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Seeing the Number 22 or 222 Everywhere

Ok, onto this post about the number 22. Although this video below mainly shows the numbers 11:11(Update: Youtube took that video off for some reason? So I put this new one up). It talks about the same frequent ways in which I see the numbers 22, 222, 22:22 everywhere for eg: on clocks 8:22, 11:22, 9:22. Certain emails will continually arrive at 22 mins past something. License plates, see this a lot. While out walking just happen to glance over at a house that has the number 22 (walk many different ways and areas and still see it). Walking past a TV set and a football player wearing number 22 will just happen to be on screen, just at that very moment. The list goes on…Way too often, ridiculously way too often…. to be a coincidence

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Also if anybody else out there is seeing this too? Then this book might help you? I found it very helpful . The section about repeatedly seeing  number patterns is in the last few pages of this book. The book is calledHealing With The Angels” by Doreen Virtue. It is a beautiful, excellent book! – Helpful Tip: When the page opens up, click the left arrow on the side of the book cover, that way you’ll see the back cover first and read the overview about seeing numbers)

Do you see number sequences also? Please leave me a comment and tell me your story :) I really hope this helps to answer your seeking too. We all gotta help each other.

Video credit to DonBernard7 on youtube. Thanks Don!

(some 222 seeing people make music too – such as me)
Update – Recently finished the Rock album “Wildfire”. This is the preview promo, enjoy! 222 friends :)

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304 Responses to “Seeing the Number 22 or 222 Everywhere”

  1. Irma Says:

    I’ve had a feeling there was something special about the number 22. I didn’t start paying attention to it until my mid twenties though. I was married at 22 to my husband (now my ex) who was also 22. We got married on the 22d. The address of the church started with 22. Our first child has exactly 22 letters in his name (including his middle name). My social security number (as well as my exs) has he number 22 in it.

    Sad events tied to the number: My mom died on the 22nd. And, most recently, I aborted a child and tracked the conception date to that child to fall on the 22nd.

    I didn’t plan for all of this. It just worked out that way.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Irma, you have this number in your life too. I knew there had to be others out there.

  3. Eva Says:

    I see 22 everywhere. I’m sick of people telling me it’s mere coincidence, when I see it so frequently. There are 22 letters in my full name, I see 22 on buses, peoples shirts, somewhere on tv, when I add up my phone number, you name it. Recently whenever I see 22, I just have an “of course it has to be 22″ kind of attitude.

    Some say it’s because I look into it too much and that other numbers are there but I neglect to see them. This is because I’m supposedly so caught up with the number 22. I beg to differ, there’s meaning to this. Good or bad, I know it’s not something random. There is some kind of significance but I wish I knew more about it. I googled it and found that it had to do with the bible and it was “the master number which could lead me into good things” Honestly, I don’t know if I can believe that especially after reading Irma’s post. I wish there was a way I can use this number in order to help me somehow. After all, it is happening for a reason.

  4. admin Says:

    I’m glad you left your story Eva. I knew there had to be others, but I’m stunned at the amount of other people seeing these numbers and now searching for the meaning of them. It’s like when you see them, it’s an inner knowing that this number is trying to tell us something.

  5. Eva Says:

    And I’m glad there’s a website like this, thank you. :) It gives me a piece of mind knowing I’m not alone. I think that everyone sees a certain number frequently but most people just seem to be blind to it because they are leading an ignorant/closed off life. It’s really unfortunate because these numbers can help certain people tremendously.

  6. admin Says:

    Some people are just more attuned and aware of things and you’re one of those Eva ;)

  7. Rany Sellam Says:

    With me its kind of different because i see different sequences of numbers mostly when i look at the time on my watch , tv, anywhere.
    Its weird, 90% of the time that i look, it shows 1:11, 2:22,3:33.
    I know that you guys talked about the 2 numbers but why am i seeing all sequences of numbers?

  8. admin Says:

    We see those number sequences too 5:55, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on (well at least I do).

    For example a few weeks back, I was seeing 555 for about two weeks, then straight after that, I had some big changes to my daily routine, so maybe the 5′s were alerting me of the upcoming changes?

    Mostly though, it’s just that the 2′s seem to be more frequent.

  9. David Says:

    Hello I am a 14 year old who is also having problems with the number 22. Like with the time on clocks… ill be siotting on my computer and i look at the time its 7:22 or something. Let i mind you i havent checked the clock recently before when that happens. But yes there are many more things with this number. Its freaking me out.

  10. admin Says:

    Hi David, maybe it dosen’t necessarly mean that you have to look at it as a problem. Nice to have others like yourself noticing this number 22. Thanks for stopping by David!

  11. casey Says:

    For a while I thought I was losing my mind. I`m glad to know there are others out there going through this 22 phenomenon. I see it everywhere. Just like others who are noticing it: on shirts, clocks, addresses, taxis, prices, …everywhere! Some days it`s not as intense, but some days it`s everywhere I look. I`ve tried to tell people about it, but I`ve been accused of being obsessive, silly, I`m reading into something ridiculous. A lot of people think I`m reffering to that stupid Jim Carey movie “23“ which I haven`t even seen and I`m trying to copy him. It`s like the number actually follows me and no one believes me. Sometimes I do see 1:11 but not like 22. Thank you all for sharing.

  12. admin Says:

    Hello Casey, thanks for joining the 22 club lol

  13. jules Says:

    ok everyone so what is 22:22 all about it catches me out a real lot laterly and always catching it when i look at my mobile. someone with explanation here

  14. Aymi Says:


    My close friend and I always see double numbers on the clock. We notice we see them more when life seems a bit tricky and on some sites we’ve read they are a signal from your guardian angel about your spiritual path. We make wishes on them for good things for people we know and in our own lives.


  15. Aymi Says:

    p.s I just saw 22:22 and that is how I found your site, great video by the way.

  16. Aymi Says:

    Also, my friend and I have been told we could be like earth angels as often we are thrown into situations where people tell us their problems and we help them(which we like to do) I was even told by my doctor I would make a good counsellor lol! My life path number is 11, which I’ve read could tie in with some of the above.

  17. admin Says:

    Hi Aymi, thanks, glad you enjoyed the video :)

  18. Anne Says:

    This is fantastic! I have been seeing the number 22 for 4 years now. Somedays i might only see it once other days every hour. I’m not freaked out by it, but i would love to know and understand why i see this number. Just of late though i have started to see the number 55 as well, not as frequently but on one day i saw it many times. I do feel as though i am meant to take these numbers on board and use them to assist my journey in this life. We are all hear for certain reasons!! Thankyou for bringing us special people together, to understand we are not alone!

  19. Sheldon Says:

    This is absolutely amazing to me. I’m seeing these mainly in times like 11:22, 12:22, 2:22, 5:22. Now my cubicle is 22 at work. To be honest I’m not liking it at all. The YouTube clip talking about balance seems very interesting as well and has shed some light. Also through my research I’ve located a book called “Healing with Angels” Not sure if this relates to anything I’m experiencing, but it doesn’t hurt to get another perspective on the situation. Thanks. I’m not alone. LOL..

  20. admin Says:

    Lol, was just reading your comment and it was 6:22

  21. alen Says:

    heelo dear friends im from croatia. i startet to notice the patern 22 and for me in a day i see it aproximtly 50 times and funny thing my girl too. we are wondering what that means i think my guardians and spirit forces are trayng to tell me something but i do not know what. help please enybody. truly yours alen

  22. admin Says:

    50 times a day?? Wow, that’s far more than I see it. We’re all trying to figure this out together. Did you at least watch the above video and visit some of the links as well? It might help provide a start and some answers?

  23. alen Says:

    im searching! dident look coz my sound card broke heee! i think that some one is telling us we are going good with life! today is 22.8.2009 and i had changes in my lice and almost got in to a fight! hope some one can provide with some insight pozzzz

  24. Miguel Says:

    Wow, I’ve been watching my digital clock for about eleven years now and – even though I’m not used to check the time frequently, and it’s not like around my bed-time, I’ve been seeing the 22:22 h every day during years. First I thought it was a coincidence but after some years it was clear it is not. I saw it so much I stopped watching the time for some years at around that time. My living situation has changed now and … no surprise of the only 2 times I check te time in a whole evening: one of them is 22:22.

    Once I wanted the buy a second-hand car and it really was a good car and a low priced offer. When I saw the license plate ( 2222 – something) I forgot about the whole deal. Since I don´t know what it means I might just be being my coffin. no no no … thanks! No 2222 for me untill I find out what it means.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one.

  25. alen Says:

    miguel you do not need to run away from that aceptit like good tingh like it is . i do apoligai for my bad english . comon post what do you tink what coud that meen. yours alen

  26. Emily Says:

    I also have had very odd incidents with the number 22 my ENTIRE life. I alway’s figured that’s my lucky number…but I have to admit there were moments when I thought perhaps it was quite the opposite. Perhaps 22 wasnt such a good thing to be seeing.
    I recall once I was about to make a life changing decision and I was contemplating whether I should go through with it or not. I was sitting in my friends car with her as we were going to embark on this journey. Neither one of us knew whether it was going to be a good or bad decision. Anyway’s as we are sitting there thinking it cell phone rings and as I look down at the screen I see the number that is CALLING is the number 22. Nothing else no other numbers just 22! I thought hmm that’s pretty weird and my friend thought the same (knowing it was my “lucky” number). Curiosity obviously got the better of me and I answered the phone…there was nothing there. No dial tone, no beeping, static NOTHING but an empty line. It sounded as if there was another end to the phone call but that there was nobody on the other side. VERY VERY CREEPY! Needless to say I took it as a “good” sign and prayed 22 was my lucky number and not my UNlucky number. I went through with the experience it was by far the most amazing thing I have ever embarked on. I nor my friend regretted our decisions.

    I used to think it was MY lucky number but I see from this website I’m not the only one. It truly makes me wonder WHY. I still see the number 22 constantly on a day to day basis and I am still not quite sure what to make of it. Glad I’m not alone.

  27. Jamie davies Says:

    Yeah so, ive read some of the comments and i too seem to be seeing the number 22:22 a lot, especialy on my clocks, im not sure what this means, but its meant to be good. So …. urm, yeah thtas about it realy but its rather odd to keep seeing it, or should i say its rather even hahaha, crap joke i know, but yeah what do you think?

  28. admin Says:

    What do I think? I tend to look at it as a guide that I’m on the right path in life. Of course however, there is still a chance it could mean a lot more than this. Just having this post here, can help us help each other to find the meaning.

  29. Eva Says:

    I already posted something last spring but I figured I would again because very interesting things have been happening -especially this month.

    When I drive to school, cars cuts me off and usually their license plate is EVA and a series of numbers or even my initials (EGX). One time I even saw EVA 2222. After the 5th Eva license plate I saw with repeating twos or other repeating numbers I stopped counting. Some people I know have license plates with my name on them too (of course they didn’t pick it) It happens all the time now and I don’t even try to look. Friends and family keep on telling me I’m obsessed and it’s just a coincidence. I’m sick of people telling me that, lol. I mean this has happened on a daily basis for a little over a month. I’ve also had RTA or school busses cut me off and guess what? They’re normally bus 2 or 22.

    For a while I didn’t know what to make of this number, if it was “bad” sign or a “good” sign. In this case I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s a “good” sign. This has been the best month of my life, I used to be such a depressed person but now all these amazing, positive life changing thing keep on happening to me. So it’s true; 22 connects with big life changes -good and bad. :)

  30. Jenova Goodshrink Says:

    I had to Google the number 22 and I came across your site

    I’ve been seeing number 22 for about 6 months now.. It all started when I found a stone on the beach that looked like a swan. It was white with an orange beak but was just a pebble. I guess that’s how number 22 made it’s self apparent to me. A lone Swan stone symbolised my state as a single woman alone in the world. I now realise that it was a gentle introduction to the 22 sightings that were about to flood into my life. Soon I started to see more swan phenomena both natural and unnatural (these swans always appeared in pairs) the strangest of which was when I was talking about the swan stone then on the road in the distance a trailer with two plastic paddle boats designed in the shape of swans drove by. I soon realised it was the shape of the birds that were significant not the fact that they were birds. I no longer see swans everywhere but the more subtle number 22. I see 22 EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere at first I felt it a romantic symbolism two swans together meaning I would meet my soul mate soon as swans are monogamous and mate for life. However 22 is not about swans or relationships it has a much deeper hidden meaning than some romantic fantasy notion. I still don’t know what 22 means for me but now I have discovered others who see the number too maybe we will find that we are all connected somehow maybe by other common factors. It’s nice to know I am not the having this experience. Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to discuss this.

    Adina x

  31. Olivia Says:

    wow. this truly is amazing. i am currently 22 born on the 22nd month. after my 22 birthday i started seeing the number 22 EVERYWHERE. on average i see the number at a minum of 5 times per day. i can’t help but get the feeling that there is something significant happening. it has been a very hard year for me emotionally, i dont feel the same. although i have absolutely nothing physical or material to show for this year i feel as if i have moved mountains internally. i feel this intense sense of faith and everytime i see the number 22 i am remember of this. i am having a hard time trying to explain myself because it is a feeling i cannot seem to put into words but basically the number 22 seems to be pushing me to keep moving forward as if it is a constant reassurance of something beauiful and magnificant.

    much, much love to you all.


  32. admin Says:

    Wow Olivia! Can really feel your positive vibe, through your words! All I can say is, glad that you stopped by and shared your story with us, Thanks!

  33. Adele Says:

    My sister recently booked me on flight 422 to go and see her i changed it and went on the later one the number 22 got me a little spooked somehow keep seing it everywhere. id love to know wat it means

  34. zana Says:

    i see it everywhere too…since i was about 18. ( im 21 now). It started with 11′s. Id see 11:11 EVERYWHERE! and since id never pais much attention to numbers i ignored them for ages, until it started happening too often to be a coincidence. I finally told one of my friends from work and he told me it happened to him as well, and then my sister said the same thing.
    I told my mum and she googled it and told me i deffinately wasnt the only one seeing it. like the rest of you i dont know if its good or bad. My first boyfriend was born on the 11th of Nov which really freaked me out because that was sround the same time i was seeing 11:11. He was an asshole and bad for me and im pretty sure the numbers were telling me to follow my instincts and leave him…i did…best thing i could have done.
    Then i started seeing it again last year after i started having strange feelings that my cat was going to die….but i told my self i was being crazy…(as did everyone else)…I had a feeling he was going to get hit by a car so i went crazy when everyone kept letting him out at night….2 months later he got hit by a car right outside my house….nobody thinks im crazy now, they just think im weird..hehe.
    SO SORRY about all the rambling but i have to get it off my chest…ANYWAYS, recently it starts happening to me again, first with 11:11 then 01:11 and so forth, until about a week ago it changes to 22. Wether its 22 or 22:22 or 222 or even 1:22 or 2:22 etc. I dont know what it means but for some reason I dont have a bad feeling about 22 as i did about 11. I have a feeling that something very good will happen to me soon, ( and i dont often get these feelings).It also gives me a strange feeling that im on the right track, just like 11 did, but in agood way. Im 22 next year so we’ll see what happens, keep you all posted and THANK YOU for reading since this is the longest message ever

  35. Sara Says:

    Its good to know that am not the only one..I see these nos. almost the entire day in form of repetitions such as 07:07, 1:11, 4:44 or as palindromes such as 1221,1001 or 1441..from clocks to license plates..Its over an year that I’ve been seeing these nos. I started seeing these nos. just when I met my ex-boyfriend last year..When I shared this with him, he too started observing them..Though he refused to believe me initially..But so far I’ve never been able to draw any inference or arrive at a conclusion..Though while searching for more information on this is came across the subject called ‘tempic or time field’.. It describes time as a field like the other two i.e. magnetic and electric fields..So I was wondering if these patterns actually an effect of that field? Or if they at all indicate anything? Am so confused and at times I feel that I’ll go insane :-) I’ll keep you all posted..Hope we all can find a logical explanation to this..

  36. paul ambrose Says:

    to hom ever may read this . you are all seeing what god is bringing about.
    you are seeing the number 22 for very simple reason. we live in the time of the messiah from davids family. the bible tells of 2 messiahs. one from aarons family, and one from davids family. the number 22 shows the 22 king from the line of david. (homework) his time is know. he will bring peace on this planet. from where he comes fits perfict………………..

    north amer. cont.
    santa barb. calif…………………………………………………. clues

  37. adina Says:

    Paul Ambrose can you please get in touch with me about 22 kings and messiah very interested in what u have to say on this

  38. Anne Says:

    Hi All
    I visited this site back in July 2009, and although i was unsure as to why i see these number sequences, i am more than sure now it’s a good thing. Since my last posting some amazing things started to happen in my life. I worked extremely hard to create a position in my field of work, but when it came to the interview they gave the job to someone else. Throughout that whole day i saw 22 nearly every hour. I was certain i had the job, but it seems that there is something bigger and better waiting for me as on the 22nd of September i won division 2 in our lotteries, which subsequently had the number 22 in the winning numbers. I think it’s an important message our angels and guides are trying to deliver, and sometimes the message can be bad other times good, but most importantly a message to remind us we are where we should be. I DO NOT believe this to be a religious thing, but a spiritual thing! x

  39. admin Says:

    Hi Anne, I’m with you, I don’t feel any religious connection either. Yeah, definatley a spiritual feeling for me as well. This is fantastic news to hear that you won 2nd division! Never met anyone who won that before. Very happy for you. Means great things can happen to the rest of us too! Well done! Nice work xx

  40. paul ambrose Says:

    the book esdras 2 tells of the fall of the eagle( america ) by the words of the 22 king inthe line of israel( lion ) ( 2 messiah ) in israel right know they are telling of two messiahs.( dead sea scrolls ) the book 2 of esdras tells of the messiah coming from where the eagle is .( america ) the hopi await the great white brother. i believe to be the same one . the one whom i see peace…………………………… jesus says ; do not think i have come to bring peace. i did not come to bring peace but a sword………………it is the time of peace .

    santa barbara is speical……………and so much more……………

    i have the proof

  41. jestawoman Says:

    In 1982 I had a ‘reading’ by a 95 year old woman. She sat in a chair across from me and simply closed her eyes and concentrated. The things she told me that day continue to blow me away with their accuracy. As I was leaving, she was startled to suddenly see the number 22 emblazened across my chest as if in electric neon, very bright and large. That was the one impression she got that she had no idea what it meant, except to say it was somehow major important in my life. I’ve always wondered what this could mean!

  42. Odin Says:

    Russ, thanks for taking the time of creating this page. I wish I had founded out this site twenty years ago, when I was about turning 22… :-D

    For some years before my 22th birthday I saw it all around, just like you say. I didn’t knew what it was about, but I knew one thing for sure – it wasn’t a coincidence (it couldn’t be at all!). I also ended up sick of people telling me it was just coincidence or I was obsessed about. I remember I felt a little worried as that birthday approached – “I’m seeing it constantly and now I’m gonna ‘be’ it myself, it’s gonna be ‘inside’ me, this number”. Well, nothing freaky happened :-)

    When some thing happens on a repetitive basis in our lives that thing is trying to catch our attention, delivering us a message. Since ancient times, numbers have been used as simbols. Being the repeated thing a number, our attention is called to what this number stands for, to what it means.

    So, what in the world 22 stands for? It seems it’s considered the most fortunate number… At least as long as you believe this live we live in this world is just one of the possibles ways of existence; and that the best thing one can do with his/her own life, the true meaning of existence, is being useful to other people.

    That was around 1990. From then on live has been just passing, seeing the number now and then, but without paying too much attention to it.

    11 and 22 are called Master numbers, because they represent different levels of power or energy to built things with. When talking about built please don’t think just in bricks and blocks, but in creating, growing, constructing. Let’s say you volunteer in your neighborhood helping elder people or you work in a software company that releases free, open applications for everyone on the web or you’re learning for being a lawyer or a politician who wants to work and change negative social things – in these examples you’d being acting as a builder.

    On a plain, simplified way number 22 is telling us something like – “You have the ability (power, capabilty, impulse, etc.) for building great things that help the others. Use your power, help people”.

    Next March I’ll turn 42 years old. During last Christmas (2009), the “22 Everywhere Show” began again for me… It shows up on basketball or soccer clothes, restaurants bill’s, watches, file names, book spines, addresses… I feel I didn’t resolve correctly “my” 22 case, for it knocks once again. I’m learning as much as I can about the 22 message. I’ll share here what I find out.

    There’s one more thing about looking anywhere and seeing “your” particular number. Some people think this fact is kind of a confirmation of what you’re thinking in that very instant or in the very previous instant, right before you see the number. Something like – “Yes, that’s it!”. Now, WHAT or WHO is confirming you that you’re right about what you’re thinking by using these “coincidences”?

    It’s been great and comforting crossing my path with you all guys in this place.

    Love for all

  43. Odin Says:

    Worth taking a glimp (even if you don’t speak french) –

  44. admin Says:

    Ok thanks Odin. I can use the translator, it’s fine.

  45. Ashlee Says:

    SO, 22 has been my fav number for as far back as I can remember and I don’t even know why. I see it all the time… without even looking for it. Recently I have fallen in love with a wonderful man who is everything to me, he began seeing 22 as well… everywhere. I hope this is a good sign. I am a believer of everything happens for a reason.

  46. megan Says:

    Hello, im Megan im 18 years old i have been seeing this number for more than 2 years now, and im relieved im not the only one seeing it. It was first noticed by my friend and ever since then 22 is everywhere literally. It kind of drives me crazy, because i don’t know what it means and like someone has said i thought maybe it was just a lucky number but then more i think about it i feel like its bad luck. I don’t know i tell this to my family and they just don’t understand. To my license plate to my twin sister being born 22 mins before me and much more. I just know i’m seeing it for a reason. I didn’t realize that when i googled this something was going to come up. I hope its a good thing though

  47. tulwar Says:

    Hi, its me again! I have some news about the number 22. I realized that number 22 stands for me “you are on the right track”. I was seeing that number 50-times a day then i moved to Osijek in Croatia, that is town 50 km away from my home town and whenever i would think about moving there i saw that number even more. So,i asked my inner self to show me that number more if i need to go there and i got confirmations….

    Now im in Osijek aproxmntly 3 months and im CONVINCED that i need to be here. You know that overvelming feeling that you need to do, to be somwhere? I met my ladyneighbur and she has two children. My girlfriend is here too, along with my crew, and we get along very well. It’s like we knowe each others for years and centuries. All in all, number 22 is a good sign that just needs to be noticed and observed with an open mind.

    Now i noticed that I see number 22 in 4 digits (22:22). Also, the appear to be paterns of 2222 so im sure im on the right track. My girl see that number too constantly…….

    Love peace and unity, and 4D for everyone haha. If you wanna get in touch with me, my e-mail address is

  48. Nomsy Says:

    Hey. I kind of have the same issue with the 22:22. Usually, when I look at the clock I see 22:22. At night, before going to sleep.At the beggining I could only see it on my cell, but lately I saw it on my computer too. It kind of freaks me out… You see, my lucky number is 8.(2+2+2+2).I was born in 11/28. It may just be a coincidence, but it freaks me out a little. Maybe it’s just my subconcious, or that inner clock that dictates me to look at the clock at 22:22. Or maybe it’s more to it.

  49. beth Says:

    I am so glad to find this website and see that I am not alone! For me it started about 3 years ago. I work in a bar and there is a stereo that always has the numbers 2222 on a digital screen (some sort of code to link the stereo to the four TV screens). One day a customer asked if that was the time. I said no, and looked at the clock on the cigarette machine instead. You’ve guess it, the time was 22:22. I thought it was a pretty odd coincidence but thought nothing of it until I kept seeing the number 22 everywhere. This only went on for a short while, then stopped. A few months ago it started again. I always seem to look at the clock at 22 past the hour, when I haven’t checked the time in ages. I won’t bore you with details but I always seem to see the number 22 everywhere! Not long after the original 2222 incident I started dating a man (we live together now) whose favouorite number is 22, because he was born on the 22nd of december. But he thinks I’m mad, so its a relief to find this site! I have no idea what it means but am hoping it is something good….

  50. GK Says:

    Hello there! I have my story with the number 22 as well and this is how i actually came across this site, just by googling “22″. I guess people here have already mentioned that they do think 22 has some meaning for them, but they are not sure if it’s good or bad. I think it has some special power and leads me towards some events in my life that are about to come and that i should pay attention to it. I’m 21 now, turning 22 in May, but have been seeing this number everywhere since I was about 14. Some very strange things have happened to me since then connected with 22: when I was in Barcelona some time ago and browsed through a street market stands i came across a box of old Spanish coins, you know… with the lil holes in it :) they were used before Euros. well… i was chatting with one of my friends and suddenly saw something that wasn’t a coin. It was a round metal thing with a 22 on it. Nothing more. As I stared at it for a while the woman who was selling those things said to me in ‘my’ language: “You surely must buy something here.” >> I stared at her in a complete shock, cos she was Spanish! I bought this thing and I believe it to be some special symbol for me.
    Another thing was that on 22nd of April (I also believe 22/4 be the lucky date) I met a guy on the street, we looked back at each other several times, then he came to me and invited me to some event. He also gave me his card on which he had a name of his web page with 22 in it. Then we met again and talked about 22s in our lives and parted. But for me it was as if I needed to meet this guy to show me that I should believe in all this. So I do :)

    I’m glad I came across this page to find all the people who are like me. Thanks!

  51. ashleynorris Says:

    Yep…I too see the number 22 every where…
    Clocks, Books, Pictures, Signs, License plates…You name It ive seen it.
    When I was in school…I was a cheerleader and every year for try outs we would have to drawl numbers to see in what order we would tryout.. all 5 years..I drew the number 22… all my life it has followed me… my address…phone number…bank account number…22 was in all them…even my husbands birthday hass it 11/22.
    Never once has it ever bothered me or scared me…I would see the number and smile… I do believe it means something good… Just not exactly what that good is.
    I always thought that maybe when I’m 22 something will happen…I’m 22 now…still waiting to see if anything does happen.
    Once I found this site and started reading it i wanted to text my best friend and tell her about it right away..when I opened up my inbox to start a new text message to her i seen that I had 222 texts in my phone…. thought that was neat..then When I looked at the time it was 12:34….not 22..but what is 34-12???…22… I kept the sight up to read all the comments on it..but I would take a break here and there and play a game of solitaire… I wasnt going to post a comment at all..until i just played my last game of spider solitaire…my score… 1181 in 119 moves….(1+1+8+1+1+1+9=22) I dont usually look for the number it usually just comes to me… but i was courious to see how many times it would appear to me today… The day i finally find other people that see the number too…And today of all days… that i decided to look up and see what this number may mean to me 2/10/10…..(2+10+10=22) I know this may be stretching it…but it fasinates me…. All I know is that I feel that this is a good thing…never once have I gotten a bad feeling from the number….I smile every time it comes up.

  52. Emanuel Says:

    I’ve been seeing this number too quite a lot lately since about a month ago. It hasn’t happened in a few days though until yesterday. I used to look at the clock & it would have the number 22 a lot. There was a time where I saw the number sequence “222″ 4 days in a row. 12:22 one day, 12:22 the next, 2:22 the third, then 2:22 finally. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t see it for a while.

    Now yesterday (well 2 days ago to be exact since it’s past midnight when I posted this) I went to eat Chinese food & in my fortune cookie it had the number 22 as a lucky #. Then yesterday I went to eat chinese food at a different place for some reason & that fortune cookie had the same number!!! The fortune on both of them kind of tied together too! (Having to do with big change if put simply)

    And now that I just noticed it’s midnight, I see that I’m writing this on February the 2nd 2010- 2/22/2010! What is going on!

    Well I’m going to sleep & I’m not sure what I will expect when I wake up & the time after… If something big happens then there’s definitely a BIGGER meaning to this stuff.

  53. ADELE ADINA Says:

    HAPPY 22 OF THE 2 EVERYONE …….!!!!!!!


  54. Ian Says:


    I live in South Africa, I thought I was going crazy. I am also seeing the number 22 everywere I go. Could this be a greater power telling us something or are we chosen for some reason? You dont hear about people seeing 10 10 or 15 15 or any other number for that case. If some one could start a website just for people that sees this number we could communicate and maybe we could have alot more in common that we think. They say the number 22 is about bonding relationships and bringing together, could this be a sign that we all are destined to meet each other in one way or another? I know this might sound stupid, but what have we got to loose?
    Any comments???

  55. admin Says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. There are websites devoted to this, see links above. Also, if you do start your own website on this subject, then please let us all know.

  56. admin Says:

    By the way everyone. The new album “Wildfire” is just about completed. See Album cover here

  57. Ian Says:

    Any body reading the bible?
    Go to revelations, there are only 21 chapters and, its asif there is something missing? Go have a look.

  58. Ian Says:

    Sorry there are 22 chapters in revelations.

  59. Ian Says:

    and 21 verses!!!! some thing missing?

  60. admin Says:

    Not into the bible myself. It’s not supposed to be a forum for religon, if you don’t mind.

  61. Ian Says:

    nobody said its a form of religon! I just pointed something out that meens something to me, if you dont mind.

  62. Sara Says:

    Hello everyone:-) Its been quite some time since I’d shared my experiences with you all..These numbers have now become a part of my life..But some how I feel that there is certainly an external force that prompts me..So many times it would occur that I’ll get to see a number pattern when I least wanted to/expected to..Sometimes I’d drop my mobile phone accidently and when I pick it up the time would be say 08:08..Though I see 22 a lot but other repetitions are also quite common..I also get a feeling that its not about any religion or spirituality..Its something related to you..Your goodness and sensitivity..Only when you’re sensitive enough to note such an minute occurence like a repeating number pattern, I guess you’re sensitive enough to other aspects of life such as happiness, pain, sorrow etc..I think instead of searching the reason for which we get to see these numbers, I think we should chanelise our energies on being a better human being and working towards the betterment of the society..Cheers, Sara

  63. Michael Says:


    Since I was a little kid 22 was my favourite number. I just felt a special connection with that number but I never could tell what that special feeling was. Since last year I started to notice that I see the number everywhere. First I was like “Hi! I see that number again. That is coincidince.” But after seeing it for weeks it started to feel strange. After months being stalked by this number I googled it and saw that other people see it too. Now I found this site.

    Always when 22 passes by, something bad happens. It’s like it’s trying to warn me for something bad. I just played poker online and ended at the 222 place. People tell me also I’m obsessed, but now I won’t let the number drive me crazy. When I see the number, I just try to stay away from it and just hope nothing bad happens.

    I saw it so many times I can’t name it because than this will be the largest post ever xD

    I’m glad for some of you the number is a good thing, but for it’s a number that warns me.

    Greetings! (Sorry if my English is bad)

  64. Whitney Says:

    Hello :)

    I see the number also..Ive looked everywhere and searched for meanings..I feel like my life ha something to do with its going to lead me somewhere..this is not a coincidence. that I see this number..everytime I look at the clock..its something :22…And everyone in my life that means something or that’ll have a huge affect is tied birthdays or something!!
    My favorite actress bday is march 22 Reese Witherspoon..

    I need someone to email me please…there has to be a reason that only some of us have this problem
    or gift?

  65. LauraDean Says:

    I also have the number 22 in my life! I have had for about 4 or 5 years now although it does seem to come in waves! At some points in my life I literally see it everywhere up to 20 / 30 times a day…(as I am at the moment,) and other times I don’t see it at all for weeks!
    I genuinely love to see it, it makes me feel like someone or something is giving me a nudge, or a little ‘hello’ and it tends to show itself more when I am in a happy state of mind!
    Even before seeing the number 22, I have always felt that I’m an extremely lucky person…even though Ive had MUCH MUCH MORE than my fair share of bad things happen….believe me! I just somehow feel like I have a huge inner strength and spiritual side to me and like amazing things are going to happen….and do happen everyday! I have had several psycics stop me and tell me I’m an Angel on earth which is pretty bizarre….especially seeing as it’s my middle name! Who knows if that has any connection what so ever, but I do absolutely know that the number 22 is somehow guiding me or reassuring me!
    Everyone who knows me well knows about my number 22 ‘companion’ and most are pretty freaked out by it when they spend time with me and see just exactly how often it shows itself to me…. however I feel comforted by it.
    Bizaarely enough, my cousin has started seeing it too, and I have to say, she is at a huge crossroads in her life and a few things happened to her recently which really knocked the wind from her sails….she too now finds comfort from it!!
    I say embrace it and draw strength from the fact that there absolutely is some meaning to it and I personally believe it to be good!

    Loving that there is so many ’22′ people! We rock!!!x

  66. Donna Says:

    I have been seeing the 2:22 number sequence since last August and thats when my life fell apart. Lost my car, my apartment, Caught so called friends lying to me, etc… I was trying not to associate it with bad things but now that I am paying attention to it, I know that it is a bad number. Yesterday morning I bought a bottle of water in Duane Reade in Penn Station, as if its it not bad enough that its so expensive, The register said $2.22, I bought it and then went to work and had a huge fight with my boss. I wonder if I returned the water if the fight wouldn’t have happened LOL!! Then today I was flipping through the desk calendar and landed on February 22nd. I am aftraid of whats next. I already thought it couldn’t get worse. I can’t find anything in the Bible with these numbers that I think is relevant. But there is scary stuff….like its the anti-Christ. Anthother 222 passage mentions having faith but I can’t halp but assoicate it with bad energy and occurrences. On the other hand 11:11 sightings are usally positive for me.

  67. admin Says:

    *Rock n Roll news*

    On a different note peeps. Good news is: Finished the 2nd album “WILDFIRE” this week, listen to samples here ==>

  68. admin Says:

    The other freaky thing is. I just finished making the “Wildfire” youtube album promo I thought it went for about 4:20 mins? Then after I converted it for youtube and it was put up there. It say’s it goes for 4:22 lol

  69. admin Says:

    Someone else has this interesting numerology take on it

  70. Dino Says:

    Yes, I believe something is going on. Something is happening or is going to happen. My “experiences” began two days before 9/11. I am so not kidding, please believe me, I’m not nuts and I’m not playin’ anyone, that is, I’m not mocking anyone or this site. I was driving to work early on Sunday morning, September 9, 2001, when suddenly and literally out of nowhere, I experienced a complete freeze of time. My head jerked slightly to the left and literally everything just froze for a nano-second. I later described it as flashes, because I was completely unsure how to describe what it was I experienced. I had this happen to me three times in a span of maybe five seconds. I had never had anything like that happen before and it honestly scared me to the point that I exclaimed out loud, although there was no one riding with me, “What is going on?”. Two days later there were four plane crashes but only three hit buildings. If I was making this up I would have come up with something better than “flashes” since I didn’t mention it to anyone until after 9/11. I was so soundly ridiculed that I never mentioned it again. Later I read that a lot of people experienced “something” just prior to 9/11. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one but I wondered, why me, why us? I’ve never been one given over to believing in such paranormal things of this nature before and I am, or was not at the time, overtly spiritual or religious. I still don’t attend church but I do read my Bible and I pray, on my knees.

    The next thing I began experiencing is dimes (ten cent pieces for our international friends). Now we’ve all found change in our lives and I’m no different but I began noticing that I was finding a lot of dimes, everywhere. I had probably been finding them for six or so months before I began picking up on the fact that an inordinate number of dimes were being found and oftentimes exclusive of any other type of change. I found lone dimes sitting on store shelves, on weight discs in the gym, on the hood of a car with no one else around. I found them on the ground just as I was exiting my vehicle or just as I was coming out of a movie theatre. I found them beside the creek bed, on a tennis court and in envelopes. I began testing this whole dime thing by literally asking to find a dime at a certain place and every single time, I would find one. I once ask to find a “bunch” of dimes, again, in an attempt to test my theory, in a single place and within that very week, whilst on a business trip to Illinois, I came upon seven dimes (no other type of change) lying on the carpeted floor at the end of a hotel hall and no, there were no vending machines on that floor and there was no one else around. I asked to find a dime in a unique way once, as I found many simply lying on the ground, and the very next day, while attempting to slide a credit card into the little pouch of a restaurant billing book and, seeing that something was blocking me from inserting the card all the way in, I upturned the book and out slid a dime. It has been almost ten years since I began finding these dimes and yes, I still find them, and yes, I still ask to find them. Just last week I asked to find two dimes side-by-side. The very next day I found two dimes lying side-by-side on the ground in a parking lot beside my vehicle. Understand, I don’t obsess. That is, I don’t wake up the next morning declaring to myself that I will find those dimes that I asked to find the previous night as I nodded off to sleep. I usually forget all about the dimes completely and only remember asking when I actually find them. I swear it. I was telling my brother about finding dimes everywhere as he was opening a box of memorabilia, as my father had passed, and out fell a single dime. There was no other monies contained within that box, just that one dime.

    Now it’s the number “22″. I see it everywhere to the point that it is now 2:11 a.m. EST and I, being unable to sleep, decided to simply “Google” it and see what I could come up with. I’m no dummy, I understand the power of persuasion and how we, as humans do possess innate abilities that can move towards the paranormal. That is, I understand the we can often, without realizing it, subconsciously make ourselves look at the clock at exactly 2:22 or 11:22 or whatever. I have tried to get off of the “22″ by trying to focus on another number, like “37″, to see if I could make myself “subconsciously” look at the clock at 1:37 or 4:37 but no, it didn’t work. I see the “22″ at the gym when someone comes walking in wearing a jersey with the number “22″ on it. I will be watching television and there’s Pawn Stars purchasing something for “$2200.00 USD” or an advertised event will be taking place on the “22nd”. The number is so pervasive that it borders on insanity and yes, I do question my sanity at times.

    I would be interested in what else we, the “22′s”, have in common besides the number. Is there some common thread, something uniquely us, that is perhaps at work here? I also see the number “11, 12, 33 and 123″ quite a lot but by far I see the “22″ much more often. Sorry this was so long. Thanks everyone.

  71. Odin Says:

    Hi, Dino,

    I’m sure this is not about sanity or insanity ;-) . What you call “paranormal” may be just some of the real “normal” thing. For hundreds of years people has been “teached” to think in some abilities, behaviors or reactions as extraordinary or special. Who has teached us that way? And why? Forget everithing you’ve learned in movies and TV (yes – I’m aware of the words I’m using: “learn” and “movies/TV”. You see something repeated 50 times, you end by learning it).

    If you don’t think that using actively your own dreams sounds a little bit exotic… just try it, buddy. Look for “lucid dreaming”. Wanna something more classic? Try meditation (remember – be aware of all the manipulated topics we may have been teached with… Meditate is not about religion or para-whatever, it simply means relax your body, put stillness in your mind, enjoy that state and, maybe, finding something new).

    All the best, 22s! :-)

  72. Julie Says:


    I just wanted to let you know that there is a significance to seeing the number 22 all the time. In Numerology there are three sets of master numbers. They are 11, 22 and 33. According to numerology we all have a life number. Mine happens to be 22. To determine your life number all you do is basically add up your entire birth date. I will use mine as a example.

    10/30/1971 = 1+0+3+0+1+9+7+1=22
    the 22 can also be reduced by adding the 2+2=4 and in numerology you will also see 22/4 as your life number with the four reflecting some of the charachter traits and personality traits in you.
    In numerology this is a master number with great significance to your life. Google life number 22 or life number 22/4 and check out what they tell you. My friends all do this and love the fact that they know so much more about who they are whrn it comes to numerology and the use of numbers.

  73. Odinn Says:

    Julie, your info is correct as for having 22 as a personal number (meaning you have the number’s vibration inside you, so to speak, since you’re born).

    My personal number is not 22, nor 11 nor 33, but I still see 22 around. I think there’s a difference between “being” a 22 (having it, as you, as personal numerological number) and just see it with a high, unusual frequency. However I haven’t found yet what it means (I think it’s kind of a signal, not necessarily negative, not doom&gloom-like).

    Well, good luck for the work you have to do (if you so chose) with your inner 22 power :-)

    Light & Love for All

  74. Russ (admin) Says:

    I feel the same as Odinn too :)

  75. Tiina Says:

    I found it absolutely fantastic reading the stories on this site. I have been seeing number 22 for about 3 years now… it started with 44 (which my son kept saying was his favorite number) and then 22 appears absolutely everywhere to me few times a day. I have now learned to kind of stop and say “thank you” to whomever is sending it to me. Angels, Archangels, other beings above us? I’m not sure but I have become a great believer in asking help from angels when i need it and if listening carefully I always seem to get an answer… I just believe that people should turn away from worries to somewhere that if they believe enough, they can hear the truth. I’m single mum with two kids and working full time and life can sometimes be tough with time or money but EVERYTIME i ask, the answer is there. I would really like to learn mediation to get into deeper level but it seems to be difficult at the moment to fit in with work and childcare but i’m sure the ANGELS will sort it out somehow.. just believe and help others xxx

  76. admin Says:

    Hi Tiina,

    Yes, feel a sense of similararity, with most 22 seeing people, going by the comments on here. I also ask the angels for help a lot and agree with you. When it comes to saying thanks. Just continually say thanks as much as we can, all throughout the day, for everything, yes couldn’t agree more. Also, seems to be a happier, lighter, greatful vibe amongst you all. So thank you Tiina, for taking your time to leave your great comment. Thanks! ~


  77. Aris Says:

    I just read some of the above comments, and i have to say that i’m quite surprised to see so many people being infuenced by this number..I have been haunted by 22:22 or similar for nearly a decade.. still dont know the meaning of this but its more than a coincidence…i am not a believer of paranormal or metphysical stuff but i can say that it motivated me enough to write something on this site…( excuse my english i;m from greece).

  78. ash Says:

    wow guys thanks so much for this, i really thought i was alone.. guess not. my dad was just telling me how its just a coincidence.. but i know full well its not. i see this number everywhere, some days more so than eithers.. my birthday is the 22nd of august which 8 is 2 2 2 and 2.. this is unbelievable guys.. i think it might b a good thing tho?

  79. Cesar Says:


    It happens to me all days since about 5 or 6 years ago. And the weird thing about this is that I told for myself in a funny joke that I would consider the number 22 only if it’s accompanied by the numbers 6 or 9. And most of the time when 22 arrives it’s accompanied by these numbers: 9 or 6, mostly 6.

  80. christina Says:

    okay my name is christina and im 13 yrs old and i cant stop seeing this number 22 i see it everywere but i dont get why my mom thinks im overreacting about..but i want to find out..i think one reason is theres this guy i like that had the basketball number 22 but i dont think that could be the only reason and i need your help!

  81. Russ Says:

    Hi Christina, thanks for leaving your story. We are all wondering what this means for us. As you can see by the many comments here, you are not alone. Even though sometimes it may feel that way. Keep coming back here and checking everyone’s comments, as you may start to get some answers. Hope this helps you.

  82. Russ Says:

    Ok this universe is really blowing my mind today. I just needed to do a search on wikipedia. As you know I recently finished my latest album “Wildfire”

    So, this text came up in their search box today==>
    Wide Awake in Dreamland is Pat Benatar ‘s eighth album, released in 1988. … The album’s lead single “All Fired Up” reached a high of 19 on … 5 KB (611 words) – 22:22, 7 April 2010

    Now why is that so freaky? Well, I did a cover of that song on my new album and now I see on wikipedia it’s got 22:22 on it. (see lyrics and other stuff here) =>


  83. Emy B Says:

    Hi guys
    Wow i’m so glad i’ve found this site, i keep seeing 2222 everywhere i go and i truly believe it means something good because the first time in my life i feel truly balanced. I feel that i’m on the right path and heading in the right direction. I know that everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad life can get you have to stay positive and have faith. I often see emy2222 on car registrations or on buses, i also see the number 29 at least five times a day and apparently this means forgetting the past and moving forward, but like i said i feel as though i have moved on … So i wonder why i keep seeing it??
    I read earlier that maybe we are all connected somehow i believe its our angels letting us know that we are going to be rewarded for the good work we’ve done and that they are listening to our requests and letting us know they are being taken care of… I hope so!!! Emma xxxxx

  84. vasi Says:

    Hi ,i am from romania! and i see very often hour 22:22 … ! i search on google for a meaning of this but i can not find! can anyone tell me something concret ?? i only read storys here about 22:22 …but a biblical explenation or .. paranormal… or anything ????
    ( sorry if i have bad english )

    i hope is a good thing that we se 22:22 !

  85. Russ Says:

    Welcome Emma and Vasi, thanks for your words Emma, good reading. xo

  86. david christopher davies Says:

    hi peeps, glad iv found this page. nearly every day since i can remember iv been seeing the time 22:22.. coincidence? surely not. i recently opened a magazine and upon opening it i seen a watch with the time set at 22:22. after reading some of the comments on here i counted the letters in my full name ( DAVID CHRISTOPHER DAVIES) and surely enough 22 letters. starting to freak me out a bit now. just nice to know im not the only 1. theres been plenty more creepy things just cant remember. will be going to see a fortune teller soon will let you all know if theres anything interesting about it. keep stores coming. thanks

  87. Bela Says:

    yes but what does it all mean?

  88. Russ Says:

    Don’t mean to scare anyone, just thought it was interesting to post this.

    Came across this trailer last night, however it’s not about 222 this time. This is about 333. At about 1:09 they show a clock with 3:33 on it and again a bit later on in this movie trailer. (Keep in mind it’s a mocumentary)

  89. Odinn Says:

    More info:

  90. Odinn Says:

    “Both I and Jude looked at each other with astonishment, realizing that yet another layer of synchronicity around the number two had been added to the mix, in order to even further validate the idea that something truly extraordinary had just occurred. Ecclesiastes 2:22, my 22-dollar ox and now the clock striking two. It was just “two” much to believe.”

    “We once again get the number “22″ and the all-important number “8″, which signifies the infinity of the octave. (Also, eight is two times two times two: another level of the “2:22″ synchronicity.)”

    Excerpts from D. Wildcock


    As exotic as it may seem, it’s definitely worth the shot for any 22-people:

    Love and Light for All :)


  91. Kylie Says:


    thank you for this site and your comments which are very encouraging that i’m not going mad! i haven’t dared tell anyone that for the past month or so i’ve noticed an increase in seeing 2.22, 22.22 or 12.22 on digital clocks and mobile phones and each time i get goosebumps.

    my birthday is 22 feb (222), my number plate has 222, my phone numbers have 222 in them, i live at 2022, i purchsed 2 homes without realising they are unit 2, i purchase items and there is 222 in the total bill such as $22.20 or the lottery ticket is time stamped 2.22pm. my work roster often has 122.22 hours for the month, i’m given row 22 at movies, on planes, appointments on the 22nd floor etc etc.

    thank you for making me feel better about this i couldn’t see how it could be just coincidence. i hope being more aware of the 2s will now stop the constant bad luck and everything that can go wrong always does in my life and start reaping some of the good karma i have been putting out for years. time to turn life around…

    good luck everyone!

  92. Russ Says:

  93. babyy Says:

    yo i see 22:22 everwhere! at least like once a day always makes me smile because i see it so much like someone is putting it there for me to see o and i make music too ? doing a degree in music production?

  94. Joe Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly I’d like to say how fascinating it is reading all your posts as I genuinly thought I was the only one out there….thought I’d share with you my 22 story….
    It all started when I was around 16, and noticed the usual things like everyone else has mentioned…22:22 on clocks etc, seeing 22 in movies/tv shows etc, started off being quite fun and because of this I think I was looking out for the number more, but as the months and years went by, I started to feel the number was following me.It was everywhere, literally,if someone asked me to count a ceratin number of files etc,i needn’t bother,i knew it would be 22. Table numbers in restaurants, and the subsequent bills…all would be linked to 22. I told people about it and they would say I was going mad and that every number is like that, I’m just being selective. I started to think what it could mean….not really sure why but when i started Univeristy at the age of 18, it all stopped. Completely. If i looked at a clock, very rarely would i see the number 22. However, I am now 21, and this year I broke up with a long term girlfriend on, you guessed it, 22nd of February. I was unaware of the date until I worked out recently when we broke up, because since around then I have started seeing the number everywhere again! My theory is that the number is there to help you, you can take what you want from it, either direction, comfort, or simply a deterrant from certain things in life. But my growing problem is that this number is trying to tell me something about when i turn 22, (which is on the 2nd of February by the way…I was also born 13:58….two to two in the afternoon!). Now, at my current stage of my life, In all honesty I feel a bit scared…what will happen when I turn 22?Hopefully I will win £22million here in a Lottery in England!keep your fingers crossed people!

  95. Joss Says:

    I am seeing the number 22 constantly for about 3 or so years. My life is a wreck though. I haven’t finished college yet, it has been a real agony since I’m trying to pass my last exams for two years. I had an awful underpaid job, and I had to keep it because I was paying rent of it, and the little I got left served me to (sort of) live. But, still I wasn’t complaining. Until, I lost the job last week because my company is a step away from bankruptcy. I don’t want to sound as if I’m saying that 22 has a bad significance. Maybe it’s a sign of our spiritual struggle. Maybe it reminds us that we have to be strong and endure. Love Joss.

  96. perth coffee Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that your sidebar doesn’t look right in safari

  97. admin Says:

    Thanks, I’m aware of that. Nice little coffee plug you got in too

  98. Danny Says:

    heey i see 22 all the time !
    i got with an ex on 22nd jan then 14th feb it was valentines day and there was 22 days between that i see it on the clock all the time 13:22, 15:22…….. its on tv people say im going on holiday on the 22nd i broke up from school on the 22nd (yesterday the date was 22nd august) and i was looking on sky planner and the time was 22:22 date 22nd then i looked down there was 22 22 everytime i see it i feel weird its just totally everwhere its been happening since january this year

    i no people post there experiences but what does it ACCTURALY mean ??
    please help

  99. Danny Says:

    oh and is this a spirtual thing because i hae physic family ?

  100. Leon Says:

    hi there, ive been seeing this number for just about 4 years, i didnt know what it meant seeing this number evrytime i look at my watch or cellphone clock, but i think i may have figured it out, i have a VERY good friend, the best anyone can have, and ive realised that i see 22:22 on my watch evry night before i go to her place, and if i dont see 22:22 then i know i wont see her the next day, and its been like this for a few years now, we have a very complicated relationship, but sumhow its tied to 22:22, how its possible i dont know, but all i know is, i saw 22:22 earlier, which means, iam seeing her in the morning :)

  101. dreamcatcha Says:

    Hi. I was starting to think i was alone! I have been seeing the number 22 for many years. I dont know why or what it means. I see it on clocks constantly yet i rarely look at the time. Its as if my mind is subconsciously drawn to it or some sort of pre cognitive thing. Often just as i see it it changes to 23 as if my mind is fine tuned to the concept of time. I pull my mobile phone out of my pocket for no reason only to see the hour and 22. I see it on tv ( spine chills when nicolas cage looked at the american 100 dollar bill thru a monocle in the movie national treasure and it was 2.22 on the bell tower clock on a bank note!!!), like what others said on players guernseys just as i change channel as if guided. I see it on car number plates endlessly. But i dont look for it, im just drawn to look when it is there. Anywhere the number 22 can be i see it over and over. I have woken from sleep on countless occassions, looked at the time and yep, its 2.22 am, 3.22 , 4.22 but more often than not its 22.22 am or 2.22 pm. Its weird but in an exciting way..ive challenged my mind to possibilities, but the truth of it eludes me.
    Im thankful that others out there experience the same thing. I know how it feels. It also flowed onto other people.. Some people who are close to me who i divulged this to also constantly started to see 22 on clocks, microwaves, car plates.. as if its contagious. Has anyone else experienced this?

  102. dreamcatcha Says:

    I would like to agree with Tinas comment. I see constant variations day morning night of this 22 phenomena. Its become such a part of me that im not scared or frightened by it anymore, not even frustrated. Your right tina, what i generally do is smile… i just…smile. Im a very nature bound Guy. I feel energy and natures awe in sunsets, the sky, clouds mountains as if connected to something bigger than the 9 to 5 world. I feel it has to do with my love of what i call pure reality not the man made one. So like you tina, i find a smile and sometimes i just say hello with a hint of sarcasm because i dont fear seeing 22 anymore. I dont know why i wrote ‘why do i always see the number 22 on clocks and car plates etc’ in a google search today!!! I just felt… compelled to…

  103. Tony Buttitta Says:

    Hello fellow 22′ers, I’m glad I tripped on this sight today. Like everyone else here, my life is inundated with 22/222. There is another website called as well which shares stories and expieriences mostly focused on 222 only sightings. I see 22 way more, Like many others posting here I have been going through major life changes since my sightings became apparent. For many years I laughed at it all as a coincidence. I’ll give you my run down, mind you this all happened before i even realized it was something. I’ve lived in 5 of 8 residences in the last 10 years with the address 202, i was married 2/02/02 (now divorced), I have 22 letters in my full name, I was born at 2:02 pm, my father born 2/22. Thats just the big stuff. I realized there was more about a year ago, shortly after taking classes to learn “Reiki” which is a healing art if your not familliar. I was also coming out of an abusive relationship, and accepting that I was basically going to be a single dad of three young boys. I began to better my life, my health, became a better father, a better son, I believe a better man. Life did’nt get easier, in many ways it became harder. I have my own business, but in this market we barely get by financially, yet I’m never lacking or restricted from doing anything. I do what I can to help all those close to me, even though I really don’t have the means. Somehow the 22/222 has been a guide to continue on my path & things will be ok, even get better eventually. I think I get stronger & wiser everyday, I feel I’m on the cusp of something great, its right there I can sense it. I believe this is absolutley a good sign people, trust your higher self, be better. I’ve read that this is a step toward our evolution, that humanity is on the brink of a conscienness shift, maybe we all play an important role. I do believe we all have spirit guides that are trying to help us be better. We are all special, people are just at different levels of thier own evolution. We have all achieved an awareness. I think the trick is to not let your ego cloud your judgement. Thank you to the creator of this site for giving us an outlet:)

    My only downfall (and this is hard to admit) is that some days & many evenings I struggle with anxiety, I believe I become overwhelmed by my life & responsabilities, honestly almost everyone in my circle is battling some difficult situation, many days I realize just how alone I am in my strength. Alot of people turn to me for answers and support. Mental and financial. I really feel I have no one to lean on when times get tough. These times I tend to smoke pot to relax myself so I don’t become reactive. Not excessively and I’m a super high functioning person when I do, you’d never know. But deep down I know its a weakness, that I should’nt need a crutch, I just can’t seem to overcome it right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. Love and blessings to you all.

  104. Chris Says:

    WOW! I dont know why I am doing this but I am. On January 9th, 2010 my only brother/sibling passed away bedside next to me. After the funeral services, I had realized that not only was he 22 years old but also 22 days old, 22 22! Since then , my life has changed tenfold. Of course it is absolutely devastating, but 22 always reminds me of him. It follows me like a ghost and that is not an exaggeration. I see it almost every other hour or so, street address’, numbers on paperwork, my license plate adds up to 22. 1/9/2010 even adds up to it without the twenty. I KNOW it is him letting me know he is there. I am very appreciative of it and it works with me. I always visit his grave on the 9th, and leave my cell in the car. I decided to keep it in my pocket, and as I approached his site, I counsciously decided to look at the time if it said 22. It read 1:22PM and i broke down and cried to the heavens because it was to the second of me walking up to it. I stared at my phone for a good tenn seconds in shock and it did not change. This is MY LIFE! Hopefully yours is not as difficult, but trust me I am as mentally strong as they come!

    PS. Tony-I hear you and ever since this happened I quit the pot. I used it everyday for ten years. Its not that its bad, but its a postive forward to quit. It is different for everyone and it will always be there for us, but change is the best therapy for me.

  105. Aneta Says:

    Hey, i am from Poland i am 21 and i keep seeing number 22 for 3 or 4 years. I`m so surprised that so many people have same situation. My life number is 4 (24.07.1989) and i believe i have read that it has sth to do with 22 – Master Builder. I wish i knew whether it means sth or it`s just coincidence. To be honest i am afraid of this number, when i had a sit number 22 on one exam i was sure i wont pass it and was so nervous about it, but luckly i passed exam, so maybe its not unlucky number, maybe its good one :)

  106. delaroza Says:

    can’t stop thinking of it !!

  107. Dmitrij Says:

    Hi everyone, i can see number 222 in most, but it`s not like everyone here can see this on somebody`s tshirt , or on the bus or anywhere else, i can see this number when i look on microwave timer , clocks , any counter . I don`t look at it all the time but when i look at the watch i will definately see the pair of 2.mostly 222 like 12:22 22:22 02:22 . im going to bed around 3-4 am , up about 11 unemployed so is no rush in my life and no need to look at the time but i see it on daily basis few times a day, it would be clock or microwave even today i checked the time it was 23:23.not quite 222 but it was right before i start looking on the net I think most people once they noticed this , they trying to see this number unconsciously and seeing it all the time , but i dont see this number anywhere else exept clocks timers and counters , and chances to look on it exactly this second far smaller than to see it on somebodys tshirt when your mind is looking for this number. I`m thinking to make tatoo on my back “222″. Honestly i better see damn lottery numbers, what the point me seeing this

  108. myriam Says:

    Thank God, I’m not crazy. I’ve been seeing this number for 3 years now, except for me it’s always 22 then 6 or 6 then 22. I really thought I was kind of crazy. For me it started when I was leaving in England and I was homesick, wanted to go back to France. Every time I was thinking about my country, i’d see this numbers. I believed it was a sign, so I quit my job and went back home. But once back home i couldn’t find a job, but the numbers where still showing, then I thought it was showing me a day june 22 I even thought it was the 226th day of the year, and every time nothing happened. Then I started a new job in july, and I have a code to use and it is 622…I tried to ignore this numbers, but they keep flashing in front of me… And reading that some of you have been seeing the number 222 for years kind of scare me. Why do we see them all around us, and how come others don’t??? People around me don’t see them, except when around me (they notice) Maybe we attract them.
    Oh I forgot something, for the last two weeks i’ve been seeing 44 always followed by a slashdot and then 2. How weird is that?
    Oh it feels so good to share my frustration, I really hope i’m going to stop seeing this numbers, because even if it still gives me hope to see them, they don’t really bring anything to me but FALSE HOPE…

  109. Tara Says:

    My relationship with 22. Hmmmmm Very interesting and somewhat surprised that so many have this in common. My sister just sent me this link because she knows my full relationship with 22. It all started as a child and living at 22 Bank Street. I never knew what an impact it would have on my life until much later. Even though I have some negative feelings about the number 22 and thought because of it I couldn’t love the number anymore, but listening to the video clip, there is more to it and I embrace 22. 2.22 in change, waking at 2:22 or any time and 22 minutes after, paying any amounts of 22, seeing it everywhere. I thought it was following, mocking me and the relationship I had with my high school “sweetheart” and now ex-husband. Through all of that 22 is the constant…so it had nothing to do with HIM. It was all about ME! I love you 22.

  110. Tara Says:

    See! The date October 22, 2010. Erieeeeee!

  111. Voja Says:

    Hi everyone, i keep seeing 22:22 on clock already for 10+ years…it’s quite extraordinary…i look at the clock for like 2 times a day, and so many times i see 22:22…never knew what it means, and i still don’t, but there is definitely something to it…some kind of a reminder, i guess.
    I only keep seeing 22:22, not anything else like 11:11, 12:12 and such (maybe because i’m not too often awake at that time :D ) just 22:22, and i know that it’s important number, or whatever, for some reason. It’s really incredible…hope someday we learn what it’s all about.

    Just crossed my mind, maybe it’s something related to the cosmic alignment of December 2012…if you look at the analog clock, 22:22 is a straight line ;) points to some sort of a alignment…or maybe it’s just kind of “time is running out” reminder…
    Deep inside i feel that it’s a reminder for something huge and important that is about to occure. And i’m really in-tuned with my intuition.

  112. Voja Says:

    Damn, notice the number of my post above ^ :)

  113. Voja Says:

    Gave it a little more thought…and now i’m pretty much convinced that it has to do with some kind of alignment. Someone said that the story of 22:22 goes back to the ancient statues of Easter Island. They refer to the winter solstice of the evening when all the numbers on the clock line up perfectly.

    The great cosmic alignment of December 2012, also occurs on the winter solstice.

  114. Odinn Says:
    …and one of the pictures taken at 22:22 indeed. :-|

  115. Voja Says:

    Found some good information here…

  116. makeila Says:

    For many years ive always seen the number 22. recently ive been seeing it more than ive ever trying to figure out why im always seeing this number. the house i grew up in was #222. i was born on 7/22.i lived with my sister in apt# 322. im always seeing the number on dates, time,jerseys,liscense plates,tattoos,people saying it. the list goes on. i’ve adopted the number to my favorite number. i’ve noticed when i see it its something good happens in my presence sometimes. even all my friends are curious why im alwys seeing the number.

  117. Odinn Says:

    I left a couple of comments above some months ago and i’VE following this list since. It’s been more than 20 years now for me seeing the number, still don’t know what it means and still smile whem I read things like “Oh, thanks God, I’m not crazy!” ” ;-)

    As for makeila (post #116) these last months it’s going crazy about 22, some days I may see it more than a dozen times. I’m pretty sure it’s a sign or a warning, but not necessarily bad or about doom. But Gods knows I wish I knew what it is about. I’ve the feeling it’s a sign asking me for doing something or acting in a specific way, but what…

    As I said, I think it’s related to the 2012 events, I mean the changes, big time changes (not the end of the world or bla bla bla). I highly recommed you a documentary series aired in History Channel – “Ancient Aliens” (I don’t wanna freak nobody – actually it talks about archeology and not widely TV-shown discoveries known for a long time now, so don’t feel spooky about the title, just a title, okay? :-) And don’t get fooled by the word “aliens” – the scope of the picture is way bigger.

    By the way, it’s a pitty this list couldn’t be a little more interactive, like a forum or similar. we could cross info on our personal events, anecdotics and ideas around 22. Sure it would be fruitful. Russ, have you ever thought about it? If so, feel free to drop me a line.

    Love for everybody :)

  118. Russ Says:

    Hi Odinn, thanks for the link, will give that a watch sometime, if I can fit it in. Your idea about a forum would be nice, however in this real world,I simply don’t have the time. I’m working on music videos ful time at the moment. See home page But if anyone else out there would start one up, that’d be great for you guys to chat around on it. Anyway, happy 222 watching. Love to all <3

  119. Nasheen Says:

    Hi Guys, i live in Mauritius, & WoW i thought i was the only one in the world to get these sightings about the number 22. every where i go its a sort of harassment to see that number. And i can tell you a lot happenings with that number. I you see know that the bible says that wen the earth wold be near an end. those who are the chosen ones would get signs about it. i dont know if its a fact or hypothesis. but the thing is TRY this just tell a friend about it and its as if a disease that propagates. For it has brought both good and bad news. I dont know its real meaning but COULD SOME 1 Give me an answer. But as for me know that there is one chapter missing in the bible. Chapter 22.22 ok something else we can try to do is that we take all 22.22 in the bible an read it in sequence and that can give us a result. and phaps end of time is 2022. or 2222.
    my final analysis is that this number is the intersection of equations of universe. at the intersection of unseen world and seen world it can be a coordinate 22.22 may be the coordinate of impact of the meteor destroying the world or the place we must go hiding ourselves before the end of the world. We people must unite together because its something serious. So if you people are some kind of rich or whatever me am electrical engineer but here not paid that much. do All come to ,mauritius. Am on Facebook same name nasheen ghurburrun. num +2307458482. s do contact me.. plz leave msn for chat. thank you

  120. Nasheen Says:

    and i forgot something in most movies you watch you must have encounter the num ber 22 every where ,, on doors, timer bombs, on your dvd clock, on taxis, me i see that stuff everywhere thats just amazing. i think we better be serious about it ok…

  121. Odinn Says:

  122. Michael York Says:

    I’m 50 years of age. I have been encountering the number 2, 22, or 222 all of my life. Ironic, I think not! I could tell you all cases in point revolving around the number 22, but does it matter? A lot of them are just out there and going unnoticed by the majority. Then a movie comes out and almost sarcastically is called, yes, you’ve heard of it,”The Number 23!” Not even 6 months later another movie came out, again almost like a slap in the face, called, “21″ There has been a series in Canada for years called, “This hour has 22 minutes”, how about, “Room 222″…Catch 22…Chuck Willerys’ famous line on the dating game, “Back in 2 and 2″….22 calibre…Did you know there are 2.2 lbs. in a kg? 2 minute warning….Nov. 22, JFK was assassinated… Ali had 22 title defences….on and on it goes. I stop a playback at a random moment, only to notice it was at 2:22. Goals scored in hockey, anything timed really….when explaining to someone who I was traveling with, I took a chance and asked them to start counting telephone poles until we reached our destination, you guessed it, 22! Oh, and every damn sports hi-lite be it football, basketball, hockey or baseball will always have a number 22 involved in it! Probably took me 22 mins. to post this…haha !

  123. Russ (admin) Says:

    Welcome Michael! Thanks for your 22 and 222 stories ect..

    You just reminded me of what happens lots of times when watching youtube vids.

    I’ll have selected one to watch, have clicked the play button, then gone out of the room and let it buffer through for a bit. Then when i come back into the room and just randomly click a place on the red play back line. It usually seems to be, you guessed it, at 2:22. That still makes me shake my head and chuckle to myself.

  124. Callixtus Says:

    A friend of mine brouhgt the notion of 22h22 to my attention a few years ago. Ever since, my awareness and my relationship to the numbers 22, 11 and even 33 developed tenfolds! I use to, for periods of time, try to ignore any sightings of these numbers (especially 22) because I didn’t understand their purpose in my life. After a while, I realized that 22 just wouldn’t go away and perhaps it was a way for my Guardian Angel to stay in contact with me.
    Hence, for a while now I’ve always known when good news is to come my way.
    My “sensitivity” to my surroundings has also sharpened considerably. I easily feel (or hear) “presence” trying to communicate with me but, of course, I do not yet know how to react or respond. So I just stay put and try to understand what’s going on…

  125. Hermes Says:

    Hey Guys

    I’m an 11:11/12:12 guy, sorry to intrude lol.. I’m from South Africa, and since just before I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar I’ve been seeing these prompts more than often. The reason why I’m posting here is because my crown Birthday is on wednesday the 22nd. And I’ve read through (skimmed through actually :-) ) most of the comments and have not come across an actual reason for the 22:22 synchronicities.. 11:11 is apparently the most common “prompt” and alot of the theories are based on angels affirming that we’re on the right path, other theories centre around spiritual evolution etc.. By the way, 22 is the master or masonic number according to the following…

  126. Odinn Says:

    @ Hermes. Nice link, thanks. Happy Crown Birthday, dude!!! :-)

  127. Alen Says:

    Hi to all,

    I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    For two years now I am seeing number 22. Most frequently as 22:22. For the last 2 years there wasn’t a single week when I haven’t saw 22:22 at least for 5 days of week. Yesterday I saw it, day before, today also… For example, the day before yesterday I was with friends walking home and I thought my phone was vibrating, actually I am sure it did, I took it out of my pocket and what to see, 22:22, and no missed calls or new messages. Weird!!

    But I accepted it as something everyday because I’m noticing it for a long time. Watching a game and wondering what’s the time, it’s 22:22… watching movie (like tonight), wondering about time, its 22:22… I often went to my sister’s place and off course I see 22:22 almost everytime as usual for me, and told to her husband everytime I saw it, he is really amazed by that.

    And off course I see 22 as a number every single day for 2 years. Car license plates, prices, football, basketball players etc. etc…
    For example, Napoli and Liverpool played a game, my friend is Liverpool fan so I posted a picture of Ezequiel Lavezzi (beside Marek Hamsik, the only player I knew about) as my profile picture on Facebook to provoke him. Watched the game, Lavezzi had shirt with 22.
    Also talked to my friends how I like Real Madrid player Di Maria..he scored, his shirt 22. Also something similar happened when I was talking to my dad before the Detroit Pistons game on TV and told him that Tayshaun Prince is the most valuable player in their team. Game started..Prince shirt 22. :)
    Many many situations happened like that, I can’t even remember some of them.

    This night, I saw 22:22 again.. while I was watching dvd movie, I just exited fullscreen to see what’s the time.. and then started to google it to find what does it mean and I got to this page.

    Also something very strange….
    While writing this comment I recieved txt message on my phone and saw that I have total of 222 messages on it.(weird, but it gets better) I became interested so I did a research on my phone. I was wondering about message times and 22:22.
    3 of 222 messages I recieved at 22:22. First one is 22/222, second one 122/222 and third one 220/222. !?!?

    Coincidence all of this and more!?? I think not!!

    Most friends and family always told me it is accidental or something else. But now I’m glad to see that there are more people who are noticing something similar.

    All the best,

  128. Russ (admin) Says:

    Hi Alen,

    Was a good read of your experiences, loved them. Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing to read another person with exact same experiences as the rest of us.

  129. katy Says:

    Hi All,

    Oh my god cant believe I found this site. I see the same, often 22.22, 22.55, 11.11 double figures. definatly seems more often i dont know if thats just because I have become more aware. Wish I could understand these signs if they have meaning at all, it really freaks me out from time to time.

  130. Dean Says:

    I am amazed that so many people are affected by this. I am 19, and over the last few months I have looked at my phone at 22:22 most evenings. There was a week in which I looked at my phone at 22:22 every night without fail. No matter where I was or what I was doing; on the tube, in a pub, in bed, making food, without thinking I’d take my phone out of my pocket and it was 22:22 and I began thinking there was far more to it than coincidence.

  131. Russ (admin) Says:

    Welcome Dean and Katy, thanks for sharing your 22 happenings

  132. Mike York Says:

    Wow….just read the new comments and looked at my clock and guess what time at was? You betcha, 12:22 am……go figure !!

  133. Alen Says:

    Dean, the same situation as mine. But to me it is happening for about two years. We will figure out someday what does it really means, or was it just some crazy coincidence.

  134. Vanessa Says:

    This is so weird i thought it was only me seeing the number 12 22 , my son was born on 12 22 but just two years ago I started seeing 1222 everywhere on the t.v. on clocks on street signs just everywhere, I keep on telling my boyfriend and he says its coincidence but I know its something else. This is pretty creepy and the only conclusion I came up with was that may be the date when the world ends , scary but like 6 months ago I saw this documentary I forgot the name of it I think it was the 2012 documentary about the world ending and they said the day would be 12/21/12 so I guess 12/22 would be the begining what do u guys think?

  135. Odinn Says:

    Vanessa don’t believe a word of all the fearmongering and catastrophic stuff about 2012. You know, they need to make money from the movies, documentaries (and even the news! :-D ). I’ve been seen number 22 since before I was that age and in a couple of months I’ll turn 43 :-) No creepy stuff has ever happened to me around the number.

    Love and light :)

  136. Kieran lane Says:

    Everyday I see the number 22.22 on my clocks and over friends houses it means something but dnt know wat

  137. Luke Mathias Says:

    Hello all, interesting form, 22:22 on clocks particular also 2:22 and random 22′s, been noticing this for about a year , im 32 and have no views on religion, spirtualality or anything that cant be proven scientifically, im a logical type person but i find it hard to say its coincidental !. I know everyone on here is ooking for answers, which is why i dared myself to check these numbers on the internet, its out of character for me but im glad iv done it. The only thing i can say is if anyone maybe able to help me with number patterns, i would be greatful, here is my breif story of explanation , 2 years ago my dog, which i saw as my best friend and soul mate, had to have a tumour removed from her badder, she was coming upto 8 yrs old, since the day i nearly lost her i would grieve about when the times comes, unfortunatley 3 weeks AGO she was diagnosed with a terminal one. 3 days later aturn for the worst and a vet was called to the house, i cant be 100% on the time of when she was put to sleep as you can imagine the devastation in my household at the time, but not long after i pointed at the clock to my partner and said , i think she went at 2:22 ? the date was 19 -12 -2010 , her birthday was very odd as it was 01-01-01. she was a dog with a soul, not just a dog but i felt like she was special. Could i have known these 2′s were significant ! was it a sign ? i am still seeing the number now,but maybe not so often or maybe im just not sure at all. please help.

  138. Michael Says:


    I’ve been seeing the number 22 for a long time now, I’ve also been following this site for a while now. And I still haven’t got a very logical conclusion for it yet. All I can say is that you have to let the number lead you. For me the struggle is to find out when it tries to warn me or letting me know i’m taking the right choice.

    Last year I had to go on a plane to finland at gate 22, the time of checking in was 10:22 and the runway it took was also 22. So I thought the plane was gonna crash, ofcourse it didn’t but maybe the number just wanted to let me know that everything was going to be ok.

    So if the number appears just follow your heart. More I can’t say about the number 22.

    Greetings from Belgium!

  139. Debbie Says:

    I’ve been seeing 22, 222, 22:22 and variations for years and its had me baffled. I thought I was the only one. So glad I found this site and have come across so many other people who see 2′s everywhere. I can only think it’s a good thing.

  140. amanda Says:

    hi ive been seeing the number 22s now for a while at first i didnt think anything of it i thought it was a coincidence but then it became a regular thing it started when i met my current partner again after many years and the date we met was the 22nd and since then we have been together its so wierd when i look at the clock it says 22:22 or 22 minutes past the hour all the time i was so pleased when i watched the clip as i was getting concerned thinking is something bad gonna happen on this date is it a warning but it makes sense the joining of 22s and when mention about connecting with the numbers either 1 4 or 7 1 being leo ect well my partner now fiance is a leo so its so right thank you you have put my mind at ease .

  141. L Says:

    Wow this is really a great website! I have numbers in my life quite a lot; it started with 33, then it was 44 and now at the moment it’s 22. I love all numbers though and I think that they are messages either from your subconscious or from guides or from the musical vibrations of the universe. I came on the internet to find out what the 22 means and the man Don Bernard got it absolutely spot on up there on the you tube video. So for me this time it was just a confirmation of what I have been pondering – i.e do I need to change this thing in my life and if I do will I get closer to my dreams and relationships, according to Don yes I do! woo hoo peace of mind on a subject!

  142. L Says:


    Sorry forgot to say THANK YOU!!!!!

  143. L Says:

    Hehe this is a bit funny but I just went to google Don Bernard and in the first site it says “there are 22 professionals called Don Bernard”! and it’s not related to the Don above, pretty wierd eh!

  144. Paul Murphy Says:

    I got really freaked out last night to discover that other people apart from my brother and I see the number 22 everywhere!
    You don’t look for it but it presents itself to you!
    I too feel that it is letting you know your in the right place and things are going to be fine!
    It’s been happening for at least 10 years now,and I wish there was some answers.
    Waking to see it’s 2:22am,overhead locker on a plane popped open before take off about 10ft from where I was sitting,it was number 22. All the potholes on my stretch of road were numbered with yellow spray paint,the one right outside my door was 22. The list is endless!!!
    Love to all the people who believe this is something extraordinary!

  145. Faris qadi Says:


    while am searching on google about seeing number 22 everywhere and found related topics i was shocked… i thought it’s my problem and nobody else faced it before… am always seeing “22″ number EVERYWHERE as 22:22 or 2:22 or while playing playstation, watching football games and also @ my work when ami preparing an excel sheet reporting some data.. anywayz, ill read the book.. but i feel better know after knowing that many people sharing this with me :D

    thank you,

  146. Cesar Says:

    As a list subscriber we can see that more and more people are lucky finding this site and checking they’re not alone. Like a sedment in my heart, I think that number 22 gets some king of omen for me now. It always show up when I think about something important and number 22 comes to certify me that I’m right about whatever I’m thinking…

  147. qwerty Says:

    my mother was telling me she was seeing alot the number 22 and specifically in the clock like 22:22. at that time till now im seeing these numbers frequently .its like im forcing my self to look at the clock when i know the number i will see. in the begining it was fun like telling my self-see the clock now-looking the 22:22 and then tell myself’told you that’ .this was happening over a year long. i have a lot of time to see numbers like that.the reason i found this site-i dont know anything about what is it-forum etc,i was wathing in the ‘THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED’(if you havent seen it do so,i rethinked many thing in my everydaylife and how easy can we be manipulated subcinciusly .after seeing that,i googled’why i see 22:22 and i got here..sorry for my bad english.

  148. Joel Says:

    So….. im looking online to try to figure out WHAT THE FUQ is up with the number 22…. i have almost read every comment here and no1 is jinxd more then me with this number. i cant get rid of it… i was born on the 22end its in my ssn my address clocks, i even tattoo’d it on my back just because i think it might lead to something…

    i have over 500 pictures on my phone of random 22s i see around… theres more too it any1 who says that you just notice it more is flat out wrong.


    IM 22 YEARS OLD AHHHHHHHHHHH! !!!!!!!!!!!!! i can go forever…..

  149. ANDY Says:

    since i can remember i always without thinking look a clock at night, either mobile phone, laptop or timer on dvd player and i always seen 22:22, Atm i ma 22, but next year ill be 23 so i dont think age counts. i thought about it i seem that when you get into your head you see a number you will aways find away to see it, you see number althrought the day and you have no meaning to you so you disguard them. but when you see the number which your looking for it rings a bell. with this in mind, it possible that over the years of me looking at a clock and seeing 22:22 that i have promgrammed my body to look at a clock at this time? i think its mad when i look at a clock and i see 22:22,

  150. Anne Says:

    Hi. Also I feel a connection to the number 22… This started a while after my mother past away. The second of april 2002, the year I turned 22 my mother died. Since then I very often look at the clock at 22:22, many times I have 22 mails on my e-mail and so on… Now I’m pregnant with my third child (I was pregnant one other time as well but misscaraged (don’t know how tospell it). A friend of mine had a very strong feeling that it was a boy that we lost and the baby I’m expecting now is a girl (after what we xould see at the ultrasound) whitch means 2 boys and 2 girls (22)… Finally; the second of april this year (the date of my mom’s death) I will be 22weeks and 2days pregnant… It feels like to much to be a coincidense… I hope it does have a meaning!!! Love to all

  151. Odinn Says:

    Hi, Ann! I’m definitely sure 22 it’s not a coincidende at all :-) , besides I think it’s a good think, but one has to be able to listen to oneself, that thing of the inner voice and so, trust yourself, etc.

    BTW, sometimes I find that bugging thing of not knowing how to spell some word :-) , here’s a useful trick – you just google the word! (if it’s not right, Google will return the comment “Did you mean: CorrectWord?” or something like that). then you can check it in any online dictionary like or merriamWebster for making sure it’s the right thing you want to say. That’s it!

    She’ll be a wonderful baby girl, you’ll see! ;-)

    Love and light

  152. Odinn Says:

    Scientists unlock mystery of how the 22nd amino acid is produced

  153. john doe Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I can not believe that I am not alone. I read all your experiences. Same story. I’m pretty realistic and I’m surprised that I still had to look on the internet to see if anyone seen too often number 22,222 or 2222. And find you!
    You can not think of it as a sign of the end of the world .. How? At which time zone it will happen?
    I think that our seeing of these double 2, triple 2, 2222 has nothing to do with time or God`s plan to destroy our planet and that we are chosen ones. It is just stupid becouse I know that i just dont deserve to be saved.
    I see 22, and especially 2222 since 1999. From my experience I can tell you it’s nothing bad. I met one man who sees the same thing. I only know that he is a happy man, not material rich and that he wallks through his life with his instinct. Helping others – this is something that makes him happy.
    And me too.

    Thak you Russ for this site…

  154. john doe Says:

    and its not 8.23..its 11:22

  155. john doe Says:

    god damn :)

  156. john doe Says:

    how come that it was 8:23 at your site but on my computers clok was 11:22???

  157. john doe Says:

    maybe its got something with time…i dont know now :(

  158. john doe Says:


  159. john doe Says:


  160. Russ Says:

    Welcome John,

    You’re probably in a different country, that’s why time, is diff.

  161. john doe Says:

    i know that…i am 32 years old…but min. are diff. too…

  162. Jane Says:

    I’m 16 years old and for the last 5 i see this number everywhere! Came across this while trying to find an answer if it means anything.

  163. sam Says:

    hi, i was just wondering whats with number “22″ i keep on seeing it sometimes I was thinking I’m crazy, it happened to be my favorite number coz its my birthdate….
    by the way my birthday is on feb 22 (0222),
    as far a i can remember ive been seeing 22 almost everyday since the day that i prayed for GOD’S GUIDANCE for my career, on tv, price tags, concert halls, buses and cars etc……and one time i was applying for a job, the guard gave me visitors ID #22, its really weird but I dont think its negative….

    I’m really glad that Im not alone…… :)

  164. sam Says:

    i thought after posting something like this i may not be able to see number 22 or it might stop for a while, after opening my yahoo mail, my inbox has 9722 messages, spam folder 322……again 22..

  165. sam Says:

    shut up!!!!i didnt mean looking at my phone i thought i had a message……its 3:22 pm there……

  166. dakwon Says:

    Hi im 16 and for the course of two years i keep seein the number 22
    it’s creeping me out . i have a twin and we were born on july 22 and
    i have a older sister who was born on april 22 and baby sister who was
    born on january 22 and for some reason i always see that number and i dont look for i just alwys end up seeing it every day

  167. Odinn Says:

    Hi, dakwon. Lots of 22 around, huh? :-) I think it means just that a “22 person” has the potential for doing good, great, positive things for the people around him/her and for the world at large. It useful to learn how to relax and concentrate or meditate. If you get used to now that you’re 16, you’ll know how to manage a nice tool for disconvering lots of things about yourself and the world.

  168. sam Says:

    i dont know how many times today I’ve seen number “22″ (30plus I think)
    its weird, it keeps on showing when I was thinking about my future JOB….

  169. Catey Says:

    Last year I had a “feeling” about June 22. Nothing happened. Then on Sept 6 I met my ex and we started dating on 10-2-10. Our first break up was on Feb 22. Add the date we started dating and get 22.
    Ever since our break I’ve been seeing 22. I see it on clocks, when I work out,on emails, and when I listen to music I see 22. I even got a score of 22 out of 25 on my history test 2 weeks ago! My ex and I used to wish at 11:11 too, which makes 22 again.
    This guy said him and this girl were 15 and 16 when they had a long distance relationship for about 4 months (same as me and my ex) and 6 years (go back to Sept 6 and there’s 6 again) later he contacted her.
    Add 6 to my age and get 22.
    My friend and I had a fight and I txted her to say sorry and I had 22 characters left. I wrote quotes down and put them on my wall and counted them and got 22.
    My bf came back 2 weeks later then left 2 weeks again…it’s been 4 weeks since we’ve talked and I keep thinking that 22 means we’ll be together, but I’m not sure.

  170. Alexei Says: Ive been seeing 22:22 on a clock mostly, but also in places where u’ll never expect to see it… drives me crazy sometimes… so i did some research and mostly explainable was this link above…

  171. Nicole Says:

    Hi im currently 22 years old born on 11/22/88. Seeing the number 22 has been so intense this year for some reason. This year my ex broke my heart in our both first real relationship and our first date with each other was on October 22. After the breakup I got in touch with god again praying to St.Jude, St. Theresa, Mother Mary and Sacred Heart of jesus Novena’s twice a day, praying they would help rekindle the love between my ex and I. After praying I started to see 22 alot especially looking at the time I would see my birthday 11:22 or numbers for example that show 7:22 or 8:22 etc. My mother recently rented a car and one day I was crying missing my ex and I was picking stuff out of the trunk and I noticed licence plate had the last digits of 222. After praying one night i came downstairs and the first thing I grabbed was my mothers baby shower ornament and the date happened to be October 22. I was stunned because that was the date my ex and I went on our first date. Then I look at the time and it would say 10:22 alot. One night i went on my comp. to get into itunes and a new version of this application popped on the screen and it showed 10.02.2. I was shocked then I logged into my fb and I decided to text my ex to say hello on fb chat and I know for sure our last convo on that chat was in november. So when I clicked his name, i looked at the last date message that was sent and for some odd reason the last date was Oct. 22., when i know for sure the last message we spoke on fb was in november. I don’t know what this means and I wish I knew. I hope this is the prayers trying to b answered for possibly a start of a new relationship with my ex and that I have to be patient and wait. But it seems like nothing is coming about between us and I was the one who texted him first after 2 months of not talking. I have been texting him and he has not been texting me. I dont know what to think of these numbers.

  172. kirashontae Says:

    i see 22 absolutely everywhere i look and have for the last year and a half since i became a singer and was found for 2 bands :)

  173. Pete Bull Says:

    Hi, I have been seeing the numbers 22:22 for about the last 8 or so years. I only decided to goggle the numbers last night, whilst I was at work. As you may of guessed I looked at the clock and it said 22:22 which is what promted me to search for them. I was really busy so didn’t get round to looking up the numbers on goggle till after midnight and came across this page. For me I feel like there is a connection with the numbers, like they mean something just don’t know what. After a while of reading some of the post’s on here I happened to look at the date which is 17/5 and if you add them together they make 22. I find this really strange that after having this for about 8 years and not looking it up on the net that I chose to do it last night when the date adds up to 22. Glad I found this site and that i’m not alone…………..:-)

  174. sam Says:

    thanks pete bull, I came to realize that i wrote my 1st post about seeing 22, on april 18 (4/18) which is equal to 22..omg…
    up to now, im still experiencing 222 or 22 in my everyday life…my spam folder, just now was 222….

  175. louize Says:

    For me it is ‘double numbers’ such as 12:12, 16:16…I see at least 4 of these sequences every day, usually more! I also see a lot of 12:34, 23:34, 12:21, 13:31, 14:41 and 22:22. However silly this may sound to some, its happened WAY too many times now for me to dismiss it. I know intuitively that it is some kind of message, although I mainly keep this to myself and don’t tell a lot of people, because I don’t expect them to believe me.

    When I was posting a comment about this earlier today, I saw 15:15 when glancing at the clock after posting my comment, just now I casually looked and it’s 17:17 on my computer clock. The funny thing is when I TRY to see no’s I don’t, it always happens spontaneously and still continues to surprise me with its regular occurrences, even while at the same time I expect to see these numbers at some point in the day now.

    On facebook there is a group called ’11:11 Awakening Code’ where people discuss this phenomena (not limited to seeing 11:11)

  176. louize Says:

    Oh btw, I am 22 years old also :) )

  177. Odinn Says:


    Numeric signal (synchronicities)

  178. kimbojonas Says:

    My Mother died of a stroke. She was supposed to go to the hospital to get fluid drawn off her lungs for the 2nd time. it was February 22nd so its 2/22,she had a strope while wearing a Bi Pap Mask and when she showed no improvement,they sent her home to die after the 2nd day. She was home for 2 days before she died. I have a twin and we are her only 2 children.She had a brother which made them the only 2 children of my grandparents. I was 20 when my dad died and his truck rolled 2 times, I once had an auto collision where my truck flipped end over end 2 times, my mom married twice. She had a stillborn baby on August 22 1964.If my wife hadnt got an abortion ,I wouldve had 2 children. I worked at GSL Minerals 2 times,When I took my stepdad to the hospital for getting sunburned because he was outside for 2 days in a row while taking a photosynthesis sensitive antibiotic. The Hospital kept him and I was thinking that this is the same room that we brought mom into for the 2nd time, I told her husband that his Emergency Bill is going to be Twice as much but they had to test him and EKG,Chest Xray and I said,you told them you had pain.If they didnt test you, they could be sued. I thought about it and told my stepdad , its like a catch 22. I looked at the wall and in military time in big red LED the time was 22:22. I asked stepdad what room # we were in and he didnt know and I walked out and saw the sign for room # 2. My mom will be buried next to her daughter and there will be 2 jonas’s side by side. Also her husband will be cremated and put in the same plot so 2 in the plot,his name is on the same stone as hers so 2 names the same again.

  179. Chris Says:

    everytime im about to geto off my ipod and go to bed i look at the, and for some strange reason it always happens to be 22:22 or 22:21 and i stay an extra couple of minutes just to try and avoid these numbers. the strange thing is, is that when i told my dad about this he sed”thats weird because everyday withouth fail i would go to sleep at 22:22″ he sed he never knew y but he just did it. could it have been passed through my dad to me?

  180. jordan Says:

    Thank god I’m not the only one, I am 15 years of age and for the past year it seems that the same number ’22′ has popped up infront of me . At first I thought it was me just getting bad timings because everytime I looked at the computer time ’22:22′ and round about everynight since then ill forget about it then as I am doing something out of randomness look at the time and it will be 22:22 this has carried on since, only a few weeks ago I finally told a close mate because I daren’t share my ‘silly’ story as no one would take me seriously. Mine is not as bad as yours I only see 22:22 on digital clocks at night and this happens everytime I take a glance at one. I don’t really understand why this is happening is 22 a number that is trying to tell me something, all I know is I don’t like the number 22 and always try avoid looking at a clock but some how I still. Can’t get through about 2 days without seenin the number 22h:22 on a clock in my house at night.

  181. @jordan, Chris by Alen Says:

    I have been seeing that for about 3 years now, maybe even more. ‘Something’ just tells me to look at my mobile, computer or anything else and I see it (22:22). I see it at least 4 days a week, most of the time more than that. My friends, girlfriend and some relatives know about that, so when I’m with them I just say, “look what’s the time” and just provoke a laugh with that. :)

    Actually, I have never discovered is there any meaning, but I sure think there is some explanation.
    A found this page long time ago, but had never found an explanation.

    But sure is better to know that you’re not alone with that 22:22 thing.


  182. Travis Says:

    I have been seeing the number 22 for a few months now everywhere! At least 5 times a day. I was born on the 22nd of April. So its just weird i dont know. But at least im not alone haha.

  183. Travis Says:

    Also i started seeing it right after i turned 21 so ill be turning 22 in a less than a year. Maybe its a sign for something?

  184. Mike Says:

    Travis…I also was born on April 22! May I point out that the only number with which you can both add and multiply by itself and get the same result…is the number 2. Therefore April is also significant as it is the 4th month, or, the result of both 2×2, and 2+2 ! Wow, you’ve got a lifetime of the number 2 and 22 and 222 ahead! Have fun with it! Just know that it is a good thing, and all well be fantastic.

  185. joe Says:

    didnt know where else to go , or that what i was experiencing was just an odd thought or some kind of coincidence… except mine is the number 220. its EVERYWHERE, and i mean everywhere. times, events, my computers specs, anniversaries, more prominently with times.. its weird. its like, on days that just dont feel right, i see it and shortly thereafter, something happens, more prominently negative than positive. been going strong now for almost 6 years.
    any input?


    22 been there and back again has 44 caught up yet but your looking for 88
    I am a MUSICIAN I think most of us are,there is a plan for those who work it out and can save this world.
    So be bright,white,a guiding light,for all.
    sucsess is when you only make a better world that stays not a big house and car

  187. Kristi Says:

    i am 13 years old and this number has been haunting me for about a year now. i didnt take it seriously and i still dont really but when i came across this website i was fascinated. i see this number on clocks very very often (a little TOO often :P i cant go a day with out seeing it at least 4 times on the clock. in class i was assigned number 22, i flipped to a shirt with the number 22 on it in a store. i walk into a soccer game and the very first jersey numbeer i see is 22. usually there are 22 friends online for chat. when i was thinking about 22 one day i see a building with the number 2222. at that same time a truck with the 2222 passess by. and evertime i pause on a song or video, its always like 2:22 or 1:22. but not only 22, i see alot of double numbers. but NOTHING compares to how much i see 22 :/ now it is annoying me so much and i dont ever even feel like looking at the time. ive been in many many MANY 22 situations. after this site i really dont thik its a coincidence. at all. this number is seriously HAUNTING me. i cant get away. im so happy that im not the only one, or other rise i wouldve already gone insane :) oh yeah and right now i turned on my camera too see how many minutes i recorded, and it 22:22. of course. D: oh i dont care…

  188. Angel Says:

    ive been seeing the number 22 for the past 2 years now, im only 16 and im trying to figure out why i see it literaly everywhere. just a few minutes ago i was drinking a cup of juice and when i finished on the bottom of the cup it had 22 carved on, so thats why im here searching it up cause i know it has to have some kind of meaning.

  189. Nicole Says:

    I always look at the clock at 22:22 but I did even send text messages without knowing to the same person every night at 22:22.
    I see the number everywhere, sitting in the train and another one passed by with the number 2222 on the side. Safetybox number 2222 and my full name has got 22 letters in it.
    The same with 12:12 on the clock, almost every day I look at the same time, birthday is also on 12-12 (1984)
    I just keep thinking about it, sometimes it makes me smile and other times it is just a bit creepy.

  190. Mike Says:

    Also Nicole, the year u were born, 1984, when u add all the digits together, they come to 22 !

  191. IV Says:

    I was born on may 22. Making me a gemini (more 2′s) I am the IV in my family name (2 more 2s). I look out my window and the address is 22. I look up and printed on the canvas ceiling that i just stretched, the number 22. Its everywhere. I see it everywhere.

  192. IV Says:

    oh and i guess i just posted at 22. my bad.

  193. IV Says:

    i just realized my name is 22 characters long

  194. Norwayman Says:

    Well, sorry about my english, its too bad. Well, the number 22 is freeking me out. The clock 22:22 I seen at cars, and even on people. Well, in the beginning i thougt it just been a convinsedents, but then we got this terrorism-attach im norway the 22 og JULY., that one man shoot almost 80 people..And the police said they have 22 different problems to work with after this catastofe. I try to be cool about all this 22-signs, but still its quit confusing. A friend of me told me that the number 22- is a sign that shows u that something bad is going to happend.. I don’t belive her, or don’t want to..

  195. IV Says:

    I think it is more about good and bad. Pure and extreme duality.

  196. Mike Says:

    Norwayman….. It’s all about awareness. If the number 22 was a sign that something bad was about to happen to you or me or anyone specifically we would all be dead already!
    I see the number 2, 22 or 222 everyday of my life and have for over 40 years! Stories in the newspaper, titles or championships won in sports, or just random numbers in day to day life like a .22 caliber rifle or 2.2 lbs in a kg…. catch 22, or a long running Canadian sit-com called,” This hour has 22 minutes” Haha, I just looked at my T.V. and a prison inmate has the number 8622 on his left shoulder! Nov. 22, 1963… JFK assassinated….. I could go on. Nothing to worry about, it is simply bringing awareness to people who might otherwise overlook it. I feel it is the universal number of living and life!

  197. Nasheen Says:

    Hey guys the number 22 alerts you for deaths of close family or new born.. see my post before and revealing reality news, my daughter was born 1:22 am on the 24 of June 2011.

  198. Russ Says:

    Wow! Must be lots of family and new borns dying multiple times a day. Yep! Ran out of family members in the first 2 hours of seeing 22.

  199. Mike Says:

    Yeh Russ, I would have run out of friends and family members in the early 70′s…. Sorry Nasheen, but your philosophy is far from the truth.

    Nasheen, you should also be aware of more complex hidden references to the number 2 or 22. Eg: the number 5. Here’s how it relates – the 22nd number of the English alphabet is “V”, and “V” in Ancient Roman Numerals is the number 5 ! 22 mins past 10 p.m. on a military (24 hr.) clock is 22:22 ….

  200. Norwayman Says:

    Mike, thank u for answering me, and yeah it make sence that number 2 is universial, its everywhere. In date, 2.2 at time 22:22 so on, if something bad going to happend, than something bad should been happend everyday..
    But still I feel its something, i DONT KNOW WHAT! an example: I bought me a house, and I asked myh bank to rent some money. And the phonenumber for the bank starts with 22….. and guess what, my serial number for bankcode, starts like this 2222… and I get a code to access the bank for the first time, and the number was?? yeah u have right, 2222.. and IM NOT KIDDING U GUYS..
    But am cool with it, nothing bad have happend me in the past two weeks.. LOL

  201. carla Says:

    Hi all. I have been seeing 22:22 on clocks tv video or anything digital for the last 6 years or so. Its now starting to stress me out- i cant get away from it- i was trying to ensure i did not check the time so sat and was watching the telly the other day and a home video came on- the time on screen? 22:22- this was not the actual time but the time the video was filmed- what is it trying to tell me please help? This year i will be 22.

  202. Neko_Jen Says:

    I’ve been seeing this number series for years, since I was like 16 or something… maybe earlier but I don’t remember…
    I see it everywhere … I watch the time at when the clock is on 22:22, once the clock was broken and I looked at it at 22:22 (it still worked but it was on 20:35)… I was born on 11 june at 11:11 a.m. My sister was born on 22 may.. and my grandmother on 22/11
    i often see this couple of 22 watching movies or stg on tv… during these days i watched resident evil, dead set and dark water.. and I was petrified when i saw the number 22:22 in each one of these movies.. in the beginning scenes…
    once I remember I got out for dinner with a friend to avoid watching the clock at 22:22… ok, at the end of the dinner we went to pay and they gave us the bill: there was the time printed on it: 22:22….
    the guy I’d love to go out with lives in a flat in a certain street.. at the number 22 .
    when I was 22 there was a big change in my life…
    and today is 22nd of august.. isn’t it?

    there are so many things I haven’t written about the number 22 in my life… but this just gives u a first idea…

  203. Odinn Says:

    Something similar with movies happened to me last week. Try this: Stranger than Fiction (you’ll flip out with this one), Monkey Business & The Dark Knight.

    The world is changing, dudes. Those not realizing yet, better wake up. Don’t look around, look inside.

    Love and Light,


  204. Russ Says:

    Thanks for the Love and Light to us all, Odin ~!/RussAimz

  205. bobby Says:

    i was wondering about the numbers 22 or 222, everywhere i look i see 222 or the clock will say 2:22 or 3:22 it seems i just happen to look at the clock and it is alway a 22…i buy something it cost $2.22 or i get that much back in change, i see road signs or house numbers with 222, is this a good thing or bad??

  206. Norwayman Says:

    I dont know, it seems to me it kind of a warning, but still i dont know what for .. And guess what.. i just look at the clock, and it shows me 22:22 AGAIN

  207. Odinn Says:

    The question tonight, Q’uo, has to do with the synchronicities that many people in the circle have felt, of experiencing the number 11:11, on a repeated basis, feeling that there is some sort of message here. Could you give us information as to what the significance of seeing 11:11 might be to the individual, or seeing any type of repeated number like that? It doesn’t necessarily have to be 11:11 but we’d like to focus on that.

    Love & Light

  208. CM Says:

    I can’t say I’m part of this whole 22 thing (though there once was a number I constantly saw on the clock, I’ve forgotten what that number was now), but I see a lot of people talking about being contacted by god, or some divine being, and at least one (didn’t read everything) of them are actually hearing voices because of it, and thinking they’re part of some big thing. It could just be me, but doesn’t it seem a bit selfish to turn the appearance of a number into contact with god himself..?

    Personally, I’m borderline atheist/agnostic (though I’d prefer not to get into the whole religion discussion, you have your beliefs, I have mine), and as such, I have a different theory, if you’re willing to listen. The subconcious mind is very good at picking things up, and seeing things our concious minds aren’t aware of. A lot of you say that these numbers peak around the time of big life events, most commonly the birth/death of a loved one. As I said, the subconcious mind is very good at picking up small things, which is why dreams are believed to be sending you messages, the back of your mind is talking to you. These small things that your mind picks up, with the small changes in our loved ones’ behaviour that we don’t really notice, create stress and increases the activity of that part of your mind. 22 is the kind of number that will always stand out, with the repitition. Though usually it’s even more attention grabbing than other dual numbers (33, 44, 55, etc.), perhaps that’s some sort of imprint on our minds from some greater being. Aside from that, I really have no other explanation as to WHY so many people are seeing 22 more than any other number.

    Just my 22 cents. =)

  209. Norwayman Says:

    CM so true, so true :)

  210. Joyce Says:

    I also see 22 many many times a day. But when I see the number 1222. I know my husband and I are going to get into a hug fight and he leaves me for a few days at a time. So does anyone else have this number warning them?

  211. ja Says:

    Me too, i was seeing it so much i googled it and was shocked to find all you people as i was sure i was imagining it, my birthday is June 22nd so i thought i was just noticing it as one would notice their own birthday. I started to right down EVERY number i came across during the day to see which one appeared more often. Of course the number 22 was the most frequent over any given amount of time.I don’t look for it, it just shows up time and time again.I think it is a positive sign.I think it is telling me to have faith,i can’t explain why i think that just that it seems to show up when i am in need.By the way its not lost on me that today is 22/09/2011.

  212. Rhonda Says:

    I see the number 22 everywhere and have been seeing it for about 11 years now. It is getting worse. I see it on mail boxes, clocks, TV, internet, etc… It drives me crazy because I connect bad things with the number. Bad experiences in my life happened on that date. I hardly look at the clock anymore only when necessary. I also am shocked to see so many people who see the same number. I defiantly believe it has some meaning I just don’t know what!

  213. Odinn Says:

    As for meaning, same here… Anyhow, welcome, Rhonda! :-)

  214. Rhonda Says:

    Thanks for the welcome Odinn!!

  215. FrankTripleDeuces Says:

    Am glad am not alone. Am from Puerto Rico , and I been seeing 222 or triple deuce as I come to call them , for about 4years now. It has come to the point that I no longer were wrist watch or have any types of clocks in my apparment , cuz it was just freaking me out the constance repetition of this number and the amount of times it would repeat it self during the course of the day. Am a Mechanical Engineer , and I work with complex math problems all the time , so am always seen numbers. With that said , I can honestly tell you that this number continues to repeat it self every day in different forms ; licenses plates , bus numbers , police officer vehicles , and so on and so on. After seen this page , and the amount of people that are having the same subsequetial events on there life , makes me feel like something is going , cuz this random appearance of this number to all of us , just can’t be a coincident.

  216. Matt Says:

    Hi there,

    I have been seeing the number 22 frequently since I was about 15 years old, I’m now 29. Seeing the number 22 coincided with my new found interest in ‘conspiracy’ theories in politics and life when I was a teenager. I’ve never felt that we live in a ‘reality’, more like a controlled bad dream.

    I have recently been researching the work of the late Rik Clay (The Cosmic Mind blog) who believes that the world we live in IS controlled and uses all our individual energies to keep us ‘dumbed down’ and meek to serve the powers that be, all the while never reaching our full potential as cosmic beings who have a lot more than 5 senses.

    It was Rik Clay (and Matthew Delooze) who got me on to the idea that we are essentially ENERGY and that we don’t die. We just keep reincarnating until the day we are no longer duped by the world and all its symbols. This will set us truely free so that when we do die, we will no longer be imprisoned in the world.

    While looking into the numerology of number 22 I found this quote:

    “Symbolizes the end of a cycle, and for the man, the end of the obligatory reincarnations on the earth.”

    I don’t want to get too much into it. I think you can see what I am trying to say.

    If you are interested at all in numerology and the amazing affect it has on our lives I’d suggest going to youtube and searching ‘Rik Clay’ and listen to his interviews. They may come across as a bit ‘out there’ at first, but if you just keep listening, you’ll begin to understand and a whole new world may open up to you.

    Peace and Love


  217. Odinn Says:

    Well, Matt, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me with this! – “Symbolizes the end of a cycle, and for the man, the end of the obligatory reincarnations on the earth.” :-D Thank you, than you, thank you for that, Matt. :-)

    Never heard of Clay. I’ll take a glimpse on him.

    Careful about all the conspiracy stuff out there, some is interesting, but there are lots of trash…

    If you interested in more than our limited-5-senses-recheable things, don’t miss this:
    Michael Talbot: the Holographic Universe. Is a great way to begin to walk that amazing path.

    Love 4 All

  218. danut m Says:

    Hi to all of you…i will join with you…for the last year i see also 22:22 almost every day…i believe it is hapening with a reason..unknown for me..angels guide me to something..but i cant see yet to what or to whom…one thing is sure ….im not takeing this as a joke or coincidence…
    Greetings to 22:22 people…

  219. danut m Says:

    Symbolizes the end of a cycle, and for the man, the end of the obligatory reincarnations on the earth.”..well, people ,you know..let me tell you…i have a friend wich is very good in astrology..and you know once she told me that im an old spirit in my last reincarnation life…that is why i have a life like the one im living now…

  220. Sylvia Vogels Says:

    Hi There,

    I’m glad i found out that there are more people who often see the numbers 22:22 on the clock!

    Greetings from the Netherlands to you all.

  221. hadel Says:

    i am from germany and i have that thing with 22,22 since 15 years now.
    i give up to think what that is. i look at 22,22 at the clock. many bills i pay are 22,22€ and so on and on an on. I now it will mean something good.

    greetings and thank you for all your comments


  222. Steve Says:

    So glad I came across this site. For a number of years now I have been seeing the digits 22 in many ways. Sometimes 22:22 like previous comments and all the other combinations of times on clocks, buses, tv, even railway track signs! And now recently glanced at the microwave clcock and it said 01:58 (Why mention this you ask). Well the time is two minutes to two! The number 22! Living to learn with it, but even my friends think I’m obsessed. Thanks for listening. Ha Ha.

  223. Lucia Says:

    When I see number 22…I know there will be big changes taking part in my life.I just can’t say if the changes are going to be good or bad for me….I am glad that I am not alone who sees this number everywhere….

  224. Odinn Says:

    Hi, Lucia! Nice name, very Spanish… also Spaniard? (please excuse my curiosity, but if you’re around, a “Close Encounter of the 22nd Kind” would be awesome! :-D

    Love & Light for All

  225. woz Says:

    omg…. ive been seeing it everywhere…. never inmy wildest dreams did i think i would ever ear this many people saying the same thing….. what a wonder the internet is… i just googled 22 and now i have met all of you…. maybe we r supposed to meet for a reason…. im in WI and im surrounded by 22 and 222 and 2222…. idk what it means but im eyes wide open. is my email

  226. luke Says:

    Hi, About 12 yrs ago my dad died and around the time my mam was seeing 22:22 and her words were jus off the cuff “it brings trouble” because around the time my brother was having the police round alot.And my mam was experiencing cold touches and my dads favourite bell was coming off the shelves.Anyway few yrs past ans i started experiencing 22:22 on computer screens,mobile phones and one day bout 3 weeks ago it was about 5:30 in the evening and i checked for the time and on the screen was 2:22 then it flashed back to the correct time.Today my mam had her phone-bill and i asked to open it(never before i have) and their had been 222 calls made and the billing was the sleepis even weirder.coincidence??

  227. luke Says:

    And the last few years iv been reallyinto space,astronomy and conspiracy theories..imbsessed with space.

  228. sylvia Says:

    Hi in 2000 my dad passed away, i have always liked to do research into mysteries like chateau les rennes i got so into it i went to france and visited the placed its full of kabbalah and esoterical messages thats were dan brown got his idea for his book the da vinci code also my family line comes from there ironique since i didnt know it at the time in 2001 i got super sick and had many dreams related to the number 22 also my full name is 22 and in my dreams i heard a voice telling me to never forget the number 22 i had 14 surgeries and i was so worried i was going to die in one of those surgeries i had an outof body experience and rachel came to me and this is so bizarre i flew over the egyptian piramides and i will never forget her words since i spoke to her and sharing my fear of dying and her response was i wasnt ready to go yet for i was meant for far greater things also i ve studied kaballah and its very interesting i have more to share but will come back another time thank you for this site

  229. gabby Says:

    HI !This has nothing to do with the number 22 butt whenever i look at the clock its either triple of the same number or i can tell the number backwards. For example 8:48 or 11:11 3:33 like that. Ive had this for the past month. I am very concered. Is it a good sign or a bad one. PLease respond back as soon as possible !

  230. Russ Says:

    Why do things HAVE to be GOOD or BAD? How about, maybe things just ARE? There’s always more than just TWO options. Btw, don’t misinterpret the all caps for shouting. Rather emphasising.

  231. Odinn Says:

    You’re right, Russ ;-)

    Gabby, don’t worry about that. Just two comments for you:
    - if you ask being that little bit pushy, you ‘re not gonna get any positive feedback
    - if you ask about 36 in a list about 22, you ‘re not gonna get any feedback

    But don’t worry about numbers, OK?

    Watch this:

  232. Russ Says:

    Oooh darn.. I was gonna watch that video too. Thanks Odin for the link, however, looks like they’ve taken down the video already..

    Btw, I can’t remember where everyone else is from, think all over the world, pretty much? Just to let you know, this 22 page is done from Melbourne, Australia, incase you’re wondering. This is me here

  233. Odinn Says:

    Another one:

    Try “thrive full” search string on stream-video providers

  234. Markos Says:

    Hi all, seems like I’m not the only one out there with the question. I keep seeing the number 22:22 for a few years now, and more recently last night before going to sleep on my mobile 22:22. I too don’t think this is a coincidence.
    I came across this site by typing in the number as I wanted to know what it meant

  235. holly Says:

    I am 15 years old and i have been seeing the time 22:22 on clocks for as long as i can remember and its not just me, my identical twin sister and also my mum have the same problem, its really quite strange, also my twin sister and i where born on the 22nd of January, i will just get an urge to check my phone or the time, and it will be 22:22, a couple of years ago i went on holiday to Austria skiing with my school, every night id lay down and take a glance up at the television and the control box would say 22:22 i don’t think this is mere coincidence, ive been trying to look for a meaning but i am struggling. I am so glad that its not just me and my sister and mum who see the number 22 or the time 22:22 on clocks, i came across this site because i have been thinking about researching it , i typed in ’22:22′ and this website was the first one recommended, if you have any information to give me you can reach me on my twitter page!/IamBabyfry or email me : i will also be checking the website for a response :D xxx

  236. Odinn Says:

    Welcome, Holly! If you take a glimp to this list of messages, you’ll get an impression of how different opinions may be (I think it’s telling us something like “You’re special – help others”. Take care :)

  237. holly Says:

    Yes i’ve read through pretty much all the stuff on this page :) people seem to have allot of different opinions im just going to hope and take it as a good thing :D xx

  238. norwayman Says:

    A friend of me is borned at 22.2. She told me, that an old indian man had told her that if ppl seen this number, or is borned at the date 22 it meens we are borned to help other ppl. And for me thats make sence…
    A young boy came to me last night. And I watch at the clock and it tells me 22.2. I couldn’t belive it. So I forgot it and looked at an other clock, and it shows me again- the same, 22.2… I need to help that boy!
    So Im sure that some on this earth has a special gift, to help other ppl :)

  239. danny Says:

    after seeing the number 22:22 on clocks, the tv, football on tv etc i decided to google “22:22″… now im convinced this has a meaning. and im a cynical man.

  240. Carlyjmc Says:

    Hiya I’m forever seeing double numbers on clocks mainly!! For 6 weeks before my nan died the clock when I finally climbed into bed ( after putting 5 kids to bed and all that entails) if was always 22:22!!! And then she died on the 22nd march 09!! So I thought maybe i was being told just didn’t know how to interpret it!! There’s another page when I was searching for answers on this that came up saying tht also people who experience this also walk past lampposts and they go out and have lights flicker for no reason!! Apparently it’s linked!! Some of it even to me who I think am quite open to anything seems a bit “out there” but very interesting all the same!!
    I find I don’t need to look at clock at bedtime coz I know what time it is!!! Would love to know if there are anymore of us clock watchers around xxx

  241. Liz S. Says:

    I’m 15 and will be 16 in 2012, since I was about 11 or 12 my mom and I both have seen 22 virtually everywhere. License plates, phone numbers, the numbers on buses, in songs, on the clock we almost always see when it’s 2:22, it’ll be in TV show, it was even in Batman: The Dark Knight (when the bus drives out of the bank it’s a District 22 bus), there’s a sign on our way home that has the waiting time for two different hospitals (one of which my dad works at) and many times one of them or both will have 22 posted as the waiting time or if you add the two numbers up it’s 22, it’ll even be on gas prices (lately the gas station I pass by on my way to the bus stop every morning has steadily kept gas prices at $3.22 and $3.77, in my school’s cafeteria the total number of people you can fit in the cafeteria is posted on a sign right above the doors and it’s 222. Today alone I’ve seen 22 about 15 times give or take. Now, at first I thought we were the only ones but as my mom did more research ,while I stubbornly refused to until recently, we realized that not only was it happening to other people but that it was also happening all over the world. It really irritates me to see people saying that we’re just seeing it because we want to or that we’re looking for it or even making fun of us. I personally believe that if you see something like this repeatedly it has some sort of importance. I can’t think of any other explanation when I go into a place and see 222 all over and I wasn’t thinking about it when I walked into the building and I wasn’t looking for it when I walked in either, it was just there like it was waiting for me. I’ll notice it in addresses and street signs that I’ve passed by for years and years and am only now just noticeing 22 on them. As much as I like to make fun of it with my friends even they’re beginnning to notice that I point that number out without looking for it many times a day and I think it’s beginning to worry them. I can’t say what the exact significance of 22, 222, and the like is but considering how many people are seeing it and the frequency of the times they see it a day… wqll, would it be very hard to believe that it’s something big and moreover something that doesn’t just concern us as individuals but the world as a whole (I say that mostly because I’ve had no big events, good or bad, happen to me involving 22 and this is world wide). If that is the case then I’d really like to know what it is. Anyway, I’m glad I found this website, it isn’t much of a comfort because I still don’t know what 22′s significance is, but I’m glad to have found it.

  242. Angela Says:

    Hello, my friend asked me a couple of months ago if 11:11 meant anything as she was seeing it alot. I happen to have a magazine with an article in it about the number 11. I told her that for me, I see 2′s, 3′s and 11′s. the main one is 9:11, and no I don’t think of that awful day, I think of the Porche as my hubby loves, and would love to have a 9.11 Porche. For me, I noticed that when I knew I had a difficult choice to make and I would delay, the 3′s would appear and it would be everywhere. If I still ignored it, 2′s or the 11′s would start appearing. I would then hold my hands up and get advice, use to be a lady who did unusal tarot readings, and these would confirm that I had made the right choice, I just didn’t want to do it because someone would get upset. So now I see it, if they come often and for more than a week I am having a universal kick up the bum to get on with something and think of myself instead of others as I tend to do. Oh, by the way my birthday date is 22/02/1972….as this is about 2′s!!

  243. Pete Says:

    Hello Its so good to see this site I have been seeing the no.22 for about 3-4 years…..everywhere. I really believe there is a reason why we keep seeing it but why I don’t know.I don’t look for it I just keep coming across it. Pete

  244. Dot Says:

    Hi, I don’t only see the number 22 but also have it every where in my life. My first home address started with 22. My next address also stared with 22. My 3rd address had 22 in the zip code. I live off route 220. My birth date starts 0221. My future son-in-law’s address started with 22. My other daughter’s husband’s birthday is on the 22nd his cell phone has 22 in it so does my daughter’s cell and her mother-in-law’s. My mother-in-law is also born on the 22nd. My daughter was married on the 22nd and her hotel room where they stayed was room 22. My daughters new house address also has the number 22 in it. I have many many things in my life where the number 22 appears. When my father passed away I kept a cancelled check with his writing on it. The account started with 22. Other accounts also have 22 in them. Friends told me I should play that number in the lottery. So I did with 17 other numbers and the only number that came in was 22. Sometimes it really is freaky. The Mayan calendar also has 22 in it(122112). Numbers make up everything so I feel there must be a meaning to them. I don’t know if it’s good or bad just that it is.

  245. Norwayman Says:

    I wrote my first note in here for more than 1 years ago. And Im still confused.. Well, listen. Norway company bought the european largest airplaneship ever bought. 222 airplanes, 22 airplanes already in use! Wonder if some of the airplane gona be in any catastrofe or something.. Anyway, its strange and freaky..

  246. Odinn Says:

    Hey, Norwayman, let’s hope for no catastrophe! ¿What if one of those 22 jets take you to the warm Maldivas instead…? :-) Ha en fin dag!

  247. Heather Says:

    Hello, Wow I had no idea there were so many people out there that see 22 or 2′s in general all the time. I am hoping that it means something good for me. omg its actually 2:22am where I am right now…lol freaky..anyways. I also see 12:02, 2:12, 2:02 alot which weird enough as it seems are tied to my ex. one is his birthday front and backwards and one is his work number from when we used to work with eachother… and I started seeing those and 22′s after we broke up last year.. I dont know what to think of it.. its like the universe for some reason doesnt want me to forget him or something or maybe we will be together again someday I have no idea. I just hate being told that its just a coincidence I know it has to mean something… Im really glad that there is so many people that share the same with me.. it makes me feel a lot better knowing that =)

  248. Norwayman Says:

    Oddin, hehe så sant så sant! Maldivene ja. Noengang vært der*? Rart å se andre norske her inne.
    Btw- time is 12:08 when i wrote this :P But its 04.02.2012 Like its 222 hmm :) Have a nice weekend!

  249. Odinn Says:

    Oops, jeg beklager, Norwayman … Jeg er ikke norsk, men spanjolen (you seemed a little down and just wanted to give a little positive push up there :-) . Never been on the islands either, but I hope I will some day!

  250. Russ Says:

    LOL 22,722 tweets . Although did not see when it ticked over to 22,222!/RussAimz

  251. WaxLadder Says:

    I see 22:22 on a clock nearly every day (and post it to FB when I can, just to record the frequency of it), notice it on tv shows (especially door/flat numbers for some reason), see it out and about all the time. I’ve no idea what it means, but I’ve fully embraced it. In fact I have a 22 themed tattoo to prove it!

  252. hero off the people KEVIN Says:

    All is one and one is all , People please you may think you are special and thats because you are .But so is everone
    Now 22 well i will eventully will publish something but it probally will not tell you any more but what i will say is i think one, its a posotive thing as long as your in a stable state of mind .Twenty two and drugs is strange and puts a lot of people over ( i say its not so importent) find out yourself but remember you land ok and it does calm down.
    Only to pop up when you are not expecting it, I can guaranteed almost every night when i have to use the bathroom it is 22 past or 22 min too but my emergon clock i pass is actally 20 min wrong
    Ok quickly now ONE I can see lot more people are connecting .
    Two they are all good at what they do
    Three we all think the same ” freedom,love,peace,a world for us ”
    four there are people who do not want this to happen
    five be positive we will make the change the plan is a universall conscious positvely posotive and who would not want that

  253. Lainee Says:

    This is so weird, 22 has always been my favorite number, followed by 2 and 12. I was born on 12/2 so I assumed that’s why I like 2s so much. Lately I’ve been noticing that typically when I look at the clock, the time is something like 11:11 or 2:22, etc., so I’ve been googling these numbers to see what comes up. Today I became curious about 22:22 and clicked on this page as well as the wiki page for the number 22.
    The factorization of 22 is 2 x 11. Today is February 11, or 2/11. Just thought that was kind of neat.

  254. samah22 Says:

    hi every1… hav the same thing… seeing number22 everywher since 10 years i search a lot n i found lots of equation in the coran coresponding with the number22 i want to know if it is the same in other religious book like bible torah …

  255. WaxLadder Says:

    Kevin, Odinn, Matt, what you’re saying really resonates with me. Only recently have I been actively seeking truth and positive change. I actually only found this page since my knowledge has evolved. I feel as though 22 will bring us free thinkers together so that in the future we might live a more peaceful and balanced life. Let me know if you’d be willing to chat more about your thoughts, I’d love to know where you guys stand on it all :)

  256. NazarBlue Says:

    Thank God!!!

    For over 12 years the number 22 has always come to me. 22:22 on the clock, waking up in a panic at 04:22, flicking through a book and opening on page 22 / 122, significant people living at number 22, even finding a slither of paper with the number 22 printed on it randomly in the package!
    Checking in to flights and there only being seats in row 22 available, more than once.
    Having a car accident and contracting Glandular fever at 22 years old. Meeting a very very bad person which I wish I’d never been involved with when I was 22. Amongst many many other things.
    I had always associated it with negative things.
    But for the past few years 22 has become a positive thing, associted with love and freedom. I was granted freedom from a long & painful break-up (with the above mentioned person) on the 22nd day of the month. I met my partner on the 22nd day of the month.

    Obviously people think I’m imagining all of this, as I’m sure you can all relate! What does it mean? Why us? And it seems I have also passed this ’22′ thing onto others (my sister is now very aware that she sees it everywhere!)

    I’ve always loved number 4. I was born on the 24/08/82

    Lucky us?

  257. NazarBlue Says:

    Ahh… And look at my posting time!!! 4:22. Typical!

  258. Russ Says:

    Hi fellow 22er’s, been working on this album for some time now. Happy to announce, It’s nearing the end of completion.

    Rock Dog Revolution (album out soon)

  259. WaxLadder Says:

    NazarBlue, I can relate to an utterly random 22 occurance, I have many of them. The weirdest one (or the one that shook me the most) was when I was at my grans. I was stood at her kitchen sink filling a glass of water. The sink is at the window, and when I glanced outside I noticed her wheelie bins (stick with me here). She lives at house number 2, and there were 2 bins outside. Both with the number 2 printed on them in bright colours. So there, facing me, was TWENTY TWO. Weird, but could be put down to coincidence. Moments later, as I drank from the glass, I noticed a small etching in the bottom, and as the water disappeared the number 22 was staring me in the face! When I next visit her I’ll make sure to take a picture of the bins and the glass. Freaky!

  260. Russ Says:

    Although I do believe the 22 is specifically for us. There does seem to be something in it for the wider public as well. What I mean by this is. When I see on the sports section of the news, almost nightly they show a player wearing the number 22. So obviousley anyone who’s watching will see that too.

    ~Also, have a look at this video~. At the 3:00 min mark, you’ll see the camera focuses on the clock, therefore the camera person, (even if they’re not a 22 person, or perhaps they are too?) is seeing it and everyone whos’ watching it. Very intriguing, whatever it is..

  261. WaxLadder Says:

    I ALWAYS see players wearing 22 during football (and I’m not even a fan of sports, so I rarely have it on the TV!). It’s noticeable every time. That was a pretty good video example :) I’ve seen it on doors in some David Firth cartoons, The Sopranos, South Park and Shane in The Walking Dead TV series wears a 22 pendant around his neck…

    I had a day at a theme park too, when I was about 17, and I saw 22 three times in the space of about 2 hours (on someones shirt, on the first cable car I noticed passing over us, and I found 22p on the floor!)… It just can’t be coincedence.

  262. WaxLadder Says:

    This is a picture of Shane from The Walking Dead, sporting his totally awesome chain that I kinda want! :)

  263. Russ Says:

    Hey guys, might have found another piece to this 222 puzzle.

    Watched this last night. From 1:07 onwards he talks about seeing numbers on clocks. Although the question asked is about 11 and 13 numbers. Might need to watch the whole video for it to make sense though. Yeah I know the Alien title might seem weird and be off putting to some?

    STEWART SWERDLOW – Alien Montauk Connections

  264. Sukie Says:

    Thanks so much for all these comments, glad to see Im not alone, I kept seeing the number 22:22 or 22 where ever I go, I look to the microwave and its always on 22.22 or something 22, the dvd player I randomly look at and its always 22, I see it constantly, it happened to me a few years ago when I had been single for a long time and was starting to get me down, I started to notice it everywhere, even one night in the middle of the night in a deep sleep my stereo blasted out from nowhere, I jumped up and it was stuck on 22:22 it freaked me out, however I met my partner not long after and we got together we are now married with a child and I stopped seeing it, however the last few months have started feeling very low again as we are living in a very awful flat and I cant see a way out, I am seeing it again everywhere, so am feeling positive that something good is going to happen soon.. Thanks again for this site, nice to know Im not going mad and there are more people out there in the 22 club!

  265. gemma :) Says:

    I am not alone thank goodness!! I have mentioned it to a coupe of people over the years and theyre response was that i was nuts and reading into coincidences. For years now i have been seeing the 22.22 on any digital clocks around and from my mobile phone. Thanks for the informative video, it explains alot and makes a heap of sense to me!!

  266. Nick Says:

    i like the number 22 it is mine and my womens anniversary 22 shows up everwhere

  267. nate Says:

    hey people, good to see there’s more people than just me seeing this number. I first started seeing 1:22 2:22 around 2005 and it was freaking me out a lot, for no particular reason i would just look at the time and the numbers would show up. I don’t really know what it is suppose to mean, but after awhile i started not to notice anymore.Until recently i have started seeing it again,7 years later.I don’t really know what to say about it.I shall look at the video :P

  268. Simon Says:

    Hi fellow 22′ers
    I’m so relieved to see I’m not alone. 22, 11 11 (which is really 22) and other repeated number sequences have been shown to my awareness for the last 6 months. I am a highly educated atheist and.could not make any sense of this.
    I now realize that this is a sign for me for you and other 22′ers that we arevreadybto awaken. 22 ers are evolved enough to wake up. Start waking up and help humanity wake up.
    If you don’t know what waking up is all about I suggest reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
    What do you think other 22′ers? Are you feeling something special emerging in you? Is the caterpillar ready to become a butterfly?

  269. Odinn Says:

    Hi, Simon. Nice to see you around! Thanks for that title, I didn’t know it. I would also suggest this one, that has a lot of clues inside it, The Source Field Investigations -

    And, on the anecdote side, you guys take a glimp on this show, Touch (catch the big picture, not just the proposed meaning of the “guest number” in every episode) –

    Love and light

  270. Emmett Says:

    Wow I thought I was going crazy…thank god i’m not the only one!! I just started seeing 22 this year but its been driving me crazy. Buses, clocks, video games, tv, randomly in the streets, in the car, random forms, car license plates, at school, in conversation…so many random occurrences i can’t even remember them all. Oh yeah I’m born on the 22, my dad see’s 22 (thought it was weird when i was born on the 22) and my mom sees 11:11…does it ever end??

  271. Russ Says:

    Happy to let you all know, that Rock Dog Revolution has been released on..guess..yep the good old 22nd of May. Preview tracks and view bigger artwork here

    Rock on fellow 22 friends

  272. sebastian Says:

    Whew, I finally found myself here after increasing worries regarding this number. I see the number 22 a lot of times but I cannot remember why I started to feel worried. Last time I noticed this was just moments ago where I sent an email to local police with a sample of sound evidence. message was sent 22.22. Hope it does not affect the situation in a negative way.

  273. julian Says:

    hi i see 2222, 222 and 22 everywhere im not going to ask the meaning of it since nobody is sure but i want to know how it effected your life negatively or positively? please reply short positively or negatively so together we can figure out what is happening to us. please EVERYONE reply ‘positively’ or ‘negatively’ if everyone would do this it would help everyone of us. Greetings

  274. julian Says:

    2222 doesnt happen without a reason

  275. Russ Says:

    This is what was on my receipt, when the girl came back with my food order.
    Your 222 Rock Dog Order is Ready

    Felt positive about it, so linked it to songs.

  276. mihai Says:

    i strongly suggest you all this link:

    Seing number 22 is, in my opinion, the next message for you: “try harder to evolve spiritually. you have now everything what you might need, you’re so close to get your final spiritual achievement.”
    Yes, it’s a very good sign.
    Take care.

  277. clive Says:

    glad im not alone although it would have been great 2 find the true meaning of 22 will keep checking this site and will post if i find any answers i can relate 2 all of the above regarding 22 it affects me in so many ways

  278. Tomas Says:

    Hi. I speak english not very good. I am from Europe, from Lithuania. I started seeing 22:22 very often. When I saw it today again, I just understood that it must be some reason for it. And I just put 22:22 in google search engine. I see, that is a lot people, that seeing the same things. Wow!

  279. Mike T Says:

    I thought i was reading too much into this. Over the past few years 2222 has popped up everywhere for me.
    I didn’t tell anyone, as it is a strange thing to talk to someone about. Until one night i started pointing it out to my partner everytime i seen it. between my mobile, clock, TV, newspaper etc etc over a few days I must have showed her at least 20 (maybe even 22) times. She finally believes that something strange is happening (maybe). She doesn’t see it until i point it out though.

    Finally googled 22:22 and found this site.

  280. Nathan Says:

    Hey guys… I just started seeing the number 22 very recently. In the last year I had a manic bipolar episode and lost everything. My home, my wife, my friends, my job, even my cat. I’ve created these weird inner voices for myself to talk to because I’m so lonely and when I was manic I could channel them into life perfectly. Not so much now. Numbers was a huge sign of being manic and I guess it didn’
    t go away. I’ve been seeing 22 like crazy. Sometimes three times in the same second. I’ve also been seeing 666 and the word ARC. This is strange because the letters A-R-C are the first letters of the three characters I wrote a screenplay about which contributed to my manic episode. (Andrew Reve Cole) What’s stranger is that manic episodes usually manifest fairly early in life. Yet mine seemed to pop up out of nothing ten years late… and now I’m seeing 22′s everywhere. License plates, gym machines, signs, tv, t-shirts, online profiles, everywhere… on a friends ipod today… and the song was by Gemini which I happen to be. Gemini’s start on May 22…Bipolar…two personalities. I don’t know but this shit is really starting to freak me out.

    Any ideas people… I read quite a few entries above but what does it really mean? Am I suddenly seeing something most people don’t?

  281. Sally Says:

    Not sure whether this has been mentioned but I’ve seen the number 22 off and on over the past few years, I asked a clarivoyant about it last night and she said its Master number, this is from a google search:

    The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4. It is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence. If not practical, the 22s waste their potential. Like the 11, the 22 can easily shrink from its own ambition, causing difficult interior pressures. Both the 11 and the 22 experience the pressure-cooker effect very strongly, particularly at an early age. It must work toward the realization of goals that are larger than personal ambition. The 22 serves the world in a practical way.

    Hope this helps!

  282. Sheri Says:

    I’ve seen the numbers 22 and 44 a lot for many years. My daughter was born on 7/22 at 9/44 as well. This week has been crazy. I think I must have seen number 22 over 50 times. It’s like I hear someone tell me to look and when I do there is the 22.
    Yesterday at the DMV I was given the number B-22 and when they called my number they also called A-22 and G-22 at the same time. Later as I glanced at the ball game on TV there was number 22 in the dugout with his back to the camera then the a shot of the pitcher’s mound and there was another number 22. I then looked at the cable box and saw 22. Now I hear that other people are experiencing the same thing. It’s just too weird.

  283. sioux Says:

    i born in subcarpathian. and last year i watch often 22:22time. now i find on google this url and read about david line survivors/choses, and now i live in village davidov and my savior girlfriend names anna. i born 7 januar in ortodox christianity is time born jesus. i know jesus not must born in this date but bless maybe. i last two year, see what make in world vip human, and many normal human nothing make. and thats why i pray in god that me give power that i make correct justice in world or send second com jesus and follow awakening.
    22:22 is too 21.12.2012 is four two numbers. so, we watch what becoms after this date.

  284. janet Says:

    I am joining the 22′s . I caught the 22 thing off my ex partner 4 years ago , and my 3 children also see it everywhere . all 3 kids have 22 letters in their names . i married on the 22nd . i have lived in house no 2 and 22 , my best mate lives at no22 . It drives me and my children crazy and is quite unlucky for my family . We have had a really tough few years and i thought it would go away after my partner and i seperated but no. I see it more now . The days after my partner left , I couldnt go more than a few minutes without seeing it in some form . on the clock , pc ,bus, and randomly chalked onto a footpath ? I see it much more during times of difficulty and stress . I hope its meaning will reveal its self to me . I wouldnt be so fearful if i knew how to deal with it .

  285. 22 years old Says:

    Hi,I recently turned 22,m seeing 22 and also born on 22 december,Olivia or Anyoneelse kindly share if you come to know anything.

  286. Roman Says:

    My grandfther and my father borned on 22. I see number 22 from 15-16 years old, now I am 43,
    I see it on the home numbers – 22, nomber of area of my work two years ego was 22, I see it on clock 22:22 (most of time), the crossroad near my work was number 22, I see it printed on checks (22:22) and so on. I know that there is something with it. It cant’t be coeksidence. I talked to my wife, after a couple of years she see that all this is trouth and there is something with it. Sorry for my english.
    If somebody have an idea what does it mean?

  287. Kira Says:

    It’s the law of attraction guys, I started seeing 22 and 222 everywhere when I turned 22. Whatever thoughts you have become reality and because you think you see 22 everywhere then that makes you see it and notice the number more. after telling my sister I see 22 she started seeing 33 everywhere. Some people think that when you see the number that its your guardian angel whispering in your ear trying to show you something but I think that’s just a bullshit story so that we have an explanation to this wierd thing

  288. Shane Says:

    I have been seeing the number 22 for about 4 to 5 years now. I truly believe that it is God just simply being with me. I did not start seeing the number until I met a girl back in high school. After we stopped talking/dating I started seeing the number. I feel like it was a sign from above telling me everything is going to be ok. She messed with my head bad.. so bad that I have never ever felt so depressed in my life, BUT even on my depressed days I would see that number numerous time throughout the day and it just gave me peace. I was also born on September 22 and as soon as I turned 22 me and that girl stopped talking so much. There are just things that I believe in and I believe things happen for a reason and God allows that to happen for other things to happen for the better. I bet you I see this number 10 plus times a day, usually on clocks. My friends think Im crazy but I know it’s God. Simple as that.

  289. Quince Says:

    I have the same thing, i see 22 everywhere since i was 17years old, now im 22 years old. for example looking at your left, and passing by a house with the number 22 on it, once i had a weird experience waking up at 2.22 AM, falling asleep again, waking up 4.22, 7.22, and 11.22.
    i don’t believe in coincidence, but to say that it’s a sign from angels.. i honestly don’t know.

  290. pushpinder Says:

    It happens to me All the time. .. .whole day is spent seeing number 22 everywhere I look . . This is ridiculous . . Too much . . License plates .clock .phone numbers . my phone’s account balance. . Etc. Etc. . .I don’t know what does that mean to me . .I m confused

  291. Luke Says:

    I’m 14 years old so not very old. but for about the last year or two every time I go to bed I always happen to turn around and catch the clock at 22:22 and this is every night. I don’t look on purpose to try and catch it at this time, sometimes I even wait till I am sure it should be way passed half passed but there it is again 22:22. THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.

  292. Russ Says:

    Hi Luke,

    Yep, it’s a strange sensation isn’t it. When we turn around, time after time and there it is 22:22 or 2:22.

    Thanks for stopping by

  293. donny smeets Says:

    yup. only with the clock her.. if you look often on your phone its a bigger chance to see it’s 22:22.
    But i see it too often. I have nothing similair., so strange, got this 4 a long time..

  294. michelle meghdir Says:

    well i have the same thing the last two years, i rarely look at my clock in the evening because i kind of stopped watching tv years ago, i only watch yutube or specific dvds, something with animals in, something to do with consciouseness like thrive, or something which i think has hidden meanings, well i was laying down on the sofa, and i turned to look at the clock as it turned 11.11 same this evening 22.22 its like your not really wanting to know the time you just get pulled to look and then you kind of jump when you see all the figures the same, ive had mostly 11s but also 24s 0r 22s once only i had 44.44 when chatting to my daughter on the phone only now i realise what it meant, a man commited suicide a few days later in front of my daughter and boyfriend, she didnt know him. may he rest in peace.

  295. Russ Says:

    Welcome Michelle ~

  296. anishay Says:

    hi all and admin <3 ,,, i born at ( 11/11/1365 ) in iran, i cant speak english better so exquzme. it is 7 years that i am seing ( 22, 222, 11:22 ,..) and heart ( <3 ) in every addition to examples of others ,i was in metro , coupee 22 was stoped for me,! as i told i see hearts ( <3 ) for 2 years now, these hearts are unusual and there is a paint near all of them.. i take photos all them in my mobile.. if some on is similar to me plz send me email at:
    tnx and 1000 kisses for u

  297. anishay Says:

    i forget to saying this also that : our home is in street(11) and number(11)
    hum…what these mean realy!.. :-(

  298. Nasheen Says:

    Thats been like 5 years, my last post here is 2010, now its 2013 and Still see that bitch of number, yesterday was watching youtube , and guess what my LGkp500 lights up by itself at 1:22am, thats bullshit man. My family died on the 22 of November,fuck, My daughter born on 24 of june, 22 days after my wife, and she was born at 1:22 am, thats insane, no one can understand that stuff…. I hope 22 gived me winning lotto on sunday in maurtius, 50 000 000 RS… that would me great….

  299. Simon Says:

    This is such an amazing phenomenon. So many people are seeing this number.

    This number has been shown to me for years. I’ve done a lot of research.

    The number 22 has very special significance in the bible and appears to be the number of light and Jesus Christ. Do some research yourselves and discover this. The following link will give some information but there is much more

    I would be interested in some feedback.

    Good luck my fellow 22′ers.


  300. Russ Says:

    Hi Simon and all, been seeing 222 again a lot lately as well. Actually it stopped for a while but has started back up everyday again.

  301. kingOf22 Says:

    I have to say, this 22, 222 thing is crazy. I’ve had this going on for about 6 years. Some of the stuff you are about to read, you may think I’m yanking your chain, but it all happened, and it’s kind of weird. My cousin, who was born on the 22nd is the one who started this. He told me all about his 22 theory. He said, if you look for it, you won’t see it anywhere, but as soon as your not thinking about it, bam, there it is. So I started paying attention. Sure enough, the clocks, license plates, phone numbers, addresses, commercials, sports scores, you name it, say it all the time. I do have a bit of a theory though, as far as the clock goes. A lot of tv shows take commercials at x:22, which means you think, what time is it? There it is, a 22. 2 for 2.22 at stores, why not. If you pay attention to a lot of movies and tv shows, it’s everywhere. Where the writer could have used any other number, they chose 22 or 222. Take Lost for example, the plane crashed on Sep 22. Check out the neighbor’s address on Office Space. So, I think we’ve established that it’s everywhere, most likely because it is very common, probably the most common out of all numbers 2 digits or more. I’m not surprised many people see it everywhere. Sometimes though, stuff like this happens. I’m watching a baseball game on ESPN. The score is 2 to 2 in the 2nd inning with 2 outs. Meanwhile, on the bottom of the screen, the other scores are scrolling and it’s 2 to 2, 2nd inning on the scrolling scores, then I look at the clock and it’s 2:22. I took a picture of this. I’ve had things like this happen a lot. That’s not the weirdest part of all this. Last year I go to Florida to visit my buddy who I haven’t seen in years. He picks me up at the airport and drives me to his house. We pull up, it’s pitch black, his headlights shine on the car in his driveway. I interrupted him in mid conversation, well, because the license plate on his car was PAT 022. So to tie all this together, my cousin, who introduced me to this 222 stuff, his name is Pat. My buddy has never met him. To top all this off, last night I went to bed at 1:30. I woke up this morning after a really strange dream, turned my head and looked at the clock, it was 7:22. I said, ya right, and went back to sleep. I woke up again and looked, 9:22, said, you have to be kidding me, then went back to sleep. Needless to say, I finally woke up today.. at 11:22 on the nose. Anyone that says this isn’t too strange or that it’s because I’m looking for it is flat out wrong. I went a whole year, a month at a time doing this with other numbers such as 23, 99, 10, 11, 33, 55, 44, and none of them had a 10th of the frequency of 22. I’d like to hereby declare myself, “The Official King Of 22″. LOL (seriously though)

  302. Clint Says:

    Hi I kept seeing the time 22:22 since I was in university 5 years ago. Today 21 March 2014, I decided to search 22:22 in goggle. The first result blew me away!! Isaiah 22:22; “And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open” I am speechless…

  303. Simon Says:

    In the Bible, the number 22 is associated with spiritual knowledge, light, insight, and revelation. The first time the word “love,” for example, occurs in any of its forms in the Bible is in Genesis 22.

    “In Genesis 22 happens to be one of, if not THE greatest, macro codes on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in the Bible,” says Jordan. “God tells Abraham to take Isaac. God’s not authorizing human sacrifice here, He’s laying out a pattern and a type and it’s one of the most complete ones.”

    Genesis 22:2 reads, “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

    Jordan explains, “We know ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’ When He said that to Abraham, Abraham had another son but Ishmael wasn’t the seed line. He had only one son that God recognized. But it was more than that, because when He says, ‘Thy son, thine only son whom thou lovest,’ it’s sort of like saying He’s the apple of his eye. He’s the one whom his father set his love upon as he set it upon no one else. God said about the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Here’s my beloved Son in whom I’m well-pleased.’

    “By the way, if you were to go to Genesis 23:1 and check the age, you’ll find that Isaac at this point is 33 years old. Just another one of those little ‘Ahas!’ as you read through here.

    “Abraham’s going to go out to a mountain in Moriah, which became known as Mount Moriah. Later on in the Bible, if you know the history of this mountain, it was the place where Onan had the threshing floor that David purchased from him as the site for the Solomon to build the temple.

    “If you come down through history a little further, you’ll find that it was that little mount that had a little peak on it that becomes known as the place called Golgotha. All this happens in Genesis where nobody knew anything about the crucifixion of Christ.”


    Genesis 22:4 reports, “Then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw the place afar off.”

    Jordan says, “He sees it and when he saw it, it isn’t just that he sees the place, you know, just physically seeing it, but it gets to be pretty clear here that Abraham understands there’s something more going on than just the event.

    “You notice it is on the third day that Abraham lifted up his eyes? Abraham’s had that boy, they’ve gone two days and on the third day, here’s the place where he’s going to go and sacrifice him. In Abraham’s mind, the boy’s been dead two days, three days. Jesus Christ is dead for how long? Three days.

    “But also in the Bible, a day sometimes represents how long? A thousand years. So after two thousand years, these events take place. And if you look at the top of a reference Bible, you’ll see that Abraham at this time—this is about two thousand years before the time of Christ so there’s all these little straws in the wind flying by here.”


    In Genesis 22:5, Abraham says to the young men, “Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you.”

    Jordan explains, “Now when he says he’s going to come again to them, obviously Abraham believed he was going to go up there on that mountain, sacrifice his son and God was going to raise him up and then he’d bring him back down and they’d all go to go home. So Abraham understands something’s going on here bigger than just the events.

    “Verse 14 says Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh ‘as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.’ It’s like Abe understood when he saw that place that there’s some prophetic things going on because he gives the name of the place a prophetic label like he knew he was acting out a prophecy. Certainly he knew he was acting out the prophecy of the resurrection. He believed that his seed would be resurrected and that’s exactly what’s happening there.

    “Over in John 8, when Jesus said Abraham ‘rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it,’ this is what he’s talking about. The day there is the day of resurrection. So, when you go through this, Isaac gets edited out of the picture here. You read nothing about Isaac coming back with Abraham.

    “In the text of Scripture, the Holy Spirit just edits him out until you get over to chapter 24, and the next time you see Isaac is when he receives his bride. There’s a lot of typology going on here.

    “Abraham said, ‘My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering.’ Now Abraham didn’t know what he was saying in the context we think about it but we know things he didn’t know. We can go back and look at that and say, ‘Whew, isn’t it interesting how God put that in His Word and what you see here is God already had some things planned. You can see those kinds of things in a typology like this.”


    Psalm 22 is all about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is, in fact, the mental conversation Christ has with God the Father while He’s on the Cross. In the very first verse, He says, ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’

    Jordan says, “There’s a point in the darkness on the Cross where those words actually come out of the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ and you know what’s in His mind because you hear what comes out of His mouth and He’s crying exactly what this text is saying.

    “At the point where he cries this in the darkness, verse 6, the Lord Jesus Christ, at that moment, was suffering in his soul the transformation that the Bible calls the second death. It was the death of our inner man that Jesus Christ was experiencing personally for you and me on the Cross, and one of the great testimonies to that is what you read when you hear him cry the words, ‘My God why hast thou forsaken?’ and you see in the text things that no one could have understood until after the events.

    “In verse 22 he begins to talk about the resurrection and the glory of the kingdom that’s going to come and so forth. Oftentimes, the No. 22 gets associated with things in which the spiritual light and knowledge isn’t necessarily right on the surface but will be there in the text under the surface waiting to be illuminated later.


    Psalm 119 is divided in verse markings and there are 22 sections. In verse one is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and each paragraph begins with one of the letters. In other words, there are 22 sections of eight verses that match the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

    What’s fascinating is the word “letter,” either singular or plural, occurs in the New Testament 22 times. Also, there are 22 “letters” in the New Testament once you subtract out the Gospels and the Book of Acts.

    Jordan explains, “In the New Testament, it’s the epistles that begin to give light and revelation and knowledge and understanding to the events, whether it’s for the Body of Christ or for the tribulation saints.”


    In Psalm 119, there are 10 terms for the Scripture and they occur in all but three verses. The Book of Lamentations does very much what Psalm 119 does and in chapter 1 and 2 of Lamentations, there are 22 verses. Then you notice chapter 4 and 5 have 22 verses. This is because each one of the verses in Chapters 1-5 begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

    “Chapter 3 has 66 verses so if you divide 22 into 66 you get three so 66 is three times 22,” says Jordan. “What happens in Lamentations 3 is every third verse begins with the next Hebrew letter.”


    In Exodus 25, talking about the Tabernacle, it says it’s made of layer after layer of animal skins and is pitch black dark inside. There aren’t any windows, there’s no illumination except for this candlestick.

    “The thing that gives physical light in the tabernacle is that candlestick because it’s got bowls of fuel oil in it,” says Jordan. “In Scripture, oil is a type of the Holy Spirit. The light the Holy Spirit gives; the illumination, the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding, and, by the way, on that table of shewbread are 12 loaves of bread. And there are six on one side and six on the other. The Bible’s called ‘the bread of life’ and it just happens to have 66 books in it.

    “Verse 34 says that in the candlestick ‘shall be four bowls made like unto almonds.’ That’s three branches on each side; each branch has three bowls that come out of it. Three times six is 18. I’ve got 18 bowls. How many did he say were in the shaft?

    “In the candlestick shall be four bowls. In the shaft of the candlestick, you’re going to have four bowls. So, if I’ve got 18 in the branches and four in the shaft, how many bowls are there? 22. What’s that candlestick doing? It’s giving light. The oil is giving illumination to the bread of life so the prayers of the saints can apply the bread of life to the details of their lives and it just happens to be 22 bowls.”

  304. MashiMaro Says:

    Very interesting to know if you feel drawn to this website which explains more about 22:22 and other numbers and combinations…

    Attributes of the Number 2

    Peace, kindness, diplomacy, friendship, the peacemaker, gentleness, charm, insightfulness, sensitivity, team-player, spirituality, harmony, co-operation, placidity, justice, selflessness, harmony, social, support, attention to detail, cooperation, decisiveness, poise, intuition, mediation, adaptability, agreeable, grace, devotion, the subconscious, consideration, adaptability, flexibility, duality, the friend, artist, endurance, kind, insight, ambitious, spiritual, well-mannered, intuitive, cautious, emotional, loving, understanding, grace, devotion, balance, self-surrender, diplomacy.

    2 is the vibration and energy of balance, diplomacy, sensitivity, intuition and emotion and 2 is a loving and harmonious vibration. It is the number of tolerance, endurance and consideration and the essence of the number 2 is a balance of the Yin and Yang energies (the polarities) of the Universe.

    A recurring 2 is a message to have faith, trust and courage as your prayers are manifesting in your life, even if it is not obvious just yet. Patience may be needed, but you may rest assured that all will turn out for the highest good.

    The essence of the Master Number 22 is unlimited potential of mastery in any and all areas – the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

    The number 22 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new opportunities. When 22 repeats in your life you are asked to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths.

    The message of 222 is that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term. Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being working out by spirit for the highest good of all involved. 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.

    The number sequence 2222 indicates that newly planted ideas are beginning to take form and grow into reality for you. Your manifestation will soon be evident, so maintain the positive attitude and continue with your good work. Keep holding positive thoughts, continue affirming and keep visualizing. The reaping of rewards is just ahead of you.


    For more information on all the ANGEL NUMBERS visit:

    ANGEL NUMBERS – Repeating Number Sequences and Their Messages and Meanings

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