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Big Take Over Issue #67

The Big Take Over Magazine Cover

The New York music magazine The Big Take Over, arrived today in the mail. Nervousley and slowly peaked open the pages. Flipping each one, (as there is no alphabetical order) until the album artwork ad caught my eye on page #61. There it is, looking nice and glossy. Okay, so far so good, now to find the review. After much back n forth page turning, the Wildfire album review revealed itself too. On page #166 right next to “Concrete Blondes” (20th Aniversary Edition of Bloodletting) .

Wildfire ad in The Big Take Over

Wildfire review – Russ Aimz
On his second album, this Melbourne, AUS songwriter changes course from his acoustic 2006 debut Cruze, desiring a “bigger and bolder” rock sound. Curiousley, despite recording that softer first LP with a bevy of musicians, Aimz goes it almost alone on this heavier follow-up, playing everything himself except drums! Although his influences include Billy Idol, Mick Jagger and Pat Benatar (he covers “All Fired Up” here), Aimz more often recalls fellow Aussies Midnight Oil, mainly due to his resolute, Peter Garrett-like voice. While the way-up-in-the-mix drumming and slightly cavernous production take some getting used to, Aimz’s songwriting gifts and genuine personality do eventually filter through. And on prettier tunes such as centerpieces “Junkyard Memories” and “Same Land”, you’ll find him as sprawling and transportive as the outback of his home continent. ( by Mark Suppanz – ”The Big Take Over”

There you have it! Am happy with that.

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