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The Moon Is Full Of Itself – Yet it Still Rocks!

That time of the month has come around again for the full moon to luminate our sky once more. Did you get a chance to notice it? If not, perhaps tonight you will. The full moon is currently just one of it’s phases.

Full Moon Over House In San Diego California
Moon Image from

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
~ ‘You’re A Star’ ~
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
Let’s not waste one more minute coz
I believe that everybody has
A chance to be whatever it is they want
Just find your switch and turn the light on

Sparkle like Marilyn Monroe
Dance like Madonna if you dare
Follow your dreams Elvis did
Kylie you’re an inspiration

And the moon always looks good when its full
Without a doubt you’re a star
In the night
So bright
Shine on
You’re a star
Play ’You’re A Star’ right now

2 Responses to “The Moon Is Full Of Itself – Yet it Still Rocks!”

  1. Victhundadownunda Says:

    Hello Russ did notice the full moon and people do go a bit wierd on a full moon, actually the other day in one part of the sky, around about 5 or later there was a bright red sun and on the other part of the sky a white full moon! Lovely.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi there Patricia. Yes, I remember the bright red sun the other day, although I did not notice the moon with it, nice site to have seen by the sounds of it. Love the white moon during the day.

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