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Mary Ouimette-Kinney

Some interesting info about Mary and the creation of the Wildfire album Art: Mary has worked with rock icons such as Meatloaf. Mary was asked to create a part guitar and part race car sculpture. Pics and article here Meatloaf.

For the creation of the Wildfire album artwork. More than 300 photos were collected to use for reference. Over 160 individual documents were created to make the final image, including sketches, 3D digital paintings, photographs and Photshop special effects.

The final artwork contains more than 1000 layers divided into three documents (before flattening for print). Mary aka Textural Matters. Has a myspace page with further info about her Textural Matters myspace page. Furthermore, thanks to social networking sites, Mary has countless admiring fans of her work. It's not hard to see why. Meet and tweet with Mary on TWITTER

And Mary's personal website

"Wildfire" album cover by Mary Ouimette-Kinney

Medium Sized Wildfire Cover

This is another of Mary's 'Textural Matters' works

This one was for rock singer "Meatloaf

Brilliant artist who has worked with Meatloaf. See some of her work here

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