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Coffee Makes Me Feel Really Angry

I really try not to drink coffee much these days, purely because of these reason’s. Coffee really makes me fly off the handle angry. Also, it makes my mind think differently, lose your train of thought often. Anxious and a little paranoid I guess too. No, it’s not about blaming the coffee for the anger either. As with normal anger, it is my issue and and I take responsibility for that. Yet on the other hand, anger is a well known side effect of taking drugs too, or not getting your fix etc… So coffee, drugs = same thing to me.

Sometimes it takes 1/2 an hour or a few hours for the aggression to come on, after drinking a cup. Yet this morning, it was almost instantanious?? Felt perfectly fine, placid mood, except was feeling tired from waking up so early. So, ok, let’s have a small cup. Just a couple¬†of sips and then Bang! That was it, total mood change. Deep down rage though, not just usual basic annoyance. My mind started feeling hazy too.

Especially usually the next day, first thing in the morning, after drinking coffee the day before. My brain can feel spinning and hard to focus on anything, can’t really take in what other people are saying. Also, can still be feeling really angry.

Also the glow that you normally have on your skin, gets reduced really quickley. Like the same day, it’s like the coffee just sucks all the moisture out of your face. The glow seems to take about 2 days to come back again, after you’ve stopped drinking coffee again.

Then about the 2nd day after I’ve stopped drinking coffee, all the anger has gone away and my skin feels great and my normal feeling fine mood comes back again, thank god.

There has to be more people out there that notice this? Share your story if you like?

Here’s a couple of links to other people feeling the same effects after drinking coffee.

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(Personaly I believe that coffee¬†should be correctly labled as a drug and should come with warning lable of side effects) Update: June 21 – Just saw this news article “High caffeine use linked to psychotic symptoms

(but it dosen’t, so I made my own list)
List of some of the side effects I have noticed after drinking coffee

- Anger
- Anxiety
- Dulls Complexion
- Feeling tense in shoulders
- Having to clear throat a lot
- Black floaters in front of eyes
- Makes urination thin and weak and take longer to come out. But causes far more frequent trips to bathroom.
- Dry itchy skin over most of body
- Dry lips
- Forgetfullness
- Makes mind think differently
- Harder to comprehend what others are saying
- Blurry vision

Luckily within a day or 2 after stopping drinking coffee, symptoms all go away.

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  1. Russ Says:

    Hello, is there anybody else wondering about the effects of coffee?

  2. loni Says:

    Hi russ, you are not alone. I have just noticed lately that coffee makes me a psychotic bitch when I drink it! I noticed it thru process of elimination. I started exercising and noticed I was SO angry when I was done. Thought it was weird. Then one day I exercised and wasn’t angry, its when I DIDN’T drink a cup of coffee before my workout. So, I started testing it, and sure enough, if I drink coffee I go nuts! Everyone watch out! I even notice when I take pain medicine that has caffeine in it I get a bit irritable also. As for the complexion symptom you said, I didn’t notice that, but anxious and not focusing definitely! Hope this helps you feel not alone, I’m glad I found your site.

  3. Russ Says:

    Hi Loni, hows things, thanks for stopping by and leaving your story.

    That’s how I noticed it was the coffee, like you too. Just by giving it up for a couple of months, then when started back on it, the difference in my mood was obvious. Had been drinking that stuff since 16 years old, so always, naturally, thought it was just my personallity.

    Also, it’s got me thinking….. my parents were both big coffee drinkers and were serious arguers too, always fighting in front of us. I’m now thinking that all along, they wouldn’t have been like that and we wouldn’t have had to go through their fighting, if they had never drunk coffee. Sounds too simple to be true right? But sometimes we have to figure this out for oursleves, without waiting for the mainstream medical establishment, to tell us.

    Glad you stopped by Loni, comforting to know others have noticed this.
    Do you still drink it now by the way?

  4. Stacy Says:

    Coffee makes me get so angry over small things. Like nutty. But I don’t think it’s every time I drink it. I only notice when it does though, not when it doesn’t of course. I’m usually a calm person too, but after a cup of joe I hit my boiling point VERY quickly and easily.

  5. Russ Says:

    Hi Stacy, fun choice of words there, with the ref.. to the kettle..’the boiling point’ :) Thanks for stopping by. Going by the google searches, I’ve noticed more and more people are starting to connect the anger and coffee. People are waking up yay. By the way, I don’t drink coffee anymore and feel much much better for it. The angry outburts and short term memory loss and spaced feeling in the head have gone. can still get upset but not rediculous, over the top, like before. Much more tolerant.

    Oh and eye sight has improved again, can read the small writing again, not quite 100%. But before while was drinking coffee, I couldn’t read small writing at all. Hope this really helps others who are wondering about coffee.

  6. Harmontina Says:

    I googled if coffee makes you irritable! I woke up feeling good then drank a large cup of coffee, now I am irritated beyond belief? I don’t even want to see my roommates! I am happy to confirm it’s the large amount of coffee intake. Wow, I hope I remember this feeling when I want to down coffee! I also suspected coffee may dry the skin. I wish my roommates would leave so I can get water and flush the coffee out!! lol

  7. Russ Says:

    Hi Harmontina! Thanks lots for leaving your story. It helps others to notice the connection.

  8. RM Says:

    Ohhhhh YES! I’m crazy mad, filled with rage and anger when I drink coffee. That’s why I quit. I hate myself on coffee. I used to get upset over little trivial things. It’s too bad, I liked coffee; I only had half a cup a day. The effect was so powerful, I had no choice but to quit.

  9. Andy Says:

    Yeah! I found this because I googled “coffee makes me angry” It’s weird, it doesn’t take a lot of it either. a cup, maybe less i don’t know. at first a cup of coffee gets me feeling good, gets ideas flowing and prepares me for the day – but almost instantly or at the same time i am SO impatient and short fused and paranoid. like CRAZY angry. I’ll pick fights with others angry. It’s totally nuts!

  10. Russ Says:

    Hi Andy, cheers for helping out others with your story.

  11. Alan Says:

    Hi, I’ve got a solution for people to try.
    I persisted with various coffee types cause i love the smell of fresh coffee.
    I found that it was instant coffee that was to blame.
    Instant is easy but they must add something to it that makes me mad over the smallest things.
    For me coffee brewed in a Cafetiere still gave me problems but not as bad as instant.
    I took a gamble with a stove top perculator from eBay and have been enjoying better tasting coffee that don’t make me angry.
    I can still overdose on caffiene and get the jitters, but a large morning coffee is enough for me for the day.
    Hope it helps someone.

  12. Russ Says:

    Great, thanks Alan. I’ve still given coffee up but for others, they might try it.

  13. Philokalia Says:

    I thought I was the only one! What you described fits me exactly. I started working somewhere cold, and was drinking mocha every day from the coffee shop, which turned into a work thing at all my job sites. One night I was pondering what was different years ago, because I felt like I just wasn’t a good person anymore. I really used to be patient, love strangers, and be so kind and helpful. I used to enjoy every day and be disgustingly happy even under stress. I traced my poor quality social behavior back to that job site and suddenly it just connected. I had already known about my being horrible when consuming ‘too much coffee’, or any type of energy drink, but I didn’t really think that a sugar and milk laden caffeine bomb every morning was having an effect. So to test it, I quit. Switched immediately to jot chocolates with steamed milk to fool myself. For three days my eyelid twitched and then like magic, all of my fears and anxieties and feelings of unwarranted dread were gone. I attended to work and relationships without fear, worry, and without saying anything cold or heartless. After a few weeks I felt on top of the world and full of love and care for others. It’s been a few months and I try a cup on occasion but it makes me ocd at work and I fall out of sleep rhythm. I even moderate my chocolate, which is hard, and select ginger ale if the occasion for a fizzy drink arrived. I’m glad it’s gone, and it’s astonishing to me see retrospect just how much of a change it made in my personality. I feel reborn after giving it up and would never go back. It actually kind of scares me to think of it! Maybe just a little coffee with maple syrup on occasion or an ice cream coffee.. But my drowsiness went away, tooth sensitivity, and achy neck joints too. I’m convinced coffee blackened my soul and sucked all the fluids out of me, or more accurately it felt like I needed WD40,that I saw rusted up and not functioning properly. And now that’s all gone. Boooo! Caffeine! BOOOOO.

  14. Russ Says:

    What an awesome comment Philokalia!

    Your words, are sure to help others to see, similarities in their lives and help them out. Great stuff!

    I suspect coffee is what’s behind a lot of road rage too. I don’t really believe, that there are, that many arseholes out there. People in general are good natured and well meaning, with good hearts. Something is having an affect on them, to make them suddenly rip people out of cars and start punching on.

    It’s like, while people are drinking coffee, they arn’t really living life as the true person they are meant to be. It’s like they are a seperate persona or something and believing that this, aggressive, argumentative, person is actually them. Not even suspecting that they are living a kind of sub life, because they have been drinking coffee, possibley energy drinks and god knows what else for most of their adult life, to notice any difference.

    And it’s all around us. Shoved in our faces, on countless TV shows. How often do you see shots of, two actors walking down the street, both holding a cup of take away coffee, with the sipper cup lid. Or sitting, chatting over a cup. It’s like somebody want’s us to continue drinking it and convince the rest of the population to take up drinking it. “Slave Fuel” I dunno, just a thought….

    (ps.. yes and also I had noticed the eyelid twitch thing, like you Philokalia. Was my left eye. Also reminds me of an old friend, who was a regluar coffee drinker too. A couple times I remember, he used to get me to look at his, rim of eyelid because he could feel it twitching).

  15. Banks Says:

    You know, I love coffee and tea. The buzz I get from it when I haven’t had it for awhile, weeks or months, is tremendous! I may only get a little anxious but for the most part feel good on it. The problem for me comes when I continue to drink it every day. After about 3 days of having it regularly, I then begin to become overly negative, critical, pick fights with people argumentatively, cruel and cold. Feel like crap when I wake up in morning, eat in the middle of the night waking from sleep, depressed and if I can conjure up a positive thought, I can’t feel anything from it. I still feel dead inside.

    Just got back on caffeine for 5 straight days after having it once a week for a month or so and not having any negative effects. Over the weekend I was unusually mean to my children and felt good about it at the time despite knowing it was crass behavior. Now I remember why I cannot be a caffeine addict and usually abstain from it. Easy to get hooked again when the negative experiences are in the distant past and our occasional fix doesn’t cause any major emotional problems…if one cup a week is great then one cup a day must be exceptional! haha.

    Some people must be more sensitive to the effects than others. I would fall into the sensitive camp.

  16. maciek Says:

    Yes indeed coffee makes me angry and i also regret the outbursts i have on it, after. But i dont think caffeine from tea or energy drinks has the same effect. There is something else in coffee, something that increases pain level also.

  17. Rebecca Says:

    Russ, what you said about slave fuel is spot on. My thoughts have gone there too.

    It’s truly liberating reading about all of your stories. Thank you. Comforting to know it’s not all in my head.

  18. Russ Says:

    Welcome Rebecca, Maciek and Banks

    You thought the same thing too Rebecca, wow. Really hope it’s not that (slave fuel). However, ppl do seem to have their heads down and working more and more and not really paying attention too much on what’s going on around us.

  19. maciek Says:

    I think that what author of this thread wrote is brilliant observation that coffee causes “- Harder to comprehend what others are saying” . This is exactly what i am experiencing. Can author please respond if other caffeinated products cause him the same effect ?

  20. Russ Says:

    Hi Maciek, Coffee was the most. Tea did somewhat, energy drinks made mind feel weird as well and not being able to spell words properly the following day as well. But overall, coffee was the worst culprit with the comprehending thing. Hope that helps you…………?

  21. maciek Says:

    Yes it does help. Also black floaters is what i have.

  22. Kay Says:

    I’ve known for years the coffee caused anxiety in me but I had been in denial about the rage. I suffered from feelings of wanting to bite my lips off and slam my hands in doors. It was just a horrible feeling I could not shake off and even took psychiatric drugs for.
    It got worse when I got a Keurig machine this past Xmas. There must be something different in those Kcups vs my usual press pot or espresso coffee cause the rage intensified 1000 times. Probably just tons more caffeine.
    It was easy to put it together after that because just thinking about making a cup of coffee gave me those rage feelings.
    I’m happy to say though that after 1 week caffeine free those feelings are completely gone!

  23. Russ Says:

    Well done Kay, that’s great news, hope you can stay off it. Hopefully more people will see the connection, like we have all done, between coffee and their anger and wake up to what’s going on.

  24. Maciek Says:

  25. Maciek Says:

  26. MacieK Says:

    Has anyone had floater go away with coffee abstinence ? I have those, from mine Lyme Disease.

  27. Pedro Says:

    I was so happy to find your post today. I’m 38 years old and on day 2 of no caffeine for the exact reason you write about. I just finally made the connection between my snappy reactive mood swings and my caffeine intake.
    Yes I do have some withdrawal headaches at the moment but that will pass. I already feel less angry/irritable. The only thing I’m trying to decide us if I should stop all caffeine or just switch to tea. Still doing some research.
    Thank you again. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this.


  28. Russ Says:

    All the best Pedro. Great to hear another soul making the connection with the caffeine.

  29. Maciek Says:

    How did it go Pedro, did switching to tea made difference?

  30. Trudy Says:

    I am so happy to read this email thread. I watched an episode of Jerry Seinfelds coffee in cars with Sarah Jessica Parker. She said she “doesn’t drink coffee because it makes her anxious”. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. And then I read Russ’s post. I have all those feelings too. Just never thought it could be coffee!!! So glad to know I’m not alone! I also agree 100% with the k-cup comment. I LOVE flavoured coffee but hubby doesn’t, so I have a keurig coffee maker at work. After a week of raspberry chocolate truffle by van houtte I was about ready to kill someone! I was irrational, anxious, short tempered, overwhelmed, angry, and depressed. I am going back to tea (I’m British) which I find gives a subtle, happy, lift without all the afore mentioned negative reactions.

  31. Ryan Says:

    Russ, Finally! I have looked numerous times about similar experiences of coffee/caffeine and finally found this. I absolutely LOVE the taste of coffee, and would have 1-3 strong a day sometimes, and that was fine until the irritability came up; then suddenly inability to work efficiently or focus on anything as if I a young child with ADHD.

    I have children and found myself being very snappy and impatient for no reason, so i’m trying not to drink anymore as ‘normally’ (without coffee), i’m extremely patient and calm even when they are at their worst behavior. I strive on being a great parent and when I failed to be patient and understanding, it makes me even angrier like a stack effect from caffeine since I felt no control over it.

    I also had at once point from energy drinks and coffee…many a day as I had 6 contracts to get done in very little time. It helped for a couple weeks but then everything started getting fuzzy and extremely uncomfortable. I quit cold turkey and slept for 2 full days in bed. Something not right there.

    I’m going to try tea as suggested here and see how that goes.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences …I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me that no one else had the same problem.

    As a last note, i’ve also experienced and heard of certain creams/milk powders causing brain fog…stay away from those!

  32. Russ Says:

    Great insights Ryan and Trudy and also welcome Maciek. Starting to get a better picture and understanding of all the neg affects from coffee from all your stories, many thanks. Really hope more people can start to notice the connection too.

  33. Maciek Says:

    Thanks Trudy for sharing. What is raspberry chocolate truffle by van houtte ?

  34. Trudy Says:

    Hi Maciek. It’s a flavored coffee that is part of the Keurig coffee brand. Sometimes called K-cups.

  35. Brian Says:

    If you don’t get enough sleep, it could make you easily pissed off, and adding the caffeine to it, it will cause mood swings and aggressive mood, like you mentioned on the top, you wake up tired cuz you woke up so early, obviously not enough sleep my friend, and then you had the small cup of coffee, then hours later, BOOM! Your mood starts going berserk. I’ve been there and it sucks, you just need to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, I’d say 7, 8 or 9 hrs if sleep would suffice every night. So do that and hope there’s some progress goin. FYI, Im not a doctor but I know your story, I had the story as well and figured it out.

  36. Russ Says:

    No, that’s not it, It was def coffee

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