up in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago (comfort stop) and looked out of the bathroom window and thought….oh….wow, it must be nearly dawn because there was this eerie glow in the sky. When I looked at the clock I realised it was only 2am and nowhere near dawn. It was sort of on the western horizon. The next day I even googled to see where the moon was at that point, and it was only a sliver in the sky, so it certainly wasn’t moonlight.

    I think they’re chemtrailing MUCH more at night lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more aware (or perhaps paranoid) but I seem to hear many more planes at night, and in the morning there’s those “are they or aren’t they” clouds (old chemtrails most likely) that have been there for a few hours. I also think they’ve ramped up the campaign – it’s not every few weeks, it’s pretty much every day.

    Also, the other day it was raining, then the clouds parted in the afternoon to show some blue sky and above all that rain and cloud were freshly laid lines! I didn’t know they did it when it rained!

    But yeah, that glow is WEIRD.

  273. Jim Says:

    Sorry Yoda, I been away for a while, the jet was about 3k high, headding towards Brisbane, a two engine job.

    Yep, I have also seen the light blue whispy fog at night. It was storming all afternoon here, late afternoon I went outside, and I saw clouds lightly glowing under the main overcast, looking at the setting sun in the west I saw a small bit of cloud glowing with such glare that one could be forgiven it was being heated with a blow torch it was so bright, but it was now where near the setting sun.
    Come night fall this previous storm was still seen further to the horizon.

    Later on I decided to see where it had got to. Looking out in Dalby’s direction I could see a fairly large storm (another one), but what got my attention was the light blue mist, which was sorrounding the storm, around the top areas and to the right of the storm, the lightning was showing this weird light whispy light blue fog cloud at every flash. Directly above the storm was just dark sky. I had never seen this before with any storm I have ever seen before, so what gives here?

    We had another crop of thin spiderwebs here, even saw a couple floating downwards in Dalby last weekend.

    I was driving away from Dalby very late Sunday night (past midnight) and saw this weird glowing cloud in the night sky, I hadn’t seen them before, this thing seemed to have it’s own energy supply to glow like that, it was about 10 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide, weird.

    We are expecting more storms this afternoon, hopefully they will still be around later in the night, I will have my camera ready this time.

    I have noticed one thing else, using the weather bom web site, a lot of the storms form and then stay put in one area, then they seem to get bigger and more intence, then they start to move, usually as they form, they are always moveing.

    Merry Christmas to all

  274. Yoda Says:

    I was on N/S Tuesday night Wednesday Morning, Checked the weather at 2am Wednesday Morning and all was clear – we saw several bursts of meteorites from the Leonid shower from the top of a 9 story high mineral separation facility, at 4 am went up again to see if any could still be seen and the entire horizon to the North West lit up from horizon to horizon.
    Went back down and checked the weather again and this huge front had appeared out of no where with an amazing amount of lightning, we lost power soon afterwards so we left early and went back to the main camp.
    On the way we saw some of the most wild and illogical lightning ive ever seen, half fork/sheet lightning – hard to explain but imagine a vertical fork with three prongs that does not hit the ground and semi horizontal sheet lightning that forked sideways and did not travel all the way across the clouds like it normally does – strange stuff.

    Jim i have my camera ready this time as well, there seems to be a cloud concentration approaching the Sunraysia area from the West North West and is currently over Coober Pedy, it will be interesting to see if it brews up over the inland like the last one did..

  275. Jim Says:

    Went outside to look at the two storms, nice display of lightning, lots of clouds, no rain as such. I was looking at the weather radar before and saw several storms in the St George – Moonie area, the cells were in red, then on the 4th scan they all wern’t there as though they never existed. Huh, these 2 storms I can see with my eyes just now, don’t even exist on the radar, weird stuff indeed.

  276. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    hiya’s all. Sorry for neglecting to post of late.. it’s that silly season that’s taken over my life and when it’s over, I will be back more often.

    Wow that is bizarre Jim. How could that possibly be? HAARP doing some tests perhaps? We’ve been getting some good storms of late but the one yesterday was weird. We had 1 loud crack of thunder but the lightning went on for most of the night without the usual rumbles. The heavy downpours start and finish just as quick like a switch is turned ‘off’. That’s what freaks me out!

    I’m not surprised you are all seeing the same glowing clouds at night. Even in the day they are glowing so god knows what is in them. There has been a lot of ULF/ELF microwave effects going on in the clouds too and I worry about what it is doing to us. It’s been freezing cold here in Melbourne the last couple of days and it feels like winter is back.

    Yesterday I quickly took my dog out for a walk between showers and all I heard on the walk was the drone of jets above the cloud cover. I had my ears pricked the whole walk and because it was so quiet with everybody huddled indoors, it was very distinct and loud. I see they are really smashing the crops with floods now and I’m seeing prices going through the roof. I remember January would often be like this but never December, not this cold. So much for global warming eh??

    I found this today and thought it may be of interest to those watching world’s financial forecasts:

    Crikey, if China goes bust, what then? Scary stuff..

    Anyways, if I don’t see ya’s before, I wanted to wish you all a very merry xmas and a happier 2011.

  277. Russ Says:

    Cheers, thanks Mich for the link. Pardon my thinking but this whole time I thought you were male, from your abreviated name, only realised you’re female the other day.

    Likewise have a great Christmas yourself and to everybody else here. Enjoy

  278. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    haha yes Russ, it happens all the time. No probs, most assume me male due to abbreviation of my birth name Michele.. most spell that with 2 LL’s but I sigh and let it slide…

    Enjoy the silly season all and stay well

  279. Russ Says:

    ha no worries, I should have noticed there was no ‘t’ in it. Anyway have a good one.

  280. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day again. Just thought you would be interested in seeing this web:

    A very clever chemtrail site from a guy called Carl Needham from Port Macquarie NSW. He has written a short e-book about the topic which is free to download.

    Frank & Yoda.. my nero has shat itself so I haven’t burned that disc of the godfathers of earth as yet. I am getting my new upgraded pc b4 xmas hopefully and as soon as it’s set up, I will burn and send those discs off.


  281. Frank Says:

    Thanks Mich,
    looking forward to watching it, but no great rush, it is party pagan time remember,, whoops i mean xmas.

    Your not alone Russ,,,,i too thought Mich was a Mitch at first (so did James,,,come to think of it, so did everyone else, )

    All the best to everyone, hope you stay fit and well.


  282. Kate Says:

    Actually I had always thought she was a woman, because of the “Mich”, but I did notice others calling her “Mitch” ….. :-) !!!!!!

    I’m really impressed with the site Blue No More, that Mich linked to above Frank’s comment. It’s really well done, and I’m just reading through the e-book now. It’s very well written, too.

    I found this particular paragraph telling, when speaking about Clifford Carnicom setting up his chemtrail website:

    “The record of “hits” shows that intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon were very interested to follow Carnicom’s revelations, albeit in the shadows. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell Aerospace and most of the significant aeronautical contractors to the military complex of the USA became regular visitors to the site. Pharmaceutical organisations with heavyweight government contracts also logged on regularly”.

    Especially the last bit about pharmaceutical companies. Since finding out about chemtrails, I’ve been convinced that the pharma companies would be involved somehow. Paragons of virtue, that they are…..!!!

    I’ve been away visiting my family in the bush. Beautiful skies, except for just one incident that I found rather strange. Walked outside, looked up to see a plane flying over, at very low altitude, spewing a trail out the back. It stayed for a while, say half an hour, but then seemed to dissipate rather than drift into a haze, so I’m in two minds about what it was.

    The strange thing though, was that is was at such a low level, you could clearly see with the naked eye that it was a qantas plane. The thing is, my family are hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest commercial airport. Why would qantas be flying at such low altitude then??? Anyone else know why that might be?

    We are shivering our way through “Summer” so far!! Hasn’t the weather been strange?

  283. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank , you thought same too. Hiya, Kate, James and Mich and Yoda and everyone too

  284. Frank Says:

    Hi Kate,

    Not saying this is the case for sure,, but especially after all the CT talk all around Australia starting to pick up now, how hard would it be to makeshift a CT plane into the image of a sovereign commercial plane of that country,,,splash of paint or magnetic decals would be a minor thing compared to what they are doing,,,,,,,just thinking out loud.

  285. James Says:

    Kate….morning to you. They began spraying up here in Mildura at dawn and when I went travelling around 6.30, I noticed many trails over the Millewa area which is a major wheat growing area. They are probably toxifying the air and soil with massive amounts of Aluminium which stuffs up the yield levels in crops, but Monsanto have amazingly come out with a new type of crop that is Aluminium tolerant and grows well in Aluminium saturated soils. THANK GOD FOR MONSANTO!!
    Over the years I have noticed low flying jets turn “on” and turn “off” their contrails and noticed either a red tail which looks like a Qantas jet or a red body and white tail jet which could be Virgin, but when you see these two jets and a half dozen jets all flying over Mildura area at the same time and leaving lines in the sky you have to ask yourself, “is this the Tullamarine fwy. or just an amazingly busy day in the skies over an inland desert community”?.
    Beow is a link to a an alleged Chemtrail base in the US and you should notice all the red body and red tail jets getting “fitted” for spraying duties. I hope the link works.
    Cheers all for xmas and new year. I feel something big and very nasty is being planned for 2011. Stay safe and healthy.

  286. Jim Says:

    Merry Christmas all,

    Just found a web site which has been collecting data on Air Glow for several decades, here I havent looked at it yet, just on the first page.

  287. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Well I’m glad we’ve sorted out my gender now! lol It’s all good ;)

    I know it’s the silly season but I must post this so you will get to read up and perhaps discuss it in the new year. I will post an excerpt then the link:

    ‘As a percentage of humanity, truth seekers, those who seek knowledge that is provable to basic principles are few and far between. Further, most people choose to spend their time on less intellectual pursuits and therefore choose what they want to believe, with a far lower or no burden of proof. This makes them prey to those who tell them what they want to hear. As a consequence, truth is not very influential in the affairs of man, except in science which requires truth to create the technology we depend on, since the laws of nature do not allow products (including civilizations) based on falsity to function for very long or at all.’ Charles Darwin.

    Charles Darwin published “Origin of the Species” in 1859, after thirty years of fearing to do so.

    Here is another interesting article I thought you’d like to read:

    I watched that youtube video you posted James but it doesn’t seem to work. Will reboot and try
    again later. I feel the same thing looming in 2011 but for all we know, it could be just another Y2K to drive us truthers to distraction. Who knows? Come the time we will find out once and for all.

    Hope you all enjoy the festive season.. stay safe and healthy.

  288. Shayne Says:

    December 22nd 2010, just snapped chemtrails in Melbourne skies over outer eastern suburbs. Can submit photos. Over the last two years I have noticed innumerable light planes always flying overhead, spotted one today while taking snaps. At least 4 sets of planes buzzing overhead today. Just found your sight and will get familiar with it now. Hope to share thoughts with like minded people.

  289. Frank Says:

    Those maggots hit Mildura today like there was no tomorrow, i counted 8 planes at the same time totally covering a once clear blue sky into total fake white chemical clouds,,,
    Shane i like you already,,post those pic’s,,,,,,

    Everyone, if you go out around sunset to any park or even a nature strip that has grass, you will see what we are all breathing in,,,,,, milliions and millions of very thin spider web like substance’s that looks like it has floated and landed on the tops of each blade of grass,, you will see these “webs” at a low angle in conjunction with the sunset……

  290. Frank Says:

    Hey Russ,,
    checked out some of the songs you wrote,,cool stuff (i liked “same land”)

    When do we hear a song about CT’s,,ill buy the first copy


  291. Russ Says:

    Hey thanks for checking em out Frank!

    “Same Land” cool, it’s helpful to know which songs people like, thanks.

    I haven’t written a song about CT’s yet. But I have recently written one about NWO and all the servelience cams etc… around these days. The song is not finished, still needs a couple of lines. So maybe I can fit CT’s in there :)

  292. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    G’day Shayne, welcome to our(Russ’s) chemtrail forum! I live in bayside Melbourne and I witness the aerosol spraying here on a regular basis and take many pics too. Yesterday no sooner a trail would spread out, they were laying new short burst trails to keep covering any clear space in the sky. They are bloody determined to ‘white out’ our sky daily. ;( They seem to be upping the ante now and whenever we do get the odd day with blue sky, they rip it up with those horrible trails. Last night was quite a clear night but this morning the sky is grey and striped with residue chemtrails blahh!

    Russ: we need to work out a better system for posting pics here.. any ideas? I’d love to start posting my pics here as I do at thecrowhouse forum topic and seeing more pics from others here.

    Frank, I don’t get to the local park at night as it’s a little scary on my own. I will defo check it out after xmas when I drag Nik down there to inspect it at sunset to see if we can see the same webs laying on the grass. I haven’t noticed any more in my yard of late but with nightime showers, most is washed away by morning.

    I received my orgonite pack yesterday and have placed them strategically all over my garden and around my house. I will eventually get me a Chem Buster tower too. I have a friend that makes orgonite and if any of you are interested but can’t be bothered making it at home, he sells it at a reasonable price incl postage. Steve said ‘A 3kg bag, which includes quite a bit more than you received cost $120 including postage, but can do smaller amounts too.’
    Email me at to find out more and I will refer you on…

    2 more sleeps till the fat man in the red suit visits then life can go back normal.. woohoo!
    Have a good one!

  293. Kate Says:

    Hi Shane, and welcome. Yes, there’s a lot to catch up on…we all have a lot to say :-)

    I wonder if the glowing clouds are linked to the fluorescent fibres found in morgellon’s disease victims? See here: It’s both horrifying and fascinating….

  294. Shayne Says:

    Hi, just snapped more trails today over Outer East. Going away on holidays shortly but will figure out how to post pics when I get back and do more reading on this particular site. I am well aware of the greater issues through other sources. Had a thought about raising public awareness on this crime. Saw Dick Smith on TV two days ago trying to get Australia’s CEO’s to donate 20% of their income to charity with little success. He was appalled with their disinterest.
    He seems like a decent guy and he has a very public profile with a long aviation history. If he was made aware of this issue and was prepared to speak out about it, he would be a perfect platform to launch public awareness and or an aviation investigation.
    It really pisses me off that I can’t enjoy a clear blue day without seeing these residues that have no business being in the natural sky.

    Life goes on and I wish you all a happy festive season

  295. Russ Says:

    Hey Frank, thought I’d share with you this link. As the reviewer mentions the same song you did “Same Land”. The magazine just arrived today.

    Merry Christmas all, have a great one!

  296. Kate Says:

    Well done on the review Russ!

    Shane, a few of us have been in discussions privately about running some kind of awareness campaign. If you are interested in being involved, please contact me via my website:

  297. Russ Says:

    Cheers Kate!

    And all the best with the campaign guys.

    And Mich and Shayne, I’ll get back to you soon about the photo’s question.

  298. Frank Says:

    Thanks for the link Russ,,
    The reviewer is right (couldnt quite pin it at first) but you do sound a bit like Peter Garrett (Same Land) unlike with “Laura” and “Matthew” which i had a chance to listen to today which i liked, especially “laura”,,,,you have a great voice…..

    Mich, would love to know how the Chem buster goes when you get it up and running,,,,,Good link Kate, Morgellons disease sounds like it may be getting popular..

    I think Shayne has a great idea,,maybe we send Dick a copy of the Documentary “What in the World are they Spraying” with a well written thought out letter.. (i vote Mich or Kate :) )

    You may all go back to being Merry now……….

  299. Russ Says:

    Cheers for checking them out, thanks Frank.

    Wonder if Dick will start making some sort of Chemtrail biscuits. Maybe white choc streams on them or something lol :)

    Got a crappy joke for ya’s “Why does Santa have sucha huge sack? “Coz he only comes once a year” ;)

    Merry Christmas Ho, ho, hooooo

  300. Kate Says:

    LOL. Bet you didn’t pull that one out of a bon-bon…

  301. admin Says:

    He, he… You’d wanna hope I didn’t anyway ;)

  302. Kate Says:

    I know it’s xmas day and all….but I feel like I’ve had my day off, and now I’m itching to get in and do something…

    I’m just scouting around on the net, trying to familiarise myself with a few different issues, and came across the airforce document (Air Force 2025) where they stated they could “own the weather” by 2025.

    Unbelievable!! Such arrogance!! Some of the benefits are (and I quote): deny fresh water, induce drought, disrupt communications/radar, disable/destroy space assets, fog and cloud generation (yes, we all know about that now, don’t we?) to increase concealment, storm enhancement to deny enemy operations, decrease comfort level/morale (I’ll say!)

    And I haven’t even got past the first page, yet!

    Here’s the link:

    The thing is: people call “conspiracy theorists” cynical and untrusting. It seems like the US government are the cynical and untrusting ones. Imagine if they put their efforts into making the world a better place, and then they might not have to worry about having so many enemies (all out to get them, of course). Unbelievable…

  303. Frank Says:

    Unreal Kate,,,and this is back in 96,,,i think they underestimated their evil powers,,they should totally own the weather way before 2025.

    Very interesting stuff,,cant believe they still have it up on the net.

    Was scouting around too,,,have you checked out this clip (its old but a goody)

  304. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the links Frank and Kate.

    While watching a little bit of Back to Future 3 tonight. Noticed a couple of chemtrails in the background sky. A shot looking down the main street, think it was? That was a 1990 movie. Chems been around for awhile.

  305. Kate Says:

    I’m surprised it’s still on the net too….that’s why I’ve already saved it onto my computer.

    I found this particular paragraph telling:

    “The essential ingredient of the weather-modification system is the set of intervention techniques used to
    modify the weather. The number of specific intervention methodologies is limited only by the imagination,
    but with few exceptions they involve infusing either energy or chemicals into the meteorological process in
    the right way, at the right place and time. The intervention could be designed to modify the weather in a
    number of ways, such as influencing clouds and precipitation, storm intensity, climate, space, or fog.”

  306. Kate Says:

    Someone mentioned a while ago about strange lightening, and it’s interesting to note, that modifying lightening was also mentioned in the AirForce 2025 papers…

  307. Kate Says:

    Here’s another paragraph that stands out:

    “One major advantage of using simulated weather to achieve a desired effect is that unlike other approaches, it makes what are otherwise the results of deliberate actions appear to be the consequences of natural weather phenomena.

    In addition, it is potentially relatively inexpensive to do. According to J. Storrs Hall, a scientist at Rutgers University conducting research on nanotechnology, production costs of these
    nanoparticles could be about the same price per pound as potatoes.34

    This of course discounts research and development costs, which will be primarily borne by the private sector and be considered a sunk cost by
    2025 and probably earlier.”

  308. Frank Says:

    Have to share this with you all,,,one of the guys in our small anti-fluoride group here put this clip on you tube today,,have a laugh, i did.

    We have been trying to stop this toxic poison from being forced down our throats for the last 3 yrs,(they finally added it to our water supply 3months ago) so if you pass it on to your email list/friends it would be great..

  309. Kate Says:

    Ha, good one Frank!

    I’ve been over on the contrailscience website, and got into an argument with some expert who knows everything (apparently), aaaaaaarrrrghhhh, I don’t know why I bother, it’s like banging my head against a brick wall.

    It seems that “science” is fine to prove your side of things, but science doesn’t count when you look from the other angle. If you scroll right down to the bottom you will see my comments which were basically twisted around to suit themselves, and deny, deny, deny!!

  310. Yoda Says:

    Haha – great video Frank..

    Damned feisty those Mildura Folk, must be a lack of Fluoride for all this time.

  311. Yoda Says:

    Found a Mildura Fluoride website you may not be aware of Frank –

  312. Frank Says:

    Hey Kate & Yoda,

    Read all those comments Kate,,,was ready to launch an attack but thought no way would be there all night,, those guys really pee’d me off, they are so good with there big b/sh&t words and deception,,could see you were getting pee’d off too,,,not worth it unless you had a spare few hours,,(you should have posted the airforce 2025 papers)…

    Thanks Yode,,its one of our members sites,,,actually meant to be out with them about an hour ago,,,,,,,,,,,ciao for now

  313. Kate Says:

    That’s a great little blog. I’m the first follower!

    I wrote to the ACT government a couple of months ago regarding fluoride. They all sent typical fob-you-off letters, and one minister helpfully explained that we now use fluorosilicic acid because it is “safer for the handlers”. Really?!?! But what about all the people drinking it? I wonder if she’s ever read the MSDS?

    The Health Minister replied that they believed water fluoridation to be the most “socially equitable” means of protection of dental caries across the community. I fail to see anything “equitable” about forcing people to buy water, or buy expensive filters, just to avoid the stuff.

    So, my “representatives” can expect another letter from me in the New Year…In fact, sometime in 2011, the Health Minister is going to get someone standing outside her office, with a big sign saying “Why is there toxic waste in our water?”…

  314. Yoda Says:

    “The Health Minister replied that they believed water fluoridation to be the most “socially equitable” means of protection of dental caries across the community”

    Ha or “Forced Medication” of an unknown dose is another way to put it.

    I think there must have been a very good reason why the Russian Communists (The same people who run Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bro’s, Citi Group, Hollywood, World Bank, Federal Reserve, World Media and the US Congress today – heres a clue “Trotsky’s real name was Lev Bronstein”) and the Nazis put Fluoride into the prison camp water.

    Could it be the same reason they are putting Fluoride in the Wests water supplies today?
    Plus the Chemtrails -

    Right before the NWO kicks off officially?

  315. Jim Says:

    Hi, just been going through major flooding at my house, in Warra, along with a few other people, had about 10 inches of flood waters flowing through here, a lot of damage to floors and furniture, doors wont close, lost my entire record collection amungst other stuff.
    Walk out the front door and waide through waist high water to get through the road, quite a current flowing.
    I been sleeping up in the roof, made up a bed out of 6ft planks, put them across the roof rafters, covered them with a quilt folded over, took the pillows up there with food, water and a car battery for 2 x 12v dc lights.
    Well stocked up with dry clothes, The toilet in the park gets used by those stranded travellers, SES gave the town people a bottle of milk and loaf of bread.
    Water is on the way down, but I will be in the roof area a few more days yet I think.
    It’s quite cosey believe it or not.
    The car is up on the rail way area, with a heep of others, lol, well its cry or be happy.
    Almost forgot, I saw chemtrail spiderwebs dropping yesterday after the rain had stopped, yes siree, I know who manufactured this little episiode.

    Hey, I dont scrub my teeth with fluridide, makes me more alert to whats going on.


  316. Kate Says:

    Jim, I was just wondering about you yesterday and wondering if you had been affected by the floods. Hang in there…

    You may have read up further, one of the paragraphs in the AirForce 2025 report where they said they could “own the weather”, one of the benefits is creating weather conditions that were deliberate, but they would appear to be natural phenomena. So you could be right about “who manufactured this little episode”.

    PS. I swear I’m smarter since I stopped drinking fluoride 6 months ago :-)

  317. Yoda Says:

    Jeeze mate -good luck in that flood, stay safe, sounds like a fair bit of damage too :( but hopefully everything is insured but there are always those things that are irreplaceable however if we escape with our lives, its the main thing, we can always start again.

    Good luck Jim.

  318. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the festive season. I see you’ve all been busy and straight back into the conspiracies.. I was trying to avoid them till the new year but with the insidious attack on our beautiful blue sky this week, it sent me into a frenzy again. I was trying to read my book I got for xmas outdoors but the glare was horrendous. My eyes ached every time I looked up to take pictures of the chemtrails and within an hour I had a booming headache and had to lay down. I truly believe the nano particles being sprayed up there are to blame for this glare as well as the glowing night sky on the days of heavy spraying.

    Great idea Shayne re Dick Smith so I started asking around as I’d like to think that he could come to the party on chemtrails. Unfortunately, after speaking to some friends who have already approached him about other stuff, say don’t bother as he is sooo mainstream and isn’t interested in conspiracies. He is more into fixing the airline industry as well as his philanthropic activities. I don’t know if anybody has contacted him about chemtrails as I’m sure he’s would of noticed them flying around as often as he does but who knows unless we try eh?

    So sorry to hear you got flooded out Jim but I like your style because you don’t seem phased by it at all. Taking it all in your stride as ya do! good luck with it all.

    Kate I have seen another article about ‘owning the weather by 2025′ and it is so scary to even consider it but we all know it’s happening already to a certain extent.. it’s what we DON’T know about it that is even scarier. I too feel more ‘switched on’ and ‘unplugged’ since I stopped brushing my teeth with fluoride toothpaste as well as not drinking it or cooking with it. My friends think I’m a little cookoo because I am so anal about it but I will continue on regardless.
    The plant installation is an upgrade of an old sodium silicofluoride dosing system which was past its useful life. It was determined that storage and handling of fluorosilicic acid represented a lower OH&S risk than sodium silicofluoride. I agree Kate, what about us and how long has it been passed it’s used by date before they decided to upgrade it?

    Btw, I watch today tonight on 28th and was hugely disappointed when I saw Chris Field’s fight against Macquarie Bank. How the hell would you borrow 400+K then reneg on payments and expect to stay in your house? I get the 3rd party thing but why they stopped paying while fighting to find out the truth is beyond me.. I know for sure that if I stop paying my mortgage now with only a small portion left to pay and say, I’ve paid you enough now; my bank will still take my house off me at the value it is now, not what I originally borrowed 21yrs ago. I feel for them I do but once you take a mortgage whether you like it or not, the banks have you by the short and curlies till they deem that loan is paid off. I just hope I don’t have to jump through hoops to get my deed of title when it is paid off but stay tuned…

  319. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Oh and PS: Have a safe and happy New Year everyone! See you all in 2011!

  320. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    She’s bAack.. just had to post this vid & synopsis of what it’s all about.

    Owning the Weather – The secret agenda of atmospheric manipulation.
    42:27 – 3 years ago:

    Back in 1995, a document titled “Owning the Weather in 2025″ was submitted to the director of the United States Air Force, under a disguised notion that it was a fictional report and was not intended to be applied to real-life scenarios. The document was a detailed research analysis paper which described the potential of developing aerospace technologies, and more importantly, how they might best be used to harness, control and manipulate the natural forces of weather on this planet. The technologies and capabilities described in this report have now become a reality, and have been documented all over the world. The “Space Preservation Act of 2001″ was introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives by Dennis Kucinich and was an attempt to legislate the use of certain types of advanced weaponry, and not surprisingly, did not pass. Although Kucinich is just another gear in the NWO mechanism, the first-draft edition of this bill contains some very startling admissions to the types of weaponry the United States Air Force has been developing since the end of WWII, including such categories of weaponry as “biological”, “electromagnetic”, “tectonic”, and most disturbingly, “chemtrails.” This film attempts to show that chemtrails are not a hoax, they are real, and they are part of an international conspiracy aimed not only at controlling the elements, but also at ascribing this new technology immediately to war-fighting applications. The 2nd Cold War has arrived here in the 21st century, and it will now be a race for total technological dominance of Earth’s atmosphere. All chemtrail documentation in the this film was shot by me in the skies of South-Eastern New York and Western Connecticut between December ‘ 06 and March ‘ 07.

  321. James Says:

    Merry Xmas and New Year to you all.
    I trust you all had a great time with your family and friends, cause I know I did.
    That is until the 28th of Dec. Went out to Whittlesea golf club. A beautiful area which is just repairing from the horrific fires of 08′. As my brother and I were heading out to play golf I noticed strange looking clouds in the sky. The sky was blue with funny wispy clouds in little clusters and I thought “no, they could’nt be spraying today”. Into the back 9, my heart almost stopped with what i saw. A jet, not a cessna or sky writer, was writing something in the sky and I know my chemtrails when i see em’. Just amazing, the audacity of the bastards, which I filmed on my mobile. Looking at the footage it looks like either a nazi symbol or something like l_l_ _l_l.
    The next day I was ratshit. Massive headache and my joints ached like crazy. I was so tired – chronic fatigue.
    I got home to Mildura, but it took me 9 hrs. when it should take no more than 5. I was stopping every 30mins. or so to drink some water, take pain-killers, or get some sleep. Today I got the garlic cloves, C.Silver, MMS-miracle mineral supplement and am slowly getting back on all four cylinders. Below is an interesting link to how they are conditioning the people to accepting chemtrails and wispy clouds as normal. Several other interesting links which may be of interest.
    Cheers and may 2011 be a positive one for us all.

  322. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Happy 2011 everyone, hope you all enjoyed the silly season.
    Gee James, I hope you are over the dreaded lurgy you caught being out amongst those chemtrails.
    Be well.

    I hope Jim is doing ok with all the flooding going on up there.. I saw a news flash where they were interviewing a farmer sitting in a dingy on a flooded road Rockhampton I think it was or somewhere close by. The camera pans to the sky and colour me surprised, I spotted at least 3 chemtrails in the split second they showed the bAckground sky.

    I wanted to ask if anybody else has noticed the latest Dick Smith advertisment for Vivo lap tops? The screen saver of lap top which is shown for a good 30 seconds is full of chemtrails. I wonder if Dick himself has noticed this or even believes they exist?

    Anyhoo, I’m off for my annual girls trip away to Lakes Entrance and won’t be back for few days.. just a heads up so you don’t think I’ve gone AWOL.


  323. Russ Says:

    Happy new year all

    Only just turned 2011, already more strange stuff going on?
    Birds fall from sky and dead fish wash up in river. Both in Arkansas??

    20-mile Fish Kill: 100,000 dead fish in Arkansas River

    Thousands of birds fall from the sky

    5,000 Birds Fall Dead From Arkansas Sky

  324. Kate Says:

    Yeah, I was just reading about the birds this morning. They thought it was a hailstorm, but don’t know what the explanation will be now that all the fish are turning up dead.

    I’ll be most interested to hear the official results of the investigation. (If we ever do hear…)

  325. James Says:

    I was hoping the new year may see a change in the spraying. Well we got two days of chemical free air. The nazi scums began spraying yesterday(03/01/11), but only a couple of small trails in the beautiful blue sky – but they stood out like elephant’s balls.
    Today they began before sunrise and I was in “shock and awe” as I went “chem chasing” in my V4 Mazda. Lines in the sky from every direction. I followed one jet that was leaving a massive 50km+ trail and noticed as it got away from the populated area the spray very discreatly became shorter and shorter but not stoping and then I took my eyes of the mutha’ for only a few seconds and it had completely dissapeared and looking in earnest I noticed two jets side by side leaving big ugly trails. The blue sky was now an ugly grey haze.
    What are they trying to achieve? I wish I could be as evil as these nazi scums and understand how they think, but I’d probably spew my mind out with what I found. I am just getting back on two feet after the XMas poisoning down Melbourne. I will be staying indoors.
    Storms are forecast for later in the week, it will be interesting to see if they become severe enough to cause more flooding and stuff more farmers up or if the storms fail to eventuate.

  326. Kate Says:

    Gee. You’re really copping it, James. Strangely, it’s been all quiet on the chemtrail front, for about 2 weeks now, here in Canberra. Guess they’re busy spraying up a storm in other areas…

    Just read this interesting article on Orwell’s predictions, how most of them have come true:

  327. Yoda Says:

    I saw that this morning too – although I doubt if they were nazis – perhaps the bitter enemies of the Nazis that use their mass media to force the sheep to love Israel Bankers and the NWO while they murder rape and pillage the planet without opposition.

    I Wonder why?

    Could it be because people are looking nazis under every rock when the culprits are in fact their polar opposites?

    The nazis actually cherished the environment and nature, they would consider Chemtrails and Fluoridation to be crimes against nature itself, unbelievable to most considering the almost complete brainwashing of the population by the NWO media mind control system but very true.

    Consider this senario to shake your paradigm, what if Hitler had won WWII?

    Would there be any Federal Reserve? Mass Media Control? Endless wars for profit in the Middle East and everywhere else? Mass Third World Migration/Starvation because they had been artificially breed up in their Billions by NGO’s the UN and Aid Agencies?

    Amazing to hear for someone whos family lost 4 people fighting the nazis the old timers themselves openly ponder if it would not have been far better for the world if Hitler had won!
    Amazing but none the less very interesting thought from an old veteran especially in light of what we are now just beginning to find out about how the world really is.

    Question your programing!

    Get off the popularist bandwagon and cut your own path, find your truth and think your own thoughts!

    I challange you to question the lies you have been feed your whole lives.

    If you are truly brave you may consider a film by Dr Fredrick Tobin called Judea declares war on Germany.

    This man went to Jail for questioning the official NWO version of history.

    During his trial it was stated “the Truth is no defense” and he went to jail – for telling the truth.

    Supposedly enlightened anti NWO activists going around parroting NWO propaganda verbatim does nothing for our cause and disrespects those brave people who have died or are currently in jail for speaking the truth.

    I urge you to break free of the NWO brain vice!

    The Truth will set you Free!


  328. Russ Says:

    - Now another town -

    500 Dead Birds Found In Louisiana Town

  329. Yoda Says:

    LOL – just had a look at that little site from Mildura – those guys are too much, haha wild!

    ill be keeping a close eye on Mildura to see how their anti NWO fight goes, seems they are setting a pretty good example we could all emulate.

  330. Kate Says:

    I watched the video that Yoda posted earlier about Judea declares war on Germany. Very interesting. I will watch the rest of the series when I have time.

    I saw a similar video a couple of days ago which was very good, and I’ll try to track it down and post the link. It basically said that Hitler was fighting to free Germany from the grasp of Zionists and their plans for global governance.

    I’ve always thought that there might have been more to the story (but never really delved into it), and I also believe that to be the case with Saddam Hussein. In fact, a personal friend who was one of the first soldiers into Iraq told me some mind-boggling stuff about Hussein, and I’ve been trying to track down something to back up the things he told me, but I haven’t been able to find any.

    You know what they say “History is written by the victors…”

    Anyway, here’s a clever and funny video about the flu vaccine. Check it out:

  331. Yoda Says:

    Wow – I also know a guy that used to work for the Australian Wheat Board in Iraq in the 1980s – he said similar things – how crime free Iraq was, how women didn’t wear the Burqa, Education and Health care were free for all.

    Now look at it – indeed history is written by the victors.

  332. Frank Says:

    Stiill laughing over that vaccine clip Kate posted

    Yode if your ever near/in Mildura,,,come join us,,,,,,,,we could do with a little extra force,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bring Luke!

  333. Yoda Says:

    LOL ill bring Luke if you bring Princess Lea nod nod wink wink.

  334. Frank Says:

    Done Yode,,,will have paperwork ready by the time Lea pick’s you up from the airport :)

    Getting back on track

    Found this information on

    Very interesting. And we wonder why there is so much cancer and Alzheimer’s.

    What Do Chemtrails Contain?
    Independent tests across the U. S. have shown chemtrails to contain the following substances:

    Aluminum (known to cause tinnitus)
    Barium salts
    Desiccated human blood cells
    Ethylene dibromide
    Mold spores
    Polymer fibers
    Radio cesium
    Sharp titanium shards
    Submicron particles
    Unidentified living bacteria
    And many other toxins


    Short Term Effects of Chemtrails:

    Brain Fog
    Breathing difficulties (Unexplained)
    Chronic sore or raspy throat
    Ear aches
    Eye and skin irritations
    Flatulence (gas)
    Flu-like symptoms
    Heat flashes
    Itching (Unexplained)
    Metallic taste in mouth
    Nausea and Vomiting
    Nose bleeds (Unexplained)
    Panic attacks
    Persistent coughing
    Rashes (Unexplained)
    Respiratory problems
    Short term memory loss
    Stomach aches
    Suicidal thoughts
    Tinnitus (short term ringing In the ears after spraying)
    And many other symptoms


    Long Term Effects of Chemtrails:

    Acid Reflux
    (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    Alzheimer’s Disease
    Aluminum build up in Pineal Gland
    Autism (evidence links autism to mercury)
    Autoimmune Diseases
    Blood in the Urine
    Borderline personality disorder
    Cancer (linked to many types of cancers)
    Chronic Fatigue
    Easy Bruising
    Eye problems – * Nearsightedness & Farsightedness (by altering interocular fluid eye
    Floaters In the Eyes
    Heart Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
    Heart Disease
    High Cholesterol
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    Learning Disabilities
    Lung diseases
    Lupus Erythematosus
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Oily Skin (Elevated DHT)
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Short-Term Memory Loss
    Sleep Disorders
    Spider Veins
    Tinnitus (ringing in the ears – 700 million cases of Tinnitus reported worldwide)
    White Coating On the Tongue
    And many other symptoms

  335. James Says:

    FRANK….they are definately on a plan to get rid of a lot of people. I wish they would volunteer to euthenise themselves first.
    The Barium and Aluminium Oxide wears down your immune system and you get sicker than sick at the “drop of a hat” and by combing hydroflurosolicicacid(fluoride) which attacks your thyroid system(your bodys regulator) with the toxic chemtrailled air, they have a great combination to attack us all and of course they make a lot of money in the mean time by attempting to fix us before we pass-away.
    I think I mentioned sometime ago how they are running out of time to achieve their genocidal agenda with all the positive cosmic energies that are hitting this planet and evil will be unable to exist when it is surrounded by so much positive unconditional love. But the baddies are gonna keep on keeping on and unfortunately many good people may suffer. Keep healthy and have a Reiki or Sekhem to bombard your physical body with cosmic love.

  336. Kate Says:

    Maybe we should all move to Mildura and join the revolution…?

    Re: Speaking of the AWB – I’m certain there was something dodgy going on, over the way the AWB was dismantled because of “kickbacks” in Iraq. I wonder if Cargill might have “helped” the investigation?? Every farmer I know also thinks there was something dodgy going on there.

    I also read that Christians enjoyed freedom to worship and were not given any grief under Husseins regime. Not so now. They are being increasingly persecuted, now that fundamentalists and extremists are taking hold, since the Coalition of the Willing stormed in to liberate the Iraqi people from…..ahh….ummm…..what were we liberating them from again???

    I was up way past mignight last night, researching a heap of stuff that I’ve deliberately avoided looking into, but now I’m glad I did. I went to bed buzzing, having so many lightbulb moments. Now all the jigsaw pieces are starting to come together, and I’m pretty sure I know who exactly is behind the quest for global domination. Yoda will know who I’m talking about, and I’m pretty sure anyone else who researches enough will come to the same conclusion too.

    A bit off-topic, but someone might know. How do you go about finding out who exactly has been visiting your website. (IP addresses)?? I’ve started to get a bit of traffic to my website, around 40 visits a day now, and strangely enough, after the U.S, the most visitors are from Russia. I’m a bit curious/surprised by this, and wanted to check it out a bit further (After reading about Carnicom being able to tell that his visitors were from CIA etc.)

    By chance, has anyone read about the Wikileaks cable, that showed U.S tried to bully the EU into allowing Genetically Modified food, even threatening to “make them pay”? I think that raises some interesting questions about vested interests….

    Also, apparently Wikileaks are going to leak documents about HAARP technology in the not-too-distant future. And when they do, I’ll be going direct to their site to read it, instead of letting the media helpfully explain it (manipulate it?) for me…

  337. Yoda Says:

    :D Indeed those who seek – will find, even if it is the biggest sacred cow left – its a sacred cow for a reason.

  338. Yoda Says:

    Gold Coast detention camps for Australian Patriots – anyone live up this way?

    Id like to know if anyone lives in the vicinity of something like this – seems to be that 2011 there has been a lot of activity NWO wise in a very short time.

  339. chanellie Says:

    Hi all, my names Chantelle, Im from Adelaide. I just came across this page while researching chemtrails, just thought Id say hi while Im here :)

  340. Russ Says:

    Welcome Chantelle :)

  341. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hello to all the regulars here and welcome to Chantelle! Gosh you have all been busy I see and there are lots of links for me to catch up on.. I came back to find a plethora of blogs at my other forum at thecrowhouse so I thought I might post some of them here too.

    I took my dog for a walk in the morning before leaving for our road trip and as I walked outside I spotted a horizon to horizon chemtrail being laid from north east to south west over the bay. I raced back inside to grab my camera and snapped pics of every being chemtrail laid while I was walking including the spreading of original line in the sky. The sky was clear as when I woke but by time we left at lunchtime it was almost covered by chemclouds. We got to Lakes Entrance late arvo and i was so disappointed to see the sky there was covered in chemtrails too. My sister and brother in law in their 60s and when I tried to show them and tell them about chemtrails I got the typical apathetic response of ‘who has time to look up?’ & I REALLY DON’T CARE! I informed her about Fluoride too when she inquired why I bought my own water and again the response was I DON’T CARE! It seems to be the catch phrase of the mainstream public and it’s only going to get worse if the establishment get their way with these delightful agendas planned for us: THE PHARMABURGER- Kate will be very interested in this one that’s for sure being the ingredient detective that she is.

    This is a worry for those living in QLD but for all we know it’s happening Australia wide: remember me saying in an earlier post about storms being weird and how thunder cracks once then stops like an ‘OFF’ switch has been pulled. Well this vid tells of the exact same thing just before the birds dropped out of the sky.. I felt every hair prickle when listening to this guy tell his story.
    Again, this one we have discussed previously and it seems to be coming to light. He is right, 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual!

    Frank: re the orgonite.. it does seem to work. I had a small pyramid of orgonite by my dogs bed as well as a larger piece on my bedside table. I felt the vibrations and was buzzing so much it took me a while to fall asleep. One night I took a small orgonite tablet to bed and held it in my hands all night.. BIG MISTAKE as I couldn’t shut down to sleep until I took all the orgonite away and moved them into another room. My plants seem to be thriving with orgonite placed around my garden and I have it by my pc and tv to catch any microwaves or ELFs.

    Anyways, these links should keep you all busy for a while and I hope your new year has been kind to you with good health and happiness. :)

  342. Russ Says:

    Welcome back Mich

  343. Frank Says:

    Now would be a good time to keep a gas mask handy!


    #1 Birds and Fish are now Dying all Around the


  344. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    The penny drops.. that’s the 3rd US official I’ve heard being bumped off this week for daring to expose the truth!

    Thanks for that link Frank.. this EU TIMES web site is full of good info and so far it all leads to the same thing we are chasing.. CHEMTRAILS!

  345. Kate Says:

    I seem to having trouble posting comments here. Four times I’ve gone to the trouble of getting links, etc only to have it disappear into the ether!!

    So, I won’t add links here, I’m just checking if my comment shows up.

  346. Kate Says:

    Oh my goodness. Terrifying pics coming out of Queensland tonight. People swept away in walls of water and flash flooding. Stay safe, Jim…

  347. James Says:

    Things are getting more than interesting.
    Strange days, strange skies but most people just go on with life as if nothing unforeseen is happening.
    Below is a link to how the north pole is shifting.
    Could be a reason for all the earthquakes that are happening world-wide.

    And below is a lady who seems to know what is going on with chemtrails and what they are spraying on us at present which is causing all the bird and fish deaths. Very scary. She says the elite are getting scared. Expect some fairly scary things to develop this year.

  348. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    The Queensland flood crisis is worsening. My heartfelt thoughts go out to those up there battling the water at their doorstep. Stay safe Jim and Russ and whoever else lives up that way.

  349. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    James, this video you posted has already been removed..too close to the truth?? Yikes

  350. Russ Says:

    Thanks for your concern Mich, however I don’t live in QLD. Think it’s just Jim. So hopefully he’s safe

  351. Kate Says:

    Let’s hope she doesn’t also turn up in some waste dump…

    I see the American powers-that-be are eyeing off some more “big brother” measures since the shooting of the Congresswoman.

    Been doing reading on a whole heap of subjects. A few points that might interest some of you. Aus Parliament House is a masonic symbol. Do some googling and you’ll see the pictures. Birdseye pictures are especially obvious. Apparently Canberra is one big masonic design.

    Also, someone else mentioned large tunnel networks under Canberra. Big enough for small lorry type trucks to travel under there. They go under Parliament House, under Black Mountain (where Telstra tower is, and all their satellite dishes), under Canberra Hospital, and under many foreign embassies. This is according to a woman whose husband has been in them…

    The Jewish star of David is also a masonic symbol…(If that’s not enough to get people thinking, then I don’t know what is…) Star of David was also (apparently) a House of Rothschild emblem.

  352. Jim Says:

    Hi All,
    Sorry I havent been posting for a while, had 4 seperate floods in almost 3 weeks at my house, 2 of these delivered 12 inches of stinking water and mud over everything, lost just about everything except the car and myself. Slept for 3 nights in the roof, the car was parked up on the railway line with about 30 others, had soda water and a few packets of jatz bikkies and eventually got rescued.

    I’m staying at my daughters house in Dalby, my computer is not very well just now, it’s all in bits so I’m using hers instead.
    I took the whole of the right thumb nail right off trying to tidy up the mess here, other than that I am OK, just don’t know when I will be back but will B back.

    Theres a whole lot of people a lot more worse off than I am.

    Dalby has now run out of petrol, supplies are only being issued to emergency vehicles, the water treatment plant has been inundated with flood waters for the second time, we are on level 6 restrictions.
    NWO might take away our material possessions but they wont break our fighting spirit, just make every one more cranky and deturmined.

  353. Kate Says:

    Good to hear you’re okay Jim, and you’re still intact…including your fighting spirit!

  354. Frank Says:

    Glad to hear your ok too Jim,,,evil weather modification plans that add to average natural flooding area’s are always messy,,,,,,,some GOV spokesman on news today is already planting the climate change seed, stating this flood indeed is a result of rising sea levels from climate change,,,these servants dont waste time (while the mind is weak, vulnerable and in shock),,,,soon you will hear the great SOLUTION to end all our fears, an agenda we cannot say no to,,,,,this whole stupid thing is like a chess game that they make us move when its our turn,,little do people know the move we make was already planned in advance,,,,,,,,,,,,,I say we pick up the chess board and frizby it

  355. Kate Says:

    i say we pick up the chess board and whack them over the head with it.

    Ahem!! Peace and non-violence to you all, folks…

  356. Russ Says:

    chief golden light eagle (soiux) @ 1:46 he mentions chemtrails

  357. Kate Says:

    They’ve now got a legal fund started for the organic farmer whose had his organic status taken away after his crop was contaminated by a neighbours genetically-modified canola.

    I really hope Aussies get behind this, or we are going to find ourselves in the same boat as some American farmers. After their crops were contaminated with GM, they were forced to pay Monsanto the loyalty fees, even though they didn’t want GM to start with!! Crazy or what?!?!

  358. Kate Says:

    It’s good to see The Health Ranger from Natural News has been taking on some NWO topics lately. He has a worldwide following in the hundreds of thousands.

    His latest one on weather modification:

    Notice in the top left hand corner that over 90,000 people have already “liked” the article on facebook!! Wahooo. Keep it up!

  359. Frank Says:

    Good link, should send that link to all your QLD contacts to send on to others,,you never know what sparks the mind

  360. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    REMEMBER: The poisoning of our skies means the poisoning of all our lives.

    Think about this! The planet is now so poisoned ­with billions of tons of barium, nano-particles of fiber-coated aluminum, ethylene dibromide (a pesticide that dries out every mucosal part of our bodies and destroys the soil), and the rest of this Chemtrails spew, PLUS chronic low-level radiation, and 100,000 other mostly untested chemicals– so that thousands of edible plants are already having tremendous difficulty growing normally. Have you noticed how the taste has changed in vegetables? For example, carrots used to be sweet. Organic carrots used to taste sweet and crunchy. Now they are bitter, even when grown in supposedly “organic” soil. How can they have a sweet taste, when all our soil is filled with a poisonous brew of Chemtrails and pesticides? The term “organic” no longer exists.


    We were never meant to be experimental laboratory animals on an indefinite basis. Don’t forget: in most all of completed lab experiments, the animals are killed. On paper, this is supposedly illegal by our own and international laws. This goes for all living beings and the entire web of life. This also means the entire food chain! We are at the top of this chain. All these laws are disregarded, as if they did not exist. The latest nightmare is the almost nine-month-long Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe continues to decimate the entire South. Everything! All living beings are still being sprayed at night with the Corexit 9500 dispersant AND Chemtrails. Serious illness is rampant. The sham of any vestiges of “democracy” have been deliberately and secretly destroyed, now done at an accelerated pace, especially over the past decade.
    Read more:

    Lovin those links, keep them coming!! The race is on now… after watching Wake Up Call we are feeling things speeding up and the NWO agenda is almost upon us. Watch here for those that don’t have the dvd yet and like Frank said to me ‘grab the popcorn’:

    I posted a blog at my other chemtrail forum about how much I believe our weather is totally manipulated now. We were expecting a weather event here that said we should be on high alert for flooding.. next thing you know they rip apart our sky with chemtrails opening the leaden clouds like a zipper and making sure it stays sunny during the Australian Open tennis. Today they are rallying for flood victims which is great however, I do hope the money gets there this time because this is devastating for all those affected including poor Jim. Glad to hear you’re not in QLD Russ, I don’t know why I thought so??

  361. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya everyone, I have been reading up and listening to this video at EU Times web and wanted to share it with you. Breaking news reported by Colleen Thomas. John P. Wheeler III murder motive revealed! Phosgene gas chemical trails to kill people in U.S., Europe and China!
    as you listen roughly 9:10 mins into it, she mentions that the shadow governments responsible for this are in USA, Britain and Australia. Interesting to see your thoughts on this..

  362. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    OMG you all have to watch this:

    Now we know why the younger generation are so self absorbed and aggressive. I got this above link at this web: awesome reference site.

    Enjoy your Sunday guys and gals.

  363. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    wow, you wern’t kidding. Those people have gone insane .


    Thai rain making comes to Qld, August 8, 2010

  364. Frank Says:

    Thanks for the links guys,,.
    Seems we are being attacked on all fronts,,,,,Jst need to hang in, and remember rule no1,,

  365. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks so much for posting that link Russ. I left quite a blog at thecrowhouse regarding this very subject and I’m just relishing the responses I’m going to get.

    Reports said Queensland Premier Anna Bligh had recently forwarded a letter to King Bhumipol, now 83, acknowledging the assistance for access to the techniques.

    Anna Bligh was hanging by a thread as Premier of QLD prior to the floods but now she is the reigning queen of Queensland since she stood strong and showed her people how she can lead them through these tragic times. She is going to lead them straight into the NWO if she gets her way.
    The media has turned her into the darling bud of QLD and now the people of the state adore her too. If the reporters who are told what to say only knew the truth they’d freak out but would never be allowed to utter a word with fear of losing his/her job.

    If the people who lost everything in the floods knew this information, they will hang Anna by her feet with her head under the muddy waters she brought to their land.

  366. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    including poor Jim… hope he’s ok.

  367. Frank Says:

    There was a 9 news poll that asked “Do you think Anna Bligh would make a good Prime Minister”?

    The shadow Gov plays this game well, looks like they may be dressing up the turkey as Anne is so obedient to them, NOT the people (example, fluoride push against peoples wish’s).

    They only do polls to monitor how well their deception is going, have been doing it for years

  368. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I didn’t see the poll Frank but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Julia Gillard PM by default is an embarrassment and we all know it. I felt the same as you with them preening Anna Bligh for PM because she is very trusted now. Again I agree totally with the polls monitoring how sucked in us humans are. Same for reality tv when they ask you to txt or call them.. just a sneaky way of knowing how many suckers are watching and they make heaps of money at the same time.
    People can be so clueless..

    Back to FLOODS, it’s the mateship of fellow aussies that is getting this huge mess cleaned up and donations are pouring in from money raised in appeals. Has anyone asked the question, are the council tips allowing all this rubbish to come in for free or are they being paid out of the funds donated to the people? Anna must be rubbing her hands together now as the money pouring in is exactly what her state needs, not necessarily the people who need it either.

    I had an epiphany the other day regarding where does all the appeal money go when billions of dollars are raised for the plights of those in disasters and many never see it before it drys up?

    My theory is that all donations that go through the banks stay in the banks and is used for paying interest on the loans the governments are in debt for. Whether we send a cheque or make payment via cash or credit card I reckon a good chunk of money raised goes straight to pay off the perpetual debt we are in. That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it!

  369. Frank Says:

    Had a legal thought,,,,,
    If they can manipulate the weather (which they can) to make it rain, make drought,cyclones ,earthquakes ect,,,,,WHY did they not make the rains stop so the floods were not as severe?

  370. Frank Says:

    You have to watch this NZ sixty minutes story and pass it on,,, what they dont wont you to know,,K8 this would look good on your site…

    Full clip

  371. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Good morning all. Thanks for those informative links Frank. I was told years ago that Vitamin C in high doses is a pretty good cure for cancer or for lethal viruses but totally forgot all about it till now. Isn’t it typical the medical association refuses to use it or even test it to see that it does work..they are mostly in the pockets of big Pharma so it makes sense that they don’t offer it and would rather inject toxic chemicals into you in the form of chemo.. makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

    Anyway I found another chemtrail flyer:
    We can grab some ideas for our own flyer perhaps and refine it.

    I was up late and decided to research further into this web:
    all related to the detention camp site in QLD. Half way down the page it shows THE SECRET SOCIETIES COVENANT and because I missed it last time, I thought maybe you did to. so this is what they had planned for us all along…

    There are many related links to left of page and I’m slowly working my way through them. This guy is definitely unplugged and is urging us all do something.. what? is the big question when you read #34 that warns ‘When a LIGHT shines among them, we will extinguish it by RIDICULE OR DEATH, which ever suits our cause best.’ (gulp)

  372. Kate Says:

    Good link, Frank. We should try and get this out all over the internet. It completely backs up what my naturopath has always said about vitamin C. In fact, my dad used high doses of vitamin C after being bitten by a red-back spider. After a day, he had a fever and his feet were really sweaty as his body pushed out the poison.

    I think Vit C and Iodine in large doses could be our best defence against anything the NWO throws at us, including nuclear or biological attacks. (That is, if they don’t restrict it first via Codex Alimentarius)

    I agree. If they can make it rain, then surely they should have the technology to make it STOP raining?? I see the Anna has announced an enquiry into the floods. Wonder if that will extend to her getting rain-making technology from Thailand???

    For some reason, I haven’t seen a single chemtrail here, since sometime before Christmas. This is puzzling. Could it be they don’t spray when parliament isn’t sitting?

  373. Kate Says:

    Mich, I made a big post yesterday about what we can do RIGHT NOW to resist NWO, then lost it when I hit “Submit”. Aaargh, dont you hate that?!?!

    Basically, I wrote (short condensed version)

    1. Support small business and local growers. I know everyone always says this but many people don’t seem the “get it”. The more big corporations monopolise the market, the less choice we have and less power. Yes, it costs more in the short term, but if we always make our choices based on price, then we are going to end up paying the price in other ways, like loss of culture, loss of diversity, loss of livelihoods for families and small business, loss of freedom to choose, etc etc…
    And we know that the elite use big corporations to pay for their evil schemes. Do we really want to have our hard-earnt money going to further their cause. No thanks!!! Avoid the big multinational companies, and support small local businesses.
    2. Get out of debt, and stay out of debt.
    3. Support Australian Sovereignty Party
    4. Teach yourself/kids/grandkids survival skill. YOu never know when we might need to use it. Such as growing your own food, surviving in the bush, what to do in case of floods, fires, nuclear attack, etc. Personally I feel that this should be taught in our schools, but I guess there’s a fat chance of that happening. Also, martial arts or self-defence are good skills to have. Not to be alarmist, but better to be prepared than not.
    5. Teach others what you know. Not completely overload them, then they avoid you for the rest of their life. Just start on the less controversial issues, like fluoride, and share just enough to get them thinking. IF they show interest, gradually (over time)work up to more controversial issues like bioengineering, global government etc.
    6. Avoid vaccinations. This one kind of goes without saying, I think.
    7. Avoid genetically modified food. Most people would be surprised to know that the majority of processed foods contain at least one genetically modified ingredient. Our labelling laws suck!! I believe the True Food Network publish a list of products that contain GM ingredients, and it’s growing all the time. Apparently, their latest bright idea is GM mosquitos…
    8. Don’t allow the fear of “them” to control your life. That’s just what they want.
    9. Throw your support behind those who are already out there, fighting the good fight. They are probably subjected to all manner of ridicule and threats. Encourage them, help them out, and spread the word about them. United we stand…..etc,etc

    That’s all I can think of, off the top of my head. Anyone got anything else?

  374. Yoda Says:

    Brilliant common sense advice Kate!

    Unfortunately I see more and more of our friends/neighbors/co-workers failing to see “the forest for the trees” although I have meet several new people lately that are waking up.

    Also some of the young people who seem to be inordinately wise for their age and on the right track which causes me to think our future may indeed be brighter than we may think.

    We may in fact be very surprised.

    On your list Kate I would recommend on the political aspect to support Independents or Nationalist type parties if the Sovereignty people are not around.
    Nationalist type parties are the most hated enemy of the Global Elite – Australia First and One Nation being examples – notice how ALL political parties in Australia joined forces to destroy One Nation, every newspaper, every TV station spewed forth every form of propaganda & venom and still they couldn’t get rid of them so they arrested and imprisoned the leader of the party on charges that were later proven false (Tony Abbots dirty tricks division of the Liberal party were instrumental in this) and thus Australia had its first Political prisoner.
    Why are Nationalists the Globalists greatest enemy? Because they are driven people with their own community at heart, not some multinational corporation and they are by and large incorruptible!

    On the support of local businesses and community I would add to try and get to a point yourself of some self sufficiency, network and form trading groups in your local community – learn to grow your own food, fruit trees, veges, chooks if you can, this can be done in very small areas using permaculture principals.
    An added benefit of doing this is you meet a lot of people of like mind and you will find you will be able to mutually support each other when times are tough – this is the real idea of community.

    Have the means and ability to defend your family from the “wolves” when times get tough, again as well as the basics like firearms, martial arts, a food supply community plays a very valuable part in this.
    A cohesive community that backs each other up is invulnerable to almost all types of catastrophe that can occur, I have seen this many times in my area where many small towns and community have no police and there is no crime, and if there is or unwanted outsiders arrive – the community sorts it out itself very quickly and efficiently – wild west style.
    This is what we call tribalism, your family comes first, then your tribe “local community” and if anyone threatens you or your tribe the tribe comes together and eliminates the threat.

    We in western countries where all is seemingly good have forgotten all this however they say western civilization is three hot dinners away from anarchy and it doesn’t take very long in times of hardship for all the politically correct nonsense to fall out the window and the cold harsh reality of life to dawn on people.

    Small rural communities have massive advantages over urban environments, most people there will be somewhat self sufficient and it will be easy to build up trade networks, not only that but everyone knows everyone else and will assist each other without hesitation in times of need – contrast the flooding of small Queensland towns and the reaction of the local people to what happened in New Orleans in America.
    In one circumstance the whole community gets together and helps out until the problem is solved in another people rampage murdering raping and pillaging until their handouts from the government return.
    Guess which was which.

  375. Yoda Says:

    This is a no hole barred view of an economic collapse – this Guy lived through the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina – he writes of what he learned and experienced at this time – this is very very good first hand information for anyone thinking about lessening the impact of whats coming on their family and themselves.

    Keep in mind whats coming is very likely to be several magnitudes worse than what happened in Argentina!

  376. Kate Says:

    There’s some great info on that blog, Yoda. I especially like his point about STICKING TOGETHER in groups. Those in the city and country both were subjected to voilence, robbery etc. The best defence was groups of people sticking together in rural settings so they could grow their own food, and living within “shouting” distance of each other.

    Re: One Nation. I was a teenager when they were making waves in the political world, so didn’t really understand what was going on behind the scenes then, but I knew that my dad supported and voted for them. But I was most interested to find recently, an online newsletter of theirs that spoke about NWO and global governance, and then I had the lightbulb moment. AHA!!! THAT’S why their reputations were completely destroyed and basically run out of town.

  377. Kerrie Says:

    Mich, I had a look at that cleanairandwater site. I am trying to keep a clear head about all of this because to be honest it’s freaking me out in a big way. To the point I’m finding it hard to think about anything else pretty much. But, while this is very suss, in some of the photos of the stadium you *can* see trains within the compound, and those frame things that go over railway tracks (I have no idea what they’re called). So maybe (just maybe) this place is a train security compound as the chickie in the letter described it as?? Please don’t think I’m a delusionoid, because I’m not, I’m just trying to retain some perspective here because like I said, this stuff is scaring the crap out of me. I’m finding it hard to plan or think to the future, to think about my kids’ futures…what the hell is the point?????

    Also, I read the secret societies covenant and it is def. disturbing. But who wrote this? What proof is there that this was written by the “elite” or some other evil bunch? I am not trying to be argumentative or whatever, there is no one more convinced that there is some seriously sinister stuff going on in our world at the moment than me, but realistically – how credible is this particular stuff?? Where did it come from?

  378. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for your posts Kate and Yoda.. Can’t see chemtrail activity here or over a week but it’s always so overcast and cool it’s hard to tell unless I hear the drone of the jets spraying above the clouds.

    Kerrie, I’m sorry this upset you and yes you need to retain perspective with most of what we hear or see these days..think back to when you first found out about chemtrails or FEMA camps or NWO.. did you believe it all at first? Did you fight it in your mind saying ‘it just can’t be true?’

    I did with most of what I was told by a truther friend until I did the research and saw the proof myself. I still fight him on subjects like ‘there was no Holocaust’ because it goes against everything I ever saw or heard growing up but as I keep falling down the deepest rabbit hole some things just make sense now.. why oh why didn’t we just take the blue pill and go back to sleep??

    Think about where we all used to get our information from..the tv news, media papers or radio and guess what; these are all owned by the same Global Media corp. We’ve been deceived with their illusion of truth for years till the internet came along and opened our eyes and minds to the lies they printed in the news or had repeated on tv by reporters. Every news update further embeds the skewered truth to the masses and they believe it with blind faith all the time.. were were the same once but now you’re awake Kerrie, you never must stop questioning everything and retain an open mind always..

    I pointed out the covenant because I feel it is very accurate of the evil establishment and it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true..sickening as it is. I don’t know where they got this info from but it all connects quite solidly with what Michael Tsarion says in his Origins of Evil video, found on youtube. It is very disturbing and the guys at don’t hold back with their facts and findings as you have found out. I can’t say 100% if it’s all fact but I do know the owners of this site get a lot of their info from Brian Shaw, a well renown truther here in Melbourne who has strong ties with the ASPA. He is behind the push to charge Julia Gillard for Treason.

    Don’t get upset, get angry because this is your kids lives they are messing with and only you can prevent them from ingesting their ‘fun’ poisons, avoid mercury fillings or having them vaccinated.

    My daughter is hoping to start a family after they marry in March and I’m worried sick for my future grandchildren. I am worried because all babies are now injected with Vitamin K after they’re born and it’s the start of many insidious jabs to come throughout their childhood. My daughter is well informed about vaccines but her fiance is from an ‘old school’ of thought family and says his kids WILL be vaccinated because he believes they are good for them.. I hope Dani gets her way and says NO JABS and lets her kids immune system sort it out which it does if left alone.

    Also the education system here in Melbourne forces all children to be vaccinated before enrollments into schools or kindergartens and if you can’t prove vaccinations with records, they will not allow them entry. Fascist or what?

  379. Kate Says:

    The way I see it, it has taken them hundreds, if not thousands of years to manipulate the world into the place it is today. It’s not going to happen overnight.

    And they aren’t ready to wipe out the world just yet – they can’t be, otherwise they would just “pull back the curtain” (As Frank Zappa put it) and let us all see the show.

    For this reason alone, I’ve got hope that we still have time to fight. We DO still have some freedoms – we need to be using them for all their worth. We need to absolutely protect the freedom of speech that we’re allowed on the internet.

    Kerrie, this is what I would do, in your position. Take a break. Try to spend some time with your little ones, and enjoy their company. I always feel better by being proactive. So, start small and take steps now…grow your own veggies if you aren’t already, pay off any debts, maybe get yourself and kids to a martial arts class or similar, get your family as healthy as possible – an excellent book I highly recomend for anyone is “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon (I think?) It’s based on the work of health pioneer, Weston Price, who spent his life studying long-living tribal people and their diets. It’s a fantastic book with over 700 recipes.

    An action campaign is not far away. We’re working on it as we speak.

    Just wondering if any others here are on Twitter? I highly recommend for all of you. I haven’t been on it that long, but I’ve already got a little network of like-minded people who share links and support each other. It could really work for us in getting news/ideas spread out into the cyber world. Let me know your account name if you sign up. You can find me at

    Mich, check the school vaccination thing. Here in ACT, you can get into school without being vaccinated but you need to get a Stat Dec signed by a doctor. I’ve been through it getting my youngest into childcare. The doctor will carry on like a pork chop, and try to talk you out of it, but he will eventually sign the form.
    My (unvaccinated) son was the only child at family day care who did NOT get sick, all Winter, so it just goes to show….

  380. Kerrie Says:

    Mich – that site didn’t upset me any more than all the other stuff I read on a daily basis…I must admit, I was really horrified watching that video – almost to the point of tears, but then I saw the train in one of the pictures in the stadium and just thought hmmmmm and wondered if *maybe* it is just a simple yard for securing trains, you know? I think I am reasonably intelligent, but I do tend to believe too much of what I read straight up and can also be a little paranoid… so I’ve got to keep my head in check when dealing with this stuff and question things and weigh it all up before I go off on a tangent and want to pack up and move to the moon. For me it’s too easy to read stuff on the net and just automatically panic and lose sleep, which is why I questioned this, I guess. As I said I really struggle with this on levels I didn’t even know I had before “waking up” so maybe it’s my protection mechanism, I don’t know. And yes…it’s hard to let go of what we’ve all been grown up/programmed to believe is true and reality…it’s a almost like a grieving process to some extent.

    What I find most frustrating is that the “awakened” are still so much in the minority and also the way people treat you if you bring this up. I’m working on letting go what people think but it’s hard. So many times on facebook I want to share stuff from Alex Jones or many of the other sites I’m a fan of…but then I think, no, I can’t deal with the “you’re a nutter” comments and don’t bother.

    And what happens if “they” do get the internet? What are the chances of that happening? I shudder at the thought of being disconnected from you like-minded people who know what the deal is!

    Kate – thanks for those suggestions. Something you said in an earlier post about this being about good and evil and how (hopefully) good will “win out” really resonated with me and really has made me look a little bit at my beliefs and re-evaluate a lot of things, and brought some comfort (I was feeling a bit hopeless at that point!), so thanks. Also, I love Weston Price’s philosophies on health and nutrition and do try to incorporate them into my family. I would love to eradicate grains entirely from our diets but it’s sooo hard. I have Nourishing Traditions too :)

    And you’re right, if nothing else comes of all this awful knowledge I now have, it’s taught me to appreciate each day more and appreciate the people I love. It’s actually changed my entire perspective on life.

    I admire and envy you people who did not vaccinate your children. I wish I’d known then what I know now…I could kick myself with what my lack of knowledge has possibly done to my children. Makes me so angry how hoodwinked we’ve all been.

  381. Kerrie Says:

    BTW there is a very lively chemtrails discussion going on here

    The usual shills and debunkers…but some interesting points of view as well….

  382. Russ Says:

    ~Submitting Chem pics~

    Hi all! Ok a few of you were wondering how you could submit pics. Here’s how?

    If you wanna submit pics, FIRST reduce the size of your photo’s. To or somewhere between 450×338 – 450×320 pixles, somewhere close to these sizes, before emailing them to me. Once you’ve done that, send them to my email via the contact tab above.

    There’s no guarantee, that I’ll put everything sent my way up. And may not even put photo’s up straight away. Maybe day’s, or even a week to put em up. Bottom line, music/work comes first.

  383. Russ Says:

    Would be good if that website would put an address to where that detention camp is? So that way, we could judge for ourselves, as to what we think it could be? I zoomed in on the photo, until I could read the name on the building. It says “Skilled Park”. So I googled that and found the stadium/arena in QLD.

    However, there dosen’t appear to be any high razor wired fences around it, in google street maps photo’s. I know the website, at first, said it’s ‘near the arena’ NOT ‘THE Arena’. But the website info is a bit conflicting. As one minute, it says it’s near the arena, then on another photo, it say’s it is the arena?

    So if the detention camp is near the stadium/arena, then how near exactly? Because there dosen’t appear to be any other big building on google maps, right near the arena, from what I can tell anyway. Maybe someone else can find it on this street map and help us all out here. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here?

  384. Kate Says:

    I think I’ve found it!! Go to the link that Russ posted above, scroll a bit to the left. It is a long narrow-ish stretch of looks like cement, between the railway tracks and the green sports field and it says in small writing on the screen “Lot 737″.
    It is indeed surrounded by a fence, the fence on the left definately looks like it’s got barbed wire along the top, but it’s not as obvious on the right hand fence. You need to zoom in as far as it will allow, but it’s still not enough to see it as clearly as we’d like. It basically looks empty on the inside, except for maybe an excavated part in the centre, or something?

    It has a cement footpath along the top side, which can be seen in some of the photos on the clean air and water site

  385. Kerrie Says:

    Kate do you mean the google maps link that was posted, or the actual cleanairandwater website? I’m on the google maps one and I’m just going around in circles, literally lol!

  386. Russ Says:

    To the left, just looks like a pile of dirt to me. Then again, these maps can be 1 or 2 years ago

  387. Kerrie Says:

    Here’s another arial shot of that whole area….can’t see anything but the stadium here…now I’m totally confused..or am I googling the wrong stadium??

  388. Kate Says:

    Okay, sorry I haven’t explained properly. You need to go the birdseye view. Here’s a better look. Go to this link and have a look without zooming in. Immediately to the left of the stadium is railway lines, then immediately next to that between the railway lines and green field, is a long sort-of rectangle patch of cement. That’s it. Zoom in on it, and you can make out the fence around it.

    It has to be it. It fits in with all the pictures on the clean air and water site…

  389. Kate Says:

    Aaargh that link didn’t work either!! Anyway, go there, and try and get onto the birdseye view (think it’s named “Satellite”??) and have a look. Gosh, they don’t make it easy do they?!?

  390. Russ Says:

    According to your airel pic Kerrie, It’s the same address, so that’s same Arena then. That round-about in top left corner of arena , looks like the street map we were viewing from

  391. Kate Says:

    In Kerrie’s pic, it’s to the right, just next to the railway lines, the long rectangular cement bit. Looks like it might be under construction – that picture was taken in 2009.

  392. Kate Says:

    The other way I just figured out is go to the link: then go to the “Search Maps” box towards the top of screen, and type in “Lot 737 Robina” then the picture we need comes up.

  393. Kerrie Says:

    I see the concrete bit next to the station. I was wondering too, with all these maps etc that we’re looking at, whether stuff just hadn’t been built when these photos were taken.

    To me though…that stretch of concrete looks like it comes off the railway lines that supply the station that services the stadium. Wouldn’t it be logical that they’d have a “train sleeping area” (for want of a better description!) next to the stations? And that it would have to be secure? Since trains are often the target of vandals, especially in remote areas like this?

    I don’t know…

  394. Russ Says:

    pity the real view is not available for ‘Lot 737 Robina’ can only drag and drop the little gold man a street or 2 back from it, about as close a view as can get. Can see some foot bridges being constructed

  395. Kate Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t get the little man to co-operate either. I’m going to do some searching around the net to see if I can see this thing in the background of Skilled Stadium. Is that stadium where Gold Coast Titans play?

    You’re right Kerry, it could make sense if it was a train holding area or something. Although the lovely murals on the fence…?

  396. Kerrie Says:

    Perhaps they’re just trying to pretty it up since it’s so visible from the stadium? There is definitely a photo in there (I tried to stick it in this message but it’s not working) of a train within the walls of that compound and in other photos you can see those metal stanchion things that are in train yard thingos, so maybe it is. It’s a much more palatable option, that’s for sure…

    As much as I’m loathe to find ANYTHING unbelievable these days, it does seem a tad unlikely they would build a concentration camp right next to a sports stadium. Why would they? In a big island like this, surely they could find a better spot?!!

  397. Kate Says:

    I agree. It seems like a strange place…

  398. Kate Says:

    Actually, this site has map and what seems to be more up-to-date pictures if you scroll down to the bottom of the article. Might take a while for all the pics to load. It shows more railway lines inside compound and a building as well.

  399. Russ Says:

    Thanks for that link Kate. Yeah with those pics, you can really get a better look. I remember this site had really good pics of the pyramids in parliment house under that pyramid shaped flag poles

  400. Russ Says:

    Maybe it’s just me… but I find some of this guy’s work, absolutely hilarious. Head was swinging backwards, with laughter and tears rolling down sides of face. Really great artwork, which I’m sure you’ve all, seen all over the web, at some point. Liked the ‘Choice TSA’ one and the ‘Church of Climatology’ LOL … :)

  401. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Wow my last post has really started something eh? I tried to look for it myself on googlemap but being I’m blind as a bat doesn’t help. Look the thing is, we need to retain perspective about all of this and considering Google is now owned by the establishment, I’m sure they will not allow us to see much of anything.

    I can’t work these googlemaps for shit and somehow ended up on street or traffic view.. when I pointed the mouse to Robina stadium there was a quote that popped up and it said ‘PRETTY LOUSY EXPERIENCE IF YOU EXPECT TO PAY FOR A CARPARK NEAR THE STADIUM! THERE IS NO PARKING WITHIN ABOUT 100KMS OF THE STADIUM.’ Well, well now isn’t that interesting???

    Thanks Russ for the dees illustration link. Love those pics and they make for good additions to my forum blogs at thecrowhouse.. up to page 15 with chemtrails.. more responses than any other topic there apart the welcome page.. I’m so chuffed to be reaching out to many others who are still figuring out if truth is really stranger than fiction..

    After browsing through determined to find a contact link, I decided to click on INDEX at the top of the menu and VOILA, a little down the page was ‘direct email contact’ and here it is: If you have any questions or doubts, I suggest you email him and I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer everything that doesn’t gel with you & back it up with proof.

    Kate I’m looking forward to reading up on Weston Price’s philosophies on health and nutrition.. seems our survival will depend on it!

  402. Kerrie Says:

    I will def. email these guys and ask why, if this is a future “concentration camp”, there is clearly a train and train paraphernalia smack bang in the middle of it.

  403. Kerrie Says:

    Just tried to send an email. Got an “undeliverable” message in return. Hmmm.

    I do think the lack of parking is strange. Perhaps with how well serviced by public transport the place is, they didn’t feel the need? Def strange that.

    I would be interested to know what else is in this compound (and I asked this in my email…) Are there buildings? sheds? what? or is it just an empty yard for trains?

  404. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Just returned from beach and shops..woke up to a clear blue sky and by the time I got ready to walk out the door within an hour of waking, they started blanketing our sky with chemtrails.. I took my camera with me and continued till take shots till my batteries ran out. Lucky I had extras to replace when I got back because they have almost covered our sky now. I will send these to Russ and hopefully will get them posted. I will add a few of my best shots to date (reduced) as Russ asked.

    Good for you Kerrie, ask away and hopefully they can explain any anomalies you find or feel about the whole idea itself.

  405. Kerrie Says:

    I just googled “why doesn’t robina stadium have parking” and came up with this..

    Seems they’re trying to get away from providing parking at places like this (probably to force us all to use public transport, no doubt)

    Also, Suncorp Stadium also has no parking.

  406. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    This is a must read for you all:

    I hear some people in QLD are breaking out in sores and I heard it could be morgellons in some cases.
    As if these poor folk haven’t been through enough.. Jim please take care mate, last thing we need is you getting sick especially since you’ve had an injury and that mucky water you are cleaning away there is full of god knows what!

  407. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    That is very strange Kerrie because in Melbourne there is ample parking at most our sports venues including the MCG and all within walking distance. Mind you, over the years more and more parking space is disappearing in the inner city (Docklands/South Bank) and being replaced with more stadiums or taken over by extending existing arenas therefore pushing people to take public transport.

  408. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    You have got to check this out: wtf are they? Any ideas?

  409. Kate Says:

    LOL. My 5yo just burst in and said “Mum!! The aeroplanes are spraying the gunk again!!”

    Actually there haven’t seen any planes spraying today, but there have been suspicious wispy clouds since we woke up this morning.

  410. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    lol Kate, that’s too funny. Nice to know your 5yo is very aware and hopefully will educate their peers at school when the time comes. So much for no chemtrails in Canberra eh?

    We have been bombarded since yesterday and when I left to go to the beach and shops this morning it was a thick overcast of cloud cover. I heard the usual high altitude droning and by the time I got across the highway and headed towards the beach, the clouds were parting and leaving lots of unusual wispy shapes and lines. I’m hoping to send Russ some pics over the next few days so we can start posting our shots online for all to see.

  411. Frank Says:

    Hi everyone,
    We have had no CT’s during the day for about a week now,, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spraying,,they are spraying full bore at night here 12am, 2 & 4,,,,we have had heaps of letters to the editor here published in our local rag that encourages people to look up CT links ect,,,,and locals are staring to wonder more,,this is why i think it is become more covert in our area,,,why dont you guys start writing out mature well thought out letters to the editor in your local paper, and if they dont publish call them up immediately and ask why your freedom of expression is blocked as we did at first,,,they now publish all our CT letters if we quote sources and is written logically ,,, i can send anyone coppies of most letters to look at if u like.

  412. Frank Says:

    p.s that cat bothers me!

  413. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    That’s marvellous news re awareness being on the up in Mildura due to publishing of letters in local rag. I may as well try it too so yes please Frank, send me a copy of your letter because the copious amount of emails and letters I’ve written so far have fallen on deaf ears.

    I also heard from a chemtrail chaser friend who said this ‘on a positive note, my dad recently did a trip down to Melbourne and back, and said in SA there’s signs people have put everywhere saying “look up at the chemtrails” and such. Also he was pulling into little outback towns, and they had shops with all the info, dvd’s and stuff we are all aware of. So it’s good to hear things like that!’
    Damn straight, that’s awesome news on all fronts.

  414. Frank Says:

    No probs Mich , will send you a few,,but beware there is always a “somebody” trying to mock you in the next day paper,,will send copy of one of those too.

  415. Frank Says:

    Guys please sign petition

  416. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the link Frank!

    Was thinking if chemtrails are supposed to contain Aluminum and Barium amongst other chemicals. That means, that when we go to a fireworks show , with all that smoke drifting down afterwards. Technically we’re breathing in the same stuff. If you look up fireworks, you’ll find out, that they also contain Aluminum and Barium.

  417. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Ok my 3rd fluoride petition is signed but alas they still pump that poison into our waterways! ;( Thought you may be interested in this link. As of yesterday, the Australian Sovereignty Party now knows about Anna Bligh asking for rain making technology from Thailand from the article posted here and she will hopefully the next politician charged with treason if they get their way!

    Russ I looked up ‘what’s in fireworks’ and this is what I got at
    There are many chemicals also used to provide various levels of burning or exploding. Some create colored stars, bangs and reports, and crackling. Chemicals used include aluminum, ammonium percholorate calcium carbonate carbon, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium (many compunds) strontium, sulphur, titanium, and more.

    I’m certain AND MORE includes BARIUM if we look hard enough. Crikey, the sad part is most families bring their children along to these fireworks events and the kids are shoulder high having the plumes of chemicals drift down on them not to mention the air they breath. I’m going to open a new topic at to warn others now.. thanks for that Russ, in the future I’ll make sure I only ever enjoy fireworks from a distance on on tv! ;)

  418. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Russ looked everywhere for your email contact.. can’t find it on your page. I want to send you my best shots of chemtrails and have others do same so we can post our pics somewhere here.

  419. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich, really? Just click the contact tab up top and majic, there it is.

    However this might explain the reason. If you’re using firefox browser, then my site will not be opening correctly for you, unfortunatley. In meantime I’ll put email here russaimz [@] russaimz [dot]com . (Naturally take out all the brackets and replace the ‘dot’ with ‘.’)

    Here is another list of fireworks ingredients (scoll down to one of the heading’s Pyrotechnic Compounds

    (btw, I’m not saying hey look fireworks have some same ingreds as CT’s, so therefore that = ahhh…scary..scary… they’re out to get us!! Obviousley those ingreds are what’s needed to make the fireworks, work. It’s just an observation of, hey, that’s interesting CT’s and Fireworks have at least 2 same ingreds, so public can be aware at least, of what we potentially could be breathing in..)

  420. Kate Says:

    Our chemtrail “holiday” came to an end today. They started spraying this evening, about an hour before sunset. Will be keeping an eye out tonight, to see if they’re spraying thru the night.

    Wonder if it’s possible that these planes could be remote controlled?? Dunno if they’d have that kind of technology yet?

  421. Kate Says:

    Oh, how flattering!! Who knew that FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand) was keeping an eye on me, and found it necessary to try and refute a “tweet” I made on Twitter. Unfortunately for them, I don’t go away quietly, and I also have all the studies to back up what I’ve written. Maybe they’re worried that they will be exposed for allowing poison like aspartame into our food supply…

  422. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    That is a damn shame about the resuming of chemtrail spraying and tbh Kate, I have asked the same question re remote controlled craft dropping these chemtrails. People have seen black orbs floating around near newly sprayed lines and others have seen them tailing the jets but so far there is no actual proof apart what you see on youtube. Also a big wow, that is flattering if the FSANZ are watching you and I’m not surprised they tried to refute your information, it’s what they do!

    I found this article for all to read..seems Bill Gates is right up there with the NWO..

    On a positive note, lucky we have websites like this to make an informed decision:

  423. Kate Says:

    Veeeery interesting site about how overpopulation is a myth. Very interesting the quotes from that Malthus guy – it reads suspiciously like the NWO de-population agenda…

  424. Yoda Says:

    yeah Russ – David Dee’s is great – ive been keeping an eye on him at (the oldest and biggest alternative news site in the world) since the mid 90s.

  425. Russ Says:

    Cheers, thanks Yoda.


    Hey everyone, remember when the movie Zeitgeist and also David Ike and many others, were talking about the elite wanting to microchip people. Having their goal and then doing the totalitarian tip toe by bringing everything in incrimentally to get to their goal. Like, first microchipping pets to get public used to it etc…

    Well, have a look at this bit of mainstream news

  426. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that rense site guys, did you pick up that wikileaks story there on the vatican.

    Ive always believed that all roads do lead to Rome.
    Have you guys seen one of the best Doc’s on this subject, its called
    “lamp in the Dark” by Chris Pinto (2010). you can download i think, if not,,could even send burnt copy’s if you like (pretty good stuff, guaranteed to switch a few lights on)

  427. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for the posts and updates.. please keep them coming! ;)

    Here’s more for your viewing displeasure.

  428. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I found it! ‘Lamp in the Dark’ is here:

    Btw, you have to join to listen to video and once you do join you can upload your own vids.
    Basic is free so worth 5 minutes of your time. Thanks for your kind offer Frank, may still take you up on it! :)

  429. Yoda Says:

    Interesting – I know some of the people ive met over the years have thought the Catholics are behind everything – interestingly all of these people were Catholics LOL , I can thus understand the “fixation” with the church as this is a product of their years of conditioning within that organization, even though they now have open eyes they fixate on the source of their prior experience as the source of all evil – this is a natural human psychological response.

    I haven’t been raised in a religious environment and thus see the Catholics and religions in general as irrelevant – what you put your energy into – you become, or what you water – will grow.

    With my experience so far I would not suggest the all roads lead to Rome but that All roads lead to Israel would be more apt.

    Consider also that Wikileaks has a heavy Mossad/Israel connection – why for instance haven’t any documents been released on Israels crimes in the Middle East or Israels control over the US Media/Financial sector – interesting!

    I advise everyone to move forward with open eyes and open minds and don’t let your past hold you back from finding out the whole truth!

  430. Russ Says:

    I watched the video for the link that Kate put about the overpopulation is a myth

    Interestingly a news story this morn, saying over population and pushing need for GM crops
    World food production must double, says UK chief scientist

  431. Kate Says:

    Yep. All over Twitter (including UK scientist organisation) saying GM food is needed if we are to avoid a global food shortage. What a load of B/S. I’m really starting to get p***ed off now. If there ever is a food shortage, you can be sure it’s a manufactured one. They’re just spreading fear, so that they can infiltrate every corner of the globe with their genetically modified crap, and take over complete power of our food supply…

    Remember their modus operandi problem-reaction-solution (Problem:overpopulation,food shortage, global warming, Reaction: fear and panic Solution: GM food, carbon taxes, depopulation. There now! Problem solved!!)

    BTW, I also think that all roads lead to Israel…Rome is either a minor secondary player, or a puppet of Israel…Can’t decide which.

  432. Frank Says:

    No Probs Mich,,can send if you want..

    I dont think the average Catholic is behind anything except trying to do the right thing by putting there blind trust in the vatican.
    I dont believe ex Catholics speaking out about the vatican are mainly talking about how they were “conditioned” or even abused by priests but have studied the history and present policies the vatican still hold.
    (A Lamp in the Dark)
    I feel there are 3 power sources working together in the world today to pull off a NWO
    (1) Military (US), (2) Monetary, (Israel Zionism, ), Spiritual , ( Vatican the brains)

    Although there are many jews/Italians/Aussies ect, that worship the power of money, that does not mean they are all part of NWO agenda,(be like saying every Italian is in the mafia).
    Problem is, Zionist’s who basically believe they are the chosen ones to rule over everyone believe they own the land of Israel outright (described as jews, BUT ARE NOT,, as quoted in the big book)
    Incidentally there are hundreds of thousands of jews living happily all around the world (including Iran) who refuse to go back to Israel to live and are totally opposed to ZIONISM.

    Dont want to sound like an expert on the subject ( im far from it), but this is my understanding over the years and LITD definitely filled in a lot of missing peices.

    I dont put too much faith in the supposed Albert Pike (satanist) letter to a high Jesuit priest (Mazzini)1871,,but the actual letter is interesting reading

  433. Russ Says:

    Firstly, not saying that this is what it’s meant to represent, I don’t know that? Also I have not seen anyone else show this or read about it anywhere to know if others have noticed, to compare.

    When I first saw the ‘Commonwealth Bank’ logo, I alway’s wondered what it meant. As it looks quite strange, if you ask me. As far as I can tell, I can’t see a ‘C’ or a ‘B’ in the logo. However when I kept staring at it, I was suddenly taken aback!!! I saw a 3D (capstone-less) pyramid rising up off the logo. Some buildings even have lines running across the black portion of the logo, like representing steps up the pyramid perhaps? Now everytime I see the logo on the TV news/cricket etc.. Can’t help but see this pyramid. (To see it: Basically the black section, would be the shadow side of one wall going up. Like you’re looking down on it from birds eye view)

    If not mean this? Then anyone have the real answer as to what it’s supposed to mean?

  434. Frank Says:

    Cool clip ,,,thanks James

  435. Frank Says:

    Your right Russ,
    That is a strange looking symbol, never took much notice of it before, could not see the 3D illusion though.,,, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  436. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    To the extent that we, the people, are removed from control over our lands, marketplaces, central banks, and media we are no longer empowered. In practice, those few who do control the land, central bank, media and “free market” are the real rulers of our corrupt and declining “democracy.” I totally forgot about this site and wanted to share it with you all. A few years ago I was watching Q & A on ABC and the word ‘Oligarchy’ was mentioned in the context of world affairs and governments. I’d never heard this word before and felt compelled to look it up in the dictionary asap. I wasn’t happy with the dictionary’s explanation so I decided to research further on the internet and came across the site above. Now I see why I was so determined to find the meaning of Oligarchy as it answers so many questions and more..

  437. Yoda Says:

    Haha great stuff!

    Interesting how the audience member accuses Jim Corr of being Anti Semitic for questioning 911 – lol

    Why I ask you is one group of people totally free from criticism?

    Why is it that you can criticize the Catholic Church for the Inquisition or the the US Military Industrial Complex for its war mongering but you can not mention the j0os.

    Why is it that you go to jail if you research a certain historical even and discover something isn’t right about the story?
    Why dont you go to jail for historical revisionism on any other historical event?

    Ill give you a clue – Anti Semitism was first made a crime by the Communists in the Soviet Union – it was a death penalty offense, why?

    “In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.” Joseph Stalin

    It was the means by which the established order maintained its control.

    Thats right – the people that Tortured, Murdered and Starved to Death 66 million Russians and 25 million Ukrainians and other East Europeans were guess who!

    Interesting isnt it that the Media is silent about those who caused the biggest mass deaths and most human suffering of the 20th century – I wonder why?

    Could it be that the Media is owned by the same people who ran Communism which was financed by the same people from their American banks, this same people who make up 0.2% of the world population yet own 95% of its media and banking interests.

    Now perhaps you understand why it may be that this group is not to be criticized in any way shape or form.

  438. Russ Says:

    Have my own theory as to why there were 2 planes that flew into the towers.

    Would’nt 1 plane be enough for the shadow government to dupe the public into believing it was terrorists. Then the penny dropped.

    Of course!!! The first plane is for people to hear it on the morning radio news and also for those already watching the morning TV news.. ect… So of course, after the 1st plane hit, everybody around the world is going to be rushing to their TV sets to tune in to find out about this plane that had hit the world trade center. (I remember the clock radio alarm going off for work and hearing on the news (news report was very sketchy) a plane had flown into the world trade center building. Was thinking they meant a little light plane had maybe gone too close and messed it’s Nav up and accidently hit the building. So did exactly that, rushed over to the TV to see if any footage)

    Then BANG that’s when they fly the 2nd plane into the building, knowing that all the news crews will now be focused on those buildings. And knowing that they’ll have maximum viewers world over witnessing it live on camera. To really strike maxium fear into peoples hearts.

    btw, happy Aussie day to all! ~ :)

  439. Frank Says:

    Yode do you really believe there was one single fake Jew, like jewish bankers/ illuminatti members, oil barons rounded up in Nazi Germany..,no they would be your average Jewish families (original majority from mainly Russia i think) The ZIONIST (who CALL themselves JEWs) were most likely behind all that ,,,,all im trying to say is everyone needs to get away from “Jews did this” and “Jews did that”, When they should be saying Zionist did this end of story as it plays right into the Zionist hands who hide behind the powers of anti semitism laws (set up, but not for race attacks against law abiding jews.)
    Do you think Jesus and his followers were Zionist Jews, Zionist’s or Jew’s?
    Mentally there is no such thing as a Zionist Jew as they are TOTALLY opposites in there beliefs on humanity.
    Let me explain what a zionist jew looks like,,,lets say you need your house painted, you call up the painters, painter turns up in the drive in a “Pete’s painting” ute, walks up the dr/way with a “Pete’s painting”shirt covered in colors of paint,,,,,you ask how much,,he smiles and says 30 bucks, you say go for it,,he then proceeds to his ute rolls out a lawn mower and starts cutting your lawn (while still smiling)

  440. Frank Says:

    Many believe that the plane that crashed in shanksville, was shot down, as the pilot claims he wittnessed this (pilot now dead)

    They say this was ordered due to maybe something going wrong in the whole set up.

    This plane they say, was meant to hit building 7 (CIA & others building) as it was already wired to blow up and come down, which is the absolute smoking gun when you watch it come down, have you seen the ad some of the victims family put out in NY on Building 7, ,,The ads called “Building What”? as that is what the judge called out after the families of victims requested freedom of info details and calling for a new investigation (even the judge had not known about building 7),,,,,watch the ad

  441. Russ Says:

    Yes, was easy to see Solomon Brothers (building 7) was a demo. Especially when things got out of sync and they announced it fell down 20 mins early on mainstream news..oops…. The one that hit pentagon looked more like a missile

  442. Russ Says:

    Frank, you’ve prob seen this already on PP. Mich, have you seen this one..

  443. Yoda Says:

    Frank – I call it how I see it – and yes I will say that behind every type of vice or destructive paradigm there is a jew, if you are not aware of this then I can only suggest you continue to dig as when you finally get to the bottom of it all guess what your going to find.

    Ask yourself why the jews have been kicked out of every European country at least once?

    Your words could almost have come verbatim from an Alex Jones broadcast – keep in mind everyone has a vested interest – his wife and thus his children by jewish law are jewish.

    Perhaps you could get yourself a copy of the Protocols of Zion where it spells their plan in stark detail and everything it has suggested has happened.
    The NWO calls this document a forgery (ie a document that is non original or a copy of another document) they themselves admit the existence of an original.

    If you dont want to do that perhaps you could look up some quotes from the Talmud (jewish bible) where it says all non jews are animals and that the jews in the end times will rule the world and that each jew will have 8000 slaves.

    If you feel the need to go in and support these people then so be it, you can parrot all the NWO pro jewish propaganda you like but nothing will change until the source of the worlds problems are dealt with in the light of day, people who fear to tell the truth or sit on the fence are doing our civilization and our young people no favors – they are gilding the noose they place around their own childerens necks.

    Or perhaps you are simply not aware of a lot of this information, all I can say is if you seek you will find but for gods sake dont put down those of us that have the facts.

    There is a reason they call the Satanic order the “Synagogue” of Satan, forget the Church and do some in depth research into the Occult “hidden” and you find what some of us here have found to be self evident.

    you may find yourself one day free from unknowing service to the dark lord and his poisonous spawn.

    The Big Book as you call it says he is the deciever, who are the biggest and best deceivers throughout all of history?
    Why were countless jews convicted of child ritual murder from the middle ages to this very day.
    Rabbies murdering and taking organs from homeless people in the US and sending them back to Isra-Hell.

    You may wish to apologize for and accept this behavior but I certainly don’t, for a people who have caused over a hundred million deaths & countless tortures and suffering for no good reason other than their own profit and to sate their sick power/control Talmudic dogma – remember this is 0.2% of the world population.

    Their religious book tells them Frank that you and me are animals to be enslaved and exploited or outright murdered if it takes their fancy.

    I hope you can educate yourself out of the NWO mind control type media miasma that encompasses the world at this time – be warned – only the truly brave spirits/hearts $ minds of this world are able to do this – you may find there is some mention of this in your big book.

    I wish you well in whatever undertaking you choose, I just hope it is towards the light!

  444. Yoda Says:

    Frank – if you have some time perhaps you could have a look at this –

    The protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Find out for yourself what all the hoopla is about and make up your own mind.

    Possession of this book in the Soviet Union (we know who ran that now) would have meant your execution on the spot.
    Read for yourself the information that thousands of people died for.

    Oh PS

    I re-read my earlier post and it comes across fairly harsh – this was not my intent.

  445. Frank Says:

    No probs Yode,,
    I have a mate who feels just as strongly.
    The only point im making is that i do not believe that every single Jewish person on the planet accepts zionism or believes in the talmud (i have read some of those things you mentioned,,,it also states “Him” referring to Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell ,, so i understand how evil/sick that book is..
    I think we are stuck at a place where our points cannot be expressed, meaning you strongly believe every single Jewish person follows the evil talmud & zionist agenda and i do not, i believe there is simply good and bad people in every race including Jews,,,,now if you strongly believe this ,which you do, i cannot make any valid points in your view, as you also suggest i support zionism AND the talmud,,,,,which i totally reject.
    Yode, i dont believe in group judgment i believe in individual judgment which God sorts out in time…
    I do like listening to AJ, but also mainly due to all his great guest’s, i dont take everything he says as gospel.

    Make you a deal ,,ill read all of Elders of Zion,,if you watch Lamp in the Dark,,which i know you havn’t yet.

    May the peace be with you Yoda…

    P.S,,The Holy Bible (The Big Book) states that the biggest deceiver is Satan, not the Jewish race.

  446. Yoda Says:

    Hi Frank – thanks for your response.

    I have downloaded Lamp in the Dark again “I did watch it several years ago” but I cant remember much of it other than the young girl who is getting the exorcism which was fairly wild, and the thing where you paid the church for crimes you were going to commit and thus got off free, indulgences I think they were called.

    I treat people as I find them, ie who you/they really are, I do know several jews and although I can sense they contain certain negative traits which are either genetic or have been programed into them, they are for the most part fairly normal people.

    If there was an option of sending these people to Israel to live in real time the consequences of their actions, ie to learn to be responsible for what they do and live free of Federal Reserve, World Bank, Interest Rates, Slavery, feminism, homosexuality, multiculturalism, masonry, Talmudism etc etc and living with the status que I would most certainly take the former.

    I feel jews have the right to exist and have an area of the planet they are free to Judaise, however I dont want to be judaised, and nether do most of us, more to the point these people have no right to judaise us, we have our own ways.

    Tip toeing around the issue allows them to continue what they are doing – exposing the truth must be the highest priority regardless of the cost.

  447. Kate Says:

    I’m a bit confused. What is the Torah and what is the Talmud? Is the Talmud a more recent, more fanatical version?

    I think I can see both points of view that you guys are trying to express. Yoda is saying that behind all the evils of the world there is a Jew, which is probably true, and Frank is saying that not all Jews are behind every evil in the world, which is also probably true.

    I’m very curious to know if chemtrails are sprayed over Israel. Does anyone know?

    Anyway, slightly off topic,but here’s a few theories of mine…

    Chemtrails, vaccines, GM Food, Food additives are all linked. Each one weakens the immune system, until the person eventually succumbs to cancer/heart disease/stroke/pneumonia etc, but by the time they die, it cannot be traced back to any one source. (And in the meanwhile, they have paid taxes, bought medications, had their wages eaten away by inflation – “hidden tax” – and basically given away plenty of their hard-earnt money to the NWO agenda)

    HIV is a hoax. Read this report, it’s very interesting and makes sense:

    The danger of cholesterol is also a hoax. If your arteries are damaged, you’ll get plaque build-up, whether you’ve got high cholesterol or low. They perpetuate this myth because statin drugs are some of the biggest sellers (I think the top-seller is a statin drug), and they have some of the worst side-effects of all drugs, including severe muscle pain and weakness. BOTH of my grandparents (both on cholesterol medication) are now both on cortisone for muscle pain – their doctor didn’t bother to check if it could be caused by the cholesterol medication). Makes me sick!!! Our bodies NEED cholesterol, without it we cannot utilise Vitamin D (essential for the immune system), and without it the liver and adrenals are affected.

    All this talk of global food shortage and over-population is a ploy to get the public to accept GM food. Scientists all over the world are jumping on the bandwagon now. What a joke!! The West throws away enough food to feed the world’s hungry three times over. They don’t worry about fixing THAT though, because that would mean some big company gets less in their hip pocket. Keep over-producing and keep raking in the profits, that’s all that matters………………..

    Has anyone been following this drama about Obama’s birth certificate? Apparently his long-form birth certificate cannot be found in Hawaii, and some electorate official has now come out and said the birth certificate does not exist (in Hawaii). It really raises the question about how he’s got this far without it – obviously a lot of strings were being pulled, which we already knew. No president gets to power unless THEY want him to…

  448. Kate Says:

    One more thing: this is a great article from the Herald Sun debunking climate change. I read all 288 comments and not one person was able to provide any evidence to disprove his article:

  449. Yoda Says:

    The Talmud is referred to as the Babylonian Talmud because it comes from Babylon – I believe the Big Book makes reference to the “Great Whore of Babylon” what could this possibly mean?

    As far as Obama being born in Kenya all the evidence seems to point this way – however this does not matter – the jewish control mechanism in the US has decided he is to be their frontman and as we all know the laws of the US Constitution have not been followed for years as this parasitic cabal is in control of everything.

    Their next step is to start WWIII which will kill Billions of our people – when will we wake up – the information is in front of our eyes but we are all to fearful to act to stop whats about to happen.

    I for one would prefer to see these people removed from our country and all countries and put in their own nation where they could war monger/murder/rape & torture to their hearts content, but the world would see them for what they truly are and they would have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    The rest of the world could then live in peace and harmony.

    The other alternative is we stick our heads in the sand – pretend the problem does not exist and billions of us will die.

    What would you choose?

  450. Frank Says:

    Lamp In The dark was only released about 8 months ago,, must of been another one you saw that was similar,,, this is done so brilliant i will watch again,,,,,, started reading elders of zion,,very long doc but worth reading, and i agree very hairy stuff,,,would love your opinion on LITD. when you finish. (you will most likely finish before im half way through)

    In the meantime,,,,, we are most likely on the same frustrated side.

  451. Yoda Says:

    Yep – I saw it quite good, although it doesn’t mention to much about the Cathars which I thought was interesting.

    Im saw this some time ago – are you sure its only 8 months old?

  452. Frank Says:

    actual release date was 11/09,,,,,, thought it was a bit sooner than that

  453. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey guys, loving all the info although it is keeping me awake at night lol

    I thought you guys may be interested in this video and hope you can share it and make it go viral.
    I hope this posts here like you have done.. it’s the only way I know to encode videos!

    Russ I had not seen the virgin airlines video till you posted it OMG that I will share with many!
    Much appreciated!

  454. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    damn it didn’t work.. oh well here is the address for you to link to:

  455. Yoda Says:

    yep im sure I saw this a while back, still a good documentary on the religious side of things with some very interesting history.

    But I still believe that the Church is a minor player “although agreed its a player” in the Grand scheme, you know who I think are the prime movers.

    If you read an Author by the name of Joseph P Farrel he also has some interesting theories that might be up your alley – he is a Theologian and Historian most famous for his Giza Death Star series of books and SS Brotherhood of the Bell and many more – however he has written a theological book on the Church that is apparently very very good, I do not have this as frankly the Church does not interest me, however for someone who is interested perhaps may be interested in acquiring this.

    Farrel pre supposes the Jewish elite have invested in the wrong physics and represent the losing “negative” side of the parthenon (An ancient battle between the gods) He speaks a lot of Nazi physics that came out of WWII and that this technology and most of the people involved in it (Martin Bohrman/ General Kammler etc) have disappeared “somewhere without trace.

    He leans toward suggesting the winning side of the Parthenon is returning and that the jewish NWO has to have its NWO in place by 2012 for some reason – they are not going to make it – what this means I cannot say however this stuff is cutting edge and interests me no end.

    He is a Christian and speaks about the church in some of his show here – but these dont interest me much.

    That Byteshow site is great – a lot of radio shows on alternative health and alternative pastors like Lindsey Willams etc –

    Above Top Secret has a page with a breakdown of all his books and you tube videos on each –

    As for Farrel, he is a Christian and is trying to remain mainstream so he never names the jew, is obsessed by NAZIs but you can read through the lines – this guy can read several ancient languages including Sumerian and is the leading person in the world to offer this information with an almost increadable ability to reference the most ancient books of antiquity.

    This stuff is the cream of the crop publicly available on the planet at this time but be warned – this stuff is very deep and to understand it takes some considerable knowledge of history and the occult – not for everyone but if you want the best information with the most relevance to whats about to happen on this planet this is it!


  456. Yoda Says:

    Wow Mich – what a document, it sounds like its something from the turn of the century around the time of the Protocols, or maybe from someone like Benjamin Disraeli?

    I cant verify its authenticity but how could anyone – certainly everything it suggests has happened or is the process of occurring – amazing the bit about the poisons – fluoride, chemtrails etc it all fits together.

    Great stuff!

    Interesting who is behind all this according to this document – its been my suspicion all along.

  457. Yoda Says:

    I forgot to say also – Wes Penre who put out this video has a site –

    Good to see he’s still alive and kicking.

  458. Russ Says:

    Hey Mich,

    Check this online music mag out. This is an Aus one too. Being a muso, naturally I read these kind of things, to keep up with it all.

    So don’t know, if these guys who run the mag, are already aware of these symbols, so they might just be using it to take the piss?? Or if the illuminati really has infiltrated the entertainment industry?

    Check it out, see what you think?

  459. Kate Says:

    Boy, theres nothing discreet about the symbolism on that tonedeaf site, is there?!

    I read through the Protocols of Zion. That was heavy going!! I particularly noted that they do not want any country to have a strong united culture. Obviously they are harder to influence…

    The FSANZ released their report on food labelling today. GMO campaigners were hoping for them to make it compulsory to have all GM ingredients labelled (even refined ones) and animal meat that had been fed GM feed to be labelled. Alas and alack, it seems that we are going to keep eating GM foods without knowing it.

    I note that the USDA in America has just approved Monsanto to go ahead with GM alfalfa.

    I highly recomment everyone to see this video: The World According to Monsanto. It goes for nearly 2 hours, so takes a while to download but well worth it. You’ll shake your head in disbelief at the arrogance and corruption of this company:

    Really enjoyed looking around Farhan Khan’s site. Great to see a youngster so switched on, too!!

  460. Russ Says:

    Thanks for posting that link Kate. Yeah I’ve seen that Monsanto one before Kate, good eye opening info in there. There’s another good film called “Food Inc” I think it might have been Mich? Who posted that link awhile back.

  461. Frank Says:

    Dr Paul Connett ( anti-Fluoride) on Alex Jones show now,,have a listen
    Will be here in 3 weeks for a seminar.

  462. Yoda Says:

    “I particularly noted that they do not want any country to have a strong united culture. Obviously they are harder to influence”

    Bang on – now you understand why they push multiculturalism – to set alien tribes against the host or each other.

    A cohesive independent society or nation is extremely difficult to undermine and destroy.

  463. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    uggh, the world according to Monsanto makes me want to puke at their verbal diarrhea. Did you all see the chemtrails in the sky? Just wanted to show ya the ASP video.. approx 8mins into it Daniel starts showing footage of chemtrails he videoed.

    Gee Russ, I’m not sure if they are taking the piss or not.. I can see at least 3 Illuminati symbols just in their name so I’m not sure. The bands are as unaware as the rest of the sleeping flock and it’s the music industry that infiltrates, designs and molds them to send subliminal messages to the masses.

    Frank I passed on all the flyers to ASP re Dr Paul Connett visiting Mildura. The only problem we had with it is that meeting is on a Sunday and with an 8hr drive up there and back, I doubt it will be possible for any of us to do the trip up.. such a shame because I wanted to be there.

  464. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Off the tangent.. just finished watching this video and I want you all to watch it too. I have always sat on the fence about abortion feeling it was a woman’s choice.. I have never had an abortion myself and neither has my daughter.. I always taught her that prevention is better than cure being contraceptives. What I didn’t know is that when in office, John Brumby passed a Bill to make sure that doctors and nurses do NOT take on the duty of care and leave these babies born alive to die..also abortion is allowed right up until birth. We are the only country in the world that does this and I am truly disgusted they never said a word so those of us with a conscience could not protest. This is an abomination it truly is!

    The ASP are not happy! National Secretary said and I quote “watch the whole video… the bastards need to be tortured mercilessly…”

  465. Kate Says:

    OMG. I knew that John Brumby brought in the law saying that abortion survivors must be left to die, but I thought that the cut-off for abortion was 20wks gestation, so the chances of a baby being born alive was very slim. I had NO IDEA that abortion was allowed right up til time of birth.

    That is unspeakably evil. How DARE they? And take away a doctors conscientious objection, so a doctor MUST perform an abortion whether they want to or not.

    And partial birth abortion?? When you pull the baby out feet-first, then kill it before the head comes out? This is sickening.

    Imagine the trauma experienced by nurses and medical staff who have to watch a baby die, and not allowed to help it.

    I’ve shared the video on Twitter.

  466. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Good woman Kate.. that part about taking doctors conscientious objections away blew my mind too and killing the baby as it’s born feet first is an abomination indeed.

    Remember the outcry worldwide when in Alaska and Canada they were beating to death the baby harp seals for fur? Well this should create an outcry once word gets out and everyone of us should write a letter of disgust to the Prime Minister asking that John Brumby should be charged with murder for passing this bill. Like you I was under the assumption that after 20 weeks it’s too late but obviously not.. I feel sick at the thought.

  467. Frank Says:

    These people have an art in making sick policy’s quiet and low key,,everyone i told this to had no idea (abortion law),,just need to get the word out loud.

    Heres a good anti monsano site, been going for years

    Thanks for passing on invites to ASP Mich,,is a bit far on a Sunday,, but as far as i know he will also be talking in Lismore Tues 15th Ballina Wednesday 16th Feb & Port Maquarie Friday 18th Feb, still far from you guys i know, but at least not a Sunday.

    Yode this E,O,Z stuff, is crazy, sounds wierd how could they allow this stuff to get out in the open about themselves…,,,still reading through

  468. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    You sure hit the nail on the head Frank re making sick policies; keeping them low key and away from public. I’m making sure it goes viral and hoping that if enough people make some noise about it then maybe we can change this MURDEROUS bill. However, it has been kept so quiet now that it is becoming part of the norm in society to kill your unwanted child instead of taking preventative measures against pregnancy. So much for sex education at schools huh?

    I’m tempted to send that video to Today Tonight and Current affairs and see if they have the balls to do a story on it. Have another meeting with ASP this arvo so will bring the subject up there. It was Greg who alerted me to this issue so I know he will be keen to do an expose on it if we can, will keep you informed on how we go..

    RE Dr Paul Connett I’d like you to find out if he is ever coming down to Melbourne and if he does intend to, where is he holding his meetings for anti fluoride talks? If you do get a chance for a meet up with him, could you ask him that please? I doubt that anyone I know is going to drive interstate to see him but I can always mention it.

  469. Russ Says:

    decided to delete my comment and links to farhank501 youtube. upon further viewing of his vids, started noticing, too much religion pushing and enticing for my liking. my personal opinion anyway


    Shock…that link you guys posted about abortion was a huge shock to watch. Going on right in Victoria too.. geeze

  470. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    For those following the Egypt/Tunisia riots. Mainstream tv are showing snippets but not really talking about what is happening. This is how it’s done eh?

    My friend Jamillah who lives in Gaza tells a story of what is actually happening over there if you’re interested in getting an insight of what life is like living in Palestine.

    Re the students rioting over uni fees in London etc:

    Abortion is an abomination after embryo grows into fetus.. it should never happen after embryo stage and the fact women wait so long to decide then abort up until birth tells me they have no soul themselves. These human beings could grow up to be someone of substance and aborting at fetal stage is outright murder.

    There are thousands of childless couples who would gratefully take in a new born baby as their own and nurture it with love. If I had my way I’d force those teenage girls to carry the baby full term and adopt them out rather than aborting it because they don’t like the way they look when their belly gets big..grrr! I get that it’s a woman’s choice but for god’s sake, put a time frame on abortion or make them carry till full term and give the newborn baby away to a couple who will really love and nurture it.

  471. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Kate did you see these at the link you gave us re the anti Monsanto site?

    Here’s a relevant pic for those that missed this site Russ posted a little while back.

    I love this guys take on today’s world.. oh so accurate!

  472. Russ Says:

    STARSUCKERS – watch from @ 5:50 how they fabricate a story

  473. Frank Says:

    Hi Mich,

    He has nothing booked in Melbourne this trip (great shame) but he will be back in Oz in March this year to help out with a towns court action on forced fluoride,,,,im sure he would do a talk in Melbourne if it was organised, can give you more details if you want on email

  474. Kate Says:

    What do others make of the action going on in Egypt? I don’t even know much, just picking up bits and pieces off twitter.

    On the surface it seems positive – people fighting for democracy, but I question EVERYTHING these days. Could it be another case of “them” stirring the pot for their own gain? I hope not. Because I still want to believe in the power of the people, and that “they” do not completely rule the world, yet…

    Can’t stop thinking about those abortion “failures” left to die. I did a bit of digging around, and the abortion rate in Australia is apparently around 73,000 per year. Up to 23,000 in Victoria alone, and some women coming from interstate (maybe to take advantage of the late abortion law).

    I mean. This is doing my head in!! I’ve never agreed with abortion personally, but I can understand why women in certain situations (rape or abusive relationships) might take such an option. But what are people thinking?!?! You want to fool around, you damn well be ready to accept the consequences!!!

    The idea of late-term abortion gives people the option of killing their baby because it’s not the sex they wanted.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s murder. Not abortion, but cold-blooded murder.

  475. Kate Says:

    Photo of Egyptian protesters praying, while being blasted with water cannons….

  476. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I forgot to post the link to where Jamilah in Palestine tells of what is happening in Egypt and has the videos embedded to bring yourself up to date with:

    I was a little clueless as to what was going on there too Kate until I read Jamillah’s blog and watched videos. Basically they protested about the corrupt government and President and they successfully sent him fleeing in exile. Also it’s predominantly about Palestine and how they desperately need building supplies to rebuild their homes and the Israeli soldiers are blockading all roads leading into Gaza.. watch, listen and read her posts and then everything will be clear..

    Frank, that’s excellent re Dr Connett visiting again in March. If you could send me the details I will forward all to Greg and Nik to hopefully put things in motion. I just hope it’s not the labor day weekend because my daughter gets married that weekend and we won’t be available.

    Kate I know how you feel and I’m drafting a letter of disgust to my local MP as well as our default PM Julia Gillard with the link to video.. grrr it makes my blood boil just discussing it. I should have kept my mouth shut but I couldn’t help it and told my daughter about it.. she’s been upset & crying ever since knowing this is happening and I could kick myself for sharing the truth with her. Her best friend is a midwife and I needed her to know as I’m sure she is clueless as most of the medical industry would be unless they perform abortions specifically. It’s gotta be stopped now.

  477. Russ Says:

    Most of you have prob seen this one long ago, so already know the deal. But for those that haven’t?


    This is a 1:50 hr footage of Alex’s, who actually sneaked in and filmed it all (it’s not until about 40-50 mins in that you see him starting to sneak in). DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE (if you pause video at 59:33 you see a truck slowly going past with a big Owl logo on the side. The same owl logo that the Bilderberg group, that they have on their napkins. (Also at 1:05 you can see the actual 40 foot stone owl they worship to)

  478. Frank Says:

    I think these retards worship some owl called mullock or something,,but it was good seeing bits of it again (reminds me what sicko’s we are up against),,,,,,,,,,thanks for the memories..

    Mich, the court case has been pushed out till June, so Connett should be back then (this probably works better for people of Melbourne as you can have more time to organise a meeting if you like,,can help you with flyers ,posters ect, (tip,,anti floruride people who own halls, clubs venues ect usally donate the hall cost to help the cause),,will keep you up to date as he would love to do Melb if organised,,,,,cross fingers , but Truth Radio Australia (Hereward Fenton is happy to have him on air in Sydney (visual or phone) if we can squeeze in the time
    Check this out

  479. Frank Says:

    US shadow government terrorists busted yet again!!,,anyone surprised?
    send it on

  480. Russ Says:

    Not surprsied at all. Convenient way for em to bring in xray body scanners. Thanks for the link Frank

  481. James Says:

    Me wondered how long before the scum would resume their spraying, after the deluge of a few weks ago, all has been pretty quiet on the western front until this evening.
    A perfect blue sky and they did probably a half dozen trails, right on sunset and to be honest they don’t catch your eye as much as if they spray in the mornings.
    Qld facing two cyclones in four days and I would say haarp would have some say in that. Just before the big “rain event of mid january, frank notified me of the haarp colours in the clouds.
    These trails are in almost the exact area of the Haarp activity.
    More rain would finish of the rest of the growers who survived the record rains. Dick(whit)Whittaker and his weather gurus are anticipating up to 100mm’s over the nort-west area of Victoria in the next 7 days.
    Kate, you were so lucky to get Chems. over Canberra a whole week before we did. Now that really pisses me of. What makes you Canberreans so special, to get poisoned before we Vicorians do. I hope I am wrong but I feel they are gearing up for another “persistant contrail” saga.
    I have trouble putting links on the comments page without wiping everything out, but I saw this really good 15min. tube interview today that talks about haarp and chemtrails. If I can get some help I will post it for you all.

  482. Frank Says:

    Done James

  483. Russ Says:

    Hi James,

    Are you just copying the link and then pasting it in to this comment box? That’s all it really needs to make it work. When you say wipe everything out do you mean, all the text you’ve just written?

    If it still doesn’t work, then paste the name here of the vid, then i’ll go search it and post it’s link here for you.

  484. James Says:

    Russ, thanks for your helpful advice.
    I have unfortunately lost everything on the comments page many times, chasing up a link and when i return all the comments have gone. Frank, called and he gave me some tutouring over the phone. It all sounds so easy, but I can make it so hard.

  485. Russ Says:

    No worries James and that was nice of Frank.

    This is a helpful tip: What you can also do is, open up a notepad or a word doc. And type your comment on that first, kind of like keeping it to the side of your desk. That way, if you suddenly realise you need to go grab a link, you can do it without fear of loosing what you just typed. Then just come back with your link paste it in and grab your comment off your notepad or word doc and paste that in too of course. And all ends well :)

  486. Mich Skywatcher Says:
    2011 starts with protests worldwide
    2 UFO’s within 2 days – Angels on the temple mount? Crisis in middle east sends them scrambling
    The 1st video is better than the 2nd but the above article tells of an imminent earthquake in Jerusalem which my friend Jamillah explains below…

    ‘Thank you for posting that…. When I try to tell people here what I saw they think I’m completely nuts!!! Interesting how it said “Earthquake on the agenda” I’d like to know what’s going on in the news, so if you see anything like that pass it along. It is probably the only way the Israeli Zionist can take the “Temple Mount” by having an earthquake bring it down, because if they take it down themselves, through war or whatever, Muslims will start killing Jews in the street all around the world, and that for sure is the wrong direction we need to go in right now.’

    Makes a lot of sense now huh?

  487. Russ Says:

    LOL was funny Mich, how the guy in ufo link you posted, goes “Woah” and then his little chuckle “hhha” “chuuuuurr”

  488. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Yeah Russ but I think it was more of a nervous giggle because nobody can say for sure what it is or was.. much talk going on about HAARP and project bluebeam at thecrowhouse but anything is possible eh?
    World Revolution Made in America. The Biggest Battlefield yet to come will be in the USA
    I think this is to do with the gun amnesty in USA however they won’t be asking for the guns to be given back like they’ve done here; apparently there will be Martial Law with FEMA in control and the soldiers will just walk into their homes with a gun pointed at there heads demanding they hand over all guns and other weapons.. It’s just a matter of time and once USA is disarmed it’s checkmate for them.

  489. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Some good stuff worth knowing-

    Just in case internet ever gets shut down:

    download pdf file to your pc:

  490. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Queensland Environmental Protection Agency

    Support for 2008 Feasibility Study for the Augmentation of Rain & Air Chemistry Monitoring.

  491. Kate Says:

    Interesting reading here: Rothschild Family Timeline

    10 Years ago, there were only 7 countries in the world, who did not have a Rothschild controlled central bank. They were Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Libya, Cuba.

    Now there’s only five…

    Lightbulb moment. No wonder all 5 countries are rubbished in the media, and made out to be dangerous. I’m betting Iran or North Korea will be the next to go…Seems like the media is priming us for military action against either of those countries.

  492. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    News of the World asks all Australians to take the time to read what has happened and what is happening in our country. We all need to be contacting our local Members of Parliament and also Senator Nick Xenophon and maybe even Barnaby Joyce as people who can possibly help put a stop to this erosion of our country from its people!

    It is interesting to note that Tony Windsor, Federal Independent, who helped the Labour Government come into power is one of the many people who have sold us out! He is reputed to have sold his farm to Chinese interests for $3.3 million and from what is said does not intend to stand again for Federal Elections! I wonder why!

    Australian Rural Food Disaster caused by Foreign takeover

  493. Russ Says:

    This was on PP this morn.
    Watch especially 2nd half. The interrogation

  494. Kate Says:

    LOL. I wonder how much radiation it requires to read someone’s mind and know if they have “intention of harm”…

  495. Yoda Says:

    James ive noticed the small puff trails too!

    Kate – very interesting isnt it how Nations without Rothschild controlled banks are “Axis of Evil” nations lol yeah tight.

    Also – I remember going to that Berri factory when I was a kid with my old man – loaded a full truck tanker of ice cold orange juice to go back to Melbourne – it was 45 degrees and I vividly remember scooping ice cold orange juice straight from the open hatch on top into my mouth – wonderful, what a shame its over for them.

    W@e have been sold out lock stock and barrel – the masses (city dwellers in particular) will only realize this when they begin to starve & it will dawn on them they cannot eat money, stock options or their fancy cars – the Wheat will soon sift from the Chaff.

    Its coming and the more I look at things, well overdue for Australians & the World to come back to reality with a cold hard thump.
    I think Nature will not tolerate our self serving insanity much longer.

  496. Frank Says:

  497. Russ Says:

    Here’s the quick trailer to go with Frank’s link.

    Am a subscriber, so got to watch full vid. If you get chance, it’s well worth watching. More ‘gob opening ‘stories’

  498. Russ Says:

    Found it!

    Ben Livingston – Father of Weather Weapons Part 1/3

  499. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that Russ!,,wonder how long it takes people to connect the dots

  500. Yoda Says:

    Frank – found a site from a guy up your way with some good Chemtrail videos – not sure if you are aware of someone else in the vicinity doing this – perhaps you should get in contact?

  501. Frank Says:

    Thanks Yoda,,that’s John, a good friend from here,,,when i first told him about CT’s i think he thought i had lost it,,,,he’s great with a camera and computers,,that last clip he put up was only taken Wednesday just gone..he put a great song to fit the clip perfectly (no more blue skies by Pink Floyd),,but You Tube made him remove the song due to copyright laws,,,if you listen to the song you will know what i mean………

  502. Frank Says:

    oops sorry,,,songs called Goodbye Blue Skies

  503. Kate Says:

    Mildura’s the latest one to cop a dumping of rain and flash flooding. Hope ur Ok, Frank…?

    We’ve had a lot of magnetic clouds the last few days and lots of crazy chem-crap in the sky when we got up this morning. Within an hour or so the sky looked like pea soup.

    Maybe we’re gonna be next?

    I was completely thrilled to meet another Canberra mum via ASP on facebook, who is into the NWO/chemtrails/vaccines etc. So nice to have another like-minded person around…

  504. Frank Says:

    Could have been worse Kate, there will be heaps of insurance claims around town though, mainly for carpet damage.
    Must admit i was getting a bit concerned watching water filling the street (about a foot high) and gushing up my driveway under the house, any more rain and i would have had heaps of damage,,lucky for me the rain stopped.
    Have never seen that happen here like that before.,,,,not saying for sure CT’s were to blame, but they did spray heavy here 2 days prior, so really theres probably only about a 98.6% chance CT’s had some bearing.

  505. Frank Says:

    Scroll down this blog to listen to this 4 part audio interview with ex military whistleblower on whats ready to happen,,,pretty heavy

  506. Russ Says:

    Listening to Frank’s link now, very interesting. Thanks Frank

  507. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Frank, good to hear you’re ok. We are copping this weather event big time here in Melbourne and many areas are looking like lakes with many road closures. RE chemtrails – I thought you guys might want to see this video:
    Alan Watt mentions what is happening here as he has aussies emailing him with up to date info on sighting of chemtrails where the rain is bucketing down.

    Re that video posted, I live close by Patterson River and I have never seen it swell like that since I moved here 21yrs ag – OMG! The sky is lead grey again and we’re expecting another dumping real soon…oh joy! PS: anyone heard from Jim? Is he ok?

    kate, good news re meeting another Canberra mum who is like minded.. always a good thing to have someone to offload this info to as most look at you as if you’re a doomsayer or a nuff nuff lol

  508. Yoda Says:

    frank – I thought you might like to see this, has some bearing on what you were talking about a week ago.

    A wonderful brave and insightful jewish man from the ilk of Henery Makow, Brother Nathanial and the Jews against Zionism crowd talks about the uprising in Egypt, the NWO & much more.

  509. Yoda Says:

    Oh and PS – I hope its stopped raining up your way for the time being – more rain expected next week isnt going to do those grapes much good but at least it will let the water level go down a bit in the mean time.

    I hope all of you are safe and well – Wild Times we are living through.

  510. Kate Says:

    Russ, when you first posted this article on “long white streams” did you have any idea where it would end up? Even you sounded a bit dubious to start with…

    Gosh, what a learning curve its been for all of us. I swear I’ve learnt more in the last 6mths, than in all the years preceeding!!

    My latest investigations have been into how central banks work/money supply, etc. More mind-boggling stuff.

    Have a look at this hilarious little clip about how the Reserve Bank of Australia controls inflation (Pardon the expletive partway through..)

  511. Russ Says:

    You’re right Kate! I was! That’s why I put the ? in the title. I did not know we’d still be here today, commenting and links and picking up new chem aware friends along the way.

    And still was not totally convinced for a long while after. Even after coming across that ‘bill’ that actually mentioned the word ‘Chemtrail’ in it. Although it did really start to persuay me. I was still a little sceptical, as I thought how do I/we know for sure that someone did not just type that up and whack it on the internet.

    Yet my intuition tells me that a lot of the clouds don’t look right and I know for sure I never saw those trails right across the sky, as a child, even a teenager. Same as when our intuition told us on Sept 11 2001 when turned to wife and said “that dosen’t look right?” “Howcome those buildings just fell?”.

    Thanks for your link Kate, I will look at it tomorrow, early night tonight.

  512. James Says:

    Just taking my flippers, snorkel and goggles off.
    357mm of rain in Mildura in less than 2 days.
    The river is a torrent and rising fast
    People are preparing to evacuate along the river.
    All the water from the Darling and Murrumbidge has got to go into the Murray, it is gonna be bigger than big and next week they are forecasting another 100mm of rain.
    I think the CT’s and Haarp may have contributed to the severity, but have a look at this guy Pierce Corbyn and his view that it all happens every 19 years with certain solar and lunar activity.
    The last flood was 92′. Add 19 to 92 and 2011.
    Spot on.
    Interesting is a word that comes to mind.

  513. Frank Says:

    Cool song Russ,,,was talking to James earlier and he actually thought this was an early Midnight Oil song he had not heard before until your name came up (he was quite impressed)

    Thanks Mich,,,,hope you dont live on low ground, unless you need new carpet

    Thanks for that vid Yoda, i have seen that guy do another clip before and thought he was pretty genuine,,,yep i hear we are getting more rain soon, (might buy a small punt,,these guys are starting to p$%s me off),,,,,,, dont recall if you mentioned where you live Yode,,but are you getting heaps of rain there?

  514. Yoda Says:

    In the hills, in my cave with its wall festooned with countless portraits of Henry Kissinger and Bernie Shalom Bernakie :D
    Nth of Melb but not as far Nth as you & yes lots of rain but not as much rain as you.

  515. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank, really, James heard it and thought that. Nice to hear, he’s impressed.

    Sorry to read you’re getting all that Water up in Mildura, James.

  516. James Says:

    Weather Channel ERROR: Looked at the rain stats. for this month and has changed dramatically.
    Dropped significantly from 357 to 178mm.
    Weather channel stuff up again.
    In other words 7inches of rain instead of 14.

  517. James Says:

    Have a look at this little beauty.
    Its perfectly safe. Nothing un-natural.
    Just vapour trails in “saurated air space” as Dick “wit” Whittaker, the chief Meteorologist at the weather channel would have us believe. He knows, he has writted 7 books.
    Maybe he should stop writing books and go outside and have a look in the sky.

  518. Yoda Says:

    357mm would have been almost the yearly rainfall in a couple of days – thought it sounded high but we are living in unusual times!

  519. Kate Says:

    James, which one was correct 7inches or 14?

    Definately something strange in the air. Big decrease in chemtrails but lots of very strange cloud formations, like “cloud waves” and magnetic lines. Maybe they’re starting on their next phase. Whatever that is..

  520. James Says:

    Kate..the correct amount of precipitation was 7 inches and that was at the airport. I measured 200 mm with my green wheelie-bin which i simply left out on the front lawn and several people out in RedCliffs, which is about 15km’s away, recorded 350+mm.
    RedCliffs became isolated and the Calder was closed for some time.
    How are the skies over there in the ozzie capital?
    I went for a 6km. walk this morning and all was clear.
    Cheers and happy easter as the hot cross buns are in the supermarkets already so easter must be only 100 days away. Humour!!!!!

  521. Kate Says:


    Rothschild Corporation buys Weather Central

  522. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Loving all your posts and links.. keep ‘em coming! Just finished watching the Goodbye Blue Sky video and found it to be excellent. It doesn’t surprise me at all the the Rothchilds excuse me Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is involved in the weather program. Btw, what’s with the ‘SIR’ in her name??

    Had this interesting video sent to me re the Landing on the Moon hoax.. best video evidence I’ve seen to date: Just another lie in the tangled web of lies we’re all fed regarding history.

    No more rain here since the 6th of Feb and we’re grateful for that. We’ve been warned of another extreme weather event coming but it’s yet to surface. We had massive chemtrailing 3 days before the big deluge and nothing until today where the sky has been sprayed all day long. With all the chemtrail activity today I’m sure they are pushing for another storm in the not so distant future..

  523. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Frank, thought this would be of interest and worth showing to Dr. Paul Connett. I copy and pasted this from a topic on fluoride at

    Re: 50 reasons to oppose fluoride
    Unfortunately the Ministry of Health in New Zealand had this to say about it….

    What is the Ministry’s official response to Dr Connett’s “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation”?
    A response to Dr Connett’s 50 Reasons to Oppose Water Fluoridation was prepared by ESR for the Ministry of Health. It is authored by an independent expert, Dr Terry Cutress PhD, and peer reviewed by ESR toxicologist Paul Fitzmaurice. It was prepared in response to a request for comment from a medical practitioner. The review describes Dr Connett’s 50 Reasons to Oppose Water Fluoridation as “a selection of published findings … with no balance of evidence…’. The review further states that “the list of reasons and other material supporting claims … opposing water fluoridation are contentious. Some stated reasons … are statements or comments without scientific content. … some of the reasons are … personal subjective viewpoints, some of which lack literal or factual substance. Many of the references are from doubtful publications.”

    Given the findings of the review, health officials see no evidence that requires any change to the policy on water fluoridation. The Ministry believes that there is overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness and safety of water fluoridation in improving the dental health of New Zealanders, and in preventing dental decay. The Ministry considers that the fluoridation of water supplies at levels between 0.7 and 1.0 mg/litre is safe and effective in promoting oral health. The Ministry will continue to monitor New Zealand and international fluoridation research to ensure its policy is safe and effective for all New Zealanders.

    Damn eh?

  524. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    check this out – All Ambassadors Called Back to Washington! This combined with everything else we know that is going on makes me want to say, “Hold on to your hats”

    Teachers have been blamed for the record number of children prescribed ‘chemical cosh’ drugs such as Ritalin. There are now some 650,000 eight to 13-year-olds on the drug or its equivalents.
    This marks an astonishing rise, up from 92,700 in 1997 and just 9,000 in 1990, according to NHS figures.

  525. Kate Says:

    Freaking NZ Health service. They should have offered solid evidence to refute each one of the 50 reasons, instead of some airy-fairy excuses.

    Dr Mercola had this on his site today: About US Govt giving 16 trillion dollars of tax money to bail out the federal reserve, who then lent it to other central banks (including Australia) BTW, is Ron Paul the ONLY good guy in US politics?!?! I see his name popping up everywhere criticising the Fed…

    Yesterday we had cloud cover for much of the day and it finally cleared around 2pm, when I discovered a real mish-mash of chemtrails going in every direction. The glare was terrible, the sun had a big ring around it, and I noticed one wispy piece of “cloud” that was reflecting rainbow colours. Wierd ripple clouds too. We’ve got cloud cover again this morning, but in one gap of the clouds I saw 3 chemtrails laid.

  526. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that Mich,,,will pass on.
    This is the first Gov response i know of in 3 years after Dr Connett challenged any medical
    official to a live debate,,,,,still no debate,,,,,,,,, just more lies from the gestapo headquarters!

  527. Kate Says:

    Hey, guess what everyone!?!?!?!?!

    I managed to get the “QLD govt rain-making” story onto radio this morning!!! The local station Mix 106.3 were taking calls about the flood levy, and I thought, Oh what the hell, I’ll give it a shot, not really thinking they’d let it go to air, but they did!!

    They sounded a bit doubtful at first, the female co-host laughed and said “That’s a good conspiracy theory!”, and I said “Well it’s there on the Sydney Morning Herald website for everyone to see”. I said that I cannot be sure they were using it, but that the Oz people deserved to know, before we are forced to pay a flood levy.

    I’ve just gone onto their facebook page and left the link to the article.

    Hopefully it will get some people thinking, and may even connect it with the ghastly chemtrails we’ve been getting the last two days.

  528. Kate Says:

    Oh, and I also worked up the courage to post my chemtrail pics on facebook for all my friends to see (at the urging of the other canberra mum). Have had a few comments, and one of my mates in Melbourne said “Wow, that’s psycho!” and I’m about to tell him that actually, you are copping it there, too!

  529. Russ Says:

    Hey, you alerted others to the rain article, good on ya Kate. Hopefully some went and searched for the Thai Rain Making article

  530. Frank Says:

    Good stuff k8,
    waking people up can actually be fun

  531. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Way to go Kate, I do like your style! :)

    Got a big meeting today in hope of amalgamating the Sovereignty party with climate skeptics to increase membership so we can register in the next month or so.. wish us luck guys and gals!!

    This is worth a read

  532. Kate Says:

    A brief history of the military using civilians as guinea pigs. (Note the “Project F” on fluoride..)

  533. Frank Says:

    Hey K8,,,,,,,,,,,,,now look what you’ve gone and started!

  534. James Says:

    This is a local production by jaya and daniel
    It is gonna taser Carnies testicles and he will drink hydrodlurosolicic acid – straight and undiluted for the rest of his life as penance for the lies he and his govt. Cronies have peddled on the ozzie peoples.
    Anna Bligh and John will have a fluoride “tea party”
    Its a 9 part series.
    Gonna wake a lot of people up.
    TOP STUFF!!!

  535. Yoda Says:


    THATS A CRACKER literally!!!!!!!!

    Frank – you guys in Mildura are the coolest@!

    Is that you in the mask?

  536. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Good on Elissa.. I bet if anything she unplugged the bloke at National Securities hotline hehe

  537. Frank Says:

    Hey Yode,
    No mate i would never do anything like that,,most likely a bunch of drunk kids with nothing better to do in there spare time…

    Must admit though, the body outline of some of those hooligans did resemble troublemakers i went to school with :)

  538. Yoda Says:

    Ha – the reason I ask is ive sent this to quite a few of my friends & family and when my little sister saw it (shes 27) all she said was “is the guy in the Mask/Arrest the bankers T shirt single”?

    Haha well – she actually works in a bank – I was going to ask her about this but there are some things about your sister you just dont need to know.

    Doing a good job up your way – a great example to the rest of Australia.

  539. Frank Says:

    Thanks Yoda,,(i cant sleep either)

    Now judging by the way this guy moves (arrest the bankers T shirt guy) i would definitely say he is single man (married guys move much much slower) as for his age, if i was a guessing man based on his height and the colour of his socks id say around 32.
    If i knew this guy he would probably be a good mate simply because i hate fluoride being forced on aussie kids.
    Thanks again Yode, hope this Doc starts to wake people up about fluoride.

  540. Kate Says:

    LOL and LOL!!

    LOL at Frank saying married men move slower…Is that because they’ve “let themselves go” I wonder?!

    LOL at Elissa ringing the National Security Hotline. That Matt guy probably went out the back and popped a Prozac, after taking her call…Maybe we should all give it a go. Ring up and dob in our local governments for putting an S7 poison into the water supply.

    (Would be interesting to find out how much money it costs to have a National Security Hotline – and all the associated advertising that went with it – and how many “terrorists” they’ve caught….)

  541. Yoda Says:

    Yes – that Elissa has some gumption – on the Flick The Fluoride site they have a copy of an email someone sent into the National Security Hot line about Fluoride in their water supply.

    Some interesting You Tube videos about Australia linked near her video – of particular interest is an excerpt from THE RING OF POWER –

    & one about the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia and who really owns it –

    Now you know the people who literally own you and are are Chemtrailing you – and you know what has to be done to stop Chemtrails.

    We need to attack the source of all our problems not fight the symptoms, the root cause is the financial system and the Families that control it, ie the jewish Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff & Oppenheimer families.

    It is because of them you have Fluoride in your water and Aluminum & Barium falling from the sky.

    Well done Elissa – Jaya & Danial “Fire Water” & everyone else at the spear tip against the NWO.

  542. Russ Says:

  543. Yoda Says:

    Yes – spot on Russ, what a poetically accurate little cartoon.

    The quickening is upon us, the time is now when many people will start waking up – it is up to people like us to get ourselves squared away with whats going on so we can help those who are just waking up and new to all this – remember small steps.

    Start with easily provable things like Fluoride and then move to the Financial Control Mechanism, then NWO then other things like Chemtrails last.

    I recommend not starting with something like Chemtrails as 90% of the population will write you off as a loony and you have then lost them forever – not only lost to you but lost to the cause as a whole.

    So you risk damaging the cause if you do not do this in a careful & responsible manner.

    All of us are wise enough now to know how to do this properly – anyone who doesn’t and chases people away with topics the layman would consider absurd is tantamount to them working for the Rothschild’s or Rockefeller’s family’s themselves.

    We have the knowledge – we have a personal responsibility to the world to do this right – this isn’t a game or hobby anymore.

    As the quickening continues the guns are going to come out – lives will soon be on the line – and if we are going to be putting our lives on the line I can only suggest we learn to do this right!

  544. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Catastrophic Terrorism – Elements of a National Policy

    Just found this video interesting and wished to share.

  545. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the good find Mich. just when w think we’ve found enough evidence..out comes more.

    While going out for walk this morning, shot this vid.

  546. Kate Says:

    How Martin Bryant couldn’t possibly have shot 35 people dead at Port Arthur.

  547. Yoda Says:

    When I was in the Forces I recall speaking to a Major who had transferred to the Army from Naval Intelligence – His best mate was a high ranking officer from the SAS based at Sterling in Western Australia – anyway to cut a long story short the SAS man told the Major that there was 2 SAS ready reaction teams deployed to Port Arthur 48 hours before the massacre.

    Make of this what you will – I heard this with my own ears, the suggestion being either we did it or they got wind of someone who was going to do it and were there to stop them.

    i suggest further reading of the writings of a man called Joe Vialls, an alleged former Israeli Mossad agent who said Mossad was behind the massacre.

    A very interesting character – some suggest he is a NWO agent, others that he is a deep throat against the NWO Zionest conspiracy – very interesting reading either way.

    The Port Arthur event was a classic Problem Reaction Solution false flag, and very effective, Australia was completely disarmed as a result and wide open for the NWO takeover.

  548. Frank Says:

    Bit confusing Yoda,
    On Kate’s (very long info) link, this Joe Vialls has been trying to expose the massacre for years,,, on your link (Andrew Macgregor) alleges this Joe guy was the actual leader of the massacre (Mossad),,,,,,,,,,,,,im gettn dizzy again

  549. notsobluesky Says:

    Just had to add to comments with the “chem trails” is the sky. I woke up this morning and stepped outside about 6:45…..clear skies and 6 different jets were leaving there “mark” in the sky. Its now 7:44 and nothing but haze from the trails spreading out. Ive lived for 2 years now in Northern wisconsin and have noticed a significant increase with these trails. Wish i had some pics to share. :(

    Worried and pissed in wisconsin

  550. Yoda Says:

    I have a mate who has met Joe Vialls personally – he said he is the spitting image of Ari Ben Menashe the Israeli Mossad Agent.

    Vialls information is wild – including the story of 200 000 North Korean rockets being shipped through Fremantle Harbor in the 1980s as part of the Iran Contra deal.

    He may have also had a hand in exposing Zev Barkan another Israeli agent accused of Murdering Australian tourists in Thailand for their passports to smuggle fake Al Qaida terrorists “Israeli Agents” into Australia to conduct false flag terror attacks.

    More on Zev Barkans/Mossads subversive activities in Australia, New Zealand & North Korea.

    A list of Israeli agents operating in the Australia/New Zealand area and a list of their crimes against our people including one Agent that was deported from New Zealand after he was found to have poisoned 40 000 liters of Milk.

    The story goes that Mossad smuggles drugs into Australia from North Korea to finance its subversive Anti Australian activities here, if they need to kill Australians to get their job done they will.

    Anyone who doubts this may like to have a look at a You Tube video of a North Korean government ship the Pong Su that was intercepted delivering 125 kgs of Heroin just off Sydney.
    One of the North Koreans was found dead and a lot of the real information about this case has been covered up and most of the crew was released – the ship was later used as target practice by the Australian Air force and this is all we heard on the news.

    Why I ask would the North Korean government be smuggling drugs into Australia?
    Who was buying and distributing them?

    This stuff is stranger than fiction, and all uncovered by Vialls, and by all accounts the people involved are the usual suspects.

    Vialls also bought out information that the Bali bombings was done by Mossad – again killing Australian citizens to get us into Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Amazing stuff!

  551. Kate Says:

    Hi Not So Blue Sky,
    Seems like most of the globe is copping it. Here in Canberra we’ve barely had Summer yet. A couple of days over 30 degrees and that’s it. The rest of “Summer” has been cool and cloudy – like today, we’re expected to reach a maximum of just 23 degrees, and it’s been that way all week. Very unusual for us. Yesterday, there was a gap in the clouds, and I counted 5 trails freshly laid….

    Yoda, the link I left is written by Vialls. Everything he says makes sense to me. In that writing he didn’t really point to any suspects, just that Martin Bryant was set up to take the fall for a very professional assassin who managed to kill 12 people in the first 15 seconds, with a single bullet to the head.

    The thing that really peeves me off, is that as soon as anyone speaks out against the NWO, and people actually listen to them and they start to gain attention, they are immediately labelled as undercover disinformation agents. I believe this is a deliberate ploy by the NWO themselves, to further confuse people, and to place doubts in people’s minds. It’s very possibly the reason why we haven’t yet managed to start a world-wide orchestrated effort to bring down the NWO – because “truthers” are too busy arguing amongst themselves over who is genuine and who is not!

  552. Yoda Says:

    Indeed Kate – the oldest trick in the book.

  553. Yoda Says:

    Oh and PS – I believe much of what Vialls says – he is supposed to have died several years ago but another story is he is very much alive and elsewhere.

    His stories sound stranger than fiction but this is the nature of much of the stuff we will come across – I agree a lot he says makes a lot of sense, however shady his background and real identity you judge a tree by its fruits and he has provided much explosive information to us of very great value to us.

    Wherever Joe/Ari is I wish him well, he has made his mark against the Great Whore of Babylon the Zionist NWO.

  554. Kate Says:

    Hope you didn’t think I was referring to you!

    It’s just that every time I read through comments on Youtube etc, there’s always someone there saying that Alex Jones is a disinfo agent, and David Icke is a fake, and such and such is working undercover. Really ticks me off! In the end you’re so confused you don’t know what to believe.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t go into hiding. He’d be a real threat to them, knowing as much as he does.

  555. Russ Says:

    Thanks Frank. I was just really testing out to see how small I could shrink a youtube vid. Not really meant to post it, for real.

  556. Frank Says:

    No worries Russ,,,,catchy song,,you should try get some air play.

  557. Russ Says:

    Thanks again Frank for the encouragement. It’d be nice if someone would pick it up. It’s been on podcasts and things like that so far

  558. James Says:

    From: “Daniel Zalec”
    Subject: Fwd: Mildura this week — God help us!
    Date: Saturday, 19 February 2011 4:43 PM


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Jay-Mah Creations Australia
    Date: Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 4:40 PM
    Subject: Mildura this week — God help us!

    Please watch attached videos filmed from mobile phone on Thursday 17th
    Febrary, 2011.

    Remember: this is a *major food
    *of Australia — AND, the town has just suffered devasting crop losses for
    the year; utterly terrible floods; and, forced water fluoridation.


    Up here in Mildura I was stunned at the military precision of the Chem-jets. All in certain grid areas around the city and suburbs.
    Coming from every-direction at once.
    If people would just look-up and take note they would see that it is not right to have 5 or 6 jets over the city of Mildura at once. Air safety rules have been thrown out the window.

    Daniel Zalec, BA, MA

  559. Kate Says:

    Hey Russ,

    Noticed a couple of “truther” friends on facebook saying happy birthday for Kurt Cobain today, and it made me go and do some reading about his death. Everyones got their own idea. But there were a couple I found interesting:
    One guy was talking about being part of the indie music scene and how the elites hate it cos they can’t make money off of them, or influence them. Many of them are now the subject of MK-Ultra experiments. They’re given money and drugs in return for “experimentation”. Many of the more talented ones are destroyed by drugs and mind control.

    Another said that Kurt Cobain, Elvis, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix were all killed by Illuminati because they were leaders of a youth movement, and knew too much. I guess the other outcome is that, without their idols, the youth become fragmented, gradually drift away, enter “real life”, get jobs and start paying their taxes, etc…

    What do you think?

  560. Yoda Says:

    I still love his music to this day – Dave grohl continued his energy line by changing from Nirvana Drummer to lead singer of his new band the Foo Fighters.

    Interesting to look up Foo Fighters and see what they really were, interesting to name a band that – I love Daves music to – it carries a similar energy to Nirvana but evolved

  561. Russ Says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’d never really thought much about it, until like you, started reading comments. Then noticing that all the singers getting killed, did seem to be ones influencing and opening up peoples minds in a positive way.

    Imagine what the elite must have been thinking when John Lennon released that ‘Imagine’ song. They would have said, “we can’t have the public listening to lyrics like that and have their minds expanding and aware and knowing all this, we better get rid of this guy”. Maybe same for Bob Marley but don’t know much about his death story. As for Michael Jackson, I’m thinking he was killed too. Even some of Jackson’s family members believe Michael was murdered.

    And not just singers too. It’s like when you hear Kennedy’s speaches trying to warn everyone about the powers in the shadows, then you can see why (from their twisted point of view) they wanted to shut him up.

    I’ve been reading about the MK-Ultra mind control thing too Kate, lately.
    Tripping me out a lot, that they can do things like that.

  562. Russ Says:

    Be warned, graphic footage – Army massacres Bahraini peaceful protesters

    Also, in this vid. A guy describing what happened, then near end of vid, appears as if they get shot at

  563. Yoda Says:

    Looks like the corrupt little Emirates “string of Pearls” may fall – if that happens its only a matter of time before the House of saud falls also and then the stage is set for a Pan Arab superstate.

    Maybe Nostradamus will be right?

  564. Kell Says:

    Wow saw Paul Connet tonight, great stuff about Fluoride and as I was leaving saw some huge trails in a lattice over Mildura – some friends of mine are very much into the chemtrail thing but I have always an open mind to the issue.

    Wow Yoda – great links @ comment, takes a lot to bring the wild stuff out in the open without fear of ridicule.

  565. Kate Says:

    Hi Kell,
    Did many people come to Paul Connet’s meeting?

    Just reading through this – the police transcript interviewing Martin Bryant. He’s obviously confused about what on earth is happening to him.

  566. James Says:

    Saw Paul Connet last night and he was awesome. The best part, I think, was when he was slamming the media and politicians by saying how spineless they all were, for letting this poison get into our water without reporting it in any way and our local mp Peter Crisp was there and he must of felt like shrivelling up and dying as the attack from Connet brought huge cheers from the crowd (around 250).
    Another speaker was a guy called Phillip Robertson, a Naturopath from Geelong. He told of how people were having shocking arthritic attacks, but when the went to another town that was not fluorodated they felt fine. And that got him to investigate the F. deception.
    Phillip also spoke of all the natural cures to fight cancers, when i spoke to him at a private get-together after the show finished.
    And then the f..king chemtrails. Ohhhhhh…….I was ready to explode with anger. You had to see it to believe it. They were sprayed at night. The gutless morons. But the full moon displayed there evil sky-webs. Like a scene out of StarWars or Battleship Galactica.

  567. Kell Says:

    Hey Kate – Yeah the Martin Bryant story has a long way to go – perhaps one day we will know the truth.

    Yeah James top meeting and turn out, that Philip guy sounded very interesting – I just wish I could have heard what he was saying – having Frank on one side and Connett on the other there was little hope of hearing anything :D

  568. James Says:

    Below….a video on Morgellons/Chems.
    Scary….you will not be the same person after watching this.
    But watch it!!!!!!

  569. Frank Says:

    Have a listen to professor Connett in action, and pass on,,,,he da man

  570. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya guys and gals, sorry I haven’t posted for a bit but with my daughter getting married in 3 weeks I’m sorta busy as you can imagine.

    Anyways my heart goes out to the Bahraini people who only wanted a peaceful protest like the other Middle Eastern countries have done. Is this going to be a precedent to all peaceful protests? Now they seem to be on a roll especially in the Middle East protesting for their rights and seeing the last 2 were successful, the zionists are going to make sure to NIP it in the bud before they topple another corrupt government or kingdom with people power. Did you hear President Mubarak is living in the lap of luxury in Israel? I somehow knew he was a zionist the moment I heard Joe Biden say ‘you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist’ in an interview with Ron Paul. US, UK & Israel selling Arms to Bahrain before Revolution.

    Anyhoo regarding chemtrails.. here is a video of what’s happening with our moon these days and a little way in he films chemtrails and lots of them. Check it out:

    Its like winter here today and the sky is blanketed in greyness. Even though I didn’t see any chemtrails the last couple of days, I sure heard the planes up high spraying their crap in our sky and the weather is all over the place. Been almost tropical up until yesterday and today is cold with only a little sunshine at midday. Fingers crossed the weather will be warm and fine on my girls’s wedding day. 3 weeks to go woohoo, I’m excited!

    Another big earthquake in NZ.. what they do to piss off the NWO??

    Stay safe and healthy.

  571. Russ Says:

    All the best with your daughters wedding Mich :)

  572. Frank Says:

    How come i never got a gernsey,,,,miss Mitch

  573. Russ Says:

    Got this from Ikes site. It’s hard to watch, feel so embarressed for this guy lol

  574. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes guys! Everything is set to go and now all we can do is hope the weather is good for Dani’s big day.

    wtf was that vid all about Russ? That is the 1st I heard of it.. yes it was hard to watch and I still don’t know what it’s all about lol

    The ASP will be looking for reliable links and sources re conspiracies, preferably an Aussie site. Do any of you know much about Truth News Australia? Any other suggestions. I do like the site James posted the other day and passed that on too.

    Maybe if we get our web page being Wake up Australia or even take over Save Australia Alliance up and running, they could use that as one of their resource links. I have already suggested
    Dr Mercola or Dr Paul Connett as references for fluoride, GMOs and vaccines.

    Sorry re the invite Frank but you are more than welcome to drive over 8hrs to come down and watch the wedding in progress hehe :)

  575. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich, it’s just to show example of people in high places, that could indirectly be running our lives. Scary to think if a person honestly thinks an Island can tip over?? Been watching too many cartoons lol. It was on David Ikes site.

  576. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Ahh now I get ya! yeah David Ike can be over the top with some conspiracies lol

    I was researching HAARP today and found this vid you should all watch. I was gobsmacked as this is first time I’ve seen real evidence although footage was taken 3yrs ago. :(

  577. Kate Says:

    Hi Mich, best of luck with the wedding.

    I’m sure there will be all kinds of HAARP stories coming out online, after this latest earthquake in NZ. I do think it’s quite “convenient” that it happened in the middle of the day, in the CBD of Christchurch, and “only 5kms underground”.

    The other thing that made me wonder is, when they were interviewing the NZ defence minister or deputy PM, cant remember which, on Sky 3 news channel live, he said “Fortunately the army was in the area at the time”, and a member of the press asked why the army were there, and he said “They just happened to be carrying out an exercise, and luckily for us, they have made themselves available to help out with recovery”….

    And then KRudd gave an interview with press and happened to mention that 3 embassy staff just happened to be in Christchurch at the time, and they would now be put to work helping any Australians affected by the earthquake. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it all seemed rather convenient…

    I’m seeing a lot of “truthers” at the moment having their say on multiculturalism” etc and the influx of Muslims into Western countries, etc. This is how I see it, if we concentrate on multiculturalism, then we are focussing on the symptom, instead of the cause. the NWO has encouraged multiculturalism all the way. Sure, it might be one of our problems, but it’s not our MAIN problem, and I think that focussing on it is just distracting us from the real issue. We shouldn’t be fighting other ordinary people, who are just as much victim as we are. We need to unite, and dedicate ourselves to ridding that scourge of the earth, the “one world government” propagandist. The Muslims are opposed to Israel – we should be teaming up to defeat zionism! Not fighting them…

    I too also wonder how much of this anti-Islam sentiment has come from media bias, like telling us that they don’t want us to sing Christmas carols, etc. The Muslims I’ve met have all been lovely, respectful people. My son’s family day-carer was a Muslim. She looked after him for about 2 years, and she adored him. She still asks about him, if we run into each other downtown. She even gave him Christmas presents at the end of the year. Not because they celebrate Christmas, but because she knew that we did.

  578. Kate Says:

    ‘ang on a minute….!! I can “smell a rat” here…

    Just reading this article about QLD govt selling off the rail network (which has been horribly destroyed by the floods) and the deal was brokered by none other than….wait for it……the Rothschild corporation.

    Guess they must be rubbing their hands together over how cheap they’ll get it, now it’s been destroyed by floods. Now the “rain-making” is starting to make sense. Wonder if they’re also buying up other assets dirt-cheap?,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=113&cntnt01origid=80&cntnt01returnid=80

    (Haven’t looked around this site much, but looks to have a fair bit of info.)

  579. Kell Says:

    Interesting – a possible explanation for the use of Chemtrails -

  580. Kate Says:

    Hey guys, have a listen to this!! Scroll nearly all the way down to bottom of this page until you reach the heading “Great Protest Song”.

    A 19-YEAR-OLD wrote and performed this song of protest against “Anna Bligh”, government dictatorship and land theft. Smart young lady!!

  581. Kell Says:

    CIA Agent caught suppling Taliban with dirty bomb material.

    Hahaha oh dear – the cats out of the bag on this one!

  582. Kell Says:

    Hey Guys – the Paul Connett meeting in Mildura on Sunday is now posted on Flick the Fluoride.

    Anyone who is interested and needs info on the Fluoride issue should have a look, forewarned is forearmed.

    Soon you may notice some of our local Fluoride fighters engaging some pro Fluoride talking heads at the end of the meeting, but John hasn’t uploaded it yet as we were not certain it was a good idea.
    To Be Advised.

  583. Russ Aimz Says:

    Image credit

  584. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thought you may like this short video

    Here is Julian Assanges speech to the world media.. such a brave soul.

    I was disgusted to find this video and wanted you to be aware of the attrocities of the British soldiers on the children in Iraq. It’s depravity at it’s best.

  585. Russ Says:

    Woohoo..go Alex!! This was on TV today in Oz as well

  586. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks Russ, Alex Jones sure talks a mile a minute huh? see how uncomfortable they got when he started on all the conspiracies hehe

    check this out:

  587. James Says:

    This is a new video just released from Natural
    A well presented 15min. documentary on the fluoride deception.
    A lot of pace is gathering world-wide as the truth is being exposed.

  588. Kate Says:

    Lol at Alex Jones on The View. I love it how he managed to get out that bit about the TSA “putting their hands down people’s pants” before they all started cackling and clucking like a bunch of chooks, and drowned him out.
    Who knows, hopefully it might make a few people start thinking for themselves..

    I’ve been in a stoush with FSANZ over allowing GM food into Australia and other crappola in our food. I was planning to demonstrate outside their offices tomorrow, but they’ve now said they’ll try to get me a meeting with their chief scientific officer. Here’s hoping! I’ve got a LOT of questions for him…

    Anyone whose on Facebook, there’s quite a number of chemtrail groups popping up there, including people getting together raising awareness.

  589. James Says:

    No wonda’ me is a vegetarian.
    The barbaric acts portrayed on the animals will make you puke’.
    I tried to watch the 20min. film but stopped after 3min.
    How could any sane person work in this environment.
    WATCH if YOU DARE!!!

  590. Frank Says:

    I watch it all James, thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,still recovering,

    This politician got big cahoona’s

  591. Russ Says:

    Thanks for all the links guys. Btw Frank, what are you still recovering from, something happen to you?

    Time for a story~

    Went to spend a day at nephews primary school (edit- actually, just been corrected, it was even earlier, was kindergarten) in around mid 2000′s.
    He was proud and wanted us to check out his school. So there we were helping the kids in class. Teachers still today doing the usual, point out and lable 1 kid as ‘bad’, then get all the other kids to view him as bad too.

    Anyway, they all start singing this song. Mcdonalds, pizza hut, kfc and so on, hand actions included. I’m looking around the room, thinking does anybody else think this is fucked up!! Obviousley not, coz the teacher is the one who organsied the little sing along?? So I’m asking the adults afterwoods, what’s the deal here with this song. Reply is delivered with a grin, ‘oh, it’s just a bit of fun’. Fun? Don’t you mean brain washing, like how the banks got in early in schools, with their piggy banks with logo’s all over em.

    So think I found it on youtube, over a million hits too, topsy turvey world what people think is important to watch. Looks like I just added another view to it unfortunatley.

    Here is the crappy little ditty

  592. Frank Says:

    Good story Russ,,problem is the adults are more brainwashed than the kids,,,,,was just jesting about watching James’s rated R animal farm clip, (did make me feel sick)

  593. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Sorry guys, I couldn’t watch the meat video.. seeing Food Inc was horrifying enough for me and it made me start buying my meat direct from a farm instead of a butcher/supermarket. Feed lot meat is inhumane and the poor animals are stressed from birth to slaughter.

    Thanks for the fluoride vid Frank.. the ASP will be posting that on their webpage. Btw, the week after wedding we are doing a road trip to Mount Gambier to meet up with the Climate Sceptics on their own turf. At the same time we can let these people know ASP want fluoride banned for good.

  594. James Says:

    Mich/Frankie….sorry to upset you with the meat video, but eating meat has always been a sticky point with me after I to saw Food Inc.. It was total barbaranism and my eating patterns went from T-bones, Porterhouses, Lamb-Loin Chops, Rump Steak, eye-fillets and tons of Chicken to my new menu of mainly rice, fish, vegies, pasta and spaghetti.
    Me could hear the jets screeching across the sky in the early morning and the jets can only be heard when the are chem-jets, from my years of research as no jets come anywhere near Mildura except the Virgin flight.
    We were suppose to get a couple of days rain, well today we got very light rain for several hours. But I am so grateful to the weather-controllers that we got just a few drops – thanks!!!
    Below is an interesting link to chemtrails in China….yes China.

  595. Frank Says:

    Thought you guys may find this real interesting and factual, as it will effect everyone in Oz if they get their way,,,Mich im sure ASP would find it interesting.

  596. Russ Says:

    For those in Melbourne. One of my music vids, will be aired on (tv list guide here) ‘Melbourne’ Russ Kellets show tonight 10 – 11pm on CH31

  597. Russ Says:

    Irridescent streak in the sky

  598. Frank Says:

    I was just checking out some live tsunami footage and noticed something rrreal weird,,,,,,

    Check this clip out at the 45 sec mark??????,,,and tell me i aint crazy.. (looks like it comes out of the ocean)

  599. Russ Says:

    Yeah that was a weird white streak, zooming along, what the heck was it frank

  600. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya everybody! The mother of the bride is beaming and very happy.. the wedding was fantastic! Even when the heavens opened up 30mins before the ceremony, nothing was going to dampen our day.
    Now that the big event is over and my kids are on their honeymoon, I can put my attention back to my much loved forums, so here I am!

    Are you talking about the UFO thing Frank? It’s hard to tell what it is, possibly another helicopter? I know it doesn’t look like a helicopter but it’s so grainy, I don’t know what it is??

    My heart goes out to the Japanese people devastated by this Tsumani. I also checked out the vid of chemtrail with HAARP activity Russ but noted the date of May 2010. I wonder if they got more of these prior to this devastation? If they are spraying chemtrails over China I’m guessing Japan isn’t immune to them either. Remember the Japanese government don’t want anything to do with the UN or the New World Order so maybe, just maybe they have been warned via weather warfare. That’s my feeling on that anyways..

    I hope you’re all well and happy despite what is going on outside our own country. We are truly lucky eh?


  601. Frank Says:

    Hey Russ,
    Got no idea what it is,,seems everybody is now talking about it on net,,as it was most likely spotted much earlier.
    Hey Mich, Congrats,,,,(got this strange feeln you gonna be a multiple grand ma),
    Have never seen a copter travel that low ever (with a blaze trail),,and if you note you can see whatever it is, leaves a dust trail as it cross’s over an early section.

  602. Russ Says:

    Hey, welcome back Mich. Glad to hear your wedding went well.

  603. Kell Says:

    Saw that Tsunami footage on the big screen up at work when it was happening – it looked like a white news helicopter, it was much clearer on the plasma – I think the dark object that streaks from the waves earlier in the video is a shadow of a helicopter, there were several in the air there at the time.

  604. Kell Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention – the Russians bought out a seaweed extract product years ago for the Chernoble victims called Modifilan, it gets Radiation and Heavy Metals out of the body.

    Good stuff! – maybe its time to consider getting some.

    Many more details on the benefits of Modifilan from Billy Meiers mob.

  605. Jim Says:

    Im back, had a couple of months away from home caused by the flooding out my way. I don’t want togo through this again, house has bare boards, lost all furniture and coverings, got hit twice in the same week, wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t happened to me. I emergrated to my daughters, have to thank Channel 7 for getting me out as my cries for help fell on deff ears in the police and SES.

    My grandson knows now about spiderwebs falling out of the sky, the sun as a glowing ball, “glowball”, firery clouds that are so bright that they hurt the eyes.

    In the last 60 odd days the world has been changed for ever by idiots in bunkers in the armed forces who think they know everything.

    Had 2589 emails stacked up in my box, quite a traffic jamb there, lol, well it’s clear now but I need to sit down and read the forum from Xmass day to today.

    Mitch, my con-grats to adding another son into the household, I see the wedding went OK for you all, you can look forward to being a Gmar one day :)

    Yesterday and today I woke to dim dirty skies.

  606. Russ Says:

    Welcome back Jim,

    Sorry to hear about all the hardship you had to go through

  607. James Says:

    Hello Russ, Mich, Kell, Frank, Kate and Jim. Looks like 6 regulars, I hope I did’nt leave anyone out.
    The Japanese, earthquake/tsunami was frightening to say the least and straight-away I thought maybe the ‘baddies’ are at play, trying to cause as much pain/suffering/mayhem and disorder as they can, cause the sicko’s get a thrill out of that.
    An aussie guy called Joe viallis saw throught the 04′ tsunami that was biblical in destruction and he noted that the U.S. base at Diego Garcia was evacuated quickly before the mainland countries were even notified and then two of the biggest and most corrupt muthas, sorry opponents,Clinton and Bush snr., were over there days later walking around trying to show that they cared. i remember I had to leave the room and I knew then that something dark had manufactured the “earthquake” Joe says the bastards placed a nuetron bomb in the trench and when detonated made the plates shift.
    But this latest jap tsunam? I am half and half at this stage.
    Below is some info. from the link below which is top stuff, but disturbing!!!!

    I have some information here about the March 11 Japanese tsunami. All the information comes through psychic perception, so there is no guarantee that this is 100% accurate.

    My psychic partner, M. in Germany, was in a healing-meditation this morning when she was interrupted by some incoming information. She was shown a device below the ocean, mainly underground, with a visible part on the ocean floor. She also received the word “West Pacific”. (She has not yet read about the Japanese tsunami at this time. She has seen a headline about “Earthquake in Japan”, but she wasn’t very interested)

    The device had an awful, awful energy (she feels) and it is still working and obviously will continue to cause more trouble.

    When M reached me today, we had a psychic session for further research. We found out, the West-Pacific device is still working. It seems to be mainly an alien production with human participation. Apart from the device, a nuclear device was used for the earthquake and tsunami. It will still provide more trouble. It seems to be able to produce storms because the next thing she saw was a storm; sorry, we can’t name the region. All she could see were nice wooden houses (not poor) being destroyed.

    We wanted to look for more threats of this kind, other devices or anything similar on this planet:

    One device we could find was on the south coast of India. I can’t say much more about it, but it’s something that might be used soon.

    There is another kind of threat in Europe, but more of a perhaps false flag terrorist attack. We could not find the country. It is probably a country with an Atlantic coast, but not Germany. Maybe this attack is not yet defined exactly. But we could both feel it very clearly. There will no nuclear device used. There was also an indication for civil war (no surprise, or is it?).

    For a Scandinavian country, she perceived the words “important change”. We think it’s political, but we were not so much interested in that.

    Luckily, we could not detect other geophysical devices in other places. That means there is no danger of artificial catastrophes at this moment in North- or South-America or the Caribbean, Asia, Africa or Australia and New Zealand. Something good at least.

    Talking about probabilities:

    The most intense perceptions were “the Japanese device is still active and it’s of alien design with human participation”

    Also very intense: “Attack in Europe” without knowing exactly where and what kind.

    Update March 14

    (I forgot to mention that M. saw an enormous, unbelievably large spaceship for a short time and it was somehow related to the object in the ocean floor. She had seen that ship a few days before in another occasion)

    We could not really find out what kind of catastrophe was going to happen in Europe. We got “terror-attack”, but no nuke involved. How could this be a big catastrophe? I received the answer two days later: It will be an attack at a nuclear power plant. This came very clear.

    Now some background and thoughts:

    Why do the aliens do this? There are many possible reasons. First thing is that a lot of nuclear reactors might be shut down because of public fear. That sounds nice, but it will cause a problem with the world’s energy supply. Oil price will go up even more, then food prices . . .

    The aliens will probably use their dark energies (using their device in the ocean floor) to make the worst out of the reactor accident. They will take care that it will end very ugly. Don’t expect a happy ending.

    Another advantage they get from this attack is that many people die, get sick or will suffer a lot. We all know they like it.

    And not to forget: More and more people will believe in an Apocalypse 2012. They really love it when we believe that. We are fearful. We think it has to happen, as if it was “God’s will,” but it isn’t God’s plan and it is no natural event.

    I would like to remind you in this moment, that planet earth is a conscious being. With M’s special ability to contact everything, in this case planet earth, we were able to perceive that the earth has intense feelings. The earth felt the object in the ocean floor as atrocious, nasty, and evil. In other earlier occasions we found out that the earth suffers terribly in places were satanic rituals were performed or when a piece of land was cursed. She also suffers when many people (or animals) die. If you are able to contact the earth, you will feel it.

    If you think about this, it should become clear that planet earth, by it’s own energies, does not want and will not create catastrophes. She feels with us, she suffers with us, she is on our side. Of course she might need an earthquake, but this can happen in a way that nobody suffers. She is able to act that way. If something real bad happens, then this is only possible through an external influence of negative energy. And this is the reason for the alien object in the west Pacific. It creates the negative energies, necessary for the creation of catastrophes.

    We should think about the so-called periodical changes and resulting catastrophes. Are they really natural and based on physical facts? Maybe scientists tell us BS because they do not understand the spiritual context. We have to learn that planet earth, yes, even the whole universe, is philanthropic. The Universe is not a dangerous place; it’s full of love. There are only a few extraterrestrial races which prefer to cause harm and like to bring negative energies into humanity.

    Will you guys please stop fearing 2012? Learn to use your positive energies and fight the darkness.

    Franz Erdl

  608. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya everyone. Nice post James and I also believe what you and your psychic friend are saying. I was suspicious from day 1 of Japanese earthquake and impending tsunami. I was watching an update where they said they had dignitories visit the nuclear power stations 3 days prior to earthquake which sent my hackles rising, then I heard they had radiation drills at the major hospitals in Tokyo exactly 3 days before the earthquake and impending disasters. I started to research and found this out:

    The HAARP magnetometer data provides proof that the Japan earthquake was not a naturally occurring quake – it was triggered. This data shows us that a HAARP military installation was broadcasting the known earthquake signature frequency in order to trigger a major earthquake. The broadcast was most likely being transmitted from a floating HAARP system like the floating Sea-Based X-Band Radar platform that can be moved anywhere in the Pacific or Atlantic ocean. Here is the link: Such a sad situation for the Japanese.. they are so fearful and so should the rest of us considering the radioactive plume spreading it’s lethal contaminates in the sky, soil and water. The Japs have lost the ability to grow food now and the elites get their way by slowly killing the japs they didn’t get first time in earthquake and tsunami. What better way to depopulate than to kill off next generation with radioactivity? I feel so sad for them..

    Nice to see ya back on board Jim, welcome back buddy and thanks for the kind sentiments. Yes I gained a son and he is a good guy too, a match made in heaven for my only daughter. I bet you would never want to go through those floods again. What a sad situation to be in. I hope all is sorted and almost back to normal now. Believe it or not, they haven’t chemtrailled here for over 2 weeks and even though some clouds are suspect, there isn’t much spraying going on by Port Phillip bay which is a nice change.

  609. Kate Says:

    Hi everyone, and welcome back Jim. I’m back at work now, so not much time for getting online anymore :-(
    I’ve been trying to slowly, bit-by-bit educate my friends by casting out little tidbits of information on my facebook status. Occasionally I get a “bite” which then allows me to explain further.

    Last week I went up towards Sydney, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that someone had designed some chemtrail signs, and stuck them to trees at regular intervals along the highway, and at the rest stops. I see on facebook, someone else mentioned that they also have chemtrail posters around Gunnedah. Maybe people are waking up more than we realise?!

    I’m so horrified and furious about this Libya business. I know it’s because they want to get rid of Gaddafi. Not because he’s an evil dictator, but because he doesn’t kowtow to the UN. I recently saw a youtube vid of his supporters showing footage from around Libya, what a nice place it was, and how happy they were with their leader, but that video has now been taken down (Gotta love “free speech”!!!) If you go searching on youtube, there’s videos of Gaddafi giving speeches where he talks about Israel and why JFK was murdered. Obviously the man knows too much, and they want him gone….

    I don’t believe for a second that he’s been bombing his own people. If he’s done any bombing, it may have been aimed at the insurgents who are probably being stirred up by outside forces. If you look up the statistics on Libya, they have extremely impressive life expectancy rates and birth mortality rates for an African country. He’s been in power for 42 yrs, and as far as I can tell, he’s looked after his people well. I think we are simply being lied to again. Here comes another Iraq…

  610. Frank Says:

    Great analysis Kate,,when evil forces control the Military, Politics, Media, World Commodity Prices ect,,they can make people believe Donald Duck shot JFK,,, dont work too hard.

  611. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Well said Kate I agree and as Frank pointed out, the media can tell us anything and the mainstream just go along with the ‘Official story’. Check this out…


    The United States occupation forces in Japan are staging a major strategic defeat because they know the Japanese defense establishment knows it was elements of the US military that set off the March 11, tsunami attack against Japan. This attack used nuclear weapons drilled into the seabed by submarines and not HAARP according to senior Pentagon Sources. In addition, four months ago they overruled Japanese authorities and placed deadly plutonium into the number 3 reactor at Fukushima, according to the governor of Fukushima prefecture. This was to provide a nuclear cover story for the seabed atomic attack, pentagon sources say….

    The attack on Japan was orchestrated by the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller cabal in an attempt to prevent the upcoming bankruptcy of their criminal corporate government in Washington D.C. ….

    In addition, Chinese and Russian intelligence now report that Germany’s Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler….

    The Pentagon, for its part, is running out of oil thanks to a spreading global oil boycott targeting the criminal US corporate government. Bombing Libya will not help their case, just as attacking Japan did not help.

    Their only hope is to turn over their command and control to General Colin Powell and other decent(?) human beings….

    http://www.parenting-healthy-children.c … -blog.html

  612. Russ Says:

    I don’t believe what this video is suggesting. So don’t take it so seriousley, it’s just interesting the similarity to Japan. especially what the news reader say’s after the moon scene

    From the movie “Bruce Almighty”

    Start watching from 4:30 onwards

  613. James Says:

    It was about 4.30pm and I was about to commence some golf practice on the driving range at Mildura Golf Club when I received a phone call from one honourable Sir Frank.
    Frank said to have a look at the chemtrails being laid over the town and in plane sight, I then watched and from a perfect angle, a fantastic air show of parllel lines, stopping starting, curls, long and I mean long trails. These trails expanded and like a big turd just hung in the air over the city for hours. I ventured to a meditation class for an hour at 7.30pm and when finished i noticed em’ spraying at night.
    Today the planes are going about with either no trail or a suspicious looking contrail from “black” bodied jets, but they are flying along chem-jets flight paths. So I would anticipate spraying to ressume sometime today.
    Below is a link to a story on how they are dumbing the kids down. It will make you angry.
    Chee all.

  614. James Says:

    Error message for the above.
    See if this link works.

  615. Frank Says:

    Russ,,,this song got rhythm,,dont ya think?

  616. Russ Says:

    Lol its clever how they come up with this stuff Frank. Ha well done to them

  617. Kate Says:

    Apparently 10,000 protesters turned up to todays Sydney rally against carbon tax. The media is already screwing up the numbers, saying 4000…

  618. Jim Says:

    Hey guys,
    I just came across little bit from it’s about the nuclear fallout over Japan and the rest of the world.
    It paints a pritty grim picture and dosent pull any punches, it’s all up front in the detail.
    You can check it out here

    The site has many links to fallout plumes and you can see them spreadding, the top part of the world is covered, it won’t take long to fill the lower part too.

    Best thing though there are very good suggestions on what to eat and why to boost the immune system from the fallout when it arrives here. Some people think it won’t effect Australia, huh, they got their heads in the sand, winds blow where it goes and you carn’t hold it back.
    All we can do is just to try and protect ones self.

    The first thing you must do is grab a bottle of “Molecular Iodine Colloid” from a good Natural Health shop Den etc, so what do you do with it? easy, I use the dropper to place a drop or two on my arm, and allow it to be absorbed through the skin.

    The idea is to fill the thyroid up full with “good” iodine so when radio active iodine arrives, it won’t be absorbed, and the thyroid gland is safe.

    Iodine is an essential trace ellement we all need.

    Another thing it can do is to be used in an emergency to disinfect water, half a dozen drops in a bucket will probably do the job.

    At this point in time we are so lucky, but what is in store for us all here down the track of time.
    I feel so sorry for those people in Japan, their nightmare is just beginning.


  619. Russ Says:

    Bruce Almighty (the news reading scene)

    Have you guys been hearing about the TV hosts/presenters and now apparently Judge Judy, all speaking gibberish lately?

    Could be some form of mind control going on, like this video below suggests?

    However, am thinking that the universe is changing, the quickening ect…. and since the mid 80′s more of our DNA has been switching on, maybe some people are not able to cope with the transition that our planet is going through and getting brain meltdowns. (ps.. as much as my heart feels for these people, if you take away the seriousness of life just for a few mins. Not laughing AT the person but rather THE situation/the words, some of those words are quite hilarious. Words like “Disrocho” lol and “Bringritz” (the 2nd reporter) oh geeze lol

  620. Mich Says:

    (ps friends, I am (Russ) submitting this for Mich, for whatever reasons she couldn’t get it to post)

    Thanks for that Jim and it’s good to see you back. It’s good to know there is a remedy and I’ve taken the liberty of posting this article by Dr Mercola:

    I’ve been taking pure iodine being cuttlefish ink in a homeopathic remedy as my therapy for Multiple Sclerosis for over 10 years now. My homeopath told me how many people are iodine deficient so do make sure it’s part of your daily supplement as most foods we eat lack iodine. Iodised salt doesn’t do it either, the refined salt is not healthy. Use Macrobiotic Sea Salt and get some more iodine from that.

    Kate I agree, the media did same with the rally in Melbourne. There were at least 900-1000 attending the rally and media said 300 were there.
    MLB737: I’m the chick with the pink top and sunnies leading the march from Federation Square to Parliament with the boys from ASP. 300 my ass!!

    My older sister is headed for Southern Japan on an Asian tour. They were to spend a week in Tokyo but it’s been changed for Kuala Lumpur instead. Should she be worried? She is dead against conspiracies and gives me hell over my views of 9/11 etc.. how can I warn her if she won’t read what I send her unless it’s a joke or chat email. I send her links but she won’t read them..she is stubborn as.. Any ideas to get her to listen?

  621. Russ Says:

    For one thing Mich (not saying that you are pushy, I don’t know you) yet being pushy, if this is the case, is definatley not the way to go. If you think about it, it’s the same as religious people or sales people coming to your front door and pushing their beliefs and products onto you.

    How about Franks clever video, the BeeGees one? It’s really fun and it’s making a hot touchy subject, seem not so confronting. They say people learn best while they’re having fun. You can just tell her, hey check out this great BeeGees music video, (you don’t have to mention the 9/11 part), because technically it really is a BeeGees video. That’s one idea anyway, anyone else got any ideas?

  622. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ, thank you for posting my blog. No I’m definitely not pushy when it comes to ‘truther’ stuff. She asked me if I was ‘one’ of those who believed 9/11 was a lie and when I said ‘yes I am’ OMG I copped hell for it so I just said ‘believe what you want’ and ended the discussion when my sister started brow beating me over it. lol She mentioned that after she leaves Japan she will save on electricity coz they will be glowing in the dark (radiation)and laughs it off.. hmm, she’s a worry!

    Yes the Free Bees (Bee Gees) vid is very clever to get the word out there. I realised long ago that my family prefer to balk at the truth and have always got another spin to it if I try to educate them.
    They don’t want to be awakened and prefer to act dumb and just live their lives, so what to do eh?

    I am just so glad I have truther friends online I can discuss current issues with and of courae, having 1 other conspiracy buddy in real life helps too.

  623. Russ Says:

    I’m hearing you Mich, i’ve got the same type of family members too, I suspect some others of us on here, prob have too. We put something in the spotlight because we care enough to share what we have learned and they’ll patronise or shoot it down first, without even looking at it before hand.

    In the end, we can rest peacefully knowing we lived our lives taking action and at least trying. We all did something, it’s better than doing nothing.

  624. Frank Says:

    i agree, thats right, correctamoondo, amen, spot on, shate yearrrh, yep.
    all of the above

  625. Frank Says:

    p.s ,,,,,is it not weird that the people in our lives we thought we could awaken so easily are the ones hardest to do so, and the ones that hear, see and believe are the ones we thought would be the hardest to see it.
    life is strange,,,,,

  626. Frank Says:

    or just a choice,,,

  627. Jim Says:

    Hey Mich, not much that you can do until she is ready to say, “hmmm I’m thinking about it”, we all have relatives who laugh in our faces saying it’s not in the news or on TV. Maybe show her some photos of Morgellons might shock her enough to take attention to what you are telling her.
    You can rest assured if she gets sick from chemtrails, eventually she will know who to turn to when she is looking for answers.

    Today I found out some more info about the spiderwebs thar are floating down, what they are made of and the patent.

    A Mr Peter Cordani has a US Patent No 6,315,213 called DYN-O-Gel

    you can read about it here

    The article goes on to explain the webs are polymer (thats man made) webs with melanin, ethylene glycol-based monoacrylates and have other heavy metals in them, nice stuff to be polluting the planet with.

    A few months back I took notice of several very long strands that were suspended above the grass by much higher grass, there was gelatinous blobs at one end of it, I took a photo of this and will hunt it up and post it shortly. But reading further down the article that this stuff kills anything in the water, not nice at all.

    I havent read all the other info as yet, just found the site and read the first page, but it needs to be read by everyone. But it tells me Barium is soluable, and it gets into the rain water, I need to figure out a device to remove it from my rain water tank. Probably a filter, steel plates.


  628. Jim Says:

    I just did a Google search for DYN-O-Gel and had a few hits.

    This is very similar

    Heres another

    In this link you can read about some excellent “stuff” it is heavy going but the range is enormious, for instance SKY VAPOR RIVERS you will need to browse down a little about a quarter down the page to find it.
    I had not come across this before.

    Looks like we need to add another substance to the whole Chemtrail evidence lists, DYNO Gel they use it to try and control hurricans which in my book is controling the weather, I read it can settle on our drinking water, vegetables, plants in fact where it falls it stays, anyone want to eat it, or drink it or wear it? Not this kid thank you.


  629. Russ Says:

    (Hi there Jim)

    Feeling really annoyed. Just watched this (band) “Thirty Seconds to Mars” music video “This is War”. It claims to be a song about peace?

    This new world order and war propaganda just dosen’t stop. It’s so blatant, surley kids watching these vids now, must be seeing they’re being brain washed?

    -Note the giant ‘pyramid’ at the end

    The lyrics message saying “The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight”
    and singing “brave new world” (which really = “New World Order”)

    Sadly, going by the comments, it looks like people are taking it as an anti-war vid

    This Is War :

    A warning to the people
    The good and the evil
    This is war
    To the soldier, the civillian
    The martyr, the victim
    This is war

    It’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie
    The moment to live and the moment to die
    The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight

    To the right, to the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the Edge of the Earth
    It’s a brave new world from the last to the first

    To the right, to the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the Edge of the Earth
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world

    A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest
    This is war
    To the leader, the pariah, the victim, the messiah
    This is war

    It’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie
    The moment to live and the moment to die
    The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight

    To the right
    To the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the edge of the earth
    It’s a brave new world
    From the last to the first

    To the right
    To the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the edge of the earth
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world

    I do believe in the light
    Raise your hands up to the sky
    The fight is done
    The war is won
    Lift your hands
    Towards the sun
    Towards the sun
    Towards the sun
    Towards the sun
    The war is won

    It’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie
    The moment to live and the moment to die
    The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight

    To the right
    To the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the edge of the earth
    It’s a brave new world
    From the last to the first

    To the right
    To the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the edge of the earth
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world

    A brave new world
    The war is won
    The war is won
    A brave new world

    I believe in nothing
    Not the end and not the start
    I believe in nothing
    Not the earth and not the stars
    I believe in nothing
    Not the day and not the dark
    I believe in nothing
    But the beating of our hearts
    I believe in nothing
    One hundred suns until we part
    I believe in nothing
    Not in satan, not in god
    I believe in nothing
    Not in peace and not in war
    I believe in nothing
    But the truth of who we are

  630. Russ Says:

    Also this music video

    @ 3:12 Rihanna is singing inside a pyramid

    If you look at the The Glastonbury Festival in UK. You see the stage is a giant pyramid built right near ley lines in the earth.

  631. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Someones goodtime after a party? No seriousley though, have no idea what that is Jim. Maybe someone else will take photo’s of some more of them and you can compare.

  632. Jim Says:

    Hi Russ,

    What type of song is that, wow, it’s got just about everything that rebellion is made up with, judgeing from what I read there they believe in nothing except death, fighting, destruction and chaos, everything the New World Order is trying to achieve.

    As you said Russ, it’s sad, I agree with you on this one.

    Lay lines I believe are points where one can “tap” into energy.


  633. Jim Says:

    PlanetX Niburu is this Comet Elenin?

    Could there be anything bigger than the Chemtrail comspiricy? Or even match it?

    I have just been rattled big time and it felt the same when I first found out about Chemtrails.
    Over the last couple of years I had heard whispers of a Planet X that was out there somewhere, I did try to find out about it but it was very well hidden, and for good reason.

    Today I did another google search “Planet X orbit closer to earth” and hit paydirt.

    I have been reading about this “thing” that is headding our way from the southern hemisphere and it is expected to cause a lot of problems during it’s turn around and until it leaves the solar system, this could explain what has been going on around the earth.

    Reading down the web page you will eventually come across several pics which show an “extra” object in our solar system, from what I have been reading most of the major Govs and astrominators know about it and have decided to not tell anyone of it’s presence.

    We know that the gravity of the moon causes the ocean tides, I wonder if this thing will also have a tidal effect on the seas, even on us here?

    Maybe one of the reasons of chemtrail spraying is to block out this thing from being seen until it’s too late for people to do anything to help themselves.


  634. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim,

    It’s just a modern rock song basically

    ~ I think there could be something in, from what I’ve read others say. That The Glastonbury Festival Pyramid stage, could somehow be being used to tap into the crowds energy using the Ley lines.

    Most people have been to at least one concert in their lives, so you’ll know about how much energy it produces, that you can just feel it.

    ~ Also when I was younger it was so typical, clique, boring etc.. hearing some adults saying rock music was devils music and all this stuff.

    Not knocking AC/DC, love this band. When that band first started in 70′s, really don’t remember seeing any devils horns?? However, somewhere along the way, those horns crept in?

    Saw them when they toured last February. They had these glowing red devil horns for sale. Soooo many people bought them. All of a sudden got this really ‘errie’ feeling, that everybody was worshipping the devil. It really got me thinking, have we been tricked all this time??


    Also, there is a girl on twitter, that loves Bob Dylan. She say’s to me, hey check my Bob Dylan picks out. When I had a look, it was live concert pics and he’s got this logo that is just an eye? I’m going wow, surely not him too?? Then it triggered my memory of the 60 mins interview. When he looked straight at the camera and said “oh yeah, I made a deal with the devil, I sold my soul long ago”. At the time, didn’t even think about NWO, was just thinking this seems really significant what he just said, but what does he exactly mean by this? Now think I know…

  635. Kate Says:

    Russ, dunno who it was, but I was told as a youngster that ACDC stands for Anti-Christ Devil-Christ. Dunno, how much truth is in it. Maybe to scare me off rock music?!?!

    I started my job about 4 wks ago now. Working in a little office up the back with four other people. The other day, it was just me and one other guy. He made a joke about “conspiracy theories” and I remarked that I “like” conspiracy theories. Turns out, he doesn’t believe the 9/11 story either, or the Port Arthur story, and thinks that the people who own the media are trying to bring down Qaddafi and this is what the intervention in Libya is all about.

    My boss happened to walk in at the end of the conversation, about Libya. The following day, it was just me and my boss in the office, he brought up the topic again, and said that Barack Obama was coming under fire over this Libyan action. Then he sighed and said “oh, well, guess they’re trying to bring in their global government”…I nearly choked!! I said “And one global culture too”…then the conversation turned to multi-culturalism. AMazing, where you can run into people who are also thinking the same thing that you are!!

    Since finding out about everything, I find it quite surreal to go about my daily business sometime. I almost wonder if I have a mark on my forehead that tells everyone I am an “outsider” LOL.

    Been doing some reading on “Christianity” and how mainstream Christianity has been completely diluted and polluted by sun-worship symbols (like the “glowing round circle” above the head of Mary, as depicted in many catholic pictures”) even the worship on a SUN-day. Even the cross comes from ancient Babylonian and Egyptian beginnings. As a Christian, I’m glad my parents brought me up outside of a church. It was never about following a church, or worshipping some man-made symbol, it was about a relationship with God.

    Learning about this has really made me look at things very critically, and not to just accept things because they are being offered by people with good intentions. My husband is quite a church-goer, and I often go along with him. In the local church magazine, a notice caught my eye. It was “Christians for an Ethical Society” holding a forum, with two noted speakers. The first one was under the heading “Hurtling towards a Precipice, praying for a miracle” and the speaker was some corporate energy consultant. But it was the second one that really caught my attention…..It was headlined as “Population Control – A Moral Obligation” and the speaker was some environmental poet!! I noticed that the forum was being co-sponsored by the Sustainable Population Council. Gosh I was furious. Talk about the wolves in sheeps clothing. Rockefellors money being used to convince well-meaning “Christians” that they should do their part in reducing the population!!

    It’s almost laughable, but we know that is exactly how they work. Infiltrate every organisation, and if it can’t be done through persuasion, they’ll use force.

    I’m still umming and ahhing over whether I should go, with a few carefully researched and confronting questions…

  636. Kate Says:

    Hmmm….just reading through the link that Jim provided about Planet X or Nibiru. I’ve heard of this before, but hadn’t read anything about it.

    Just thinking and doing some figuring out in my head.

    Maybe Planet X will be the “catastrophe” that allows them to bring in their global government. After all, they said (in the protocols of Zion) that things would get so bad, that the people would be so afraid, they would be glad to have them take over control of the world. (By the way, someone has interpreted the protocols of zion into modern English, which makes it easier to understand. I’ll try to find the link later). This would make sense as to why they (governments and media) are keeping quiet about what they know. If people are unaware of what is happening, they will be unprepared, and won’t know what has hit. They’ll probably think it’s some kind of alien invasion, or something, and turn to the government/military to protect them…

    But some of the estimated effects of Nibiru’s passing, also sound uncannily like the things that were prophecied in the Bible “end-times” before Christ’s return. Even the world being “in darkness” for three days as Nibiru passes between the earth and the sun. I wonder if they could all be linked? The catastrophes that occur in the wake of Nibiru, the rise of the “anti-Christ” as head of a global government”, and the return of Jesus? Just a thought…

  637. Russ Says:

    Hi there Kate,


    For those in Melbourne – Don’t Forget To Watch Russ Kellet’s Melbourne Tonight!

    10pm Russ Kellet’s Melbourne CH31 Russ will be playing another of my music vids.

    Update – (Apologies, I messed up the date (the replay was on 2.30am), it’s actually on the 23′rd April)

  638. Jim Says:

    Mich, your photo you have sent in is very good, I have never seen colour in any “cloud” that has the harrp being aimed at it at the same time, you were lucky to catch that one, look at the holes appearing to the right in the same cloud formation.

    Older folks know what real clouds are like, it’s a great shame that 99% of the younger population from 15 years and downwards havent got this knowledge to draw on to tell the difference.

    This morning there was no clouds a the sun rose, hey, but the GLARE rose well before the actual sun did, later I saw the glare in the air, it’s getting wider and brighter, it’s worse than at this time last year.
    This afternoon as I was driving home from Dalby I couldn’t but help notice the sun which had a slit between two filthy dark chem clouds to shine through, the glare was so huge and intense, it hurt the eyes. Looked like the clouds themselves were on fire and being lit up by a huge blow torch.
    All these things are definatly not normal occurances

    If the person who is reading this and wants to know more about what I’m talking about, google Chemtrails and glairy sun or Project Blue Beam or PlanetX 2012, Morgellons, look for youtube with the same contents.
    You are going to be surprised.

    Yes Kate I agree with your views on religion, but the turning point with me was in the Lutheran Church, I really never accepted as a teenager how come the pastor prayed a prayor from a prayor book, how come he never said it from the heart, it had to be read, and the congregation recited parrot fashion the same old words time and time again, it was regimental.
    But to be fair, the hyms were really beaut and carried meaning.
    The organist was Won Jin Wah, now that fellow (since passed away) could really pump the old compressed air pipe organ and it sounded real good too.
    Want a laugh, I remember one Sunday night (early 1950′s) my old man went to church with a brown shoe on one foot and a brown slipper on the other, and he couldn’t hide it, ha ha.


  639. Frank Says:

    Hi Jim,Russ,Kate
    Kate, you touched on a subject i have wondered about and have read into a fair bit

    (4th COM): Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy. (Saturday in Italian is Sabbotto)

    Pretty basic, pretty simply wording, but Constantine decided for all Christians he was given the power from God to change the Lords/Creator’s rest day from Saturday to Sunday (sun worship) and massacred hundreds of thousands that did not follow his new law (altered commandment).
    Bible clearly reads that not one dot or jot will change from the law till the end of time,,also states that to break least one commandment you break them all.
    People also debate that this is only a Jewish law thing,,it is not, or dimiss it as a minor issue as praying/resting/family time can be done any day of the week (true but far from the point or the power of its meaning)
    Apart from the Seventh Day Adventist church all other so called Protestant church’s have now fallen into line with the Sun-day worship (but who do they think they worship,,,,when God says meet me on SAT and they turn up 24hrs later).
    Would be a bit like you dictating to your new boss when the next board meeting will be, or you telling your hubby you have decided to change your wedding anniversary date as it conflicts with your shopping day.
    The NWO, anti-Christ, satanists,,whatever you want to call them turn everything upside down, make good bad and bad good and totally do the opposite of the truth,,,,Saturday is the LAST day of the week and Sunday is the FIRST day of the week has been since the beginning of conscious time.

  640. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ, Jim, Kate, Frank and James.

    First of all, congrats on the job Kate and so happy your boss is switched on and is happy to talk ‘conspiracies’ with you.

    Jim that pic I had Russ post is from and a fellow chemtrail chaser posted it at my Chemtrail thread at a while back. I am not sure where this photo was taken but the site has many types of chemtrails from all over the world including videos and other research links.

    I agree with what you all say re religion and I defiitely agree when Frank says Sunday is the FIRST day of the week; that is obvious on all calenders too. I’ve been having frank discussions with some christian friends and the one thing I don’t understand about their belief system is that they are all very anti-gay, antil muslim, anti this and that.. What I don’t get is that christians are also taught tolerance yet I found out how selective this tolerance is. Being brought up a church going Catholic did teach me a few good lessons in life.. respect, tolerance and honesty. Religion to me was always about morals and although I turned my back on the church, I still live by those morals and instilled them in my daughter. Live and let live I reckon!!

    Russ I watched the Rhianna video you posted and I agree, she is another of Satan’s bitches along with Lady GaGa and Ke$ha. I often wondered if Madonna also sold her soul as her religion Kabala is Zionistic.

    Jim I watched the Nibiru video and if it does come to this well I doubt very many will survive it. I doubt the media will let us know until it’s too late and I would rather perish than live in their Brave New World! Speaking of which, the video of ‘This is War’ is a catchy song and the video clip is going to brainwash all the more those kids hooked on computer war games already! The pyramid at the end sent my hackles up..

  641. Russ Says:


    Remember that movie Madonna was in “Desperately Seeking Susan”?

    In this clip the other girl is wearing the jacket but you see Madonna wearing same jacket in the photo too.

    I’d say Madonna’s in it too, it almost seems like, basically if you’re gonna be famous through their (hollywoods) means anyway (rather than doing it independently) , then you’re selling your soul to some degree. That’s the picture I’m getting anyway.

  642. Kate Says:

    Just thought I’d post this link to a blog I follow. Her latest post explains how she’s being told “from higher sources” that she must get the word out, and warn people to store water.

    Also, this link of hers is interesting, on protecting yourself from radiation: The info on bentonite clay is very interesting.

  643. Frank Says:

    Cant remember if i posted this before (dont usually like rap music)
    but worth another listen,,,pretty cool.
    Mich, maybe you could foreword onto big sis for me.

  644. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Did anybody watch ‘The war you don’t see’ on SBS last night? They were discussing the difference between ‘enbedded’ and ‘independent’ journalists reporting on the wars around the planet. So many are coming forward saying sorry because they KNEW they were told to lie and even though their conscience and their own eyes told them otherwise, the MILITARY owns and feeds most of the news stations the ‘offical story’ they must run on air. I’m guessing all we ever see here is embedded journalists reading from a script direct from the Military Industrial corp who runs it all their way.. if you can get the doco online, I highly recommend you watch it.

    Frank, I loved that vid you posted but alas, my sister wouldn’t bother to open it let alone watch it.. it’s a lost cause. I told her to start dosing up on iodine before she left for Asia today but she didn’t even acknowlege it let alone heed my advice. What to do eh?

  645. Russ Says:

    Sorry Mich, I did not know that show was on. Would have been good to see it.

    Thanks Kate for sharing that water link.

    Thanks Frank, that was a good watch that video.

    And thanks Jim, still getting to your planet x stuff


    As much as one would like to think, as unfortunate as it was, that Fukashima Japan was a natural earthquake. As you all know, it’s such an earthquake prone area, of course it would be natural right?

    Yet everywhere I turn people keep talking about HAARP. Even Alex Jones is starting to lean towards HAARP. So check out this video , it goes for 50 mins. If what this guy say’s… turns out to be true? Then the world is gonna be in for one heck of an event. Everybody should be getting out of Japan, even just for the radiation.

  646. Russ Says:

    If you already haven’t seen this ? It’s well worth watching. Rik Clay has an amazing way noticing hidden symbols. Only a young guy, he has since died. RIP Rik, thanks for your great uncovering work.

  647. Russ Says:

    This is really freaky!! If you watch the 1st vid I put link in above comment and will put link here again , (it’s a recent video) the guy mentions that half of Japan, will break off and slide into the ocean!!!!

    Now if you watch this other vid (the talk was during 1995 and vid was uploaded in 2008) UFO Hypotheses – Alex Collier Volume Two (09 of 24) . At the 1:54 min mark he also talks about a part of Japan will sink in May of that year, it obviousley didn’t happen. Sometimes people get the info but just their timing is waaaay off.

  648. Russ Says:

    ~The MOON~

    This is the 2nd person now (1st heard about it from David Icke) , that has said, the moon was not originally FROM here, it was BROUGHT here.

    David Icke

    Alex Collier @ 6:00 mins begins talking about the moon

  649. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Here’s a vid for ya, she’s talking about Comet Elenin. (btw, this girl predicted March 11 Earthquake a couple days before. Vid uploaded on 8th March)

  650. Russ Says:

  651. James Says:

    Howdy team
    below is a link showing funny circles, squares, and oblong shapes on the US weather charts.
    The guy says there will be massive storms and he was right.
    The chemjets have been very sinister the last week or so. Last evening I spotted two jets almost colliding. Flying to low to be leaving a contrail and what was coming out was pretty deep white in colour and was clearing after about a minute. Then I looked to the south and a 3rd. jet was laying a trail. So 3 jets within maybe 5 km’s – “that’s perfectly normal, nothing to worry about”the next, they are “down for the count”.
    Their is something sinister brewing as we approach the winter months.
    A ot of people are fine one day and

  652. James Says:

    More meat horror, but no were near as bad as “meat” or “food inc.”
    See what the bastards are doing to the supermarket meat.

  653. Mich Says:

    (scroll up for latest chem pic)

    ‘The chemjets have been very sinister the last week or so. Last evening I spotted two jets almost colliding. Flying to low to be leaving a contrail and what was coming out was pretty deep white in colour and was clearing after about a minute.’

    I was at my daughter’s house checking out her new decking in the backyard when we both happen to look up and see this plane leaving a double trail which was long in length but within a few minutes the trail laid was clearing just as James said. I have a few more of similar but there were already dodgy looking clouds in the sky so we weren’t sure if they were indeed chemtrails or contrails?? I have seen a contrail when up in the mountains and it looked nothing like this.. I had to use Dani’s camera and I only got to d/l from flash drive last night.. anyhoo. If you can please let me know I can add my post to correlate with the pic posted online.
    cheer and happy easter to you and yours

  654. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    At start of last post was what James had described what he saw and I wanted to add to that with my own pic and blog..thanks for doing that Russ, much appreciated.

    There has been strange chemclouds around of late and it’s getting so hard to pick what is real and what isn’t. Yesterday there was a sky full of thunderheads when I took my regular walk in the morning and wanted to get back before the heavens opened up. I noticed a few chemtrails scattered amongst the rain clouds and within 45mins of walking, the sky started to clear and by mid afternoon, there was barely a cloud in the sky..hmmm forcast was heavy rains a few days back but they saw to it that it was a clear sunny day instead.

    Happy Easter to all

  655. Jim Says:

    Russ, I found found a music item on Chemtrails, I couldn’t make out what the words were as it is burried fairly deep, the type of music isn’t really my cup of T if you get my drift.

    Maybe you have something there that can dig out the words.

    I had a couple of people arrive here unannounced, they were SDA I think and wanted me to have their booklets, however after a few minutes the older fellow asked me if I had been through the floods, so I invited them both inside, showed them the water level marks, they were gobsmacked.

    I happened to have the computer on and I asked them if they had heard about chemtrails? Well about an hour later they left, seeing with their own eyes, coloured clouds, falling spiderwebs and bright zippy things falling out of the sky.

    They are convinced and totaly amazed that they have been cobwebbed, and zipped with chemtrails for all this time, they got homework to do tonight :) I gave them some chemtrail words to google.
    Done my boyscout good deed for the day LOL.

    In a few days I get my high speed downloads back and will then go and take a look see at the last several web sites that have been posted.

    Keep well over this easter everyone


  656. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Good work!

    Ok, I searched his diff sites, can’t find any lyrics…so…. best bet prob just click this link and then you’ll see the email symbol, just contact him via that and ask him for them. Think he’s from Italy?

  657. Russ Says:

    Actually, not that link Jim, use this link instead. (on right hand side page scroll down, you’ll see ==>>>) “For all other inquiries, click here”.

    ~ Ok, off back to the garage to finish the ‘Bridge’ for old/now newish song. Bye all have great Easter ~

  658. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Jim and Russ, I almost exhausted myself looking for the lyrics of ‘Life under the chemtrails’ however I did find these next vids that are more up our alley… love the 1st one

    Chemtrail Song – From ‘Their’ Point of View

    Chemtrails – Aerials song by System of a Down + lyrics.

    Truther girls are at it again, doing what they can to spread the word on chemtrails in USA..check out the vid and listen to her singing the song ‘Have you ever seen the rain’ however, she’s changed the lyrics to “Have You Ever Seen Them Spray?.. good one!!

    I reckon you should record that Russ or something similar.. cheeky but gets the message across eh?

  659. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Doh, here is the link to truther girls vid:

  660. Russ Says:

    LOL :)

    Sheeple by

    Image use, thanks to

  661. Russ Says:

    Goes for 2 hrs, worth watching, especially the part about the Stuxnet virus, inserted into Nuke power plants via flash drives, to mess up the back up power. Pass it on.

  662. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    check this out..–Iq4FPyGU&feature=player_embedded#at=132
    there seems to be many chemtrail songs out at the moment, just scroll down the selection and you will see.. cheers

  663. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    It’s a chemtrail not a contrail! Bo Kaan music clip

    Love the Dees illustrations Russ.. he’s spot on.. adding to your video post, I found this one that will interest you all: You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!!! (Nuclear Fallout)

  664. Jim Says:

    Hi guys,

    I just found this after digging in Google “Obamas falce birth cificate” take a look here

    All the proof needed to oust him from the top job, what a ongoing can of worms

  665. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    This is awesome..

  666. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    hey Jim hope you’re doing ok up there.. Have you been watching the ‘lamestream’ news? Donald Trump has been spruking the very same thing however Obama said, there are more important things to worry about than silly things like this and then he came forward within days with his supposed ‘REAL’ live birth cerficate showing he is in fact born in USA. Apparently 2/3rds of Americans are convinced otherwise including Donald Trump.. unless they push to test this certificate to be authentic, the official story will carry on and Donald Trump will come to grief over this one way or t’other..

  667. Frank Says:

    Cool song Mich,,,

    Watch this Obama birth clip,, explains why its forgery

  668. Frank Says:

  669. Kate Says:

    We got sprayed like the dickens today, after not much chemtrail activity for a month or more.

    Put this little poem together:

    Lines in the sky, Signs from on high, The people are blind, To the lines that are crimes, Of the master-minds, And signs of our times…

    Might see if I can turn it into a full poem. If only I could rap! I’d record and put onto Youtube :-)

  670. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Spraying you all like bugs up in Canberra hey? It’s been very quiet here with chemtrails this month but I’m just biding my time waiting with digi cam for the next assault on our sky.

    Good start Kate, why not enlist Russ to put music to your lyrics and put a song together for youtube.
    Thanks for those articles Frank.. Obama’s birth certificate is defo a forgery but with all the hype surrounding the so called death of Osama, it all comes down to more BS which is the only difference between OBAMA AND OSAMA!

    Back to chemtrails, I found this vid which talks about what those chemtrails are actually doing to us along with all the other nasties they force us to ingest.

  671. Frank Says:

    Hi all,
    yep seems they are never going to stop the spraying until we are all too sick to care,,,spoke to a guy (who was travelling to Adelaide) yesterday who said he watched a large silver CT plane (spraying) comming in to land somewhere near Gawler landing over and not far from the small airport there.

    Have you guys tried MMS yet,,i know one personal case here where it cured my friends mothers cancer in its tracks,,,,but not sure if it will be around much longer as they will try to ban it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, see this link i got today.

    all the best,,stay safe/awake!

  672. Kate Says:

    just thought Id put this out there. I cant help but wonder if its linked to chemtrails…

    My son and I have both been sick for weeks, and just couldn’t seem to rid ourselves of it. Last night I travelled 2hrs to go and see my “medicine man”. Turned out I had two different viruses. One was a strain of flu, and the other he simply said “comes from pesticides”. After wards, I thought, I wonder if it could be linked to chemtrails???

    He said that some of these viruses get past our thymus gland unnoticed, so that by the time your body realises its being attacked, the virus has already taken hold. Reminded me of reading about nanotechnology used in chemtrails, that the particles are so tiny, that the immune system does not even notice them, much less defend against them…

    One thing I noticed with this virus, is that there was a definite phsychological effect – I was feeling depressed and hopeless – not like me at all. I know you do get down when you’re sick, but this was much more than normal.

    My son turned out to have a strain of diptheria virus. The naturopath explained that in the triple antigen shot given to kids, there is a live diptheria virus, which is then infecting others, and spreading through the community.

    He said, perhaps they have a big bunch of diptheria vaccines almost out-of-date that they need to sell off, so create a diptheria epidemic….He says this is how the swine flu spread around the world, as there was a live strain of swine flu added to flu vaccines, and the resulting epidemic helped them clear their stocks of almost-out-of-date Tamiflu. Don’t know if it’s true, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them…

    You guys might be interested in what I discovered when I investigated Food Standards, and how they assess food additives, etc. and their “assessment” of a brand new artificial sweetener set to hit the market. It’s disgusting.

  673. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Sorry to hear you and your son have been sick with virus and flu Kate, I hope you are all on the mend after seeing your medicine man. I had heard what he said before re vaccines, it seems he has confirmed all my suspicions.

    It’s been a cold hole here in Melbourne and winter is defo here. The sad fact is that the few times the sun shines through and the sky clears, they bombard it with chemtrails so it’s bye bye sunshine and before long it’s pouring rain.

    I watched ‘Mega Disasters’ last night and it was about weaponized anthrax. They warned how easy it would be to drop it over the main populace using a single engine plane with sprayers attached to it just like the chemplanes we see. OMG, I wouldn’t put it past the elites to do something like this if they can’t kill us quickly enough using all their other insidious methods including processed food. I sometimes feel they use these shows as a warning of things to come and mainstream just look at it like another Hollywood movie scenario.. GULP

    On another note, need some advice or suggestions from this very switched on crew. Do any of you know of somebody or have experienced it first hand; being woken from deep sleep with your bed shaking violently as if there is a big earthquake? The 1st time this happened to me was in 2007. I rang my bro in law who is with the SES to ask about the earthquake in middle of night and he thought I’d gone nuts.. I don’t talk about it to anybody other than those closest to me but none of them have answers.

    It’s been happening on and off to me for the last 4 years and the last time it happened to me was in the early hours of mothers day being 8th May. I started to think I may have a brain tumor or something insidious like that until I did a little ‘googling’ and found this forum:

    I also have a presence in my house and it often comes to me when I’m in REM sleep waking me by sitting down heavy on my bed, pulling down my covers or sometimes almost crushing the breath out of me. I use a mantra nightly to build a fortress around me but even that doesn’t stop it coming back or shaking the shit out of me in bed. WTF is it? I sometimes feel it’s more alien than spiritual and as scary as it can be sometimes, it’s not going to drive me out of my house. Has anybody experienced anything like this?

    Btw, Nik has an ELF meter and the reading is about 20 millagores in my bedroom which is the upper end of scale. What the hell can I do to remove dirty electricity and is this the reason why strange occurrences keep happening? Is there a sparky in da house who can help because the electricians I’ve called are not interested in helping and even though I’m not a loony, these occurrences might send me there if they keeps going.

  674. James Says:

    Mich…yeah me knows what your talking about, with regards spirits attacking you while you are sleeping. I go through a phase of good sleeps for several weeks and then the attacks will start.
    By attacks, I mean that I am just getting into a sleeping pattern when I will be awoken by some bizarre energies in my mind or around my bed and I will fly out of bed, flick on every light in the house and be standing in the kitchen or even outside in the garden, when i will finally realize what and where i am and what has just happened. i can sometimes feel the spirits in my bedroom a few hours before hitting the sack and I know that I am in for a shocker!!!.
    To protect myself i get some incense, sandalwood is excellent as is white sage at protection against spirits or dark energies that just seem to want to piss you off. Light up some candles during the hours before you go to bed along with the incense and things seem to be a bit more peacefull. Check out on the net, the term “clearing prayers”. These prayers help to remove the nasties.
    Hope I have been of assistance.

  675. Russ Says:

    Hi All,

    Geeze those dark energies or whatever it is, you two guys are experiencing, sound nasty. No, I never experience those, feel bad for you, that this happens to you both. I do have a friend however, who I used to work with. She used to wake up and see an old man on end of her bed, just sitting there and staring at her. I think she moved her head or squinted her eyes, something like that and then he would be gone.


    ## On a different note! Don’t know if this means anything or am on right track? But according to David Ickes book, ‘The Biggest Secret’. Which I read somewhere around or just after the twin towers fell. He writes that, the british royal family and a lot of the past american presidents are said to share the same blood lines. Blood lines going back to Egypt.

    Well the Interesting part is………., as there is an Egypt exibition going on in Melbourne at the moment, we went Last Tuesday.

    On one of the displays, the wording was talking about one of the Pharoah’s credited for uniting the two kingdoms (upper and lower) of Egypt. Words were something like…. became the “United Kingdom”. Just thought it interesting as England, Wales etc.. today is referred to as the “United Kingdom”. So wether this is some how Englands connection to Egypt and that’s why it’s named the ‘UK’, I don’t know? Anybody know about this?

  676. Kell Says:

    Russ yeah I know something of it.

    Wow – where do I start, this is the tip of a very large iceberg.

    Keep in mind most of what im going to say is deeply suppressed and known only in certain circles so I can only suggest you research this yourself and make up your own mind.

    Some suggest the Brit @ European bloodlines allegedly go back not only to Egypt but to the Babylonians & Sumerians some thousands of years before them.

    Another connection very rarely mentioned are the Phoenicians, who actually came from Britain.

    “The first king of the Phoenicians was King Tur, from whom the Teutonic Thor was derived, and also the British Artur or Arthur.”

    “One of the terms that the Phoenicians used to describe themselves was Bharat, Barata, or Parats. This was the name of one of their earliest kings, the Sumerian Brihat, or Bharat. We surmise that this king, like his seafaring people, were actually named after the land of their ancestors, namely Barata, Brita, or Britain. [...] One of the most important Phoenician goddesses was known as Brit Ana meaning “Lady of the Waters.”

    “We concur with Professor Waddell’s conjecture that the Phoenicians were not members of the Semitic racial family. The archaeological evidence clearly shows that they were, like the Irish, ethnically and racially Gothic, Nordic, Indo-European, and Caucasian or, as Professor Waddell preferred, “Aryan.”

    — Michael Tsarion; The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 1

    Like the Phoenicians the Egyptians and Sumerians were the same group of people as were the Mittani, Hittites, Persians, the Tocharians of China’s Tarim Basin and the Aryans of Nothern India, the connections can be seen with the sacred Sanskrit texts of the Aryans of India – the “Vedas” being similar to the Scandinavian sacred text – the Norse “Eddas”.

    So anyway wheres all this leading – well according to the most ancient legends of the British Isles in particular Ireland these lands were colonized from the West by a group called the Truatha De Dannan in Gaelic or “The Tribe of the Goddess Dannu” who fled to Britain/Ireland from Islands in the Atlantic which sank!

    This is only a very brief outline but suffice to say that the connections between Europe and other parts of the world are very deep and very old and that we have been told very little of the worlds true history.

  677. Kell Says:

    On a side note here is an interesting video picturing some of the very few remaining vestiges of the ancient Aryan populations of Central Asia, most of whom were wiped out by the Mongol invasion in the 13th century or following Arab invasions.

  678. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    OMG James I thought I had it bad anough but nothing that sends me flying out of bed coz by time I’m fully awake I’m hanging on for dear life while my bed shakes violently. Thanks for the advice re sandlewood incense and candles but I’m so clumsy most of the time I’m liable to knock them over and burn my house down lol I continue to research these strange occurances but the links keep going back to spirits or ghostly visitations.. hmm I woke one night with the most horrible sounds surrounding me and it sounded more alien than anything else I’ve ever heard.. that was the first and last time I heard this vile sound emanating from whatever it was that came to visit and I hope never to hear that sound again. It was after hearing this I started to research Reptilians and now I am convinced they roam amongst us as shape shifters.. what are your thoughts on this theory?

    Thanks for the well wishes Russ, sounds like both James and I are hanging in there…just! ;)

    Thanks for all that info Kel, lots to digest and analyse. Haven’t seen ya around for a while, so welcome back.

  679. James Says:

    Mich….thanks for the concern. I in the past have had cupboards shaking, doors and windows rattling and have felt the spirits enter into my body. I seem to attract lost spirits as I do a bit of natural healing on people and i do not protect myself enough and the spirits are attracted to my healing energies and I have my doors open-wide for them to come on in.
    Also the frequencies that are hitting the planet are getting higher vibration and the gap between the physical and the spiritual beings are getting closer. The lower frequency spirits are the bad ones and they are probably like dingoes over a dead animal, attacking the people that are virtually off the planet on drugs, killings etc.
    The next 12 months are going to be more than interesting as the video below by david icke shows.

  680. James Says:

    Sorry!!!…here is davids video

  681. Russ Says:

    Hi James and everyone,

    Thanks Kell for all the info, Michael Tsarion stuff and all the rest. Also thanks for that link, am going to watch it right now. Thanks James too, will be looking at your David Icke link too. Also, thanks Kate and Frank for your recent links. Kate glad you both got better.

  682. Frank Says:

    Hi all,
    Just a warning if any of you get an email like the one i received today (dont know how this Dr Varmint/rodent got my address).

    But i have start paged his name and got a heap of warnings not to open any of his links in this message below as it may open a direct link to your pc,,,if you get this message just delete.


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    Please call me at +1 (202) 558-2504 or email me and let’s work on giving your website the true international exposure which it deserves to have with foreign native online users!!


    Martin Vermont, Ph.D.

    Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Inc.
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    TEL: +1 (202) 558-2504 – FAX: 1 (202)-318-2453
    Multilingual Search Engine Promotion Services since 1999.

  683. Kell Says:

    Mich your letter about the thing in your room reminded me of an event some years ago – just after I broke up with the love of my life or so I thought at the time – anyway I was in a pretty low place, emotionally, anyway im lying there asleep and I felt a cold fear sweep up the hall and into the room, like I dont know how to explain it, but I could feel this cold and this extraordinary fear, a stupid amount of irrational fear all of a sudden.

    I am not one to scare easily, ive fought hard all my life and usually won, ive spent many years in the Army etc and are somewhat familiar with the spirit side of things through reading etc, anyway this fear and cold and dread was almost paralyzing in its effect – I almost physically couldn’t pull the covers from over my head to see what it was it took a very great deal of effort to do so.

    Anyway – theres this dark shape in the doorway and I sat up in bed and looked straight at it – it appeared to look back at me and start laughing at me in a the most cold and condescending way – I know this sounds stupid but this is what happened, well anyway as soon as it started laughing I felt a huge wave of anger and aggression burst forth from within me and I lunged at it in one move my arms hooked to grab it and crush the bastard thing to death, I heard myself let out a roar of anger & pure rage as I grabbed the thing with my arms my head and open mouth went forward to bite where its neck would sort of be – anyway I felt its form like a fine lace with a pressure behind it slip out of my arms and upwards, its demeanor had changed from supreme almost evil condescending arrogant – I don’t know how to explain it to a surprise shock and Its almost like I heard it shriek as it slipped through my arms upwards.

    Anyway didn’t see it again – I stood there shaking my muscles quivering with anger and adrenalin, my mind wild & angry that I didn’t get a chance to tear this thing to pieces and curious as to what the hell I had just experienced.

    Dont know what it was but it was very real and it happened, it took a long while for me to settle down and get back to sleep, I started to think of how fearful its presence had made me, how id never felt that fearful ever before despite being in some very fearful situations, I wondered where that wild surge of anger and aggression came from that flung me across the room at this thing only to have it slip away as I grasped it – amazing experience.
    I don’t know what it was or why it was there?

    When I think of it now I recognize I was spiritually at a very low point at that time, perhaps this made me vulnerable to this sort of thing.

    All I can recommend is free yourself from negativity & fear, improve yourself, Meditate, recognize the things that are bad in the world but be confident you and others like you will prevail, positive outlook that you will change the world to the way you want it, many think we create our reality around us.
    I think we are all more powerful than we could ever hope to know.

  684. Kell Says:

    Ha that David Icke video James posted is exceptional – Improve yourself and you improve the world – pure unadulterated wisdom.

    This is something we should all with the utmost certainty do immediately!

    Free ourselves from fear and the lower vibrational range these spirits operate on – fantastic stuff!

  685. Russ Says:

    Lol, a guy pot luck interviews a Rothschild at his own house. Confronts him about the ‘New World Order’ (video via David Ickes website)

  686. Kell Says:

    Just wondering if you guys are aware of an Aussie guy who runs a website called “The Crow House”?

    He has a radio show every week and a lot of videos – fantastic stuff, almost like our version of Davide Icke.

    I was watching the video called “The Calling” which sums up a lot of what we talk about here, really good – here it is for those who may not be aware.

    Have a look..

  687. Russ Says:

    Thanks Kell, yes, have seen that one. Max Egan makes a good vid. Thanks for the link, was good to refresh on that one again.

  688. Russ Says:

    Hey Mich and James, you guys might like this vid. For a minute I thought it was going to be about same thing you both experience. Yet it’s not but it is kind of similar, about waking up in middle of night, but not the shaking.

  689. James Says:

    Thanks Russ…the above was very,very interesting.
    The guy was picking up a code in his head and that was ok as i have picked up noises, messages etc:. But, when he started talking about haarp and the coded sounds that haarp produces, that sent shivers down my spine. Are they sending codes to our brains to programme us sublimally? I dare say they are along that path with the chemtrails, micro-chips and haarp.
    We could be in for some frightening times if we do not protect ourselves properly.
    I have been sleeping pretty good the last few days by placing incense in my bedroom and I have a candle burning all night long ($2), I call on 4 angels/guides or whatever to go to each corner of me house for protection and i have been taking some australian bush flower essences. Hope my sleep pattern stays positive.

  690. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for all your stories and advice re my bed shaking and visitations.. all this time I thought it was just me going through this…

    Kel your story sent shivers up my spine when I read you saw this figure and tried to grab it. It reminded me of what happened to me a few years back.. For a long time every now and then when I was asleep I’d be woken by something or someone sitting heavily on my bed and a couple of times I felt it lay over me trying to crush me under it’s weight. It even pulled down the covers of my bed and that’s when I would wake pushing it away screaming out ‘what do you want?’ or just say ‘F OFF’ as loudly as I could and it would disappear leaving me shaking like a dog shitting razor blades!!

    Only once I’ve heard it’s shreik as it went back to where it came from and only once I’ve seen the sillouhette of it’s image and it is definetly a man. The sillouette looked like he belong in the times of the spanish armada as he had long hair, wore a big hat and I could make out a moustache and goatee.. this vision of him is still vivid but I never saw him again.

    I was so concerned about these visitations I booked in to see Deb Webber the psychic when she visited the RSL here a couple of years back. While she was on a break I snuck behind the stage and asked for a private audience with her for just 5mins and she said yes. I told her my story and she told me to say a mantra every night as I prepare for sleep to build a fortress around me and to keep me safe. She said when it does come to visit, use all my stength to say ‘I didn’t invite you so ‘F OFF’! Believe it or not, it does work and I’ve read of others experiencing same thing that use abuse to piss it off. I’ve been doing this mantra nightly and no more wtf’s came to sit on my bed waking me since although it hasn’t stopped the intermitent private bed quakes.

    I watched that vid re HAARP Russ. I’ve never had morse code in my own head like he did however both Nik and I often talk about how we feel there are ULFs and EMFs surrounding us and we often hear a deep low humming or a high pitch sound never knowing where it comes from. Nik says he often feels it in his bedroom when sleeping too.. I suppose with technology the way it is with all this wifi stuff surrounding us, no wonder we’re experiencing these strange occurances.

    The crowhouse is as much part of my life as this site is.. I am the Chemtrail Chaser and my thread on chemtrails has grown to 25 pages surpassing everyone except Max Egan’s welcome page. It’s a an excellent research site for us truthers and there are many aussies who blog there too.

  691. Frank Says:

    Guys I think we need to link with other groups and start the protest

    Click on #1, and the Playlist will run through all 10 vids.

  692. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the link Frank. What about the fruit their Frank? Do you know if the chemtrails are affecting the oranges in anyway.

    ~ Here’s a couple of good vids~

    (Vids courtesy David Ickes site)

  693. Frank Says:

    Hey Russ,
    The oranges dont seem to be affected so much (more hardy to the weather),,but the main fruit grown here are grapes, and grape growers have had one of the worst years for disease ever (mainly from all the rain one day, and then the heat waves that came the very next day) this happened a few times just as the grapes were looking to be a bumper crop.
    I wont eat any grapes from this area this year as i know most growers sprayed at least twice a week with chemicals to try and save what they could, (i actually watched a friend try out a new chemical on a bunch of grapes that was infested with bugs/mites in his cool room,,,, that killed them instantly)

    Also i was told by a few local veggie growers , how difficult it is to now grow tomatoes and capsicum as large and sweet as they used to,,,,,,,,and no,, i was not going to give them my theory,,just yet
    However i did point out that they should get a soil test and that if it contained high levels of aluminium not to panic as Monsanto has recently developed an aluminium resistant gene for plants,,i waited to listen for the sound of pennies dropping but to no avail.

  694. Russ Says:

    Lol Frank, like the sense of humour. Think, I’ll let wife know to skip the grapes too.

    …..Back again (adding extra to my comment)…actually now I’m starting to feel angry about the grapes being sprayed. My baby daughter has been eating those too. Used to get just organic, but with less $$ rolling in, had to give it up unfortunately.

    Thanks for the tip off Frank, appreciated a lot

  695. Giancarlo Says:

    re you bed shaking incidents, I’m not sure if you are aware but there was an SBS doco last year entitled ‘My mum talks to aliens’. Its worth getting a hold of if you can. It’s about an Australian woman who’s dedicted her life to researching and documenting alien encounters. In the doco she interviews a guy who claimed he had visitations by aliens at this bedside. He was even subjected, and passed, a lie detector test during the documentary….
    Worth taking a look if you can find a copy…

  696. James Says:
    Giancarlo….above is the link to the video you mentioned ….good stuff!!!!

  697. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for the link James and welcome Giancarlo, thanks for the advice to watch video re aliens. I saw part of it last year on sbs but was so happy to watch the whole video this time.. very interesting stuff. One of the things I couldn’t take my eyes off was her lap top wallpaper pic with chemtrails in the sky; I wonder if she is aware or just liked the pic? I think I got the most freaked out when the guy interviewed mentioned ‘the blondes’ sitting heavilly on his bed.. freaky stuff. Had another incident of my bed quaking as I call it on Tuesday night so they are definetly getting more frequent.. what to do eh?

    Frank thanks for the heads up on grapes.. they are definitely off my list now.

    Russ those videos are mighty worrying especially about the media.. I knew they were all in cahoots but I didn’t realise by how much till now.. btw, my tv is off most of the time and the only news I tend to watch is SBS coz commercial stations are hell bent on making our footballers/cricketers the main items of news which makes me ill. The world is going to hell and the media only show us a minute amount of what we should be seeing or hearing on the oblong box that sits in the corner of our lounge rooms.

    I thought this would be of interest… unplugged people world over are now getting pissed off and I wonder when mainstream Aussies are going to wake up too!

  698. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich and all, good to be here. I’m in Melbourne and I’ve just woken up to what’s going on and starting to put all the pieces together. I did a search on a local chemtrail group to share info with, not expecting to find anything and was glad to come across this group.

    I’ve started documenting chemtrails and building a file of photos. Last Friday I was in Sydney and while heading toward the airport in a cab around 1pm noticed an interesting chemtrail that I managed to snap with my mobile phone camera. The interested thing about it was that it had a break in the middle as if the pilot had switched the sprayers off and then on again. I also watched the thing slowly disperse and widen over about 30 minutes and eventually turned into cirrus cloud.

    Upon my arrival in Melbourne at dusk I noticed the strangest sky looking eastward as I walked out of the terminal. While its not unusual to see an orange/red sun setting in the west, I was amazed to see a bright pink/red tinge on the cloud formations toward the west. Whatever caused the redness was illuminated by the last rays of the sun reflecting back onto these clouds. I’m not sure if this is related to chemtrail activity, but I later saw an almost identical Los Angeles sky in the background of a Ted Gunderson (ex FBI) youtube clip on chemtrails. Has anyone in Melbourne noticed this before?

    I also came across an interested interview by Leuren Moret on the site yesterday. She’s an independent geoscientist who has worked in the nuclear industry. While her focus is on the dangers of nuclear power and radioactivity in the environment she has an interesting thesis on chemtrails and HAARP. The Rothchilds control money, and mining globally and are now moving into controlling land and food production. Storms, floods etc via weather modification is a tool they are using to force people off their farms and acquire land. Perhaps this explains the focus on Mildura? Her youtube talks are worth a listen…

  699. Frank Says:

    Hi everyone (“bon-jorno” Giancarlo),
    hope you are all well.

    Just wached a very good Aussie doc that James sent me today,,goes for about an hour but really worth watching, the subject is probablly just as bad if not worse than the CT’s problem.

    If you havnt seen it here it is …………Francesco.

  700. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Frank I feel sick after watching that video James sent you. Depleted uranium is a scary thing and for all we know they might just one day decide to release it on the population via chemtrails.
    I feel for all those soldiers and their families. Apparently they get so many kinds of vaccinations on tour of duty they are treated like human guinea pigs. I know of 2 women who’s partners have fought in the wars in the Middle East and both have major problems with their organs and one has just been diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys..he is 28. As for the deformities of the future generations of the people of Iraq etc, it breaks my heart because these are the innocents of war and they have nothing to do with what is going on around them. Life is so unfair for many.

    Watch this video: and show it to anybody who is thinking of joining the millitary in the guise of defending their country.

  701. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    Yeah, I’m feeling for these innocent Iraq people too.

    This breaks my heart. I just wanna give this kid a hug and take him away somewhere safe and tell him everything will be alright. No child deserves this

  702. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich / Russ

    A slightly longer version of the veterans against war youtube clip you put up.

    This sort of stuff is really inspirational. More of this needs to happen – either not join in the first place or walk away from these terrible crimes and the lies. The conduct of war today has become an instrument of the corporations rather than a means of defending one’s people and country…

  703. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Russ, this breaks my heart too as I imagine what those poor babies and children are going through their daily lives. I think of my friend Jamillah in Gaza trying to bring up 5 kids of her own. She regularly tells of the attrocities going on there and how Israel never gives them a break from it. She says it takes her 7 hours to get medical supplies that would normally take less than an hour to walk to and from. They get stopped and checked every few hundred meters and the soldiers take great pride in dehumanising Palestinians as they try to get medical help or dare to buy food for their families.

    On another topic. My man Nik has been trying so hard to convince me that the so called Holocaust was a lie and because of long term conditioning as well as being so close to it has me very conflicted. What are your views on this? Read or watch the video.. let’s chat about it coz at this stage I am sitting on the fence about it all. Does anyone here know more about this subject?
    Here is the link:

  704. Frank Says:

    Good clip Giancarlo,

    need to pass it on to Julia. (who threatened to “hunt down” a “terrorist” in the middle east on todays news)

    Mich /Russ that DU doc pissed me off too, jst hope the yanks arnt doing it on our QLD soil,,but as the doc suggests i doubt it.

  705. James Says:

    Yesterday we were bombarded with C.T.’s up here in Sunny, sorry make that “Hazy Sunraysia”(mildura). It appears that when you see jets coming and going from every direction, but not leaving a chemtrail you can bet your “bottom-dollar”, that spraying will commence the next day. What are the jets doing? Are they testing the air to see what needs to be added? Who knows how evil beings think.
    But sure enough, the next day, I noticed a perfect blue sky in the early morning but could see a haze in the direction of the Millewa, a wheat growing area. I know these hazes are not natural clouds and I figured they had commenced leaving discreet little trails that spread out to look like a cloud cover. All day long they sprayed and the air was gross. I could smell the chemicals in the air the toxins were so heavy and thick. I made sure I stayed indoors, to not ingest there crap into my bloodstream/lungs etc.
    They normally spray two days in a row and it becomes a three day operation with the first day being for maybe testing the air. I look forward to more jets leaving the barium, aluminium, nano-particles, viruses etc., into our skies as i try and play golf this arvo.

  706. James Says:

    Sure enough they have begun spraying out the back of the Mildura airport.
    A perfect line in the sky with not a cloud in site. People look up and see as we are being poisoned slowly but surely.
    Below is a 3 part documentary which explains the nwo and how the energies that are hitting the planet and the universe have got the elite gophers packing shit because they know that time is running out.
    Expect some pretty drastic measures from the nwo cronies as they try and enslave us under their draconian measures.

  707. Giancarlo Says:

    Thanks for the Max Igan vid. I’ve been following a lot of his podcasts of late but I don’t think I’ve seen this vid. I’ll watch it this evening.

    What are your thoughts on why they’ve specifically targetted Mildura, although I realise this is occuring everywhere. Are they trying to induce crop failures so they can drive farmers off the land and then move in and plant GMOs perhaps? I was actually on plane this afternoon flying back to Melbourne from Sydney and noticed a redish / brown tinge toward your way. On the flight to Sydney yesterday there was some definate spraying activity going on toward the west in NSW about 150k from Sydney. At one point I noticed an aerosol haze sandwiched between a lower and upper set of flat clouds, and the CT plane working on the other side.

  708. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey James, whenever you blog about chemtrails it’s like clockwork and the day after you post I wake up to a mass of long white streaks in our morning sky. I took a few pics and will post them at my chemtrail thread at the crowhouse.

    Giancarlo, did you wake up to chemtrails this morning in Melbourne too? I live by Port Phillip Bay and our beautiful blue sky was scarred with their crap slicing through the blueness. Now it’s a glaring sky. Damn them!

    Frank, that awesome video of Mildura chemtrails by humansorrows was taken down the day after I linked it at my thread.. I was hoping to show the video to crew at ASP but it isn’t there anymore saying ‘this channel is no longer available because the user has closed their account.’ what’s with that?

  709. John Says:

    Frank keeps saying mt youtube is down i think he downloads to much porn you know the mallware and viruses that come with that the channel is

  710. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich

    I’m in the inner north west suburbs. The sky was quite clear this morning, so it sounds like they must have been spraying over or near the bay. However, I was working in Clifton Hill later in the morning and noticed long thin trails toward the east over the Dandenongs and south over the bay (possibly what you’d seen earlier in the morning).

    By about 2pm, one of these had moved directly overhead and spreading. I also took a few photos which I’ll post these up on the crowhouse forum site as well. I’ll also post a couple that I took a couple of weeks ago in Sydney and then later in Melbourne around dusk the same day.

  711. Russ Says:

    Hi all

    Mich, I prob won’t get chance to watch that holocoaust link for awhile, so can’t comment on it just yet.


    On a diff subject, got sent this email. PTB tryna do away with a health alternatives.

    **Now is not the time to give up the battle for our health rights!**

    Everyone who receives this message understands the importance of
    their health rights. If we lose the right to choose how we manage our
    own health, what rights are left? Yet, that’s exactly where we are
    right now.

    The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) went
    into full effect on the first of May. It may not seem like a big deal,
    but that’s because it all happens gradually. You may not notice when
    the product someone else requires for health maintenance disappears,
    but you will when yours is gone.

    Now is not the time to give up! Just because the EU has started
    implementing the THMPD does not mean that we have to accept it.

    Everyone who receives this message is intelligent and caring. That’s
    obvious, because you’re the people who understand how important it is
    not to give up our rights to this corporate state.

    Everyone Is Needed!
    **If you’re an activist, can you get on board the Rights Train?**

    A new forum, the Rights Train <>
    has opened just for our cause. It’s a place to have your voice
    heard, to discuss how to move this forward. There are ideas out there

    Should we expand this drive to include related issues, such as the
    limitations on vitamins and supplements that are going into effect
    Is it a good idea to do letter and e-mail campaigns to our Members
    of Parliament over and over?
    Should we add paper petitioning?
    Would it be a good idea to set up a spoof website like the Yes Men
    have done?

    You can make your voice heard in this critical phase to prevent
    impending disaster. Join in on Rights Train <>

    **If you’re more of a background kind of person, can you help by
    supporting actions that others put together?**

    If we stand together, we can win. Indeed, that’s the only thing that
    has ever made a difference. Please, don’t let this moment pass us by.

    You could help by taking part in mass e-mailings to Members of
    European Parliament and government officials in your countries. Watch
    these newsletters for more as that gets rolling. You can tell people
    about the issue. We need everyone to be involved in whatever way is
    right for each person.

    You can contribute simply by forwarding this message to people you
    know. Just use this link:

    Any campaign requires a little money to keep it going. If you can,
    would you please send a donation? Every bit helps. Just go to the
    donations page <>

    **If we don’t try to recover our rights, then they will be lost
    forever. This cause is hopeless only if you believe it is!**

    Best regards,

    Heidi Stevenson

    Rights Train

    Author of Stop the THMPD

    If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from RightsTrain about
    the fight to save our health rights, click here:

    Forward this message:

    Powered by PHPlist,

  712. Frank Says:

    Hi Mich,,
    funny you mention that, as we had been tracking that Mildura clip sinse John put it up about 10 months ago,,we tracked it at 898 views (you tube) and the very next day it dropped back to 820 views,,something fishy going on.
    I had sent that CT clip on to the ASP site months back (to Greg) and im sure it was on their site, not sure what happened to the Humansorrows link,,,i did ask John if the original clip had been withdrawn by himself by copying your query above and emailing him to which the only response was that ridiculous comment above.

    Here is the original clip

    Johnathon stick to the camera,,,,,,,and stay off the weed,,,,drongo!

  713. Kell Says:

    Hahaha – cut it out you two!

  714. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    The vid John posted was at 874 today Frank and I took the liberty of posting it at my chemtrail thread along with my lastest pics if anyone is interested in having a look.
    you have to register and become a member if you want to view it me thinks.

    Touche Frank and thanks for the links. Hi to Russ, Jim, Kate, Giancarlo & welcome to John.

    Hey to James and Kell – if you missed this last time you should register and have a look at all the people who posted their shaking bed stories online. We are calling it SBS now and they want to start a facebook forum with it. I have put my own story there and had others respond. Check it out.. I’m on page 8 which is the current page as guardthesky for 2011.

    cheers all hope you are enjoying your weekend

  715. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all, I’ve just posted some pics (still waiting for the moderator) on the crowhouse chemtrails forum of the 2nd June spraying in Melbourne, and an interesting 20th May pic I took at Melbourne airport.

  716. Russ Says:

    Check it out friends. Pyramid right here in Fed Square Melbourne, complete with illuminated cap stone! Who say’s there’s no NWO developing

  717. Frank Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Mich, i read your post on that site,,I can only assume your handle was Guardthesky (wild guess),,all i can say on that subject is that i hope you receive whatever power you ask for to destroy these intrusions, wish i had more to offer, but have never heard of this before.

    Giancarlo,,will wait to look at those pics you sent in to c/house,,,
    Russ,,,unreal, nothing surprises me anymore…
    John,,,your still on probation,,,,,

  718. Russ Says:

    Gonna re-post this video. A Rothschild confronted in his garden

  719. James Says:

    This is scary stuff.
    An e-coli outbreak that is resistant to 8 anti-biotics and has killed several people, but is said to have come from oreganic vegetables – yeah right!!!
    They will try and ban organic vegies and maybe vegies all together. Give us “safe” GMO vegies instead.

  720. Kate Says:

    I also think this e.Coli outbreak will give them a wonderful excuse to irradiate everything :-(

    I put the link to this page on ASP’s facebook page, where there were a number of people discussing chemtrails in different parts of Australia.

    Also, apparently there is a Global Chemtrail Action day to be held on July 17th. There’s a facebook group set up for it. They are encouraging everyone to get together with others from your community, and just do whatever it takes to raise awareness. Stand on the street corner with a big sign, hand out pamphlets, or whatever…

  721. Giancarlo Says:

    Thanks Russ, great vid. I’d not seen this one before and it was an eye opener. I hope the CTs don’t spoil those rododendrons!

    James, I think is all part of the introduction of Codex Alimentarius, the plan to transfer control and ownership of natural supplement to big pharma. On the one hand a manufacturer or supplier of health products cannot make any health claims without proof otherwise they shut you down. While on the other, if you do have scientific proof, the supplement is then deemed to be a drug, and then they get you for distributing a drug without a license. It’s insane!

    Kate, thanks for heads up on the Global Chemtrail Action day. Do you know whether there are any local community actions being planned? Could also send invites to our state and federal members of parliament to attend as a way of raising awareness of CTs amongst our pollies.

    Mich, regarding your SPS I know someone that might be worth talking to who may be able to help. If you’d like me to put you in touch let me know and I can forward her details and you can talk direct. Apparently what you’re experiencing is on the increase….

  722. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Giancarlo, thanks for posting your pics at my chemtrail thread. I will reply with answers to your questions soon. Yes please, email me your friends details and I’d love to get some explanation and why it’s on the increase.

    Thanks for the well wishes Frank, so far my mantra is working and whatever it is, is leaving me alone for the time being. Hey Russ, good find on Federation Square, it’s been a while since I’ve been in the city but will check it out this Friday. James and Kate, my hackles went up the moment I saw the news on the so called superbug ecoli on organic vegetables. Straight away I knew MONSANTO was behind this rumour so they can justify using GMO crops instead and as Carlo said, they can bring in their Codex Alimentarius agenda. Kate, Will check out the Global Chemtrail Action day soon as it’s only a week away.

    Sorry I’ve been a little distracted and fragmented with my posts but I’ve been kinda busy cramming trivia stuff the last few weeks because this Friday 10th June I’m playing Millionaire Hot Seat with Eddie Maguire.. I applied January 2010 and got called back for 2nd audition early May 2011 and then invited to play two weeks later.. it seemed so surreal till now and it’s only 3 days away OMG! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please!!

  723. Russ Says:

    Hi all! Mich, Giancarlo, James, Kate, Frank, Kell, John, Jim, anyone else have missed

    Good info, keep it com’n.

    Hey that’s so cool Mich, well done! Congrats to ya, gonna watch Millionaire Hot Seat for sure ~

  724. Frank Says:

    COOL, Great, fantastic,,,,,i knew WE could do it, hooray hooray,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????!!????we still are a team aint we Mich :(

  725. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes guys.. I can only do the very best I can and am going in with no expectations except to win some much needed cash! lol This is a once in a lifetime experience so whether I win or not, at least I tried eh? The show will telecast within a few weeks of filming which is tomorrow OMG and I will be advised as to when. Once I know I promise to let you know too.

    On another note, we are still on a membership drive for Australian Sovereignty party. For those here who haven’t signed up as members, could I ask that you do this for me and perhaps tell your friends/family about us so we can finally get registered. We can’t do much unless we have people like yourselves behind us to make the changes necessary for all Aussies to gain a better life or else apathy will be the death of us of all.

  726. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich, many thanks for the comments on the crowhouse blog. I’ll respond shortly after I have a bit more of a think about where CT planes could be deploying from. I’ve served in the air force in the past and you are right they could be using our bases.

    I’m also an ASP member by the way;). Hey and good luck on the Millionaire Hot Seat tomorrow. Look forward to seeing the show in a few weeks.

    All, the following is a post that I put up on another CT blog some time ago on aerosol spraying patents. It proved to me that the technology exists and there is a lot of time and intellectual energy (and no doubt $) being invested in this stuff. Go to the US Patent website:

    In the Term 1: box type in the patent number 5003186 and then hit the search button. Several patents will come up. Click on the last one called Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming. You’ll see this patent refers to an invention that allows for the dispersion of aluminum oxide and thorium oxide of size 10 to 100 microns at altitudes between 7 to 13 kilometres. Also quoting directly from the patent description:

    “One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude”.

    Also worth taking a look at this more recent paper

    and I quote from section 2.2. Delivery mechanism…

    Since commercial airliners routinely fly in the region where cold cirrus clouds exist, it is hoped that the seeding material could either be (1) dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to condense as aerosol in the jet contrail”

  727. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I was 5th player in the 4th game of Millionaire Hot Seat and sat down for the $100k question which was ‘who was the woman Trois was in love with in the story of Troy?’ All that cramming of general knowlege and they had to give me the hardest question of the day. Needless to say I bombed on that one as I didn’t have a clue. The last guy after me sat down automatically winning $1000 at end of the round. Then his one question (which I knew) he guessed it right and won $100,000. Oh well it was an experience and although I’m disappointed at least I tried.

    No chemtrails here today but very foggy and out Geelong way it’s like a brown soup.

    I found these very interesting vids y/day so I thought I’d share:

    Thanks for that info Carlo. Yet still the authorites deny anything is happening. Awesome news that you are already a member of ASP. We will be organising a rally soon so I’m sure you will receive info in the mail re that. Any more news on the airforce bases? My hackles went up when I saw the disused bases still had a small staff and this is why my feelings sway towards them being used secretly for sinister purposes.

    Frank, still haven’t heard from your friend re the bed shaking. It happened twice last night within minutes and this time I reached out to my dog who usually sleeps beside my bed and he was cowering in the doorway. Please ask her to contact me as I am getting real sick of this happening to me regularly now.

  728. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich

    It was actually me who has the friend that might be able to assist and apologises I have got back to you about this sooner. I forgot all about it and the week has been insane workwise (I am working the entire long weekend grrrrr). If you could email me at I’ll send you her contact details.

    I haven’t done much more on the disused RAAF bases. However, there are 2 types. Those that were decommissioned a long time ago and have fallen into disrepair. Some of these date back to world war 2. They wouldn’t be able to operate from these bases I don’t think. There are also bases as you say that have a small number of staff and these are proper well maintained bases capable of deploying aircraft of all types. These are used to support aircraft that might be deploying temporarily from their permanent base say on the east coast to another part of the country for a military exercise. CT planes could be using these bases. Learmonth in WA is one example.

    I haven’t google earth much but was wondering whether that might be useful tool for monitoring whats going on there? thoughts?

  729. Frank Says:

    Good links Mich,
    Sorry to hear to you didnt get some of that cash ,,(was hoping),,,,look at it like it was never there in the first place,,sounded like it was pretty much a lucky dip for the winner.

    I think i mentioned this earlier, but a friend of mine was travelling to Adelaide and was watching a CT plane spraying around the riverland area for about an hour, as he approached Salisbury (near Parafield airport) he watched the same plane come in low for a landing that was near Parafield airport.
    I relayed this to a friend that worked at Parafield airport who told me this plane was most likely landing at Edinburgh military base which is not far away from Parafield airport.

  730. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    A couple of interesting links below of a CT plane crash…

  731. Russ Says:

    Hi everybody, thanks for all the latest links! Just been over at facebook trying to wake peeps up, geeez talk about beating head against a wall. Must press on though.


    On another more positive note -

    Am happy to say, that am working on new album (3rd), which is relevant to this forum. The album now has name, decided on it over the w/end. It’s gonna be called Rock Dog Revolution and it has a few songs on it helping to expose the NWO. Ps..won’t be out for a long, long, while yet, as haven’t begun recording yet.

    Which are:

    Truman World
    New World
    & Ashes

  732. Frank Says:

    Good luck on the new album Russ,,need any back-up vocals :)

    Has anyone seen this latest doc,, it can be viewed for free up and till the 20th June,and then a fee if payable,this true story is unbelievable, its about a doctor (Dr Burzynski) who has found a proven cure for deadly brain tumours in adults & children & how the FDA have been unsuccessfully trying to put him in goal for life in the last decade,,,,and THEN overriding his registered patent as their own to steal his formulary ingredient,,,i think this battle is current and ongoing..

  733. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the well wishes. So, do you really sing do you?

    Cheers for the link too, going to watch that now.

  734. Frank Says:

    No worries Russ,,,,,,umm just kidding about the singing,,?????but i could always learn.

    p.s. Health Warning: you will definately be irritant after watching this doc,,these puppet officials that sell out their souls for $/power will make you sick……

  735. Russ Says:

    I thought you were prob kidding Frank. Had to check though, hey you never know, could got you in for a background vox :)

  736. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Morning all!
    Frank, I downloaded the Burzynski movie and watched it.. such a crock he isn’t funded when he is actually curing cancer and inoperable tumors. The PHARMAGEDDON industry are very afraid of him and will do anything to put him out of business!

    Good luck with your 3rd album Russ. I wish you well with that.
    Did any of you see Australia’s Got Talent last week when the singer Dan Conway sang his song
    ‘Child of the New World Order’? Pity the judges didn’t allow him to finish the song but I’d be interested in the lyrics to see if perhaps this is why they cut him off. Here is his vid I just found;

    I know it’s lame that I watch shows like this but we all need to escape reality now and then.
    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol

  737. Frank Says:

    Everyone needs to watch that doc ay mich,,,made heaps of copies and gave out,,,also watched that NWO song,,thanks for the link????????? BTW,,?????where the hell did Yoda go????

  738. Russ Says:

    Morning all, (and btw Frank that was a great video the Burzynski one. Already passed it on to some peeps)

    I got this link sent to my twitter messages this morning (although a new twitt friend, can’t say how much truth to this there is, as I don’t know this girl. However, I wouldn’t put it past them).

    Apparently this girl (let’s just call her ‘A W’, you’ll see her name on her website) used to work for a company involved in chemtrailing Poland. She has since received a threatening email in regards to a confidentiality agreement. There is a Petiton, she is asking, which can be signed to help stop Chemtrailing Poland. Read on…

    This is her Youtube page:
    New World Order Chemtrails & Olgacom connection explained

  739. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that Russ,
    sent it off to a few on my list but forgot to mention the petition (only 80 signed up so far)

    Got a good clip from James today (75K views already)

  740. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    Thanks Mich, Russ and Frank for the links…..

    This is from the Corbett report – seems things might be hotting in Libya and why its been totally out of the news of late.

    and the official Nato site…hard to imagine that with all those sorties flown they haven’t scratched a civilian

  741. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi again all

    Here’s another interesting patent that goes back to 1987. This one is about HAARP and there is a reference to the spraying of barium…

    “It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interactions…..

    This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device”

    Once again go to the US patents site and type in patent number 4,686,605

  742. James Says:

    Some really cool designs here.
    They are going 3D.
    Exciting, is a word that comes to mind.

  743. James Says:

    Just a small observation.
    The vocano that has erupted over in Chile and has called for the cancellation of flights to Melb. and Adelaide, well there has been no chemtrails observed over Mildura.
    I just wonda’ if anybody else has noticed a lack of “persistant contrails”, as the chief meteorologist on the weather channel calls them , over their backyard.
    Frank has also informed me of a friend who saw jets spraying in the Riverland of Sth.Aust just recently as he was travelling to Adelaide. When this guy was just outside of Adelaide he noticed one of the “sprayers” coming into land at Edinburgh RAAF base. So are our miltary involved in the poisoning of our skies?. One of thefirst videos about chemtrails was called “Chemtrails of Death”, by Clifford Carnicorn and I remember watching it back in about 99/00′ and downloading it at about 2.5kb/sec. – no cable back then. Well it sent shockawaves to many people but the most hits on his video came from the military and pharmacuetical companies/organizations.
    If they are using our bases to do their operations, well the rabbit-hole could get very deep. I await with an anxious breath, for the spraying to return. Cheers.

  744. James Says:

    Friday morning and I ventured outside to look at the lovely blue sky and breathe in the nice clean air, but always looking for chem-jets.
    As I mentioned before, I know the flight paths that these jets that are spraying our skies take and I heard a jet directly over my house and figured it was a sprayer. I got my binoculars and had a great view of the plane for ten seconds and then VOOM!!!….it just vanished. I was stunned!!!! Not only did it vanish visually but also the sound of the jet engine ended like you had turned a tv or stereo off – deadly silence in a split second.
    Have a look at these two clips.

  745. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi James

    Wow interesting links and can understand why you were stunned to see this same thing happen overhead. Keep us posted.

    I too have wondered where all the chemtrails have gone over the last few weeks in Melbourne. Up until today its been very quiet and yes there’s been a lot of ash cloud activity over head that’s probably curtailed activity. However today was a very clear still day with no ash clouds in site. During the afternoon I noticed some strange wispy clouds that looked like they’d been sprayed, although I was too late to see the aircraft so I can’t be sure. There was a distinct thick trail along one edge and it fanned out into a square shape along one side – very weird.

    Was there any chemtrail activity over Mildura today (or yesterday)?

  746. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya all.

    Yes Giancarlo was right to say there has been no chemtrail activity over Melbourne the last couple of weeks however, yesterday we were bombarded from the moment I woke. As I was walking my dog out the door I saw a chemtrail from horizon to horizon from north west going eastwards. It was very windy and I thought it would blow away or disperse quickly but it just sat there for hours until it spread into a muck that covered the sky. Today they are bombarding us yet again but being real sneaky spraying in short bursts. I will post my pics at the Crowhouse soon.

  747. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich

    That’s probably what I saw yesterday as well. There’s a whole heap of shorter trails dispersing toward the east and north east at the moment (about 1pm). Is that what you mean?

  748. Giancarlo Says:

    Mark McCandlish ,is an aerospace illustrator who has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States .In this exclusive interview, Mark shares his insight to alien reproduction vehicles,( or ARVs),that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for over the past fifty years. Mark shares his views on the technology of reversed engineering, chemtrails, what they are, and possibilities of WHO is doing the spraying..

  749. Russ Says:

    They’re holding a Chemtrail day in London July 9 2011

  750. James Says:

    Giancarlo….yes they sprayed all day long and even at night on the 30th of june. The 28th. and 29th. were not as bad, but still plenty of activity.
    The people are oblivious to what is going on above them in our skies. A classic example was when i noted the time 8.05am and I am driving around Mildura but keeping my eyes in the heavens on “chemwatch”. The sky looked hazy but nothing too severe, when I noticed a BIG THICK trail being deposited over our city and the jet was coming from the NSW side of the river. It was so f—ing ugly and grotesque, you just have to ask yourself “is that normal”? I watched all the kids waiting for their school bus and this monsta’ was being dropped in the skies above them. It was like I was watching a horror movie.
    Yesterday was the first day of the new financial year and their was no spraying up here. Maybe they were doing a stock-take and spraying was suspended.
    The number of people up here with brain-tumours, cancer, breathin difficulties is off the scale. In that clip about battle of britain one of the comments menntions that they are placing GMO seeds in their mix. Sheezzz!!!!

  751. Kate Says:

    Re: Global Chemtrail Awareness Day July17th. I only know that people from different parts of the world have been talking and organising on facebook. Some groups have organised to get together. I know there’s one up around Byron Bay. But basically, even if you don’t have a group, do something – anything – to draw attention to the chemtrail issue. Even if you write a message across a white shirt and then wear it downtown. Some people might see it, and think what on earth is a “chemtrail” and then go home and google it…

  752. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi James

    Yes like clockwork eh? You should see the skies above Melbourne on Sat morning. All sorts of crap up there. Yes you are right, everyone is oblivious to the whole thing – and why they get away with it in broad daylight…

    By the way I came across this website application yesterday after listening to the Mark McCandlish audio I posted earlier. It tracks all the air traffic controlled flights anywhere in the world in near real time. You put your cursor over the aircraft and it gives you the flight number, route, height, speed etc. It would be interesting to see if you can get a visual on a sprayer first then get to a pc quick enough to see if you can identify it on the radar …we’ll then be able to track it… of course these aircraft may not been airtraffic controlled by the major airports if they are flying out of RAAF bases but worth a try

    There’s also an iphone version that allows you to point your iphone to any overhead aircraft and get details instantly…

    Good excuse to get an iphone I think…..

  753. Giancarlo Says:

    That should be:


  754. James Says:

    This is an outrage to a free society.
    Poisoning our water for profit.
    Gas fracking!!!!





    Dear Friends

    I come from the Darling Downs and the information in this email is heartbreaking.

    WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER to right this horrible wrong!

    PLEASE send this on to everyone you know (and don’t know) and keep it going.

    I don’t cry often but this email brought me to tears, but tears won’t stop it.


    PLEASE contact the people cited below and offer your help in any way you can.

    You and I love OUR COUNTRY!

    COME ON!!!


    Here’s the recent info on what’s happening in the Darling Downs!

    Along with Nicki Laws, Drew Hutton, Rob and Sally McCreath, David Pascoe and Alan Jones, we are attempting to save the Darling Downs from complete destruction. You will be shocked to read the facts assembled below.

    Please make sure that you send this out to every person you know and ask them to send it to ten people they know, and so on.

    We need help urgently.

    The really terrifying part of all this is that nobody knows a thing. We are targeting the entire horse community through vets and horse organisations.

    Sincere thanks

    Heather Pascoe


    If you love the Darling Downs please help us save our Homeland

    You may not be aware that around 95% of the Darling Downs is now covered by coal mining permits of one form or another. In fact, Environmental Activists now warn there will be THIRTY OPEN CUT COAL MINES on the Darling Downs within the next ten to twelve years.

    They not only plan to turn our rich farming land into a worthless lunar moonscape, they also plan to mine a number of suburbs and towns as well.

    While many are still in the permit stage, no coal mine has ever been blocked on environmental grounds in Queensland. Which means that once these applications progress, there will be absolutely no hope of stopping them.

    Why is the State Government allowing mining on the prime farming land and scarce water resources of the Darling Downs, the richest food bowl in Australia?

    Good question. The simple truth is that after nearly twenty years in power, the State Government is broke. They have already sold off State assets such as the railways and the ports. They are now determined to give the Mining companies every thing they want even if it will wipe out our lifestyle, our livelihood and our farming food bowl.

    They are doing this for the money: Governments need mining royalties in order to hold onto power in this case, to spend on social programs for their favoured city voters the very people who keep them in power.

    Clearly, these politicians believe that the Bush no longer matters, that country people are completely expendable, right down to driving them off like homeless refugees from their own land – and slowly and deliberately removing the sovereign rights of ownership over their own land.

    Did anyone ask you do you mind if I take your land rights away? Do you mind if I say there is nothing you can do to stop miners entering your land and doing exactly what they want, right down to the destruction of your land and water? You can go to court and make a fuss, of course, and spend all your money on lawyers, but the truth is that the Government simply doesnt care. In fact they will send you out a special little handbook they have written on how you need to behave when the miners enter your land and they expect you to cop it sweet.

    You may ask why havent I heard of this before? Why havent I read any of this in the Courier Mail and the Chronicle? Well, we all asked ourselves the same question. It seems that democracy is dead in Queensland and the Media is too afraid to speak out against their masters. So we have decided to truthfully and fully inform the people ourselves.

    We have carefully researched the following facts, and we believe it is your right to know what is happening here. We are all working closely with Alan Jones and other prominent Australians who are equally outraged by what is happening here and joined us in our fight to protect the Darling Downs. Alan was here with us on Sunday, he covers our battle every day on his national radio program – and he will be back again to help us very soon.

    We would welcome any help or support that you can offer us, especially in attending forthcoming Protest events and Town Hall rallies. THIS IS REAL, AND THIS IS DEMOCRACY AT WORK. Please step up and become involved in the fight to save our Homeland before it is too late.

    First step: send this email to ten people you know, and ask them to send it to ten people, and so on. INFORMATION IS POWER!

    For further information, you can contact

    Friends of Felton –
    Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group (Glen Zimmerle:
    Lock the Gate Alliance
    The Hunter Valley Thoroughbred Breeders is strongly against coal –


    Most of the land on the Darling Downs is under both a mining permit for either coal or bauxite AS WELL as permits for Coal Seam Gas.
    In other words, the Darling Downs gets the DOUBLE WHAMMY!

    Coal Seam Gas Mining:

    There will be anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 wells across the Surat Basin. The land will resemble a pin cushion, and the effect on farmers and their vital water resources will be catastrophic. Watch the documentary GasLand available at the ABC Shop in Toowoomba (also available to order on line) Youll be very pleased that you did.

    Darling Downs

    Acland (New Hope mine) is currently in Stage Two which covers 2,200 ha. By Stage Three with the Environmental Impact Study now awaiting rubber-stamp approval it will include an additional 5,400 ha, giving the mine a total area of 7,400 ha. New Hope Coal owns all the farmland almost to Oakey showground, and east out to Goombungee.

    Other mining leases in the East Acland area amount to an area around 40 sq km.

    Ambre Energy has a mining lease application over 2,000 ha of Felton Valley, which would include a large open-cut mine and a petrochemical plant, as well as around 70,000 ha under exploration permits all the way from Toowoomba to Warwick.
    Newmont has a mineral development license over 13,000 ha south of Felton.

    7 Haystack Plain: 13,000 ha of iconic Darling Downs farmland. Tarong Energy which is wholly owned by the Queensland Government owns the Mineral Development Licence for the coal deposit under the Haystack Plain.

    Tarong Energy representatives have stated that they have more than enough coal to service the Tarong Power Station for its entire operating life (25years+) without using the Haystack coal deposit.

    They are, however, now reviewing the asset with the intention to sell the Mineral Development Licence to another company. The Haystack coal deposit is export quality coal and is likely to be exported.


    There are now exploration leases or applications for leases over almost every major grain farm, thoroughbred farm and beef farm on the Darling Downs.

    There are exploration leases or applications for leases over the entire Toowoomba suburbs of Cotswold Hills and Wilsonton.
    There are exploration leases over the entire towns and communities of Hodgson Vale, Gowrie Junction, Kingsthorpe, Oakey, Gowrie Mountain, and Cabarlah.
    There are exploration lease applications over the communities of Highfields, Meringandan, and Murphys Creek.
    There are exploration leases over the entire towns and communities of Hodgson Vale, Highfields, Meringandan, Gowrie Junction, Kingsthorpe, Oakey, Gowrie Mountain, Murphys Creek and Cabarlah.

    There are exploration lease applications over the entire towns of Warwick, Pittsworth and Southbrook

    There are also applications for bauxite mines near Crows Nest and Geham.

    There are bauxite exploration permits for 7,000sq kms of Qld, focused around Kingaroy and Pittsworth in particular.

    There is a permit granted for a coal mine in the Brisbane Valley which is only 5 kms upstream from Somerset Dam Brisbanes major water catchment area.

    There is a permit granted for a coal mine at Granchester and Ebenezer


    The Qld State Government, the Toowoomba Regional Shire Council and Wagners are currently forcing through the biggest noxious and dangerous toxic industrial estate ever seen in regional Australia at Wellcamp Downs only ten minutes from the city.

    At 600ha, it is double the size of the heavy industrial area for the entire city of Brisbane. The site is an old koala habitat crossed by a creek that flows directly into the Murray-Darling. When the south-westerly winds blow in winter, noxious emissions will settle on the roofs of Toowoomba and go straight into rainwater tanks.

    Despite the fact that Toowoomba is a Garden City with an economy based on farming, tourism, education and retirees, there have been NO ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE on the site or buffering to protect nearby farms. One of Australias leading Urban Planners has described the proposal as simply unbelievable – a blight on the landscape.


    The Wagner family sold their company to Boral for $173 million in May. At the time, they explained this decision as a planned move into the mining and resources sector. It was believed that this simply referred to the Surat Basin, which is based further west around Dalby and Roma.

    The recent revelations by Environmental Activists that thirty open cut coal mines are planned for Toowoomba and the Darling Downs better explains their sudden decision to sell and why they are so anxious to develop Wellcamp Downs into a dangerous and noxious heavy industrial estate that will affect the health and wellbeing of this beautiful city forever.

    Dear Friends

    I come from the Darling Downs and the information in this email is heartbreaking.

    WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER to right this horrible wrong!

    PLEASE send this on to everyone you know (and don’t know) and keep it going.

    I don’t cry often but this email brought me to tears, but tears won’t stop it.


    PLEASE contact the people cited below and offer your help in any way you can.

    You and I love OUR COUNTRY!

    COME ON!!!


    Here’s the recent info on what’s happening in the Darling Downs!

    Along with Nicki Laws, Drew Hutton, Rob and Sally McCreath, David Pascoe and Alan Jones, we are attempting to save the Darling Downs from complete destruction. You will be shocked to read the facts assembled below.

    Please make sure that you send this out to every person you know and ask them to send it to ten people they know, and so on.

    We need help urgently.

    The really terrifying part of all this is that nobody knows a thing. We are targeting the entire horse community through vets and horse organisations.

    Sincere thanks

    Heather Pascoe


    If you love the Darling Downs please help us save our Homeland

    You may not be aware that around 95% of the Darling Downs is now covered by coal mining permits of one form or another. In fact, Environmental Activists now warn there will be THIRTY OPEN CUT COAL MINES on the Darling Downs within the next ten to twelve years.

    They not only plan to turn our rich farming land into a worthless lunar moonscape, they also plan to mine a number of suburbs and towns as well.

    While many are still in the permit stage, no coal mine has ever been blocked on environmental grounds in Queensland. Which means that once these applications progress, there will be absolutely no hope of stopping them.

    Why is the State Government allowing mining on the prime farming land and scarce water resources of the Darling Downs, the richest food bowl in Australia?

    Good question. The simple truth is that after nearly twenty years in power, the State Government is broke. They have already sold off State assets such as the railways and the ports. They are now determined to give the Mining companies every thing they want even if it will wipe out our lifestyle, our livelihood and our farming food bowl.

    They are doing this for the money: Governments need mining royalties in order to hold onto power in this case, to spend on social programs for their favoured city voters the very people who keep them in power.

    Clearly, these politicians believe that the Bush no longer matters, that country people are completely expendable, right down to driving them off like homeless refugees from their own land – and slowly and deliberately removing the sovereign rights of ownership over their own land.

    Did anyone ask you do you mind if I take your land rights away? Do you mind if I say there is nothing you can do to stop miners entering your land and doing exactly what they want, right down to the destruction of your land and water? You can go to court and make a fuss, of course, and spend all your money on lawyers, but the truth is that the Government simply doesnt care. In fact they will send you out a special little handbook they have written on how you need to behave when the miners enter your land and they expect you to cop it sweet.

    You may ask why havent I heard of this before? Why havent I read any of this in the Courier Mail and the Chronicle? Well, we all asked ourselves the same question. It seems that democracy is dead in Queensland and the Media is too afraid to speak out against their masters. So we have decided to truthfully and fully inform the people ourselves.

    We have carefully researched the following facts, and we believe it is your right to know what is happening here. We are all working closely with Alan Jones and other prominent Australians who are equally outraged by what is happening here and joined us in our fight to protect the Darling Downs. Alan was here with us on Sunday, he covers our battle every day on his national radio program – and he will be back again to help us very soon.

    We would welcome any help or support that you can offer us, especially in attending forthcoming Protest events and Town Hall rallies. THIS IS REAL, AND THIS IS DEMOCRACY AT WORK. Please step up and become involved in the fight to save our Homeland before it is too late.

    First step: send this email to ten people you know, and ask them to send it to ten people, and so on. INFORMATION IS POWER!

    For further information, you can contact

    Friends of Felton –
    Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group (Glen Zimmerle:
    Lock the Gate Alliance
    The Hunter Valley Thoroughbred Breeders is strongly against coal –


    Most of the land on the Darling Downs is under both a mining permit for either coal or bauxite AS WELL as permits for Coal Seam Gas.
    In other words, the Darling Downs gets the DOUBLE WHAMMY!

    Coal Seam Gas Mining:

    There will be anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 wells across the Surat Basin. The land will resemble a pin cushion, and the effect on farmers and their vital water resources will be catastrophic. Watch the documentary GasLand available at the ABC Shop in Toowoomba (also available to order on line) Youll be very pleased that you did.

    Darling Downs

    Acland (New Hope mine) is currently in Stage Two which covers 2,200 ha. By Stage Three with the Environmental Impact Study now awaiting rubber-stamp approval it will include an additional 5,400 ha, giving the mine a total area of 7,400 ha. New Hope Coal owns all the farmland almost to Oakey showground, and east out to Goombungee.

    Other mining leases in the East Acland area amount to an area around 40 sq km.

    Ambre Energy has a mining lease application over 2,000 ha of Felton Valley, which would include a large open-cut mine and a petrochemical plant, as well as around 70,000 ha under exploration permits all the way from Toowoomba to Warwick.
    Newmont has a mineral development license over 13,000 ha south of Felton.

    7 Haystack Plain: 13,000 ha of iconic Darling Downs farmland. Tarong Energy which is wholly owned by the Queensland Government owns the Mineral Development Licence for the coal deposit under the Haystack Plain.

    Tarong Energy representatives have stated that they have more than enough coal to service the Tarong Power Station for its entire operating life (25years+) without using the Haystack coal deposit.

    They are, however, now reviewing the asset with the intention to sell the Mineral Development Licence to another company. The Haystack coal deposit is export quality coal and is likely to be exported.


    There are now exploration leases or applications for leases over almost every major grain farm, thoroughbred farm and beef farm on the Darling Downs.

    There are exploration leases or applications for leases over the entire Toowoomba suburbs of Cotswold Hills and Wilsonton.
    There are exploration leases over the entire towns and communities of Hodgson Vale, Gowrie Junction, Kingsthorpe, Oakey, Gowrie Mountain, and Cabarlah.
    There are exploration lease applications over the communities of Highfields, Meringandan, and Murphys Creek.
    There are exploration leases over the entire towns and communities of Hodgson Vale, Highfields, Meringandan, Gowrie Junction, Kingsthorpe, Oakey, Gowrie Mountain, Murphys Creek and Cabarlah.

    There are exploration lease applications over the entire towns of Warwick, Pittsworth and Southbrook

    There are also applications for bauxite mines near Crows Nest and Geham.

    There are bauxite exploration permits for 7,000sq kms of Qld, focused around Kingaroy and Pittsworth in particular.

    There is a permit granted for a coal mine in the Brisbane Valley which is only 5 kms upstream from Somerset Dam Brisbanes major water catchment area.

    There is a permit granted for a coal mine at Granchester and Ebenezer


    The Qld State Government, the Toowoomba Regional Shire Council and Wagners are currently forcing through the biggest noxious and dangerous toxic industrial estate ever seen in regional Australia at Wellcamp Downs only ten minutes from the city.

    At 600ha, it is double the size of the heavy industrial area for the entire city of Brisbane. The site is an old koala habitat crossed by a creek that flows directly into the Murray-Darling. When the south-westerly winds blow in winter, noxious emissions will settle on the roofs of Toowoomba and go straight into rainwater tanks.

    Despite the fact that Toowoomba is a Garden City with an economy based on farming, tourism, education and retirees, there have been NO ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE on the site or buffering to protect nearby farms. One of Australias leading Urban Planners has described the proposal as simply unbelievable – a blight on the landscape.


    The Wagner family sold their company to Boral for $173 million in May. At the time, they explained this decision as a planned move into the mining and resources sector. It was believed that this simply referred to the Surat Basin, which is based further west around Dalby and Roma.

    The recent revelations by Environmental Activists that thirty open cut coal mines are planned for Toowoomba and the Darling Downs better explains their sudden decision to sell and why they are so anxious to develop Wellcamp Downs into a dangerous and noxious heavy industrial estate that will affect the health and wellbeing of this beautiful city forever.





  755. James Says:

    just watching a melb. to canberra flight now with no tail regestration, just about to fly into mildura = way way off course.

  756. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya to all. Kate that’s a good idea re wearing a t-shirt with a message about chemtrails however it’s a little chilly for short sleeves at the moment. I will definetely do that when it’s warmer.
    I’ve posted more pics at the crowhouse for those that wanna see how they bombarded us June 30th and July 1st.

    Here’s a couple of good music vids that are relevant. The Obama vid is good for a laugh..

  757. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Doh I meant to say Osama not Obama video. The only difference is BS I keep forgettting lol

    I just read James’ article re Darling Downs. I copied it and sent it to the ASP James so we can put it out there on our web to alert people as to what is going on behind the scenes. I’ve watched many vids re gas fracking and they showed GASLAND on telly the other week which horrified me. This is pure evil considering they know the consequences of this fracking. Just nuts but I know why.

    I read an article called Billion dollars and have sent it to most of you that I know your emails.
    Can someone please frwd it on to James, Jim and Kell coz I don’t have their emails. It’s vital that we all understand how much our current governments have put us in debt and why the big sell off to pay off bank interest on interest on interest for many years to come. Just remember, our country was in the BLACK before Labour took over the realms and went on a huge spending spree.

  758. Frank Says:

    Hi all,
    Mich that Osama song clip was pretty cool (thanks),,seems these people do everything quitetly/covertly (allowing fracking),,,thanks for the ‘Billion Dollars’ too,,can pass on to Kel and James,but dont know Jims email.


  759. Frank Says:

    Check out this radio clip,,,,huge CT coverage.

  760. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi All

    This clip might give folks a clue about one of the insidiuous intents behind CTs and weather modification. This is incredible, they flood the land and then offer to buy it up cheap…

  761. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Thanks for those articles Frank and Giancarlo.
    I should have mentioned it earlier but I kept forgetting to mention till now and I hope it’s not too late.. My game on Millionaire Hot Seat is being televised at 5.30pm tonight.. I am tbe 5th player and it would be nice for the replay to show a different outcome but alas it’s not to be.

    On another note, I found this today – Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness

  762. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Morning everyone! Been chemtrail free here for days now but today as I opened the front door and looked at the sky it’s been bombarded. A beautiful sunny day is being covered in chemtrails and they are slowly spreading out to block the sunshine yet again. I have talked with a few people I bump into regularly and told them about chemtrails. When I do see them again they either turn and walk away avoiding me or if I ask them did they notice the sky they have no idea what I’m talking about as they completely forgot.. it’s scary really coz it seems society would prefer to bury their heads up their butts instead of seeing the truth. I know I’m not a nutter but these people sure make me feel like I am. At least I know I’m not alone..

    This Aussie farmer took it upon himself to make these video’s giving the Australian Sovereignty party a plug..

    This vid talks about chemtrails and HAARP and GMO seeds
    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  763. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    Don’t worry Mich, it’s there loss for not listening. All we can do is try and tell em. Thanks for all those links too :)

  764. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Wow Russ great vid and it’s hard to believe the history channel doco is coming clean for once instead of having shills debunk this and that. I have shared this vid all over so thanks for that and the advice too. Nik has the same thing happen to him too and even his friends are pre warning him about mentioning conspiracies saying they are all hogwash and don’t talk about them anymore. At least we have each other and our forums like this to bounce off with other awakened people coz otherwise it would really get us down.

  765. Russ Says:

    Thanks Mich. Geeze those Turtle pics sure were disturbing Mich. Thanks for the email, I already passed it on. Sometimes I wonder will humanity ever wake up in time. That caption in end of email say’s it perfectly. About “nothing like a good photo to explain excitinction”. God FMD what is it with some people..

  766. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi All

    Mich you are spot on. There was some very heavy chemtrail activity on Saturday around Melbourne. I was driving up to Benalla via Yea and there was heavy chemtrailing in that area in the morning mainly south west to north east. At one stage I stopped the car and we watched 2 planes spraying in unison. At about 4pm we were about to leave a property we were visiting and this monstrous jet flew overhead at relatively low level from south to north spewing a trail behind it. Interestingly, we were able to compare the normal contrail activity of commercial jets that were flying at much higher altitudes and what this monster was spewing out. The contrail were disappearing in seconds. I had my camera with me and took some video and photo footage which I’ll post on the crowhouse site. My brother, who I’ve spoken to about chemtrails, was with me. What we saw was irrefutable and he now gets it!

    I’m also doing a presentation to some mates in a couple of weeks on chemtrails to spread the word, so the History channel vid will be a great help.

  767. Frank Says:

    CT’s are not sprayed by commercial planes,,but by air force tankers 24 /7…Hist/Chan deceitfully leads the average Joe viewer to believe that most CT believers believe that chemicals are added to the fuel in commercial planes and sprayed out through the engine all around the world, this theory, (most likely made up by paid shills of the guilty party) is not only ridiculous but easily discredited in which to make the whole CT theory look mentally unapproachable ,,,,,,would not put too much faith in H/C, as this debate gets more traction by the day without the ‘guided’ help of H/C.,,,,,The documentary “What in the world are they spraying” is a far more honest and credible source.

  768. Giancarlo Says:

    Adding chemicals to the fuel of commercial aircraft has certainly been investigated. There’s some info here in 2.2 Delivery Mechanisms..

    Also US patent 5003186 at, talks about similar technology.

    Of course whether this sort of technology is being used with commercial aircraft is a different questions. I suspect air force tankers (Omega Air, Evergreen etc) are the main players at the moment…
    Whether this is another questions.

  769. Giancarlo Says:

    I just received this from a colleague…please take action and send it on

    For anyone AWAKE in Australia. Your government is allowing GM Wheat which has been rejected by all other countries (because they believe unsafe) to enter your daily bread without you knowing or without being tested for any health or environment effects, beyond a 1 DAY trial. Not even animals tested…. so unless you say something YOU ARE THE HUMAN TRIAL. 30 seconds to sign petition.

    Watch this 1.31 clip to get story as to why think absolutely worth time to send on. and why you should to.

    At what point will the population realize their silence is their consent? and we as individuals are responsible for the world you want to live in not the government as they are clearly failing at their duty of care.

  770. James Says:

    Below is a link to an 18 part doc. on the pysch. analysis of mental patients. Mind blowing stuff!!! The money that is made each year from marketing drugs to people which make them worse or they get well for a short time but then need a stronger dose to get the same result and on and on it goes. The kids in schools are hooked on ritalin which is so close to cocainne it is not funny. Try and watch all 18 parts.

    C.T. activitity is non -exixtent and has been for a good couple of weeks. What is going on, I need my shot’s of Barium and aluminum.

  771. kell Says:

    Frank – Im getting into making Orgonite – maybe we should make three or four Cloud/Chem Busters and put them around the area?

    Heres a video on how they are made.

    Knocking up the first batch tomorrow – will let you know how it goes.

  772. kell Says:

    Oh and PS – just reading the thread I haven’t checked in for a while and here are the websites for the three main companies implicated in chemtrailing.

    Omega Air Refueling Services –
    (This is the jet that crashed they use 2 x B707s like our old Airforce ones and one KDC-10)

    Cargolux –

    Evergreen Aviation –
    (These are the fire fighting tankers that have the weird base NW of Tucson Arizona I posted/or showed James? a picture of many moons ago).

    Just for the sake of argument I consider it very unlikely the NWO is using tankers to spray – the US air force doesn’t have enough tankers for half its planes let alone releasing hundreds for this use.
    I find it about Eleven Billion times more likely its a simple jet fuel additive allowing the tens of thousands of normal jet flights a day to do the work for them and not to mention it would be a whole lot cheaper and less likely to be discovered.

    Hows this explain trails turning on and off?
    Dont know – the video of the Airforce insider interview Giancario posted mentioned a fuel/range extension technology that could be used intermittently in certain conditions?
    Who knows – there are so many theories and so little any of us can do about it, I feel like im barking up the same tree and going nowhere but in circles.

    Maybe we should just build a chembuster, at least thats something we can do and putting our energy into something potentially productive and beneficial for the entire area?

  773. Frank Says:

    Kell,,,fact is they are doing it either way,,i just cant see passengers on planes putting up with loop da loops, criss crossing back and forward all over the place and then getting dropped off at their destinations (on time).
    You would only need about 20 planes to cover Australia going 24/7 that have a very high distance range,,,(but who really knows for sure).

    Trying out the cem busters based on Tesla’s work could be fun.

  774. Kell Says:

    Mildura got smashed by chemtrails this afternoon – massive and intense, more than ive seen in a long time.

    A huge low X right over town that dispersed into regular 90 degree strakes almost like a very wide venetian blind all the way to the horizon, this was followed by two planes laying trails together just to its south then another coming from the south to cross them – I lost count after that, they were turning their trails off 30 to 50 kms out?

    It seems they have it in for us big time :(

  775. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I gotta agree Frank.. I doubt they are passenger planes too. I know the Virgin Airways tv ad shows planes spewing out red and white plumes however as Frank says, they can’t do loop da loops or fly zig zag fashion like the crazy mofo’s who are spraying chemtrails.

    Just wanted to let ya’s know I had the best birthday celebrations EVER for my 50th birthday but now it’s back to reality and I wanted to let ya’s know I posted more pics and a blog at the crowhouse.

    I also wanted to share this link with any other survivalists out there or for those that are stocking up on necessary items in case of a crisis or emergency:

    I can’t believe this has only 98 views:

  776. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Frank, Kell, Mitch and all

    I agree, what we are seeing in Australia are military or converted ex civilian aircraft. However, the idea of using passenger aircraft to spray chemicals in the atmosphere, including sulphur, to prevent global warming has been looked at in detail. Even Tim Flannery discussed this idea in ‘Now or Never’. There are also patents on the technology to modify civil aircraft to aerosol spraying capability. It could be that they are using this approach in the US where the population is a lot greater and they don’t have enough military aircraft or contractors to cover the whole country.

    I listened to this last night…it’s a brilliant ‘must listen’ interview with Sylvain Henry a CT activist from Canada. You can hear him from the 19min mark to the 58 min mark. He’s organising a united global campaign to wake up the general public to what’s going on…..

    Stay positive and don’t feel any fear over this stuff and treat what you are discovering as information. While its not pleasant, remember we are of the few, but growing numbers, that are aware of whats going on and can prepare and make decisions about our lives accordingly. Keep your spirits up – there’s a lot of positive stuff going on. Just try to create awareness amongst others and get the message out. The more people that wake to what’s going on the harder it becomes for these dark forces to operate…

    On a different topic take a look at these amazing photos of the moon…

    best wishes

  777. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi again all

    Looks like I mucked up those links….here they are again

  778. Frank Says:

    Happy birthday Mich,,, (i mean kid),,saw you on hot seat other week (bad luck,,we could have been close friends) ,,thanks for the links.

    Giancarlo,nice advice,,,i think they may have started off with the commercial planes at early testing stages blending in with the military planes covertly, but over time seeing how easy the majority of populations were so easily fooled and accepted the new cloud theorys, it seems so logical they spray where when and how they like now more effectively with military precision that more suits their plans.
    If they were trying or adding to commercial fuel in the past, it seems like a plan A….
    Also the reason i never like to bring up ‘chemicals in the fuel theory’ (even if its true) is because its so easily attacked by the very people committing this crime,,,,e.g pilots would be in on it, engine malfunction ect,ect,,,,thus turning people you want to wake up off the subject.
    Thanks again for that good advice, i liked it,,,and also the links.
    ,,,off to bed,,feeling so sick,,,,chemtrailed ALL day……

  779. James Says:

    Sleep soundly frankie.
    You can have a sweet dream or three about drinking hydrofluorosolicicacid(fluoride) from your tap water and see it penetrating your skin as you have a shower and then dream about seeing a blue sky that stays blue all day long, which does’nt become misty and hazy after a dozen jets go overhead. And the pilots of these low flying jets should really get the mechanic to check out the carbi and spark-plugs cause the engines are “smoking” They need a tune-up.
    As uncle frank said above, we have been chemtrailed pretty fing’ serious. Wednesday the 27th. is a day that will live in infamy. Around 10.30am I headed off to the gym which is about 3km’s away and spotted a low jet leaving a “dissapearing” long chemtrail over Mildura’s city centre. Half hour later I finished my little warm-up for the arvo golf comp. and ventured outside and “stuff the chooks”, the sky was covered in trails from every direction.
    As I was golfing in the arvo it was like ww3 with jets leaving the biggest and longest trails I think I have ever seen and doing X’s, II,s and S’s.
    I pointed out the obvious to the group of guys’s that I was playing golf with and said to em’ “Do you like being poisoned”?. I got so much shit thrown at me that I did well to keep my cool, “oh jimmy, it’s only gas” was one of the comments, but I just proceeded onwards to break the course record(Yeah right!!!).
    Thursday was no were near as bad but as it came to sunset some of the most ugly looking deposits, were placed over the airport way. I have got sore eye’s, ears and throat and sniffs. Will we get three days in a row.

  780. Frank Says:

    James lies not…,,,, this new clip is just a small part of the day posted by John.

  781. Giancarlo Says:

    Melbourne is getting absolutely plastered today (and that’s an understatement). There’s been constant CT activity from early this morning, throughout the early afternoon and its still ongoing as I type this.

    The trails are being laid over the northern and western suburbs running east west. On the Bureau of Met weather radar I see the winds are light and blowing from the north and north west which makes total sense. That way the trails blow gently over the rest of the city like blankets of god knows what. The entire sky has turned into a pea soup. Its occurring in broad daylight and millions of people are going about their daily business totally oblivious to it all even as the trails are laid in front of their eyes.

  782. Kell Says:

    Ha brilliant John got it – ive got some on my phone – you see what I meant about the Venetian blind effect all the way to the horizon – quite amazingm never seen anything like it!

  783. James Says:

    GianC. my sister is aware of chemtrails now and she lives in Melb. not far from Tullamarine. She could’nt work out why she had never seen jets leaving big long trails behind them before, until i told her what the story was all about. She is getting informed and trying to pass it on to her friends but she say’s that is like talking to a brick-wall.
    We have had another heavy dose up here in Mildura again. Many people have had the flu which they reckon just will not go away. Frank and kell and myself are armed with a VitC. supa booster which Frank has been able to get for us. It keeps your immune system firing on all cylinders. Stay indoors and if you go outside…..don’t breathe……simple!!!!!

  784. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi James
    I know Tullamarine well, I grew up and went to school there. My brother has also become aware of whats going on and has started to take photos. He was very skeptical at the start.

    Not sure if your sister noticed what went on last Sunday but it was full on, very brazen and evil. I went to bed really sick that night with a headache and sort throat that has persisted for days. I even called the bureau of met about it on Monday and got nowhere.

    The last jet I saw on Sunday close to dusk was flying at high speed east to west run and was screaming toward South Australia. Ok we’ve had nothing here the past 2 days so to me it looks like they use the same resources and alternate them.

    I’m hooking up with some other local and international activists so we can share our knowledge and info and try to compare notes and see if we can piece this together, who, why, where and how – I think we know the ‘what’ they are doing. I think this whole issue needs a common banner and theme to try and raise awareness, something like:

    ‘Look Up!’

    Concerned citizens worldwide raising awareness
    over the mass aerosol spraying of our skies.
    Google “chemtrails”
    This is happening in Melbourne!

  785. Kell Says:

    Chemtrails 100kms North of Mildura today, they seem to be way up high this time – saw another venetian blind effet stretching probably 10 to 15kms wide and going east/west to the horizon.

  786. James Says:

    This is going to be very interesting. The credit rating for the US economy is going to be downgraded from AA+(with a 14.5 trillion deficit) to AA- on monday. Expect the shit to hit the fan, as all the investors will sell….sell….sell.

  787. Kate Says:

    Hi guys, just popping in to say hi, and give an update.

    We’re frantically trying to get our house ready for sale. Was hoping to get it sold before the proverbial hit the fan. Looks like the crap beat us, but at least we’ll hopefully get out before the worst comes. We absolutely cannot stay here, wallowing in credit card debt and a mortgage, if things get bad. My first priority at the moment is just to sell, and pay off all debts. Thankfully Canberra is a bit sheilded from economic turmoil due to a large public service sector, so hopefully it will sell relatively quickly for a decent price.
    We’ve got a little one on the way, due in just over 10wks, so I’m finishing up work in another couple of weeks.

    I’m sure you guys will be interested in this. About 3mths ago, my uncle was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Against doctors wishes, he chose not to have surgery, and starting taking bicarb soda. He measured his pH levels daily, and got them up to 8.5 for five days straight. Apparently cancer cannot survive in such an alkaline environment. And……IT WORKED!!!!
    Last week he was given the all clear. The ultrasound could find no evidence of any cancer. Chalk one up for natural medicine!!

    Recently I managed to get hold of some Tesla sheilds, which you wear around your neck and it’s supposed to protect your thyroid from radiation. Got one for all of us, except the youngest, as I didn’t think he’d keep his on. As soon as he’s a bit older, I’ll get one for him too. Hopefully it helps with whatever spews out the back of aircraft too…..

    Have been keeping a close eye on the situation in Libya, and even set up a facebook group for supporters of gaddafi and truth in libya. The research I’ve done on Gaddafi tell me that he’s not only a very shrewd operator, but a great revolutionary too, who had plans to return to the gold standard and force the west to pay for libyan oil in gold, not useless paper, and also a united africa which would be an economic force to be reckoned with.

    Last month over a million Libyans marched in Tripoli in support of Gaddafi, and it didn’t even get a single mention in our media. Makes me so wild!!!! Makes me hope that Gaddafi can hold out against NATO – he’s done a good job so far. IT’s starting to look a bit embarrassing for NATO, and it serves them right. But I do wonder….what will happen to their plans for global government if they can’t get the Libyan situation under control???? Russia/China and parts of Africa and South America are not towing the line, and showing signs of rebellion over whats happened in Libya…

  788. James Says:

    Footage taken over England….amazingly disturbing timelapse footage. Four jets in parralell spraying etc:
    Has been disturbingly quiet up here in Mildura on the chemtrail front, but there is still a lot of jets flying about. I am sure the bastards will resume at some stage.

  789. Russ Says:

    Hi all, James, Kate, Kell, Gincarlo, Mich, Frank, anyone I missed

    Thanks for that Modern Servitude video Mich. Must note though, when I got to last vid #no 6, became suspicious of the true intentions of the maker of that vid. Seemed to me to want people to start rioting? Personally, totally not the way to go. I’m starting to wonder if certain youtube vids are being planted, on purpose, to murky up the truthful waters.

    Wow, that crowd photo face recognition blew me away Mich, incredible huh. Do you see right through it too though. Notice how they word it, so we s’posed to break world record and name as many of our friends on it!!! It’s got to have started out from CIA or similar. Getting ‘US’ to do ‘THEIR’ work for them. Making it seem like just a fun harmless game. Also, double edged, serving as a ‘Fear’ tool, to make us less likely to go and in crowds to stand up to them, for ‘fear of being recognised in photo’s’.


    On a brighter note, the forthcoming album “Rock Dog Revolution” is well under way. Just finished the drums for the 14th and last track today, called “Truman World”. But, still got fair way to go for rest of instruments now.

    ~Truman World~

    Let your feelings out in the world don’t hold tight
    I don’t want you to take the reins of my life

    I don’t need more rules I don’t need your pyramids I just want the truth
    Like why is the world being taken control of by only a few

    No use running or fighting with our fists it’s better not to comply
    Embrace our freedom shake our tails up to the sky

    We don’t need more rules we don’t need your pyramids we just want the truth
    Like why is the world being taken control of by only a few

    Why does my life feel like the Truman Show except now that
    Everybodies being watched by cameras everywhere we go
    You track what we buy and teach us to sit still and never to defy
    Load us with fear on the news every night

    Let your feelings out in the world don’t hold tight
    I don’t want you to take the reins of my life

    We don’t need more rules we don’t need your pyramids we just want the truth
    Like why is the world being taken control of by only a few
    Time is running out for you
    Time is running out for you
    Time is running out for you yes it is now


    PS.. Here’s a good laugh

  790. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Russ, Kate, Mich, James, Kell, Frank..

    James, its been quite here in melbourne re chemtrails. I haven’t spotted any since that crazy Sunday a few weeks back. I too wonder when the next assault will commence.

    Kate, i’ve heard the bicarb soda treatment for cancer before. There’s an italian doctor (Simoncini) I think that has been promoting it. He’s on youtube and I believe its worked for many types of cancers.

    I’m not sure if any of you are on the email list. If not you’ll find this email on CTs interesting. It was a bit long so I’ve cut it down a bit.

    “I have been working most of the weekend (along with Sylvain and Eri) on the whitepaper pertaining to geoengineering and human rights violations. The whitepaper, titled Human Rights Approach on Trans-National Hazardous Environmental Program, will be presented in just a few days at the Critical Connections Conference. The conference is being held at the Center of Human Rights Studies and Social Development in Thailand. Eri will be boarding a plane tomorrow to go present the paper.

    Both Sylvain and Eri have been literally working around the clock on the whitepaper, which they plan to submit to others as well. Because of the deadline, neither of them have gotten much sleep of late. Their committment and dedication is to be commended.

    Regarding the numerous chemtrail-geoengineering evidence submittals that many of you posted on over the last couple of days, I haven’t had a chance to post them as yet because I’ve spent most of the weekend working on the whitepaper. However, I do offer my sincere thanks for taking the time to sumbit evidence and want you to know that it will be posted.

    Please keep them coming. But, make sure that you follow the sumbittal instructions on this page:
    Submit Evidence-News-Events

    I’ll get started on Monday posting the evidence that was sent in. It will take me a couple of days to get caught up. So, please be patient.

    Finally, borrowing a line from the old TV show Hill Street Blues:
    “Let’s be careful out there.”

    Things are likely to get worse before they get better. However, I firmly believe that the truth about the global elite will soon come to light. I also believe that ten year anniversary of 9/11 is significant and will trigger the collapse of their house of cards in a similar fashion to the way that the World Trade Center buildings fell.

    In the meantime, please spend a few moments each day quietly putting out the intention that the truth about geoengineering, 9/11, and other “conspiracies” will very soon be revealed and that justice will be served. If you only do one thing, let it be that.

    Our collective intentions are very powerful. When more people understand this and use this amazing power for good, it will be lights out for the global elite.


  791. James Says:

    Fascinating doppler radar images.
    Take note of the govt. description of “persistant contrails”
    The radar images show the trails are being deposited at 20,000ft. and in no way can persistant contrails format this height.
    Intersting doc.
    Plenty of jets buzzing around up here in Mildura, but no ct’s.

  792. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hi Russ, Kate, Carlo, James, Frank and Kell. Very interesting posts and I’ve bookmarked them all. Russ good luck with your new song, love those lyrics!

    I wanted to share with you the latest blog at my Chemtrail page at the crowhouse.
    Re the riots in London:

    Cherryred wrote:
    “Nottingham was one of the cities that suffered from the UK rioting. 3 nights of unrest! Around 8pm on the 3rd night I happened to notice the sky and it was covered in chemtrails. Planes coming over is no big thing round here, but I had never seen anything like that before.

    I woke up the next morning and I felt really relaxed, happy and in a really good mood, funnily enough so did everyone else I encountered… and guess what? ….NO RIOTING in Nottingham.
    Just wondering if anyone thinks it possible that the chemtrails could have anything to do with this?”

    I wonder if via chemtrails, they drizzled some powdered Prozac down on the unsuspecting public?
    Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  793. Russ Says:

    Thats great, thanks Mich. Just been over at crowhouse, been looking for your post, haven’t found it yet.

  794. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ FYI I’m Chemtrail Chaser at the Crowhouse and the Chemtrail thread is at page 29 and still growing. Haven’t had time to update with latest chemtrail pics from a couple of weeks ago. It’s been beautiful blue skies in Melbourne and any clouds I see are actully REAL ones. They maybe taking a break from spraying us like bugs but I’m watching and waiting to take pics when they do!

    I’m still fighting a losing battle re dog attack victims and now after a 4yo was killed by a pit bull terrier this week the powers that be decided the owner is going to get heavier penalties. Still not a word on compensation for victims though.. it’s pathetic really. No compensation is going to replace that little girl or take the trauma away from the Mother or the other children savaged in the attack but at least give them something other than excuses and justifications as to why the law profits from our misery anD we get nothing as innocent victims! grrrr

  795. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    I hope you are all well. Good to hear from you Mich. Yes its been quite here in Melb and I haven’t seen any CT activity for a few weeks now. It’s a perfect blue sky this monday morning…

    Here’s an interesting vid from an activist in Serbia from the site

    …”Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets”

  796. Kell Says:

    Chemtrail war here in Mildura Yesterday arvo and this morning – after some weeks of pure clear deep blue skies they are suddenly smacking us bigtime?

    Yesterday arvo was the most trails ive ever seen in the sky at one time, 11 I could discern at one time inclueding a high level venetian blind type – I wonder what they are up to now and why the sudden urgency?

  797. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Kell, Carlo, Russ, Frank, Kate and James.. just to let you know that yesterday, Melbourne was bombarded all day with chemtrails too. They were in plain site with horizon to horizon chemtrails oozing their goop down on us like bugs. We’ve had glorious azure blue skies for weeks now and although there have been some suss chemclouds about, they had nothing on yesterdays assault on our sky. We were due for some rain and the sky was leaden grey by late afternoon however, with the chemtrails ripping through the rainclouds, they dispersed very quickly and it looks like we’re in for another dry spell.

    Carlo, my buddy loved the vid of the Serbian national who is demanding the Serb Government stops all GMO and Chemtrails. Where the subtitles say ‘yellow’ he said the actual translation is ‘to keep quiet’ which is exactly what our government is doing. I was asked the question ‘DO YOU THINK OUR GOVERNMENT IS AWARE OF CHEMTRAILS’ and I’m putting it out there for you all to answer. My personal opinion is NO but.. there would be a chosen few who are aware and keep shut because they are told to. It will be interesting to know all your opinons on this subject. Over time we have all tried to expose chemtrails to relevent government offices yet they are so secretive or act like we’ve lost the plot. A friend of ours constantly debates the science behind ‘persistant contrails’ and thinks we are just conspiracy nuts. How the hell can you win a debate with someone that truly believes the science that NASA puts out?

    Kate, if what you say about Gaddafi is true then it certainly makes sense. What is the name of the facebook page you speak of? Also that is fantastic news re your uncle with prostate cancer and how bi carb of soda cured him.. it’s amazing that something so simple most of us have in our pantry can cure cancer.. Can you share how he took it and in what amounts? Sorry to hear the banksters got the better of you and you are forced to sell up to pay your debts down. Good luck with the sale and good luck with bubba on the way too. Everything will work out and as you say, Canberra property is in demand so you’ll be right chicky!

    Hoping you are all well and keep taking colloidal silver and whatever else you need to protect you from chemtrails.

  798. Russ Says:

    Hi guys,

    Same thing over Melb, north skys yesterday (when this pic was taken) (ps.. it turned into a big thick strong trail) too Kel and Mich. Although not 11, we just saw the 1 big one. This one, lasted for hours after. Wow, that’s amazingly good news about your uncle Kate! Hope you sort out house probs soon enough. Everyone, stay well and strong. We can get through all this shit. I know we can do it. Heaps of love to you all <3

    Ps.. planted a seed, with the neighbour yesterday, in the hopes to wake another fellow brother up. We happened to be out in street at same time. He said ,"wow! to his kids , look at that big smoke trail from the plane in the sky!". He further said "no wonder there's global warming with all that pollution in the sky" (I decided best not to get into the global warming scam topic, just yet. One awakening topic at a time.. lol) . I mentioned to him, just google chemtrail, you might be surprsied at what comes up? He said Chemtrail? What's that? What do you mean, like chemical trail? I said yeah, just google it, you'll find some interesting stuff, just leave it at that. I said I won't make up your mind, check it out for yourself. See what you think? It really got him thinking, after I said you never saw those as a kid did ya. He said, yeah, you're right? We never say those?!! He seemed pretty keen, to go check what they're about.

    Big Chemtrail Straight Over Our House Yesterday

  799. James Says:

    Mich and the team of fellow “awakened ones”. Yeah I was in Melb. from thursday the 25th until monday the 29th Aug.
    I keep my eye in the sky and nothing was spotted …..until sunday. Staying at my sisters place near Glenroy and we had a masive trail going directly overhead and with further investigation noticed another almost directly over Tullamarine airport. Towards sunset I went for a walk and could see the jets landing and taking off from Tulla. What i saw was beyond belief….the audacity was like something that NATO would do the libyans or any other nation that oppossed the NWO.
    A jet was taking of and was around 500ft. and with a massive CT directly in its path with the sunset directly behind it, it was like something out of a horror or a sci-fi movie. Then without warning I notice a white line appearing in the sky parralel to the existing one that was deposited over Tulla. earlier on. You had to see it to believe it. Surely the passengers at the airport would have seen it and said “YEAH….that’s normal”!!!
    I went for several walks with my sister and I may have picked up the bugs from their deposits over Melb. as I now have running nose, sore eyes/throat etc.
    “Bastards” is a word that comes to mind. Cheers.

  800. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Mich, Russ, James, Kate and anyone I’ve missed.

    Yes I saw the same chemtrail on Sunday. I was driving on the Tulla freeway heading east near Essendon airport when I saw the trail ‘turn on’ as the aircraft started its run above the outer north eastern suburbs. Russ I think I took exactly the same photo.

    They seem to be on a Sunday schedule for some reason. The last full on blatant assault was Sunday 31 July. I’m still feeling the effects of that day. I’ve had a dry sore throat for a month now and can’t shake it.

    I sent a text to a mate in Point Cook as it was happening and he got back to me with a ‘yes I see it very clearly now’. He’d been reading about chemtrails on the david icke forum and had no idea they were occurring here. Great work Russ with your neighbour. It’s a good approach to plant the seed and let people do their own research without lecturing – they’ll soon get it and spread the word themselves. I’m going to use that approach myself.

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed it but as I was looking along its line towards the west you could see a black pencil thin line continuing on well in front of the aircraft. Almost like a string that it could follow. I’ve read about this mysterious line from US and other overseas reports, but it’s the first time I’ve actually seen it for myself. I have no idea what it is or how it’s formed. Is it some sort of holograph?

    Here’s a little experiment for you. I noticed my car, which was parked outside that afternoon, was covered in a fine powder the next day. I ran my finger over the bonnet and picked up a fine black dust. It was certainly not dirt. When I put my finger up to a light source I noticed tiny crystalline specks over my finger. I’m going to collect a bit more of it and see if I can get it analysed somehow. I did the same thing to a mate’s car when I got to work on Monday and found exactly the same thing!. I could be totally off the mark here in linking this to chemtrails – its just what I’ve observed.

    Mich regarding your question about whether the govt is aware of chemtrails?. Let’s make them aware. I’m writing a letter with a series of questions about chemtrails to my local member of parliament and asking him to present the letter in parliament on my behalf. They are obligated to do that and get you a reply. That’s what we pay them for. I don’t expect anything to come out of it but at least they’ll know that we know (and that we’re still aware). If you have any specific questions you’d like me to include let me know.

    Mich, there’s an Italian doctor called Dr Simoncini who advocates the bicarb soda treatment. He’s on youtube and has a website.

    And here’s why I think the Nato bombing of Libya is about killing people as well as ideas…

    • All Libyans receive a portion of the sale of Libyan oil – Directly to their Bank Accounts.
    • Max income tax in Libya is 12%.
    • Banks do not charge interest in Libya (Islamic Bank Model, not the Rothschild Slave System).
    • All Libyans have a home. Ghaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Ghaddafi’s father died while he and his wife were still living in a tent.
    • There are no mortgages on houses in Libya.
    • Should someone wish to farm, they receive free land and seeds and animals.
    • There are no Electricity Bills in Libya.
    • All Education is Free in Libya.
    • Everyone gets Free Medical – Even the Protestors …
    • Each newlywed couple receives 60,000 dinar gift from the government.
    • Gas in Libya is sold at the outrageous price of .12 cents per liter (bigger than US quart).
    • Automobile purchases are financed at zero interest.
    • Ghaddafi completed a massive water project to irrigate land to free Libya from dependance on Imported Food

  801. Giancarlo Says:

    Here’s the website I meant to include in my previous post on the bicarb treatment.

    I’m not sure what happened with my post though – it looks like a mess toward the end….

    have a great day all

  802. Kell Says:

    Has anyone here looked at Orgonite?

    Great stuff and you can make Chembusters out of it – the material is a 50/50 mix of organic and inorganic material with a quartz crystal ie 50% metal shavings or swarf (inorganic) and 50% resin (organic) + quartz crystal.

    It transmutes negative energy into positive energy, I make this myself now and can verify its positive effect on people and animals as well as the general feeling of the area it is placed in.

    My next step is to build a chembuster device!

    There is a local forum – for those that want more specifics and Max Igan from the Crowhouse has a forum about it as well –

    I recommend you get yourself some Orgonite and then learn to make it – and then spread it around to your family and friends, note the reaction/effect on these people and if you are really keen you could begin to do more like make some Tower Busters – and drop them around or dig them in around cell phone towers or TV/Radio emitters which will lift the energy level of the area for the good of everyone.

    If you succeed at this you may then want to build a Cloudbuster or better known as a Chembuster!

    Good luck with this as now we have a device that can not only destroy Chemtrails but also throw a major spanner in the works of the New World Orders plans by transmuting their negative energy fear generators into positive life energy helping to lift the awareness and consciousness of all within its influence!

    Get going and make yourself some Orgonite!

  803. Russ Says:

  804. Giancarlo Says:

    A short and positive message of hope….

    The ‘White Hats’ he talks about, as far as I know, are a group of insiders with power and influence that are working to bring down the NWO…

  805. Russ Says:

    News Alert: Dutchsinse Youtube Account Shut Down! Looks like Dutch was definatley onto something with his discoveries of, man manipulation of weather videos.

    Here’s a recent interview with Dutch>> PROJECT CAMELOT: DUTCHSINSE INTERVIEW PART ONE

  806. Kell Says:

    Wow the National loop is going ape shit now – a perfect concentric ring around Woomera – Wagga creating a huge ripple spiral cyclone thing through Victoria, NSW to the Queensland and South Australian borders- beaming from Nth NSW – Perth – Pt Headland, I wonder what they are up to?

    Tried to go into the Woomera radar but it says its down with a technical fault lol!

  807. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya to all and I hope this finds you all well. I’ve been sick as a dog with a nasty head cold for what seems like weeks. I haven’t had a cold since 2007 but this one really kicked my ass. After 2 solid weeks of chemtrail filled skies, I am convinced they influenced my health as well as my moods as I’m exposed to them as I walk my dog daily. I was so lethargic and couldn’t give a stuff about anything including my forums. I’ve just been trying to recover and finally have thanks to my colloidal silver. I haven’t totally neglected you as I’ve sent some of you some interesting articles via email.

    Hey Russ, I loved that vid on George Carlin. After watching that I reckon I’ve watched most of his stuff on youtube now and am quite suspicious about his untimely death which he pretty much predicted. RIP GC

    Anyway I just wanted to know if any of you are aware of this article – Back from the dead: Astonishing pictures show how Japan is recovering just three months after earthquakes and tsunami.
    How long has it been since hurricane Katrina or the one in Haiti? Not much has been done in either countries considering the billions raised in AID MONEY for them or perhaps the banksters got most of it..

    The ever so humble Japanese just get on with it and come to think of it, there was no fund raising for AID MONEY to help Japan recover was there? Good on them for the great job so far but they are fkd anyway because the next generation of Japanese and their animals are going to suffer the consequences of radioactive fallout. It’s in everything they eat and the very air they breath. Life still goes on for them and they ask the world for nothing.. My fear is will that plume of radioactivity come and visit us in the near future?

    Read more:

    Giancarlo, thanks for posting the link to Benjamin Fulford with his message of hope. I’ve seen many of his video’s and hope he doesn’t die a suspicious death like many before him who tried to spread the message of truth. The whitehats are awesome and until now had never heard of them before but I likes what I read.

    take care all

  808. Russ Says:

    Hi all,

    Welcome back Mich and glad you’re on the road to feeling better again.

    Same here Mich. Whole family got it too. Just like you, very rarley get sick, if do, it’s just a mild sore throat, dosen’t last long, then back feeling normal again. But this time in past few weeks, while out for a walk with dogs and things, felt like was about 80 years old, extremley lethargic, lungs not at full capacity and piss week strength. You’ve got me wondering now? As I never believed before that, that it could possibley be from chemtrails.

  809. Frank Says:

    Hey Russ, Mich, everyone,,Aluminium is one of the worst heavy metals to intake,, causes short/long term memory loss and totally lowers the immune system, blocks your ability to think clearly and destroys the care factor,,,,,had a visitor from out of state come visit our city who wrote a letter to the editor at our main paper here,,she could not believe how blind everyone was about the chemtrails and was furious why no one cares what they are breathing in,,,,she got hammered by 2 local village idiots the next day on the issue saying the trails were normal contrails,,,,,me and a mate got together and put a real cool letter backing her up plus links, but the editor would not print it,, my friend went in personally and spoke to the editor,,,,,, and the letter should be in this week.

  810. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank,

    That sounds great! Will this be available online to see? If not, be good if one of you guys could take a photo of the article and send it this way and I could put it up on this site.

  811. Frank Says:

    No probs Russ,,heres the link, u can read the first ladies letter and the other 2 dropkicks,,,,,ours hopefully Wednesday

  812. James Says:

    Up here in sunny Sunraysia…..sorry, make that “hazy sunraysia”, especially after yesterdays display of utter “bastardry”, by the gutless cowards that were pumping their poisons over our heads all day long. At 6.30am I ventured outside for a walk and witnessed a lovely blue sky. I then saw the big, thick white trails that covered the area in a cube, with as many as a dozen trails. That was just the start of their “fun-day” as if they know we are use to seeing these lines in the sky by now, so now they are now getting pretty brave.
    In just one circumstance, a jet left probably a dozen trails throughout the day but these trails were – maybe 50km’s long and all along the same flight path. The sky was very un-pleasant to say the least and I tried to stay indoors but just had to get out for a hit of golf for only 30mins. and that was all i needed to feel the “chem-attack” symptoms developing.
    I feel sorry for Frank as he is a gardener of the highest quality and reputation, but he has to work outside and breathe in the foul air. I know he takes MMS to keep the crap out of his immune-system. I recently had a FOOT-DeTOX, where your feet are placed in warm water and positive ions are generated, himalyan salts are placed in the water and you should see all the heavy metals that are drawn out of your body. After 30mins the water is blacker than black or depending on how much toxic stuff has entered into your body.

    As Frank mentioned above, we had a lady from West.Aust. who wrote into our paper and complained about the filthy air and almost daily chemical trails that were being deposited over the city of Mildura. I know of at least 4 people who wrote in to the paper to support her letter and all were ignored, but the people who called her insane or I would like to know what stuff she is on to see these “chemical bombs” in the sunset, were giving precedence. Heaven help us!!!!!
    I have heard that after begging with the paper one our letters is possibly going into todays edition. Will keep you informed. Cheers.

  813. Kell Says:

    With all the Orgonite around Mildura there seems to be a blue hole over the district – that plane almost looked like it was doing multiple passes with short sprays over the town later in the day – perhaps they were trying to fill in the blue hole?

  814. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the link Frank. I read those letters, look forward to read yours.

  815. Frank Says:

    Cool Russ,,if its not in tomorrow,,it probably wont be,my mate will be back to see the editor and demand an explanation if not,,(letter will be in the name of Brad Simmons)

  816. Kell Says:

    Found an image of the national loop from Sept 6th captured by a sharp eyed chap on another forum – here it is for those that missed it.

    Ive caught that Doppler in Wagga now twice – each time ive seen East to West corrugated HAARP effects in the clouds and checked the National loop and sure enough there it is pounding out all the was to South Australia.

  817. Russ Says:

    Strange shit! I’ve heard of the moon being a construct and bought here, like some sort of spacecraft. Now there are some peeps, thinking it’s a hologram?

  818. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya Russ, Frank, James, Giancarlo and Kell. Thanks for your well wishes and I’m happy to say I’m fighting fit again.. any fitter and I’d be dangerous!! ;)

    Hey Frank good on that woman who wrote into the Sunrasia newspaper to expose chemtrails in Mildura however, I felt sick at the horrible response they posted. The saddest part is that most of the sheeple reading it will believe that F’wit instead of opening their own eyes and looking up to see the truth for themselves. We’ve had loads of chemtrails the last week but they are so sneaky with them you have to do a double take to wonder whether they’re real or actually chemclouds.

    Hey James, that foot detox sounds awesome.. I might have to dust off my foot bath in the garage and try it out. Where do I buy himalyan salts? I also have a recommendation of something else that helped me get through my horrid chemflu and that was the Za-Pet. Nik reminded me he bought it for me and after finding it I gave myself 3 zaps within an hour and again at night then repeated the process the next day. Within 48 hours I was able to breath though my nose again and the mucus had completely disappeared. I felt like the cold virus was killed completely and by the end of the week I had fully recovered. That along with the colloidal silver did the trick. The Za-Pet will cure headaches or other illnesses as long as you do it 3 times for a minimum of 7minutes and repeat as often as you feel like to kill the ‘fluke bacteria’ which are the primary cause of most illness including cancer. I can guarantee it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

    Nice vid Russ.. it begs to question eh? We’ve been watching the moon ourselves for a while now and it’s rarely where it should be and that’s due east.. sometimes it’s so far south and other times it’s due west and nobody is saying why.

    Seeing we had to endure more embedded lies via the black oblong box in our loungeroom this last week re 9/11 I wonder if anyone you know is still under the spell of the hype that we are told is official story? I found this video that should finally convince them it was a false flag event and that it was pre-planned and staged to polarize the world. This has gotta go viral.


  819. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    Here’s a very long but worthwhile transcript of an interview with Fulford. A lot of interesting topics covered, but of course everything is connected to everything else. Let’s hope if this is true and they are successful in getting rid of the banksters and NWO the chemtrails will stop….

    By the way has anyone noticed a ringing in their ears? or is it just me getting old ;)

  820. Giancarlo Says:


    A couple of youtube vids on what might be causing our moon to look strange….

  821. Frank Says:

    Hi everyone,
    thanks for all the links.,,,,the local paper has gone back on its word and has not published our letter backing up that lady :( (maybe we need another outsider to write in,,hint, hint..)

    Giancarlo,,,i have had the ringing in the ears for about 8mnths now,sometimes loud sometimes low but always there,,,sometimes while half asleep an even louder noise, like a power drill that overides the ringing is way more irritating, but the second i awake it goes, everyone says its just Tinnitus but i dont know what has set it off..have read that MMS can cure it.

  822. Russ Says:

    Evening all,

    I also have that ringing too but I know mine is def from music. It’s only there when been recording/playing a lot of music for long periods. But always goes away once get break from it all. Found ear candling helps to rid it (good ear candles, not shit ones). Not sure if they’re meant for that, to get rid of it. But hey, worth a try. Thanks for all the moon vid links Giancarlo and 911 link Mich.

  823. Russ Says:

    Hey Mich, did you see this 9/11 one, put out on the 10th anniversary? Very one sided and set up show against 9/11 truthers. 5 people that believe that 9/11 is very sus, are taken on a road trip to meet so called experts, all picked by the BBC of course. “9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip” – BBC – Full Version

  824. James Says:

    Ringing in the ears…….yeap!!!, me has been getting it every now and again. Only lasts a minute or two but is annoying. Even kelly rang me the other day and asked if I had been getting the ringing as he has been picking it up at work in Pooncarie.
    Below is a link to what may be causing it…..haarp, chemtrails and cell phone towers. NWO tools for mind-control!!!!!…/haarp-and-chemtrails-are-your-ears…

  825. Kell Says:

    Yep got it for about a minute and a half several times last week when at home – sort of like a dull drill tone – quite subtle in a way and easy to miss if busy with something – when I recognized it last week I recaled hearing/feeling it several times recently – no idea what it is – it sounded mechanical like something switching on and off not like a natural tuning in to rising frequency or anything – quite strange and disconcrting as it sounds like its in your head as if you feel the vibration from within as much as hear it.

  826. Russ Says:

    Love it! (the wording, not fact people are being harmed) People are being “Spiritually Blinded” – Credo Mutwa on Vaccinations. Mentions this at 27 mins

  827. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    The ringing started about 2 months ago…low level at first just in the mornings but now I can hear on and off throughout the day. My first reaction was that its a haarp / chemtrail thing. Interesting article James that seems to confirm thats a possible cause. I’ve never worked in a load environment and I don’t have any of the other possible causes of tinnitus so I suspect the source is something external.

    I’ve downloaded a free version of TrueRTA, an audio spectrum analyser to see if there’s anyway I can pick up the sound. There seems to be a constant hum at around the 50kHz frequency but have no idea whether that’s the same as what I’m hearing.

    I was also on another forum recently and a lot of folks from US and Australia have been reporting a similar thing.. It sounds exactly like you describe it Kell, just like a low level power drill Thanks Frank and Russ for some remedy suggestions. I’ll give those a go.

  828. Russ Says:

    Wow.. a few of us have that ringing going on.

    Have you guys seen these ones?

    These are old…., from way back in 2007. Only just came across these. It’s opened up some new theories on the twin towers

    September Clues part 1

    (Btw.. which reminds me. That footage we all saw around the world, of the plane going into the 2nd tower. Made me think of a Great White Shark! Like it’s shadow, was gliding through water, straight to it’s target. Something unatural looking, about the dark, shadowy look to that plane? But could never put finger on, until watching this)

  829. Mich Says:

    I don’t have ringing in my ears although I hear an intermittent high pitch squeal which lingers for up to 5 minutes then disappears. Nik on the other hand always complains he hears a low pitch humming sound when he goes to bed every night and he’s convinced HAARP is behind it. Anyways, I emailed my Homeopath and asked about Tinnitus and this is what her response was:

    ‘Tinnitis is hard to cure medically and alternatively. If the person has had it for less than 12 months my success rate is very good; about 75% plus. If more than 12 months only about 40% or 50%. If a very long time – more than 5 years – very very hard to cure.’

    Russ re the 9/11 vid, I didn’t bother watching more than 5 minutes of it as I knew straight off it was full of lies. I watched a little of the 9/11 shows on tv and was disgusted to the point of puking. The sad part is those who’s mind’s eye isn’t awake yet still believe the dis-informers. I reckon this is the reason why the media tore Charlie Sheen apart and this is a hell of a lot more believable..

    I do like the last vid you makes sense that the official story was already set in motion and those interviewed were just shills.

    James that last link you left is not viable. I found the site and here it is:

  830. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    A sobering vid on the potential uses of HAARP. There’s a brief mention at the 3:20 mark of its potential use as a mind control weapon…!

  831. Russ Says:

    Check out the eyes on the woman at 2:48 very freaky

    Genetic Pawns in the Game

  832. Kell Says:

    Wow – amazing stuff – reptiles cant abide Orgonite from what ive heard – perhaps someone should drop a couple of pieces around the channel 7/9 and 10 studios – imagine seeing them suddenly being unable to hold their form on national TV lol what a scoop!

  833. Giancarlo Says:

    This is what the international corporate banksters are planning to do with the carbon tax…

  834. Frank Says:

    Latest sound advice:

  835. Frank Says:

    cool cartoon,,,,(ex CIA op,,,,with a late conscience)

  836. James Says:

    ChemT. activity has been next to zero for the last two weeks over the Mild. area. I remember last year at this time they resumed their spraying as everyone was inside and watching the grand-Final. I came outside at half-time and the sky was covered in trails.
    Will they do the same this year?
    I hope not. The same thing happened on Cup Day.

  837. Kell Says:

    John saw some last week – he said they quickly dissolved – I think we may have the beginnings of an orgone canopy over Mildura!

  838. Russ Says:

    The Feynman Series (part 2) – Honours

  839. Frank Says:

    That Feynman,,,,very cool man,,,thanks Russ

    Check out this clip,,,one for Joda,,(wherever he is)

  840. Russ Says:

    Thanks Frank, am watching your vid now. It’s seems to have one of those computer generated voices. Or at least altered somehow? Something about the voice, makes me wonder why they are using voices like this for.

  841. Frank Says:

    Yep know what you mean Russ,,,he sounds a bit like the late Richard Burton

  842. Russ Says:

    Yeah sounds familiar

  843. James Says:

    Frankco….YEAH!!!!….where has this Yoda dude gone. Just btwn. you and me, I was always a bit suss of someone calling himself – YoooDaaaaa.
    He has vanished. My feelings are he was a govt. double agent. A plant of the most horrific kind. One who seems like an honest respectable and well informed person, who now knows a lot about us and what we do. He is a superbug that is resistant to eight strains of anti-biotics.
    Even his two dogs, Ben and Polly are a bit wary of him.
    CT’s have been only moderate the last week or so. No trails on G.Final day, so I was dissapointed.

  844. Frank Says:

    Hmm James,, like he just fell off the earth…

    Alas poor Yoda,,,for i knew him well!

  845. Yoda Says:

    :D great video Frank.

  846. Kell Says:

    Chemtrail assault early this morning Nth of Mildura – two big parralel lines that I can se from here, heady your way, you guys see anything in Mildy?

  847. Kell Says:

    4 more in the last 1/2 hour

  848. James Says:

    3 parrallel trails this morning. Would have been deposited around sunrise as they had expanded out some distance when I noticed em.
    An amazing site around midday. Two jets only a small distance (500mts.) apart. The leading jet left just a small trail which was evaporating instantly,but his buddy was leaving the biggest thickest monsta’ of a trail. They were both on the Brisbane to Sydney route and then…….to really please the crowd with a gala final performance, a third jet crossed over the former jets trail, leaving a big X. It was truly Moscow Circus at its best. Bastards!!!!!

  849. Russ Says:

    Seems like you guys been getting a few CT’s lately.

    Merck vaccine scientist admits presence of SV40 (cancer virus) and AIDS in vaccines – Dr. Maurice Hilleman

  850. Frank Says:

    Hi Russ,
    That vaccine clip should be posted everywhere,,,,,,,,lost count of all the trails yesterday (massive bombardment),a few people i know were very sick this morning (heavy flu like symptoms),,,,,,,,,,,,,no probs Yode..

  851. Russ Says:

    It’s pretty F*%d isn’t Frank, some sick minded individuals around.

    My Brother in law at the moment, is in intensive coz of the complications caused after getting chemo for his Leukemia. Makes me really question vaccines he was given as a child. He only 38

  852. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    Melbourne was heavily bombarded yesterday too. There were trails spreading out into clouds in the morning and it was obvious they’d been spraying very early in the day. I later flew to Sydney and the entire city was blanketed in chemclouds. Right up until 5pm while i was waiting at the airport to fly home they were still laying trails through the existing layers and at least 2 different points on the horizon…never seen anything like it…a massive assault.

  853. Frank Says:

    Yep sure is Russ,,,,,Have a look at MMS for your brother in law, have a friend from here who swears it cured her mothers cancer, she didnt tell the doc’s she was taking it and they could not understand how the cancer suddenly stopped,,,,,,,,,,,,,also someone wrote it to the Herald Sun in Mondays (yesterday)paper complaining about chemtrails,,did anyone catch it (your view section)

  854. Russ Says:

    Thanks Frank, what’s MMS?

    The thing is, as you’ve probably come across people similar too. We originaly gave our concerns about doing chemo but the answers we get back are “it’s not my cup of tea” (referring to anything alternative). The frustrating thing at the time was, I couldn’t offer a proper alternative, coz I didn’t know if their was one to Leukemia?

    I was searching the internet for a week or so for an alternative to chemo, when we first got to learn he was going in to do chemo. So I emailed to him an article of the damage chemo could do but frustraightingly couldn’t offer a solution for him.

    Really chemtrails actually finally made it into a mainstream news paper? Wow! I never read news papers, only get 1 for the melbourne cup. Might burn down to the milkbar now see if they still got copy?

    and thanks heaps Frank for your suggestion!

  855. Russ Says:

    Always good luck! They had a copy still.

    Gloria from Malvern East writes “Last week I witnessed chemtrails across the sky. Why are we being sprayed dangerous toxins? The chemtrails were from Chadstone through to Malvern”. (page 24 Your Say section) (thanks Frank)

  856. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Russ

    You could also take a look at Dr Simoncini’s work with bicarb as a cancer treatement. Should be some vids on youtube and I think he has a website.

    Thanks also to you and Frank for the Herald Sun letter. That’s a huge breakthrough and very uplifting – no doubt it will create a snowball affect in raising awareness..I plan to follow her lead and send one in as well…

  857. Frank Says:

    Hi guys,

    MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) invented by Jim Humble.
    This stuff has cured stuff from aids to the flu, last i read is that he had to flee Mexico as he was alerted to a CIA hit against him, heaps of testimonies on his doc (google mms humble documentary)was actually told about this stuff by someone who had leukaemia 3 yrs ago, so far he has beat it by having a blood transfusion from his brother, home made colloidal silver and mms,,it only cost around $30 for a 6mth supply (depending on what illness you have).

    I saw a Doc on Dr Simoncini about a year ago he prayed to God for a cure for cancer as he could not bare seeing kids die from cancer any longer (his words), in this doc he operates on this child and applies what is basically baking soda to the cancer cells killing them instantly,,hard to believe but it looked genuine and he gets invited to talk all over the world.

    Another worthwhile avenue is to check out the work of Dr Burzinski,,this guy has a proven 25% cure rate on cancer,,the FDA have been trying to shut him down for over a decade (and counting) and taken him to court about 5 times.
    This doc will blow you away,,,should still be able to google it.
    found a link about it here—full-documentary-online-thru-monday.html

    Either way i hope your B.I.L gets well Russ.

  858. Kell Says:

    With the MMS make sure you mix it correctly – start off with a weak solution and work up – its pretty potent stuff and to strong a dose first up can make you crook as a dog ey James.

    Just be very particular how you mix it and follow the instructions carefully – many good reports about MMS locally here in Mildura..

  859. Jim Says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry I havent been poking my nose in here, I have been on the struggle street for a while and just couldn’t bring myself to get on here to post a while, hopefully those days are past me now.

    Hey Russ, sorry to hear about that reli of yours is feelin crook, maybe this will help. MMS, I have taken this several years ago for hep B and it stopped Hep in it’s tracks, I also had skin cancers on my arms, now it’s gone except for slight pimplely red areas.

    Google for it “MMS2 Jim Humble”

    Caution, make sure he takes Vitamin C in high doses for 2 weeks before going on to the MMS, I found out the hard way, I was as crook as 3 dogs.
    I got a phone call from a fellow who lives topsides from me telling me this and J Humble emailed me also.
    I would eat Vit C from the big bottle of 500, yum.
    Then stopped Vit C for 3 days and hit the MMS, that did the trick.
    Just as a caution, mix MMS well, 1 drop of MMS to 5 of Activator, wait the 3 minutes then add water and chuck it down the throat in one gulp, drink more water stright after it.
    If you can get the MMS2 capsules, much easier than mixing it yourself.

    Now if only these horses dying off in Qld could have a dose of this stuff!!!!!! but they follow the good old vetinary advice, only thing is, they got no answers to the problem. Poor Neigh Neigh’s.

    On the chemtrail stuff, just a few days ago I took several photos of a real beauty glowing cloud, i’ll send in your way shortly to post here when you are ready to add to all the others in the Poisen Gallery.

    I’m still recovering from the floods at Xmas time last year, house still hasn’t been repaired, not a nail been driven, it was drafty and cold as well.


  860. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    This is quite an amazing story to have hit the mainstream media, CNN none the less. Admittedly it’s not from a CNN reporter, but I’m amazed they’ve allowed it up on the website….

    I keep thinking about chemtrails and the motives behind them. I keep wondering whether they are trying to make us ill and kill some of us off or whether there’s something amiss with our atmosphere and/or the sun’s activity and the PTB are trying to lay some sort of protective shield. Of course they without telling us the truth to avoid panic and possibly buying themselves time before the truth becomes obvious to everyone and they’re off to the bunkers. I experienced a strange sensation yesterday. There was a relatively light but cool breeze in Melbourne in the morning and a clear blue sky. However, the sun rays had a real bite to them and you couldn’t stand in the direct sun too long. Cold and heat at the same time! By the afternoon the sky was covered in chemclouds!

    By the way Jim thanks for your email, I’ll respond asap. Just been a bit overworked of late…

  861. Frank Says:

    The only hope this world has at this stage is this guy here,,most Aussies prob never heard of him….just hope he’s protected from the many arms of the monster.

  862. James Says:

    Watering the garden at 9.00am and directly over-head two jets leaving cunning chemtrails. By cunning, I mean they stay in the air for only 10 mins. or so and breakdown. The jets were both on the same flight path. Beloe is a super link to a pilot who has noticed the trails and the cover-up is deeper than deep. Worth reading.

  863. James Says:

    NOTE: Myself and Kelly and possibly Frank will be down in Melb this weekend to see David Icke. If any of Russ’s chat team are going, it would be great to catch up. I would like to give my mobile no. but that is asking for trouble. Hope to bump into a few of you guy’s on the 29th. at the convention centre. Cheers.

  864. Russ Says:

    Firstly thanks Frank, Kell and good to see you here again Jim too, thanks all for the MMS tips. Been super busy lately, hardly time to scratch.


    Yes, James, I’m going to see David Icke on Sat too. Would be nice to meet you guys.

  865. Kell Says:

    Chemtrails over Mildura again today – got some pics just on dusk but not sure how to post them..

    Ill try a direct link and see if that works?




  866. Kell Says:

    Nope didnt work – heres a link to my Chemtrail pics on photobucket, there are some quite arty ones there!

  867. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    Incredible pictures Kell, very arty indeed. Haven’t seen much in the way of chemtrails in Melbourne last week or two. The weather has been fairly overcast.

    This is definately worth watching ‘From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology’

    re: Melbourne catch up, I won’t be at David Icke’s but would be great to catch up for a drink if you guys have time before or after the event…

  868. Kell Says:

    Nice – so we should be able to catch up with a couple of you as well as see David – should be an interesting weekend.

  869. Russ Says:

    I’ll be wearing a Motley Crue T-Shirt (also I have long curly sandy blonde hair) to David Icke on Sat.

    Anyone else know what they’ll be wearing and what they look like? (Yeah I know it’s far easier, to just give out mobile number to meet but this this will do for now)

  870. James Says:

    Our password for the Icke day will be:”Sentinel”
    Follow the password up with a masonic hand shake.
    Then a question of which only we know the answer which is “West” and the question will be be – “which way is the chemtrail coming from”? Make sure no govt. agents are tagging us hehhh!!!
    On a more serious note, it should be great. Ickie has been my guru since about 1993 when I read his first book – the truth vibrations and to finally see him and hopefully have a chat would be awesome.
    See you there Russ and and Gianc. and hopefully we can have a few drinks.

  871. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya fellow skywatchers. Sorry I’ve been missing in action.. like Russ I am a busy as a blue ass fly these days too. Just wanted to let you know I had the pleasure of seeing David Icke on the 8th of October. He is awesome with his information and he’s really done his research. He opened my eyes up years back when I saw the dvd of ‘Children of the Matrix’ and his talks have really evolved since then. I reckon there were at least 2000 switched on people there but unfortunately we didn’t know a soul.. so lucky you guys can meet up and debrief afterwards. You will certainly get your money’s worth as he talked incessantly from 9.30am and was still talking at 8.30pm when we left exhausted and with total brain overload. Well worth it though and I hope you all enjoy the day.

    Kell thanks for posting the links to those chemtrail pics.. Smythstar has been blogging at the crowhouse on my chemtrail thread for a while and his pics were taken at the Murray Darling food bowl
    where most of you hail from or surrounding areas. Here is the link to the rest of his evidence including today’s chemtrails-

  872. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    I won’t be at the David Icke event but I can meet outside the venue afterwards for a drink if that works for others. I believe it wraps up about 7:30pm ish. I’m easy to spot. I’m clean shaven like Kojak, and will be wearing a motorcycle jacket with the word SHIFT on the upper arms.

    Have a read of this thread from another forum…..I’ve deleted names. This is really messed up stuff!!!

    [1:12:13 PM] Let it be known that I had a direct chemical weapons assault last night over my house by a strange large black helicopter with red and blue lights which sprayed two chemtrails only 25 metres long directly over my house as it lingered hovered over the roof as witnessed by the adults and teenagers in my house at 10pm. We are watching and we will not suffer in silence.

    [1:13:40 PM] OMG

    [1:13:41 PM] where are you!

    [1:38:29 PM] Any photograph of this available?

    [1:46:58 PM] I am in suburban Geelong, Victoria, Australia

    [1:47:17 PM] helicopters are very loud at 10pm- did the rest of the street also witness this? Photos would be great and someone surely would have taken notice of this

    [1:48:02 PM] alas I was sleepy when they hit my house, I ran out onto the balcony in my nighty with my 15 year old daughter while my fiance ran out the back downstairs simultanously, the house shook as it hovered. I stood agape as they did this, by the time I ran back, they’d flown away

    [1:48:34 PM] I am waiting for my neighbours to come home from work so we can collaborate and exchange experiences because this affects them too

    [1:48:56 PM] my partner was instantly nauseous standing under the chemical stripes for only one minute until he realised he was overcome

    [1:50:14 PM] we are not on any flight path, this is a highly irregular event, it is not police helicopter when they use search lights to look for dope and escapees, this sprayed two streams of poison on the roof of the house in 25 metre lines and then flew away

    [1:52:20 PM] [partner] has gone to work this morning two kids are at home today the other two are at school/college. I haven’t logged onto my telephone counselling all day because I want to devote time to letting people know they’re now targetting activists

    [1:55:33 PM] it was late and I was reading in bed, half asleep, didn’t think I was under air attack, in this peaceful sleepy hollow

    [1:56:16 PM] just thought it must have been a police chopper looking for dope until I noticed it wasn’t a police chopper and it didn’t have a searchlight but two jets spraying chemicals on the roof
    who will be able to provide any answers?

    [2:16:17 PM] let’s have a look at our alternatives: the Australian Federal Police are the same goons that guard the chemtrail planes at Avalon airport when they’re spraying Geelong and they stand in the tarmac preventing those of us boarding the jetstar planes from running over to see the unmarked poison jets

    [2:21:53 PM] it was a day of heavy chemtrail attack, and I saw them land and take off from their to refuel and to restock, but we were prevented from getting any closer due to the Feds

    [2:22:43 PM] so to spray Geelong they use Avalon Airport which is owned privately by Lindsay Fox

    [2:22:51 PM] and guarded and overseen by the Feds

  873. Russ Says:

    G’day Giancarlo,

    Yes, I’d be interested in meeting up with you afterwoods. Hopefully the others are too. We’ll prob need a drink to unwind aftewoods lol, by the sounds of what Mich said, it’s gonna be a long brain drain info packed day.

    Those comments above, that sounds like a lot of expense to go through to send out a helicopter to someones house to spray them.. I’m amazed that they could see trails in the sky, as it would be very dark, as it’s only in the 1 % new moon phase (that’s if this happened last night?), giving off very little, to no light. Stranger things have happened though, wonder if their neighbours ended up seeing it too?

  874. Kell Says:

    Yep me and Frank will stay in the city not far from the exhibition center so ill be up for a cool beverage or two – ive got blond hair in a pony tail and will probably be wearing a blue singlet with the Eureka Stockade southern cross on it but knowing Melbourne it will be fking freezing so not sure.

    We in Mildure have been over 30 degrees for several weeks under our lovely chemtrail gas greenhouse effect so almost used to the singlets,shorts,thongs and anti super bird flu pills already.

  875. Kell Says:

    Oh yeah ill bring some Orgonite down for you lot – try it out.

    Mich said everyone waits around and chats for a bit so ive got got no idea what time it all tips out – old David must be knackered from all the shows he does.

  876. Russ Says:

    Was thinking the same thing. It say’s 7:30pm it finishes but we all know David can talk the leg off a chair, so good chance it’ll go over time. So might end up being more like 8:pm? when we see you Giancarlo……

    Yeah prob get cold at night Kell, so be having on a fluffy hooded grey chequered jacket as well.

    Thanks all for self descriptions, it should help.

  877. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    So how did you all enjoy David Icke? Have your brains almost turned to mush with overload like ours did? Russ is spot on with him talking the leg of a chair..what time did he finish up?

    I have a couple of interesting emails for you to read at this site and the penny drops now as to why all the secrecy!

    Here’s another good site

    First day in weeks I’ve had time to browse youtube and watch. I found the song the illuminati DOES NOT want you to hear and wanted to share it with you all. It is very creepy but its good:

  878. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    Yeah he went well over time, something like 9pm it finished. Yes enjoyed it a lot, learnt something new about fluoride too. Thanks for those links Mich, will have a look later today.

    Hey Kell, look how close we were. We got off the tram at corner of Exhibition and Collins. Prob only street we didn’t walk down was Bourke st lol the. The Ding Dong Lounge

  879. Kell Says:

    Haha your kidding – aw well good night anyway.

    Just got back to Mildura – We had blue skies all the way until we got to Ouyen 100kms South of Mildy, ahead of us we could see a long haze in the distance, as we got closer we could see countless small trails consolidating into a general glaring haze.

    It was great for perspective, traveling 600kms seeing nothing and then driving into a coordinated chemtrail assault on the Murray Darling basin, really unbelievable.

    They certainly have it in for us and im not sure about the other food producing regions but it makes me wonder what they are planning in the wings and that maybe they are going to drop the ball on the world economy prior to harvest early next year and are therefore trying to restrict food production as much as possible?.

  880. Russ Says:

    Lol they might drop the ball about the world economy, just hope they don’t drop a pie out of a backpackers window, eh Kell ;)

  881. Kell Says:

    Haha yeah – just one more negative aspect experienced in Melbourne, hopefully all that Orgonite starts to kick in and inspire some of the guys down that way to make it and distribute it.

    On another note some friends of ours have made a Chemtrail you tube video during an assault the other day – take a look!

  882. Russ Says:

    Thanks Kell for that vid link. I just embeded your friends video up above, near top this page.

  883. Kell Says:

    You beauty Russ its up there now, they did a good job as you can hear we can get quite excited by this sort of thing.

  884. Russ Says:

    Hey Mich, btw thanks heaps for that link to the loveforlife site. That was a good read, I’m wondering if that is a real email, it could genuine. As I still lean towards thinking, it’s commercial aircraft doing it, as that email seems to confirm.

    I see there was a 2nd email saying similar thing. Anyone who missed Mich’s link? Here it is

  885. Jesus Says:

    Jesus to Frank Jesus to Frank – just be aware that I am the only Jesus and that David Icke even if he was Jesus would be no-where as good as Jesus as I.

  886. Frank Says:

    ??????,,,when u wake up in the morning the first thing you will say to yourself will be something like,,”shit,, did i really write that” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,best you get some sleep.

  887. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hiya guys! Err welcome to Jesus I think?

    So, did you all get to meet up after David Icke? I’m so jealous coz it would have been awesome to get together and meet up face to face. I didn’t realise you all came down to Melbourne for it or else I would have tried to meet up with you all too. Oh well ya get that, next time eh?

    You are welcome Russ, I’m glad you re-posted that link for those that missed it the first time and as far as it being the truth, well we all gotta keep an open mind about any facts found on the internet. It sent shivers down my spine regardless.

    Thanks for posting the youtube vid Kell. I was in awe at the blatant spraying in Mildura but also in admiration of the people who posted it so I left a comment. I have just posted and sent it public on facebook and will send it to all on my email list too. I hope the number of views increase and that it will finally wake the sheeple up to this insidious assault on our food bowl sky.

    Speaking of sending videos viral.. here is one I’m sure you all will appreciate as a Journalist being Alan Jones has finally grown a pair and went to National Press to blow the whistle on coal seam gas or fracking.

    I’m wondering if he will take on the chemtrails too so I’m thinking of sending him the very video I just watched to show him what is happening in our food bowl along with the link to the Thai making rain article from the Sydney Herald Sun

  888. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    It’s done! I sent the links to Alan Jones and hopefully he will take the time to acknowledge it and do his own research.

    Here is the link to the Thai rain making article for those that missed it way back when it was first posted: just a reminder that QLD had major floods not long after this was published.

  889. Kell Says:

    Damn bastards were chemtrailing flat out again today – and yesterday – now for 2 weeks solid!

    Dont know what they are up to but judging by the constant all stops pulled out activity something is is imminent energetically or otherwise – be prepared.

    Anyway have pics up on thecrowhouse if anyone would like to have a look at what we are dealing with here every day.

    If nothing else we are documenting all this, who knows what the future could hold!

  890. Jesus Says:

    Nice to have met you Russ and Giancarlo at David ickes sensational presentation. I am pretty certain it went from 9am to 10.30pm and I was very impressed by his desire to get the message out. I noticed how towards the end of each of his sessions(4), that his voice started to get a bit “tired”. He gave 101%. So glad I had the chance to see him thanks to kelly and his generosity.
    Coming back from melb. on monday the 31st Oct. spotted the first trails being laid in what appeared to be light clouds over about Ouyen/SeaLake area. When i got closer I realised it was not cloud but artifical Chem-spray cloud and Ouyen was getting plastered with trails and loking further down the highway, Mildura was being bombarded with several squadrons of the bastards.
    Cup day was fing’ unbelievable to say the least. It was just on sunrise when I popped outside to see the first jet layin a big monsta’ trail and that the sky was covered in little “chem puffs” and just going for a 5min. walk I was sneezing like crazy and i new golf was going to be interesting if you know what I mean and that it was. All morning as I was golfing and looking to the heavens the jets were having a ball, doind artistic lines in the blue sky and i pointed em’ out to the group i was playing with and the reaction was – And I really care, get a life!!!. They kept spraying till around 11.00am and then you could see all the squadron heading back to their base for a refilll and a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before returning in early arvo for a second dose. All the jets headed towards Sth.Aust and returned from Sth Aust.
    Today seems ok at this stage. Will see!!!!!

  891. James Says:

    This is james. I am not jesus. The above was from james and not jesus.

  892. Kell Says:

    Bwhahaha what a pisser!

  893. Russ Says:

    Evening all. Hey have any of you guys seen this one?

    1950s Housewife Tries LSD

  894. Kell Says:

    Haha Russ thats a cracker, saw it a while ago – like your old mum right off – makes you question the true nature of the universe.

    Smashed by Chemtrails today – more than ever – had 7 at once this arvo, got close up pictures of two trails being laid by what apears to be some kind of globe or orb – still trying to figure out how to cut and blow the image back up to normal size – will post when ive nutted it out.

    The word on the grapevine is that next Friday 11/11/11 is going to be the beginning of a major energy shift – maybe thats why the panic in the skies above, whatever it is they are trying to achieve has failure written all over it – NWO panic panic panic.

  895. Kell Says:

    New and some zany pics posted at the crowhouse

    Including a strange UFO type thing photographed laying chemtrails – have a look and let me know what you think?

  896. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi all

    Good to meet you James (aka Jesus in real life), Frank, Russ and Kell last sat. Apologises I couldn’t hang around for drinks, pizzas afterwards – and thanks for sneaking me into the D Icke preso at the end…Good to hear from you too Mich…

    Re the housewife that tried LSD< this is something else they don't want you to know about (DMT) and why there is fluoride in the water

    It's a clear blue sunny day here in Melb with a light breeze so expecting a chemtrail attack today. Maybe they'll take the heat of Mildura today and hit us….

    re the 11/11/11 there's meant to be an asteroid flying close by around that date as well YU55 and why they are doing an emergency drill in the US around the 9th

    I've spoken to the guy that runs this and he's going to put chemtrails up as a topic at his next meeting

  897. Russ Says:

    Hi Kell, I tried looking at that ufo chemtrail one but it just came up with this “The requested topic does not exist”. Anyway, I looked for it in their search box but think came up with something else.. a video of 2 jet fighters escorting a ufo, which looked pretty cool..

    Kell, have you tried the free photo tool Irfanview? That might help you out doing what you’re trying to do with the photo.

  898. Russ Says:

    Likewise Giancarlo, was good meeting you. Like Frank said it best, it makes it easier meeting other awakened peeps, you just click straight away.

    Haven’t heard about 11/11/11, so will look into that one, almost upon us, thanks fellow chemwatchers.

  899. Giancarlo Says:

    Kell i have to say the ‘UFO’ picks are amazing. The zoom in shots show clearly they have no wings It also looks like there may be 2 flying in close formation as well. How fast was it going? Same speed as the other winged aircraft or much faster?

    If you go to the 1 hour 16 min mark of this vid there’s a sketch of something that looks similar.. what you’ve photographed could be a re-engineered ufo technology operated by humans ….

    There’s also a bloke in Melbourne who’s regularly filming ‘ufo’s flying over at night with a night vision camera. He has a youtube channel…

  900. Kell Says:

    Haha wow what an eye catcher of a cover – id buy that if I saw it in a shop just out of curiosity.

    Giancario – does that bloke with the nightvision camera have a website or anything?

    On the Aircraft? they seemed to be high up compared to another normal aircraft that came past “contrail” and yes they were moving at the same rate high up as the lower flying normal aircraft indicating a higher speed.
    They were hard to see so Myself James and Frank assumed they were flying much higher but if its the case they were not normal aircraft this may not have been the case.

  901. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Kell

    Yeah he has a youtube channel

    He’s got some amazing footage on here and some info on his equipment set up.

    Russ yeah I’d buy that too ;)

  902. Russ Says:

    Hi, happy to hear that you Kell & Giancarlo like the cover. Cheers

    I watched that DMT vid Giancarlo, thanks for that. The plot thickens everyday now.

  903. Frank Says:

    HEY!,,i like the cover too,,,,,,

    It was cool to meet you both Russ, Giancarlo at the Icke do,,pretty full on w/end,,,,,if your ever down with way drop in (but bring a mask)

  904. Russ Says:

    Hi Frank, yes by the looks of that vid, i’ll be needing a mask if I drop in there.

    Cheers, glad you like the cover too.

  905. Jim Says:

    Hi fello chemwatchers, dropping in to say giday and let you know the chem sprayers have been at it again, directly over my house in Qld. One thick CS (chemtrail Streem ) from east to west, then several crossing it at right angles.
    Next day (today) ugly dirty grey overcast as far as the eye can see.

    Last night I went outside to take a look at the stars, what stars!!! only planets could be seen.
    Lately at night I have noticed a weird smell, like a burnt bush, it’s not bad but it is noticible and something is not right with the breathabable air.

    I also have noticed the horizon in the mornings is now looking white and getting worse month by month, there is a white ish like thin fog (but it is not fog) from horizon to quite high up, it’s not good also this morning I noticed just how more glare this white rubbish was putting out, I wonder if there has been a jump in eye cataracts, and if there is, it would probably be world wide. The only thing is, cataracts take a while to develop before it becomes obvious there is something wrong.
    How dare people in another land direct the type of atmosphere we here have to breath.

    On another matter, I believe I have accidently discovered a harrp related weather modification program operating here inside Australia, (in every state).
    What’s the usual weather radar, what does it look like? it is a very big golf ball mounted on a long upright pole, usually on a hill you can check it for your selves.
    The signals I’m on about are not originating from these, but from a different area entirely, but could be placed close by to each other.
    The weather radar from the golf balls, picks up these signals and displays them both, the weather people say it is interrference, you can make you own mind up about that.

    Over the last 3 weeks I have been researching this, and it is not good.
    From what I can understand, the harrp has been miniturised to such an extent that it can be made to give the impression to operate together with a normal piece of equipment.
    Another clue is to look for articles which talk about sidebands, cross feed of electrical energy between closely placed antennas, and that antennas don’t need to be rotating phisically to point their energy beam at any point in 360 degreese any more. There seems to be a lack of infrastructor one would assoceate to be involved in running these things, as though they are all controlled remotely from one unknown central building somewhere.

    The clue is to go to a weather radar, begin by clicking the “national” display, and work down from there, there are 2 or 3 different ones avaliable, take a photo of the screen showing the long tapering heavy lines, then print the photo, draw ruler lines and where these lines taper at a X, that is where the transmitter is.

    Another clue is to adjust the speed and how many frames are displayed, the faster, the better, as it gives you more info, to photograph a frame, just slow down the frames at a crawl, then pause the display.
    Another clue is, Rockhampton is not a BOM designated weather radar so, how come a signal coming from that area, is displayed on their weather system? and is capable of taking out a thunderstorm approaching my area? this storm dissappeared about 300Ks either side of my place, the main storm front passed us here. We were pounded from this beam for days and days and looked like 3 beams were involved.

    Anyway where the X is, go to google and see if you can place the X on the google area you are looking at, ha, ha, what a surprise I found, an antenna array with small top mounted squares with a ring of antennas inside. The square top mounted structure looks like the harrp as one can see in Alsaka mounted up on very high poles.
    Look for a big concrete square, somewhere in the inside airport perimeter, at it will look grayish and white, the folage around it also may have a funny look to it.
    For those who are wondering what makes the huge spiral circle displays, try looking here for the explination,
    and try here
    Just read between the lines and the answers will appear, to those who have no idea about chemtrails etc it will mean nothing at all.

    I posted this here as it is involved or ties in with the chemtrail rubbish.

  906. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Wow Russ well done on the amazing cover of your new album. I really do like it and I wish you all the luck with the release early 2012. Very eye catching too, well done!

    I’m so devastated I didn’t have prior knowledge you guys were seeing David Icke in Melbourne or I would have organised a catch up. Please if ever any of you are down in Melbourne email me and see if we can set up a meet and greet. Nik works from Monday to Friday in Bendigo these days but he’d be up for a meet and greet with the awakened ones I’ve met here.

    Anyways just wanted to let you know I posted a few pics at my crowhouse thread if you want to take a look see:

    I was going to post this on Friday but my pc crashed.. all good now.

  907. Russ Says:

    Hi Mich,

    Yeah would have been good if we all had of met that day. Would be good if a meetup happened again sometime.

    Thanks heaps for your kind encouraging words Mich, means more than you know, it all helps a lot.

    I’ve been trying to view your pics. I thought maybe If I joined the crowhouse that would help me view them, so I did that but still can’t see them.

    Do you have a direct link to the actual pics , is that poss? Your name is skywatcher, is that right..?

  908. Russ Says:

    Not to worry Mich. The website must have needed a moment longer to go through it’s process after I joined. As the link now works, takes me directly to you pics :) . So your name is Chemtrail Chaser then… That last pic, the sky looks very streaky..the planes must have been busy.

  909. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Glad you found it Russ! Yeah Chemtrail Chaser is my tag or CC as my net buddies call me. Yeah how strange is that serpent like chemtrail pic? I’m so glad I caught it on camera coz nobody would believe me if I said the chemcloud resembled a serpent or snake.

    Yes, let’s organise to meet up on a weekend some time in the new year when it suits everyone.

  910. Russ Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Here is that guy dutchsince, was telling you about If you scroll down a few vids on his channel, you’ll see a few mentioning Haarp rings and triangle weather talk, similar to what you are talking about. He dosen’t seem to be as active latley with volume of vids uploaded. They did try to shut him down, this is his backup account, his channel say’s.

  911. Jim Says:

    Thanks Russ,
    I went and tried to take a bo-peep at dutches web site but had troubles, so I will take a look again in a few moments, appreceate the info.

    If anyone wants to start looking for these mini Harrp arrays, try the Rockhampton one first, then after you have it down pat, then try looking for the others, there are a few spread around the coast (some very well hidden, it took me 3 hours to locate one) and about 3 of them are inland, Wagga Wagga has one, it’s been very active lately.

    I’ll see about posting a jpg in the morning as my internet is down to a crawl, it took half an hour to download this forum tonight.

    Asteroid YU-55 is to pass by earth and the moon in a couple of days, lets see how the sheepies react, the earth is wobbling more violently I read tonight.

    Hey Russ, congrats on producing your latest album, good on you.

  912. Kell Says:

    Hi Jim, while we are on the topic of the crowhouse you may like to know they have a whole thread on haarp in Australia and the BOM radar anomalies and are watching, photographing and posting live time – it records the last few years of shenanigans with our weather in oz here it is.

  913. Kell Says:

    WOW – look what I just found!

    It is a UFO inspecting a reently laod Chemtrail – looks exactliy like the light/orb thin I photographed laying a chemtrail over Mildura the other day!

    Pics and video posted here if you want to see them side by side at the same time – dont know what to think about this.

  914. Jim Says:

    Yep Kell, I went to it and took a look around, they have a lot of good information on there, maybe thats the right place to post it.
    I see cloudfog has posted something :)

    Russ, I went and took a look around the web site you suggested, it seems it is now running again which is good, but it seems they are only intererested in USA info at this stage, that’s OK by me, but at least there are others looking at the same problems, wonder if there is a UK or Europe site doing the same.

    Sky is xtal clear here this morning to midday.

  915. Jim Says:

    Gotta laugh!!!

    Just discovered I carn’t trust the BOM weather radar anymore, went to see if there was any evil clouds about, and there on the radar is a long biggie, so I goes outside for a looksee.

    Now either my eyes are lying or BOM is lying or broken, cause there is still clear blue sky above me. Hmmmm I look out to Jandowae, and there is blue sky, not a cloud in sight, I look out towards Dalby, same again, gosh the sun is very bright.

    Maybe the radar is picking up invisable chem clouds that we carn’t see.

    I took a jpg of the radar and the sky, looks like my eyes are honest and telling the truth.

  916. Russ Says:

    Yep Jim, that’s basically why i was pointing you to that site. For re- assurance, that you might be on to something? Seeing as someone else, from totally diff country is discovering or uncovering something about the weather at a similar time.

  917. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi All

    Frank if I come up to Mildura I’ll not only bring a mask, I’ll also bring some scuba tanks!

    Jim that’s interesting regarding the BOM weather radar inaccuracies. I’ve noticed the opposite thing from time to time. For example the sky on the BOM radar shows a perfectly clear sky but you go outside and the sky is plastered with chemclouds. I guess they are not real clouds and hold no moisture they’re invisible to the radar. I’ve noticed this many times over Melbourne like last Saturday.

    Saw an interesting too – towards the west as the sun was setting there was a stunted rainbow along one of the chemclouds and haze. Never seen anything like it and there had been no rain for days. The suns last rays reflecting off the aluminium oxide or whatever else the bastards are spray up there…and then we see these purple skys to the east, like something from another planet

  918. Giancarlo Says:


    This is a recent quote from Max Igan on his views on chemtrails and ties in possibly on what you’re findingon these mini haarp arrays..

    “Latest research on chemtrails is there appear to be biological agents, nanoparticles , smartdust all sorts of stuff going on with chemtrails. The human race is being genetically modified. We are actually being merged with machines now, going into transhumanism and post humanism. There doing it to people now without our knowledge or consent. Ties in with the genie program, the electrical grid around the planet, smart meters. We operate electrically and energetically so you put all these nanoparticles in people and then effect them with electromagnetic signals from outside their body to cause changes within their bodies”.

  919. James Says:

    Greetings Russ and Giancarlo. Russ…a super album cover. I like it so much it is my screen background.
    Yeah with regards to what max has said about CT’s and what they are putting into our bodies, you only have to look at all the people that are coming down with cancer, alzeimers, dementia and the horrible ringing in our ears. It was sunday arvo and i was walking around the golf course and then in a split second i was on my knees with some piercing screaming signal in both ears. Thankfully it went awy as quick as it came, but shit!!!! If that is a sign of what they are planning then we had better start wearing tin foil hats 24/7.
    With regards the nwo plans. A lot of people have been mentioning 11/11/11. On the positive side I have been told it will be a shift in consciousness for the goodies, BUT, the baddies will have to say and below is a link.
    Cheers all.

  920. Russ Says:

    Thanks James…. now to finish the music to it ha ;)

  921. Giancarlo Says:


    I’ve got this ringing in my ears as well and have had it now for 3 months – interestingly enough started after standing under some heavy chemtrails one Sunday afternoon near where I live. Apart from feeling sick for days this ringing started as well. It’s supposedly ‘tinnitus’ and I hear it constantly non stop. Sometimes it increases or lowers in pitch but its always there. I’ve no doubt its caused by exposure to the aluminium oxides. So many have it but no one can tell you what causes it.

    Also to recap, if one is heading up to Mildura they now need to pack a mask, a scuba tank and a tin foil hat. Anything else? ;)

    Speaking of Mildura looks like it has gone international!!

    Check this out. Nothing surprises me anymore, look what sort of handy work haarp can do…what the f is going on?

  922. Jim Says:


    yep, there are a lot of sicko’s trying to change the correct order of things.
    I looked up into the sky last night as I was aware of the asteroid was going to fly by, anyway, it’s not the one that missus, it’s the one that isn’t seen before it hits that will be a shocker.

    I had to retire my old computer, the motherboard decided to have not a thing to do with booting or video, had a too close lightning strike that took it out.

  923. Kell Says:

    Greetings everyone!

    Got some footage again today of Chemtrailing over Mildura, yep they are back.

    Huge storm last night, heavyist rain ive ever seen anywhere on the planet, just came out of no where 100km north west of us.

    Anyway got some pics of the chemtrailers and blew them up and I think ive found a culprit!

    Pics are posted on Michs thread on the Crowhouse if you want to have a look – see if you can identify it yourself before you scroll down to the next post to see what I think the designation of the Aircraft is – be interested in your thoughts also.


    Jim get a surge protected power board and that should stop power surges frying your computer.

  924. Russ Says:

  925. Russ Says:

    Hi Kell, I had a look at your crowhouse pics. Could possibly be that plane Yet I can’t really see the wing tips going up.. Maybe I’ll have another look..

  926. Kell Says:

    On the last two pics you can see the winglets, also on the wide pics you can see the rooster tail effect on the chemtrail stream caused by vortexing at the end of the wing created by these winglets.

    Good video from Jones – must start having a listen to him again every now and again.

    Heres an interesting video from TankerEnemy allegedly of a FedEx Aircraft almost colliding with 2 Chemtrail tankers who were not on radar or logged with air traffic control, the pilot asks to descend to 34000 feet only to find another one.


  927. Giancarlo Says:

    Kell, I just checked out your photos on the crowhouse site and it could very well be a raaf A330. I’ll check out the fedex vid tonight.

    This is an italian blog about CT’s and an interesting. Some of its in english. On one of his articles he claims the military is involved in europe.

    i’ve just bought myself a spotting scope to see if i can get see these tankers a bit closer up…i’ll report what i find.

  928. Giancarlo Says:

    I was looking forward to getting an RFID implanted in my ear (not), but with the latest technology these little buggers are so small they can be injected via a vaccine or who knows possible even dispersed from a plane….

  929. Russ Says:

    Wow that’s amazingly small Giancarlo..

    There gonna be putting them in our clothes, when we walk through the shops, it’ll be able to tell how old our jocks are..

  930. Kell Says:

    “Giancarlo Says – i’ve just bought myself a spotting scope to see if i can get see these tankers a bit closer up…i’ll report what i find.”

    Ditto mate, hope it turns up soon, hopefully soon will have some HD footage, and between us we can come up with some sort of primary research info?

  931. Russ Says:

    Hi all, if you’re a member of Prison Planet TV? (I know you are Frank) you’ve gotta watch monday gone’s show about chemtrails. About 1 and 15 mins into show, they show footage of prob most chem covered sky over England, ever seen. It’s unbelieveable, how many there are.

  932. Russ Says:

    PS I found the video of here, if yr not member

  933. Frank Says:

    Unreal clip Russ,,hadnt seen that one before, but did listen to the AJ show on CT’s the other night with the personal footage he shot,

    Someone should send that clip onto Allan Jones

  934. Kell Says:

    Hi guys.

    found some tools that could be of great use in the task of documenting and classifying the chemtrail phenomenon.

    Firstly is a website that shows planes currently in flight, if you click on a particular aircraft it will in the sidebar on the left give you a visual image of the aircraft, its type ie A380, its Airline, its speed in Knots KPH and MPH, its hight in feet, and on the map it will show its flightpath.

    There is another website called planefinder but the aircraft disappear off the screen a long time before they get to Mildura however this one tshows them until they are almost on top of us, this will prove useful in identifying the Aircraft and Airlines responsible for laying chemtrails if indeed it is the case that commercial airlines are responsible ie if you are seeing chemtrailing taking place and you check this website and there are no listed flights then it is very probable it is a military or NWO unlisted tanker type – if we all use this tool it should help us nail down exactly what is going on.

    I have acquired a telescope which hopefully should be turning up soon, will allow me advanced warning of approaching aircraft allowing me time to set the telescope and camera up and tell me its approach direction, speed and altitude to assist in aligning and focusing the setup.

    Photographs like this should be possible with practice –


    With photographs like this the evidence will be undeniable, wing numbers, aircraft type, airline or military, direction, speed altitude etc soon the log data and photographic evidence will build up a picture that others will be able to investigate for themselves and fence sitters and those with inquiring minds may well be convinced to commence their own research from their own unique angles.

    I have a friend who often says to his friends – look at that aircraft spraying, it has turned around and come back over us several times spraying etc, his friends will look at him and dismiss him as a loony if however he was able to document the event like the above the evidence would be indisputable, people have a tendency to dismiss out of hand as opinion or hearsay anything that cant be proven.

    Sick of being dismissed as a loony?

    Well it seems as if it is very easy to get the evidence required to prove this thing conclusively all that is required is the motivation to do so, a little know how and a little money for the right equipment which is now surprisingly cheap and accessible to everyone!

    Exciting times!

  935. Giancarlo Says:

    Hi Kell

    Great post!. We are on the same wavelength!. I recently downloaded as well and have set it up to observe aircraft activity over SA, VIC and southern NSW. I found the link on the site. I was going to write a post about it but you beat me to it ;) .

    I used to have planefinder too, but had the same experience as you – planes would simply disappear once they got a certain distance from ATC.

    I just received my scope and getting some experience using it. I got a simple 60 x mag meade scope, nothing fancy for now. Something to play with this weekend. Have been toying with the idea of adding a webcam to the eyepiece and connecting it to my laptop….

  936. Giancarlo Says:

    Another useful site is the CASA site. If you go to the aircraft register and you have a registration number it will give you the details of the owner and the registered operator of the aircraft.

    The unlisted tankers won’t be on here but if you observe a suspicious CT aircraft and are able to identify a registration number you can certainly check it out here. Of course military aircraft are not registered on here either

  937. Kell Says:

    Awesome – by doing this we should be able to pin down and document what exactly is going on – re tankers vs commercial air “fuel additive” etc and share our findings with others around the world.

    Lack of meat and potatoes type research on the chemtrail phenomenon is its greatest downfall, all of it was more or less hearsay until what in the world are they spraying came out – more facts and figures can only help this topic become more mainstream and credible to the average pajama person.

  938. Giancarlo Says:

    This is interesting. Just spotted an airforce aircraft on departing Canberra headind NE, at about 3:20pm.

    Airline: Royal Australian Air Force
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-7DT (BBJ) (B737)
    Reg: A36-002
    Hex: 7CF85D
    Altitude: 18425 ft (5616 m)
    Speed: 371 kt (687 km/h, 427 mph)
    Track: 19°
    Squawk: 7327
    Pos: -34.8859 / 149.3296
    Radar: YSCB1

    I think this aircraft showed up because it has a transponder. According to the website ‘common aircraft models that are visible on Flightradar24 (have an ADS-B transponder):
    •All Airbus models (A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380)
    •BAe ATP
    •BAe Avro RJ70
    •BAe Avro RJ85
    •BAe Avro RJ100
    •Boeing 737

    Therefore Kell, you might be able to pick up the infamous grey A330 refueller on here! I better get back and do some work…

  939. Andrew Says:

    hi guys,

    here is an opportunity to cast your vote and get GetUp to take this important subject seriously (on behalf of the people).

    Chemtrails only have 8 votes, it’ll need lots more (in the order of 10,000) to be viewed as a campaign possibility. Send it to everyone you know. :)

    Cheers, Andrew

  940. Frank Says:

    Thanks for that link Andrew, have sent it on to a few people,,but comments arnt exaclty flooding in,but its a start. Saw your comment Mich (cool),,,,BTW you only get four lines to make a comment,,,(????where did everybody go?)

  941. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    Hey Frank, Yes I did comment at this site you recommended and I liked your comment too. Last I heard is that Ted Gunderson ex senior FBI veteran is dead and I wonder if his death was staged like many other whistle blowers. Re 4 sentence blogs: I thought the same as you till I clicked where the sentence stops dead and it gives you the rest of the story. Andrew left a bigger comment than I and I managed to read it all.. well done Andrew for your in-depth post.

    I haven’t been much online as you might have noticed. My pc is dying and gives me nothing but trouble freezing up constantly. 2 weeks ago my camera died so I have no new pics to post however, I still see many chemtrails on a daily basis.

    We’ve had really good weather down here until the last couple of days.. Last week we had one chemtrail free day where the sky was blue all day long with not even a natural cloud in the sky. Then the very next day they bombarded us with very sneaky chemmies; now we are getting record rainfall and it’s like winter again. I even got to see one of those jets fly real low.. it was white with no identifying colours or numbers and was flying lower than most light planes I see in this flight path to Moorabbin airport. Pity my camera is dead or I would have had a good shot at that plane to show ya’s. In the meantime, if you look at my Chemtrail Thread over at the crowhouse you will see a similar white plane that Kell aka Smythstar posted..

    A big hello to Russ, Giancarlo, James, Kell and a big welcome back to Jim.
    Welcome to Andrew and thanks for the referral to GetUP. I hope they get more comments and I will keep checking in if my pc will allow it. I had to copy all of this to wordpad just in case my pc froze and I lost everything yet again.

    Hopefully I will be back here before Xmas but if my pc does go toes up then I wish you all a wonderful silly season that brings much joy to all.

  942. Mich Skywatcher Says:

    I thought you’d all be interested in this link.

    Weather Modification Incorporated
    It has lots of information but is side stepping the use of Silver Iodide in cloud seeding.

    Safety of Silver Iodide from Wikipedia:

    Under the guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Clean Water Act, silver iodide is considered a hazardous substance, a priority pollutant, and a toxic pollutant.

    Chronic ingestion of iodides may produce “iodism”, which may be manifested by skin rash, running nose, headache, irritation of the mucous membranes, weakness, anemia, loss of weight and general depression. Chronic inhalation, ingestion or skin contact with silver compounds may cause argyria characterized by blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin and muco